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Blue-Zone Corporation offers royalty-free, studio quality soundscapes and effects for film, radio, and musician's looking to build a spatial narrative into their compositions.


By Chris Loeffler             

Soundscapes and sound effects have been a part of music for as long as music has been recorded. Rock bands like Pink Floyd, The Who, and pretty much every prog group ever recorded have used non-instrument generated noises (or instruments to create non-instrumental noises) to further the feel or narrative pull of their songs. Whether serving as a bookend between songs or a transitional element to bridge song passages, these effects become inseparable from the instruments and vocals in a compostion when artfully used. 

Bluezone Corporation is a team of dedicated individuals focused on creating sounds effects and soundscapes for professional applications in movies, radio, and music. We reached out to them to evaluate a handful of their sound sample packs and look at them with an eye toward music composition.

All four sound sample packs reviewed are downloadable as high quality, 24-bit WAV files (zipped at download) that are are ready to drop into any production or arranging software. Every sample is royalty-free, eliminating the potential worry one of the samples may make it onto an audio production that becomes profitable for the composer.


What You Need to Know


Abyss Deep Atmospheric Sounds & Soundscapes

Abyss focuses on delivering spacious sound effects of all varieties that evoke being underwater; from undulating, wave-like sound washes to reflective, mournful bell tones with cavernous echo trails. Whale-like moans, sonic pings, bubbling gurgles, and low, almost sub-sonic rumbles effortlessly layer over each other and sound equal parts menacing and peaceful make up the 105 file WAV collection, with plenty of subtle effects to pierce through at the right moment.



Exoplanet Alien Soundscapes & Sound Effects

Exoplanet provides 124 WAV files dedicated to creating alien, extraterrestrial soundscapes and noises through combinations of synthesized environmental recordings, unearthly animal calls, insect-like buzzing, and ethereal weather effects. There's a timeless organic quality to the samples that would fit equally well scoring the landscape of from prehistoric times as on an extrasolar planet thousands of years from now. Despite the huge variety in sonic sounds and effect types, there isn't a single pairing that clashes or sounds out of place.



Pandora Mixed Ambient Pads & Soundscapes

Pandora is a more orchestral and synthy take on the ethereal, otherworldly sounds tfeatured in Exoplanet, offering alien stringed swells, crystalline refractions of singing bowl hums, and choir chants that create more traditional, soundtrack-like compositions. Synth pads and swells dominate the collection, and there is any airy reverb trail that naturally fades once the last note is played on almost every sample. With 164 mixed pads available, Pandora proves almost a complete songwriting instrument in itself. 



Synthetic Organic Textures

Like Abyss, Synthetic Organic Textures is water themed, although much more "of this Earth" in its sonic signatures. 158 sound files capture different rain effects, percolating creeks, and twisting, ripping underwater tides. Specific sound effects, like gurgling bubbles breaking the surface or the splash of unknown species quietly sliding into the water, are realistic and well spaced in the stereo field. Better suited to textural enhancement than solitary composition, the musical implications are still clearly evident.



  • Although it is hard to think of an effective way to precisely classify sound effects and noises meant to evoke alien worlds, some sort of identifying chart for the hundreds of WAV files would make initial start-up a bit less of an exploratory process.



The audio quality is top notch, with the crisp highs and booming lows never distorting when played at high volume through a pair of high-end studio monitors. Representing just a small sampling of the sound offerings from Bluezone Corporation, these four sound libraries provided dozens of moments of inspiration for musical applications during the course of the review. The sheer musical nature of many of the samples makes them much more than the laser "pew" or robot "beep" of a typical sound library. 



Abyss Deep Atmospheric Sounds & Soundscapes Product Page (Download $19.97)

Exoplanet Alien Soundscapes & Sound Effects Product Page (Download $22.65)

Pandora Mixed Ambient Pads & Soundscapes Product Page (Download $22.65) 

Synthetic Organic Textures Product Page (Download $19.97)


Abyss Video Preview

Exoplanet Video Preview

Pandora Video Preview

Synthetic Organic Textures Video Preview

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