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5 basses to choose from - 10 days to decide - thoughts anyone???


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  • 5 basses to choose from - 10 days to decide - thoughts anyone???

    OK here's my situation. I'm looking for a bass strictly for the studio. It has to be a 5 string. Period. My budget is only between $450 - about $600. I have previously owned a Fender MB5 (I used it in the studio for 14 years and toward the end it was ready for the pawn shop), and a Traben Attack (black burl top) - I never got to record with the Traben because it was stolen, but for the short time I had it I loved it! SO HERE'S THE 5 I'VE NARROWED IT DOWN TO: a 1999 Fender Standard Jazz (midnight blue), an ESP Ltd B series B-155DX STB (trans blue), a Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard (ocean blue), a Traben Array Limited 5 Series (spalted maple - mmmmmmm!), and a BC Rich John Moyer Havoc (black burl top). I'm leaning toward the Traben of course - there's a sense of unfinished business there. But I'm interested in all of them and ANY thoughts, opinions, anecdotes and/or bitchslaps will be welcomed warmly.

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    if it's just for the studio, it really doesn't matter what the finish is, does it?


    i'd go for a P bass of some sort.  always records well with a minimum of fuss.

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      No, the finish isn't a biggie - I prolly didn't need to be that thorough in describing the ones I'm looking at. Also - I know the best thing a person can do in this situation is just play a bunch of them till you find one that feels like home. But my circumstances don't allow me to do that. The timing on this is a bitch and I need to make the best of it. Hence, the post.

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    When you say it is for the studio, are we talking a home/project studio where you'll be the only one playing it, or is it a house bass for a working studio where other people will be using it?


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    As long as it is clean sounding. No static from dirty Pots or humming from bad grounding.You could record with any of them. Of your choices I would go with the Fender Jazz. It will have a good solid sound and give you some different sound options to play with. You haven't mentioned active or passive electronics.


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      So it's been over 10 days... Did you decide?