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  • LCG shop notes

    Going forward, here is where I'll blog about projects, power tools, bacon, bunnies, and other occurrences in the Lowe Custom Guitars shop.

    First, may I introduce Roxy, the shop bunny:

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    So, it seem like I


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      The finished product, in a variety of forms:


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        I'm keeping in mind that that another term for scoring a lug song to sheet music is "staff infection".............
        the artist formerly known as DRF


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          Why thank you!

          Today I got back to guitar work. I have quite a few guitars I


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            Finished with the rough cut, so on to the router with a


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              Up until now I have considered myself to be a


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                Next I need to measure out the pickup, neck and whammy cavity:

                ...transfer the measurements onto an MDF blank and use a straightedge to project the outside edges of the neck out through the body:



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                  Did I ever mention that I have a 15


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                    OK, time to make a body from the templates. First, I


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                      Over to the sander to smooth out the edges and back to the router table to round off the back edge:

                      Next, I get ready to rout out the neck, pickup and tremolo cavities. I mark out the location and then hog out the bulk of the wood with a forstner bit:

                      Set the depth, and go to it:

                      I forgot to snap pics cleaning up the pockets with the router, so here it is mocked up


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                        How do you clean up the sides with the router without distorting the shape? Do you use a template or guide of some kind?

                        Nice work!
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                          Yes, the template is the MDF piece screwed to the sapele blank in post #10.

                          The 2" x 3/4" flush trim bit has a bearing on top that rides on the template.

                          It's the woodworking equivalent of tracing.

                          Pattern routing was "state of the art" prior to the advent of CNC machines.


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                            Just getting back to some guitar work. I've done some clear-coating recently, but that doesn't make for interesting photos. I did get a chance to work up a new design to go on the "whammy" bass.

                            Design laid out on paper:

                            Cutting the design in stencil paper:

                            Just the dragonflies:

                            All finished:



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                              nice!, and I thought I recognized that whammy bass.
                              Dillybar 13 july 2008.
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