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How to Use Spectrum Analysis for Recording
The Complete Guide to Re-Amping
10 Tips for Mixing in a Plug-In World
The Recording Gear that Re-Defined the Studio
Mounting Acoustic Foam
Take Mixing Beyond Level Changes
Recording Electric Bass 101
The Complete Guide to Monitoring in the Home Studio
The Art of Layering Guitars
Tracking with DAWs: 8 Tips for Going with the Flow
Simplify Your Life in the Studio
Monitor Speaker Setup: the Very Basics
The Top 10 Guitar Recording Mistakes
Placing Your Acoustic Treatments
How to Create Wide Open Mixes
Let's Get Physical: The Complete Guide to Control Surfaces
Getting the Most Out of Mic Stands
Using Your Ears to Find the Right Microphone Position
Composite Recording: How to Build the Perfect Part
Wild and Wacky Reverb Effects
Nine Whacked-Out Things You Can Do With Music Software
Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Mixing
Introduction to Mastering
This... or That?
12 Steps to Crafting Better Mixes
Using Control Surfaces With Pro Tools
Track Bouncing Basics
Essential Tools For Better DIY Guitar Tracks
How to Get LOUD Masters Without Overcompressing
Adding External Hardware FX to Your DAW
DC Offset: The Case of the Missing Headroom
Lucky 13 Vocal Processing Tips
Recording Levels And Gain Staging
Stereo Placement: Beyond the Panpot
Customize Your DAW With Templates
Optimizing Reverb for Vocals
Quieter Recordings - One dB at a Time
(Frequency) Split Personality for Better Processing
Edit Your Way to the Ultimate Bass Groove
Basics of Mid-Side Recording
"In the Box" Mixing Tips and Techniques
Guitar Doubling Tactics & Strategies
Transparent Vocal Pitch Correction
Noise Gates Don't Have to Be Boring
Pump Your Mixes with Reason 7 and Side-Chaining
DAW Templates for Hardware as Well as Virtualware
Toe-In Your Monitors The Easy Way
How to Tweak Layered Vocals
Setting Song Orders Via Spreadsheet
Compressors Demystified
Dithering Demystified
Try "Wrong-Note Reverb" for Interesting Ambience
5 Mastering Tips for iZotope Ozone 5
The Balancing Act - Mix Levels
XY Stereo Miking Made Easy
Spaced Pairs: A-B Stereo
Vintage Recording Approaches for Modern DAWs
Avoid Common Recording Mistakes
Mix Vocals First
Prepping Vocals for Mixdown
Grouping, Busing, and Parallel Processing
The Art of Album Assembly
Microphone Shockmounts: The Better Solution
Mixing Techniques with DAW Software
Five Essential Desktop Mastering Tips
Emulate Phase Shifter Effects with Parametric EQ
Using Avid’s Eleven Rack with ASIO-Compatible Programs
Moving All Tracks in Pro Tools
Spot Processing Using a DAW
Top 10 Tips for Mixing Bass Synth
How To Use A Three-Head Tape Deck As A Delay Unit With Your DAW
Taming Overbearing Cymbals
Placing Instruments in the Stereo Soundfield: A Chart
Drum Miking
Use Your DAW as a Mixdown Deck
Top 10 Tips for Mixing Bass Guitar
ORTF Stereo Microphone Technique
Preparing For A Tracking Session
Panning Techniques for Mixing
Managing Audio Files with Your DAW
Tips For The Laptop Studio
Do You Want Good Sound? Go To The Source
Audio for Video: Why You Need a Handheld Recorder
Hand-Held Recording: The World Is Your Live Room
Direct-Box Recording Tricks
Macro Control for Ableton Live 8 Racks
Sound Recording for Video Shoots
Basics of Recording Electric Guitar
Mix Headroom vs. the Mastering Engineer
Blumlein Pair Stereo Miking for Better Ambience and Imaging
Enhance Reverb with Send and Return Equalization
Enhance Your Guitar's Sustain with Control-Room Feedback
Mixing in Mono
Rotary Speaker Cabinet Miking
Pro Tools 9: New Track Shortcuts
Propellerheads Reason Tips & Tricks
Stretch Loops with Pro Tools’ “Elastic Audio”
Soundstage Depth Positioning
Recording Guitars in Stereo - The Basics
Studio Security
Guitar Pedals: Your Studio's Secret Weapon
Frequency Space Editing with Adobe Audition
How to Choose an Audio Interface
Edit Acoustic Guitar Recordings to Perfection
How to Get the "Pumping" Drums Effect with Sidechain Compression
Repair Vocals with MOTU Digital Performer
Vocals Processing Tips, Part 2
The Performance Curve
Make Workstation Software Work Harder for You
"Quantizing" Guitar Parts with DAW Software
Curves of Steal: Fabulous Frequency Felons
10 Alesis Masterlink Tips
Vocals Processing Tips, Part 1
Guitar Re-Amping Basics
10 Essential Mastering Tips
How to Try Out Different Arrangements in Cubase
Templates and Layout for Recording
Create a "Virtual Bass Rack" for Faster Recording
Join The Video Generation
Going Through a Phase
Fun With Sampling: Hunting The Wild Waveform
How to Create and Automate MIDI Controller Data in Sony Acid
Speakers Meet Mastering
Mastering with All-In-One Studios
Parallel Effects and DAWs
Recording and Processing the Ultimate Vocal
Adding Supported Control Surfaces to DAWs
10 Questions About Mastering Your Recordings
Simple Sonar 4 Secrets
Book ‘Em Dano – Be Your Own Booking Agent, Part 1
Avoiding the “Fake Factor” in MIDI-Based Solo Acts
Book 'Em Dano—Be Your Own Booking Agent, Part 2
Enhance Your Live Act with Backing Tracks
Hearing Protection
Optimize Ableton Live for Laptop Performances
Portable Power: Gas or Electric?
