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For Additional information on Frequently Asked Questions regarding Harmony Central, please visit this forum:


Why Did HC Move Back to VBulletin?
Harmony Central moved to Lithium last January as a new platform solution given the dead-end we had built ourselves into with Jive (a good platform, just not suited to the HC community's specific needs). Lithium, also a good platform for many applications, proved challenging to getting Harmony Central restored as it didn't have a built in product catalog to support user reviews and categories (i.e. Guitars, Bass, etc). HC admins and moderators were allowed the opportunity to revisit the original strategy, which required a custom-built platform. We partnered with the good folks at Nucleus creative to reinstate vBulletin (with enough hardware and optimizations to avoid the performance issues we experienced a few years ago) to support user accounts and forums and have custom-built article libraries and user review sections. Our goal was to bring you as close to the original site flow as possible while embracing current design aesthetics and functionality.


How Does the Current Search Work?
Search has always been a challenge with the massive amount of data Harmony Central has to parse through (hundreds of thousands of user reviews, over thirty million threads) as we balance comprehensiveness with performance. Rather than continuing to try to support it on our own, we are partnering with Google CSE to ensure fast and thorough search. Because we needed to go live for the site to be crawled for the new URLs, we will need a couple of weeks to get the new search properly integrated into the site. That said, we didn't want to leave you without access to all the great content the community has created, so we've included an unskinned, non-filterable version of search in the interim. Sorry... it's a bit of a break from the community experience, but it has all the content. When we complete building out search, it will look and feel like an integrated part of the site and allow many different facets of filtering (i.e. "Forums", "Articles", "Videos", and different sort orders).


Will My Old Password Work?
No, you will need to reset your password. Unfortunately, it is industry practice to not transfer passwords when moving to a new platform for security reasons. All you need to do is go to "Sign In" and select "Reset Password". You will be asked to enter the email address associated with your user account and will be emailed a link to reset your password. If you no longer have access to the email associated with your account and can provide proof you are the owner of your account, please contact Dendy Jarrett ( and he or Phil O'Keefe ( will reach out to you within 24 hours to assist.

Of Important Note: If you do reset your password through the automated system, please check your junk mail folder if you do not receive an e-mail within 15 minutes. The reset password access is a time-sensitive code and will expire. Once you have reset your password, it is important that you clear your cache memory so that your individual computer will drop the old password and our servers can see the new password. If you are unsure about clearing your cache, please google the term and follow the instructions that best fit your Operating System and your Browser.


How Do I Report a Problem?
We've tried our best, through several rounds of user acceptance testing, to catch all the bugs. That said, a community of a half million is going to find stuff a small team, no matter how well trained, may miss. If you find something that isn't working, don't fret! Please report it in using the Feedback or Contact Us button.


What is the Response Time if I Find a Bug?
We will be featuring Release Notes listing every known bug or approved enhancement request with an associated release date. For serious issues, we will respond with a fix within 24 hours.

Release Notes - Version 1.22


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STEVIO  |  November 12, 2014 at 2:20 pm
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