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La Bella Black Nylon Flatwounds on my Spector L5


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  • La Bella Black Nylon Flatwounds on my Spector L5

    My attack has been too sharp.  It always has been.  A few weeks ago I took the plunge and ordered some LaBella Deep Talkin' Tapewound Nylons for my baby.

    woo hah

    I love em.  I hit the neck pickup for some easy playin', rounded out notes for some serious boom.  I switch to the bridge pickup, dig in, and pull out some wonderful growling, fretless quality sounds to really cut through the mix.  The B sounds a little... uh... "bwowy", but it's gotten better as I've put the strings through their paces and I figure that with enough time the sound will round out a bit.  Slap and pop with the top 3 strings is fairly phenomenal in an old school sense, but the E and B are a bit thuddy.  Not a big issue as I play slap bass just about never.

    The strings play like a dream, but the need a bit more fretting power than my old roundwounds.  I had heard that these were of a lower tension than your normal flatwounds, and it's not like I'm jamming them down as hard as I can to avoid fret buzz, but I noticed a bit more fatigue on the left hand after an extended session than previously.  Clanking, slide noise, and fret noise have all but disappeared, however, so that's a good damn thing.

    Never going back to roundwounds, people.

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    Also, as odd as it sounds, it appears that when I got the bass from the store, the bridge was set up for flatwounds. My intonation with the roundwounds was a bit off, but once I put these strings on the 12th and 24th fret harmonics were dead on.


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      Nice looking bass and Happy New Strings Day. Play it in good health. I found a set of Ernie Ball flatwounds on clearance for half price at a local Guitar Center after I bought my own bass. I didn't know I was supposed to hate flats so I bought them and put them on. I love the feel and since I only use my bass for practicing the sound isn't critical.

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    For the heck of it, I might try a set of tapewounds on my Jack bass today. I think I'd like the size of the D'Addario's better, though, because they come .050-.105.

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