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Peavey 410 TVX issues


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  • Peavey 410 TVX issues

    So I have recenly aquired a peavey TVX 410 4 ohm cab.  When I plug it into my 700 watt Firebass head I get absoululy no sound at all.  I know its not the amp because It works just fine in my other cab.  Ive taken off the back panel and everything seems to be still soldered ok.  Ive wiggled things around in hopes I can get any sort of noise, but I cant get any sound at all to come out of it.  Am I doing something wrong or is something disconected.  I checked all the wires going to the speakers and everything is connected. Any help would be appricated 


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    Check that the jack isn't damaged. If it isn't making contact inside it's like you aren't plugged in at all.


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      It looks ok, but I've never worked on a jack like this. There is a horn dial on the back along with a board and some others electronics, I'm used to just two wires and a jack. The jack is actually soldered right to the board. Is there any way to check continuity with a volt meter. I will try to take a picture of it so you know what I'm talking about.