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  • help with setup

    hi there. i'm having some trouble with peaks and overloads with a rackmount amp system.


    my current bass rig is the following:

    peavey probass 1000 preamp (full range)

    into: AB precedent 200 power amp(mono)

    into either: ampeg SVT 8-10 OR fender bassman 100 4x12 (the wacky folded pyramid one)

    bass is either 80s era peavey patriot or peavey fury  depending on my mood


    my problem is the basses both overload the preamp and the Overload lights on the power amp light up too. no pedals, no active anything and i set the preamp level fairly low around 1-2 but it still overloads. i also have a digitech twin tube when i switch to guitar(nothing active, mostly gordon smith GS1's) same damn thing.


    i've switched out patch cables and tried the rig without the power amp into a firepod. same thing. remember this is in two older but tank-built pieces of equipment.


    thanks in advance for your help and observations.



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    It made all of the bust ass work that we've been doing pulling this band together worth every ounce of sweat.

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    When the peak light comes on, does it sound bad?
    How exactly do you have the input pad switch, and pre and post gain knobs set on the preamp?