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7 Basses Comparison clip!


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  • 7 Basses Comparison clip!


    In this clip I'm comparing 7 great basses:


    1. Gibson EB-2
    2. Gibson EB-13
    3. Gibson Les Paul Bass
    4. Stagg (!) EB-3
    5. Gibson Thunderbird
    6. Fender Precision Bass
    7. Fender Jazz Bass

    I would very much appreciate your comments, critique and feedback! I'm using A Mesa Boogie M3 Carbine Combo on all the basses.


    Cheers! Johan

    My Youtube Channel:


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    The Smarm has left the building...


    • JohanSegeborn
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      sorry, I dont understand, maybe youm can elaborate?

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    I liked the Precision, EB 13 and EB 2 in that order. Very cool informative and entertaining video.

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      Great video - very informative. I took the liberty of embedding it so it will be easier for people to see - I hope you don't mind.



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        Hi: I have a 1970's Precision Bass, and it looks like the one you are playing has "The Black Thumb Rest" under the strings instead of above the strings, as mine has it above the strings. Why is that? I would think it is useless under the strings. Bass is not my first instrument, as I am primarily a guitarist, but I am wondering about that...Thanks, and I learned a lot just watching your technique.

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        • Perfessor
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          The thumb rest under the strings is really a pick rest.