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Hi all - New to here - Bass player

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  • Hi all - New to here - Bass player

    Hi everyone.

    Been playing bass since high school (about 15+ years), by no means good tho.

    Anyway, I sold my gig rig a few years ago because it was huge and I honestly didn't see myself able to play out after my last band broke up and due to personal schedules but now Im dying for something.


    I have been playing on a small Ibanez combo and its killing me.


    Im looking to actually build my own cabinet this time around. I am a real DIY'er and have tons of tools. My only questions would be

    have any of you guys done this?

    any suggestions on speakers?

    (I was looking at these) Maybe 4 of them


    Does anyone have any specs on cabinet dimensions per speakers used? I was actually looking to maybe build something funky but wanted to at least keep to some sort of specs for decent sound.


    This wont be for playing out anywhere unless it comes out REALLY good. From here I will look to buy a good head unit for the top.



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    Your link didn't work for me so I have no idea what you're planning to use. However, you can start here: http://www.speakerbuilding.com/software/. As you may already know, each speaker is designed with a specific cabinet size in mind. Generally, this information is freely available, although some vendors like Carvin don't provide it. I've never built a cab myself but I'm sure someone has and they'll chime in soon.

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    • evil_nick
      evil_nick commented
      Editing a comment

      awesome software, thanks


      Sorry about the link I fixed it in the OP.


      I Actually contacted the company and they said they didnt have any specs of hand and to check online lol.