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Top 3 basses you ever had?

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    Originally posted by takeout
    My current stash.

    Honorable mention: the non-reissue Fender Mustang, Daphne Blue, that I inherited from my aunt when she died. Sounds awesome with dead flats on it. The only bass I'll never sell.

    If your Mustang has the original finish it's Sonic Blue. I have the same bass although it's not Sonic Blue anymore.
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      Originally posted by RockStarBassist

      Did you see Jean is selling his Bee 7? Looks pretty slick! Not like yours, but still- nice!

      thanks and yeah (I think it's a 9... I'm good with 7).


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        Originally posted by misterhinkydink
        If your Mustang has the original finish it's Sonic Blue. I have the same bass although it's not Sonic Blue anymore.
        I think you're right - Sonic is darker than Daphne, no?
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          #1 Quantum 6 from 1985 NAMM Show - Stolen

          #2 Quantum 6 that replaced #1 (still have it)

          #3 Opus Fretless by local luthier Dan Jones (still have it)

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            Originally posted by ModmanQ6
            #1 Quantum 6 from 1985 NAMM Show - Stolen

            #2 Quantum 6 that replaced #1 (still have it)

            Every time you post that, it breaks my heart all over again.


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                Originally posted by takeout
                I think you're right - Sonic is darker than Daphne, no?

                The clear coat gets darker but Sonic is lighter than Daphne. Fender discontinued Daphne in 1965 and Mustang Basses came out in '66. What year is yours? Mine was modified by myself and a buddy who worked for RIC. At one time it got a Tele bass HB, compact Schallers and was cocoa brown. Then it got a natural finish and Fender machines. Lastly it got a standard Fender bridge, Dimarzio P pickup, brass nut and all new pots/wiring.

                Daphne Blue

                Sonic Blue

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                  The top 3 are easy.

                  For#1 - it's a draw between the G&L L2500 MIA and Rumblefish 5XL.

                  For#3 - Ibanez Blazer P.

                  Sorry, no pics today. My camera was ejected from a go cart and doesn't want to work anymore.:cry:
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                    1st...........1949 King upright that I used to play and borrow at will from the King Musical Instruments factory where I worked in the late 1970's. They stopped making them in the 1950's but there were still a few around in the factory. The wood had aged and the jazz tone was unbelieveably good.

                    2nd..........Aria TAB 66 that I purchased a month ago. Really nice tone.

                    3rd..........1973 Fender P Fretless with Rotosound 77 jazz flats


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                    • solderjunkie
                      solderjunkie commented
                      Editing a comment

                      I actually have four top basses, but only because two are four-string and two are five...


                      four top


                      The SR5 Dargie I is the only one I bought, the rest I built in my garage.

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