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  • Kustom Powerbass series combo

    I bought a used Kustom Powerbass 200 combo amp off ebay for $200. It's a 1x15 with a piezo tweeter. Says Cinncinatti Ohio on the back. I don't see any made in, or assembled in statements anywhere else on it so I assume it's American made. It's in pretty good condition other than being a bit dusty. I've got an issue with the audio signal cutting completely out, or being very low. When the signal level is where it should be, it does sound a bit distorted. Sometimes I can tap the top of the box, and the signal will come back, when it's completely out or too low. I took the head out and checked the fuse, it's good. Nothing appears wrong just from looking. Woofer isn't torn so I assume it's good. I figure the cheapest (and easiest) thing to do is find a used head of the same wattage and just plug the speaker into it. I'm afraid to put money into getting the Kustom head fixed, and then something else further down the line going wrong. I can't find any info on this series of amps from Kustom. All I've heard is that they were made in the late 80s to some time in the 90s. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


     - Chris

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    I found a local tech that worked on the amp. It just needed some cleaning of the pots, some solder joints redone, and some rectifiers repaired. It was mainly due to old age. It sounds pretty good and was worth getting fixed. It's plenty loud for just 200 watts. If you can get one of these cheap, they're worth putting a little into them to get them going. The amp tech said it was better built than some of the new Chinese stuff being put out today.


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      Glad to hear your amp is up and running. Use it in good health.