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Markbass Micromark 801 50W 1x8 Bass Combo Amp...Opinions?

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  • Markbass Micromark 801 50W 1x8 Bass Combo Amp...Opinions?

    I tried it out at Guitar Center and it was really small and light.

    Had a very nice sound..


    any opinions from owners?


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    I hope it has line out so you can get some actual use out of it. For a bit of apples vs. oranges comparison, our church owns a Line 6 LowDown 110 (75W 1X10) and while it sounds okay for praise band practice it's patched into the PA for actual playing. No way 50 Watts and a single 8" will compete with a drummer, even with an external cab. If you're looking for a very expensive practice amp, go for it.

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      I haven't played the 1x8, but all the Markbass stuff I've used has been excellent. Comparing it to Line6 anything is laughable.

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    Nice sound for mini combo with better bass responce then some low cost 10" and 12" combos. But too expensive for what it is imo. A little bedroom practice combo amp that could only be useful with playing along with low volume electric guitar thru small combo, or acoustic guitar. Only percussionist it would have any hope of keeping up with is acoustic bongo or other hand drum player. With ext out to 15" cab it would do better with acoustic guitars and flutes etc but not regular drummer unless ultra efficient 15 speaker and relatively quite drummer for coffee hosue gigs.. 

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