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Names for your basses?

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  • Names for your basses?

    C'mon, I can't be the only one who names their instruments.

    I call my Spector, Mr. Snipes, in honor of it being almost as black as Wesley.  (Black hardware, black strings, black/grey finish)

    My old Ibanez was Mr. Chub A Lub because it weighed a shoulder-killing 14 lbs.  My even older Yamaha was Leper because I couldn't keep a **** knob on it to save my life.

    How about you guys?

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    I've got over 20 instruments between bass and guitar and only one has a name.

    I've never named a car either.


    • isaac42
      isaac42 commented
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      I generally don't name my basses.

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    I call my NS2 my spincter, because it makes my butt tingle when I play it.....

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      The Zon is "Joe" (for Joe Zon)

      The Dan Armstrong is "Dan".

      The Les Paul is "Les".

      The Warmoth parts jazz is "Fred" (for Fred Marotta, who put it all together for me)

      The fretless Jazz is "Fred-less" (also for Fred who made it playable)

      The Sigma ABG seems to be nameless....It's just "The acoustic".



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      • DeepEnd
        DeepEnd commented
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        Since I only own one, it's just "my bass." None of my guitars have names, nor does my banjo.

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      I have one named Sup, because when I bought it it was Somebody's Unfinished Project.


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        I heard that sometimes Lug's basses call him names!

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          Mine are named OLP and Fodera.

          They came to me with these names right on the headstock, too.

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            This is my Music Man Sterling named Pearl

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            • PRSJim
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              I thought I was the only one with silly names. I have two - Rick N Backer and Espy5. Kind of like John5. My guitars were named after I saw a skit on Key and Peele. Ja-quel-ine, Ba-lah-kay, and A-Aron.

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