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  • Clip on tuner for bass

    I'm the guy who makes sure the praise band's instruments are in tune. I have a blue Snark clip on tuner that works well for the most part but it has trouble with a Mexi Jazz Bass, especially the E string, even when I use the 5th fret harmonic. I'm just glad I don't have to tune a 5 string. Anyway, is there a clip on tuner that works well with a bass? Is this an issue with the strings? The bass is maybe a couple of years old with the original strings and doesn't really get played much.

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    If the E string sounds ok through the amp it should be fine for the tuner.

    Have you tried moving it around to different places on the head of the bass? Sometimes one spot will work better than another with low notes. Try it between the nut and the E string tuner if there's room to clamp it on there.

    I use an NS mini tuner that tracks really well on bass. Maybe half the time on a 5 I'll have to tune at the 3rd fret for the B string, but it never has a problem reading the open E.



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      ^ Yeah, that's where I put it, next to the E post on the side toward the nut. I put a new battery in my Snark not long ago so AFAIK it's working as well as can be expected. I'll look into NS tuners. Thanks.