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Bass Rig Ideas under $800

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  • Bass Rig Ideas under $800

    Okay, so first of all, I'm new to this forum. I had an account on the old acapella HC forum, but it went up smoke quite a while ago. I'm glad to finally be getting back into it.

    Alright, now for my actual question...
    I'm a guitarist, but I really want to add a decent bass rig to the music room for songwriting and recording purposes, and maybe the occasional gig. I have about $800 to spend, and I really would prefer to buy used locally, so whatever you suggest should be occasionally available on Craigslist.

    I play mostly rock and blues, so I was thinking maybe a mim fender p-bass ($250-300 ish) and some sort of bass tube amp that is gig worthy. I really clueless as far as bass amps go, but I think I'd prefer something without too many bells and whistles on it. I would probably upgrade the pickups in the p-bass eventually.

    In any case, I'm open to pretty much anything. Looking forward to all of your suggestions!

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    Rock & Blues = Jazz Bass to me, YMMV.


    Find a music store and go play a bunch of basses and use a bunch of amps and see what you like or don't like.  There is a lot of room for personal preference in your above question.

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    • isaac42
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      Also, don't restrict yourself to tube amps for bass. Don't get me wrong, I use tube amps almost exclusively, but lots of bass players use solid state amps to good effect. In fact, lots of people find that a solid state amp gives a more solid low end.

    • lz4005
      lz4005 commented
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      MIM P bass is a great call for blues and rock. You can't go wrong with a P bass. 

      I wouldn't try to put together a gig worthy tube amp and cabinet for the remaining $500 in your budget, though, unless you absolutely have to have tube distortion for the sound you want.

      It shouldn't be too hard to find a used SS head in the 200W range. Look for one with an XLR out for direct recording and/or plugging into a PA.

      The most common cabs you'll see are 4x10 and 1x15. Generally speaking a 15 will give you more of a vintage/Motown-type tone. 10's usually emphasize upper mids a bit more. All depends on what you want to sound like.

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    If you have a hard time in the used market - two good options for new basses are:

    Ibanez GSR200 @ $200 - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/bass/ibanez-gsr200-4-string-bass (I personally gigged with this until I upgraded after 2.5 years - need to know how to setup a bass (bridge & neck) but once it's set, it's really great)


    Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Ray4 Bass @ $279 - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/bass/sterling-by-music-man-s.u.b.-ray4-bass-guitar (demo'd one and sounded great; have heard nothing but good things)

    For Amps:

    Peavey Tour TKO 115 400W 1x15 Bass Combo Amp @ $450 - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/peavey-tour-tko-115-400w-1x15-bass-combo-amp (I started out on the older 100w 12" model of this amp.  The 12" was OK for small clubs and rehersals, this 400w 15" should be more than enough for small clubs.  Peavey also sells a 600w version for $100 more if you think you need it - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/peavey-tour-tnt-115-bass-combo-amp)

    - or -

    Ampeg BA115HP 220 Watt 1x15" Bass Series Combo @ $500 - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/ampeg-ba115hp-220-watt-1x15-bass-series-combo-amp/481495000000000  (This is the amp I moved up to after my 100w 12" Peavey.  It is much louder and better sounding.  I kept it for 3 or 4 years until I sold it to buy my current Ampeg stack)



    • Pine Apple Slim
      Pine Apple Slim commented
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      Personally, Id spend $120 on an Rondo SX, budget another $50-80 for strings and whatever. I do my own set ups.

      That leaves $600 for a good 200-300w head and cab.

      Go used, and get the most powerful you care to transport.