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Has any one herad of RockSmith .com?


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  • Has any one herad of RockSmith .com?

              Hi Guys

    Im interested in this methtod for bass guitar I think it would be fun but before I spend 80 bucks on this im wanting to know about the bass part of the game It says you can learn 50 songs by playing this I havent found out yet or seen the list of songs  does anyone have this game? and your opinion on it if so PLZ   share with us I do know wal-mart carrys this  Im going to check it out


                                                                   Thank you for the help and advice


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    Are you already playing bass or a beginner?


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      Herad?  I guess that's a typo?  :smiley-bounce012:

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         I have been playing bass since the age of 15  im 49 now just wanted something new to play with lol



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      Just bought it, and messed around a little bit with both git and bass. Not much, just a couple of hours.

      I would say that it is worth it, even as a game, and a fun way to spend your time. I will keep it as long as I'm not bored, but even then if you get half what you paid, $40 is a great deal for getting just a bit better and having fun on the way.

      I am not sure at this moment of the actual impact it will have technique-wise for an old fart as me, but I guess I won't be worse...... :-)