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  • My new bass (pics)

    I bought an Aria Tab 66 bass this past week after wanting one for quite a while. I have had a Jack Casady bass for 6 years and like that one a lot, but this bass blows it away. It has a center block and is very solid. I have not found a flaw on it anywhere.. The strings are D'Addario Tapewounds .105 to .50. It's like they were made for this bass. I have played bass for 43 years and this is the first bass I bought that had the intonation correct right out of the box. All I did was lower the bridge a few turns. The sides, back and even the sides of the headstock have the brown sunburst. The wood grain is gorgeous. After playing this Aria, I might go ahead and list my Jack bass on Craigslist, I like the Aria that much! It's 1/4" thinner than the Jack bass, but the body is the same size otherwise and the second pic shows the Aria in the Jack Casady case.





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    Dammit man!  You are making me miss my old EA-260!  Nice bass! 


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      Very nice. I've only played one hollowbody bass, an old National, but I'd love to get my hands on that Aria.