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What strings do you use on your jazz bass?


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  • What strings do you use on your jazz bass?

                 Hi Guys

    Just woundering what brand name strings do you use? I use rotosound swing bass 45-105


                                                                         Thank you


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    on my P i use D'Addario half wounds and have been very happy.


    i think on my Lull j i have Blue Steels right now.

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      Rotosound 77 flatwounds


      • isaac42
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        I had a Jazz, back about 40 years ago. No idea what strings I had on it.

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      D'addario EXL165. I think I have EXPs on it right now, which are the coated version, due to a screwup ordering a set for my TRB. Either way, they've lasted the longest of any nickel string I've tried, though they've pretty much lost all their high-end bite and need a change. The only strings that have been on one of my basses longer is a set of Dean Markley Blue Steels I have on my BB404 J-clone, and that's primarily because it's the neglected stepchild of my collection. It's a wonderful player and I loan it out when a new bassist in my praise team needs an axe to learn on, but I hardly play it myself anymore compared to my TRB or Fender MIM Jazz.

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      • jam1964
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              Hay liko

        Can you show a pic of your Fender mim jazz I have one as well I love it I put seymour ducan quarter pounders

        in it has a costum pick guard I use roto sound strings  but I want to try a different brand

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      Something very witty t/b/d.

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        Dean Markley Helical nickels.  Tried them on a whim and loved them.