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  • Jazzbass pickups..


    I have brushed the dust of my old mij Fender jazzbass when i got the chance to play bass in a band again (guitarist by trade :manhappy:)

    I found that i wasn't that pleased with the pickups on it, i don't really know exactly why..but my guess is the pickups are of lesser quality than required.

    We play a kinda riffy classic rock type of music (Graveyard, Mount Carmel, Zeppelin, Sabbath etc.), you know a bit vintage sound to it.

    So i need some recommandations what pickups to choose.


    Ps. I play trough a Ampeg svt3 pro and Svt 810 classic




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    First thought it make sure you bass is setup, especially pickup height.  I was in the market for new pickups when I stumbled across the setup thread and realized my PU's were way too low.  After raising them, I didn't need knew ones.  If you are setup correct, I'm sure someone here has a lot more knowledge than I, but I do recommend Lindy Fralin's ($90) or Nordstrand's ($80).


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    My '62 reissue J sounds good with DiMarzio Model Js.


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      I gotta say Dimarzio Model J's will have a nice midrange growl to them.

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