Tips for Playing Outdoors
Recording External Instruments into Ableton Live
Augment Your P.A. with a Subwoofer
Using Effects to Improve Your Technique
Multieffects Strategies: Program vs. Stompbox Modes
Tighten Your Timing with Delay Effects
How to Program Multieffects
The Guitarist's Guide to Multiband Distortion
Power Up! A Guide To Powering Your Effects Pedals
Dynamics Processing Meets Rock Guitar
Convolution Reverb Basics
Label Your Effect Wall Warts
Transparent Vocal Pitch Correction
Understanding Digital Reverb Parameters
Extreme Drum Processing
Compressors Demystified
Adventures In Lo-Fi For Bass Players
Signal Processing With Propellerheads' Recycle
Guitar Processing With Dave Smith Instruments' Evolver
Creating Parallel Effects in DAW Software
DigiTech Genesis3: Multiply Your Mixdown Options
Making Equalization Work For You
The Top 10 Effects Pedal Targets
Line 6 POD HD Startup Guide
Fun With Fixed Filters
Big Sounds with Virtual Stacks
Native Instruments Guitar Rig Hot Tips
Phil’s Pedal Pointers
The Many Uses for Digital Delay
Guitar EQ Pedals
How to Make Amp Sims Sound More “Analog”
Calculating Beat Divisions Using Tempo and Time
Using Octave Dividers with Bass
Do Guitar Amp Simulation in Propellerhead Reason
"Through-Zero" Flanging with Native Instruments Guitar Rig
Amp Simulators: Tips You Need to Know
How to Turn Ableton Live into a Signal Processing Rig
Techniques for Seamless, Realistic Pitch Correction
Reverse Engineering
Track-Cloning and Timed Delays
Thumbpicks and Fingerpicks: What Are Your Options?
Stick With It!
The Sixties' Six-String Invasion
Attack of the Stacks: Fun with Virtual Amps
How to Get a Variety of New Tones for $10
The Amplifiers that Shook the World
Different Tubes, Different Tones
Feel Your Amp Sim
Maintaining a Healthy Humidity Balance for Guitars
Getting Started with Slide Guitar
The Poor Man’s Doubleneck Guitar
The Truth About Guitar Cables
Change Your Tubes!
Choosing Strings for a Bigger Guitar Sound
The Top 10 Effects Pedal Targets
About the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Series
Get a Closed-Back Cab Sound from an Open-Back Cabinet
Six Amp Sim Programming Tips
Wattage, Speaker Efficiency and Amplifier "Loudness"
Keep Your Strap On!
Banish Ground Loop Hum
Unraveling the Mysteries of Amp Reverb
Tube Substitutions: Change Your Amp's Personality in Seconds
Guitar Volume Swells for that Violin-like Sound
Combining Piezo and Magnetic Pickups
The Ultimate Guide to Guitar Accessories You Can’t Live Without
Mix and Match Tube Amps with Virtual Cabinets
Calculating the Impedance of Your Speaker Hookups
Distortion… Clean and Simple
Harmonics by the Numbers
Matching Sound System Components
Of Polepieces and Magnetic Fields
Bring It!
The "Soft" FX Rack for Guitar: Hope or Hype?
