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Anyone use a Tech-21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI?


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  • Anyone use a Tech-21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI?

    My buddy has one and it is a really awesome little deal for using as a DI box and adjusting your sound as well. He doesn't even use an amp any more, even though he has an old Ampeg and British made Trace Elliot and a Carvin stack. He has a killer PA and said he would rather go DI. I often use a DI box after my amp and go into the PA as well and use a small amp for just a monitor or will just go from my effects pedal into the board too.

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    I've heard it used. It can get that 'just right' grind at any volume. Pretty cool that way.
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      I use a cheaper DI from behringer (BDI-21) . Works well. I'm hoping to get the Hartke unit of the same functionality soon. I play through a house system, or keyboard fantastic !


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        I use mine pretty much any time I'm playing a passive fretted bass. At gigs, rehearsal or recording. Don't really like how it sounds for fretless or with actives, but that's just me.


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          I tried to get used to both the original SansAmp bass driver, and the three-channel SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver. I spent 1-1/2 hours noodling with both, trying to convince myself to grab one as a backup in case my rig breaks down, or for spontaneous gigs and need a rig in my car at all times.

          But I mentioned to the sales guy I wish I could compare these with another bass preamp. He pulled out the Eden WTDI. Took me 30 seconds, to get a tone that made me far happier than an hour and a half of tweaking and noodling. Bought it instead of the SansAmp. Used it for a gig in a Gallien Kruger backline, going into the Power Amp In of that amp. Sounded completely different than any other bassist's performances that night. Nobody had any idea how I got that rig to sound good. Pretty good secret to keep.

          Go find the WTDI and give it a test drive. You won't be sorry.
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            SABDDI was a big flavor of the month 'round these parts a bunch of years ago. but people either loved it or hated it. too noisy was a common complaint.

            i have one. i used to use it with a Yorkville BH400 SS head. did a real nice job of rounding off that SS sheen. and i still use it as a DI for recording. i've got no complaints.

            i now use either a GenzBenz head or an iAmp head and the SAnsamp is no longer required for live sound.
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              Quote Originally Posted by frunobulax
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              SABDDI was a big flavor of the month 'round these parts a bunch of years ago. but people either loved it or hated it. too noisy was a common complaint....

              Actually our pedals have a very low noise level. What happens is that very few people read the manual and don't set it up properly. This is from our manual:

              2) The noise level of SansAmp Bass Driver DI is exceptionally low. However, it may amplify

              noise emanating from the input source. Bear in mind that SansAmp Bass Driver DI


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                I have a ParaDriver that I prefer over the regular BassDriver. It has a control for mids that the BassDriver lacks.
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                  The Para Driver has a killer "Jaco" sound (straight outta the manual!), but I prefer the immediate gratification of the Bass Driver; it does a fantastic job with my upright bass into my QSC K8. That's why I have both! .png" alt=":smileywink:" title="Smiley Wink" />

                  Actually, the PSA 1.1 is my bass preamp (into a 2000-watt QSC head and 2 x 15" Ampegs. But on most upright bass gigs, I just hand the sound person an XLR straight from my bass. No fuss, no muss.


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                I've had a SansAmp and have a Hartke Bass Attack. The SansAmp would probably last forever but I like the Hartke better; it's just easier to work with. I use mine as a stomper for when I need a little extra volume and tone shape. So what is probably generally considered a downgrade was an upgrade for me at much less money.

                Just my.


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                  I moved to bass from guitar for the last year or so. After buying the requisite GK rig (used) I tried the SansAmp and was convinced straight away. Did the next gig with no rig at all just the DI to the house PA. Eventually I liked the combination of SansAmp into GK head for max sound shaping but could and would go back to DI alone. Also use it for recording either on its own or as a pre into AmpliTube VST.
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                  • Mr Temporary
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                    I have the programmable 3 button one, and originally bought it as a backup contingency plan although haven't ended up using it that way. It works well as a stompbox, though - I've got a good "normal" tone, an overdrive/distortion, and a slap tone out of one box. Still have a Big Muff Pi for fuzz.


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                  I've had a Bass Driver for a few years, one of the best purchases I've made. Usually I'm going straight into the amp, since I like how my basses sound on their own, but I have the Sansamp set up for a nice SVT-ish, Geddy Lee-ish grind for certain songs. I'm still tweaking it, but I've found I've gotten better results running a passive jazz bass pickup-loaded instrument vs. an active bass with hot humbuckers.

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                    I've got one but I only use it for recording or to plug straight into a PA. That's what it's made for, it was never intended to be a "distortion box" in front of a bass amp but apparently a lot of people use it for that application. If it scoops your mids too much just dial back the bass and treble knobs.