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    Looking for a bass player for an online band.

    Folk/Pop/Alternative/Rock/Country - Looking to start a band to create some original music.  I would like to consider myself a songwriter.  I play acoustic guitar (rhythm) and some mandolin.  I can carry a tune well enough, but I wont be quitting my day job.  Lyrics, melodies and chord progressions are my strongest talents.  Looking for adult musicians / songwriters to colaborate with.  I'm hoping to build a group that can work together to create something better than our individual parts.  We work everything together...lyrics, tempo and melody...then record our individual parts.  Instead of just adding a track of your particular instrument and moving on, this would become a dedicated group, building an album.  A true band just without gigs.    This place can become our virtual studio.  I have been working on home recording and getting better all the time (Well at least I think I am ). 



    You can check out my stuff at:

    I have started a place for us to gather online here:


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    What a novel idea.  Doubt anyone has ever done that before... on here....  Ever.

    The Smarm has left the building...


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      Position filled...thanks