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If Jannda can do it, so can I


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  • If Jannda can do it, so can I

    I'm back, didja miss me?  

    "Just once I'd like to see a Porche with a sticker of a kid pissing on the Ferrari emblem" - GrooveMonkey
    Rock is not to be brought to you by Tommy hilfiger and Calvin Klien.
    Rock is not for the captain of the football team. -mlwarriner quoting everybody's X
    "I would definately give up eating animals if they were made of something like spinach or celery." - The King of Suck
    Whichever party gets the most people to the polls will win. - The Insomniac
    Ask Pete Townsend what happens when you win the volume wars. Be sure to yell. - Craigv
    And then that asshat tried to step with 78p and got his balls handed to him on the plate...hahaha -FreestyleIntruder
    "We had our dog's pentacles removed so he will stop roaming the neighborhood at night."-ezstep
    "your dog had five acles? That's some dog. - Hasbeen

    "COMMERCIALISM: The process of taking something real and true (beer, music, etc.) and ****************ing it up so that the American public will buy it." - someone famous

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    See me for elevator passes.

    Dennis Hopper's retirement plan, except Dennis is dead
    Retired and likin' it a lot!
    Regards. Rimmer


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      Did you pay your dues finally?

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    "If Jannda can do it, so can I"



    I hear tell Jannda sleeps with cats, so...............



    Well, I'm not sure how much I can respect any man who takes Lug seriously - King Kashue
    Sucking like that is a gift. You couldn't recognize the genius of Suck if it sat on your face and farted. -S400
    You don't fix Lug's posts. Lug's posts fix you. - MrJoshua
    You can be my HCBF boyfriend forever. - Sugarskull


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