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  • Noise

    I recently purchased a rack set up to add to my Hartke vx3500 4x10 combo. My rack set up (in order top to bottom) is: Furman power conditioner, AKG WMSPRO with guitar bug, Behringer BTU2000 rack tuner to the passive amp input. I've noticed that I'm getting a somewhat high pitch almost radio interference type noise when I strike a note. I believe it's something with the tuner because Ive been using the akg for a while with no issues. Any ideas?  

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    I've had issues with tuners making noise. See if the tuner is a bypass when switched "off" and only use it when you tune up.

    My Korg is in the signal path, but I only switch it on when I'm tuning. It's nice not to have the tuner display going berserk the entire show as well.
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      If the high pitched noise is still there,  you might want to add some rfi/emi chokes on the cables. These do work.

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      Thanks for the advice, much appreciated! Luckily it is a true bypass so solderjunkie your solution will work for me for now.

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    you don't have your cell phone in your pocket while you are playing do you?  I have to put mine away when I strap my bass on.  My wireless picks up some kind of interference.


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