The Birth of the Bassline
Artist Interview: Matt Armstrong of Murder By Death
Adventures In Lo-Fi For Bass Players
Top 10 Tips for Mixing Bass Guitar
Using Octave Dividers with Bass
Better, Bigger, Badder Synth Bass for Studio or Stage
Keyboards of the Beatles Era
Create More Expressive Synthesizer Parts
Using Multiple Outputs in Virtual Instruments
How to Record Synthesizers and Electronic Instruments
Making Sense of Synths: How to Choose A Hardware Keyboard
10 Ways to Exploit Synth and Sampler Oscillators
The SFZ File Format: Create Your Own Virtual Instruments
Organize and Manage Presets with IK Multimedia Virtual Instruments
Ringo's Drums and Percussion: Driving the Beat
Drums Sticks: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
Selecting The Right Drum Throne
DIY for Drummers: In-Ear Monitoring with Click
Drummers Be Flexible
The Ludwig Drum Company: One Small Script Logo — One Huge Result
Kick Pedal Technique
Stretching Out For Drummers
AmpliTube Meets Drums
How to Create Electronic Drum Setups with Ableton Live
Liven Up Your Electronic Drums
Getting the Most Out of Multitrack Drum Libraries
Product Spotlight: Gretsch Hickory Drums, Zildjian 3 Hat Packs, Crescent Cymbals
TRX Young Turks Cymbals: Not Your Dad's Turkish Cymbals
John Fishman: Back to Basics
Students Score at Big Drum Bonanza
Secrets of Recording Cymbals
Drum! Magazine Spotlight
Virgil Donati Rehearses for Bonham Bash
The Glossary of World Percussion Instruments
Patrick Carney's Simple Seven Tips for Drummers
Chicago Drum Show 2012: The Slideshow, Part 1
Stanton Moore: Captain Carnival
Gon Bops: Mariano Series Congas & Bongos
Chicago Drum Show 2012: The Slideshow, Part 2
The 17th Annual Drummies! Awards
Dave McClain: Part Man, Part Machine Head
Video Review: Natal US Fusion X-Plus Drum Kit
Remo Thomas Lang Practice Kits
The Duallist Triple Pedal
Sonor X-Ray Acrylic Kit
Zildjian K Constantinople Hi-Bell Rides, Flat Rides, And 13" Hi-Hats
Ford Drums
Schalloch Linea 100 Congas, Bongos, And Djembe
Stagg Classic Series Cymbals
Roland TD-12 Electronic Drumkit
Toca Synergy Freestyle Djembes And Doumbek
Gon Bops California Series Congas And Bongos
Dunnett Classic Snare Drums
Beyerdynamic Opus Drumset Microphones
Stagg Advanced Concept Drum Cases
RMV X5/Special Edition Drumkit
Vater Color Wrap Sticks
Pearl Horacio Hernandez Signature Cowbells
Beato Pro 3 And Pro 4 Drum Bags
Bosphorus Stanton Moore Cymbals
Mapex Black Panther Snare Drums
The Many Faces of DJing
Make Your Own Drum Loops
Step Sequencer Basics
Loop and Groove Audio Editing
How to Create Your Own Loops from an Audio File
Techniques for Making UK Garage Music
Create Pumping Dance Mixes with Reason 6.5
Better Beats through Persuasive Programming
Expressive Drum Loops: Yes, It's Possible
Optimize Ableton Live for Laptop Performances
Using Clip Envelopes in Ableton Live
How to Turn Standard AIF and WAV Loops into Apple Loops
How to Acidize WAV Files in Cakewalk Sonar
How to Sync Music Files with Sony Acid Project Tempos
Create Infinite Pads through Proper Looping
Rearranging Audio Loops with Ableton Live
Mangling REX Loops with Propellerhead ReCycle
16 Quick Vocal Fixes
Transparent Vocal Pitch Correction
What You Need to Know About Microphone Polar Patterns
Prepping Vocals for Mixdown
Vocals and the Art of Emotional Dynamics
Optimizing Reverb for Vocals
Add Timbral Variety to Background Vocals (and Other Instruments)
Recording Voice-Overs for a Network TV Show
How To Post Images in the New HC Platform
Interfacing Instruments with Computers
Windows Backup Strategies
Why Rong is Gud
Studio Maintenance: It’s the Little Things that Count
Operating System and DAW Upgrades - The Smart and Easy Way
A Brief History of MIDI
Stupid Computer Mistakes
Spice Up Your Tracks with a Vocoder
Manage Your Gear
How to Use Reason’s Combinator Function
Solving the Windows MIDI Port Problem
Regain Control of Your Hard Drive
Prevent Computercide
Clean Your Computer—the Right Way
Create Your Own Manual Library
Simplify Your Computer Life with "The Letter 'X' Factor"
External Power Supply Essentials
Aggregating Audio Interfaces with Mac and Windows
How To Stop Threaded Metal Parts From Vibrating Loose And Rattling
Avoid Problems with FireWire and "Hot-Plugging"
Son of Hot Tip: The AC Adapter Labeling Sequel
Back Up Any Kind of Data with Steinberg Wavelab
Cleaning Controls and Jacks
Strap-On DC Power for Your iDevice
MP3 Conversion—The Easy Way
ReWire: How to Make Two Programs Work as One
Troubleshooting Digital Gear: Connectors
Keeping the "Art" in “State of the Art”
AC and Audio Ground Loops
What to Do Before You Update or Re-Install Your Operating System
Verifying Dual Processor Systems in Windows XP
Squashing the Wild Bug: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Your DAW
Batch Processing Files with Wavelab
USB Hubs and Computers: What You Need to Know
How to Use ReWire with Apple Logic Pro
The Latest Laptops: You Can Take Your Studio With You
Upgrading Computer RAM: The "Instant Upgrade"
All About Wire
Avoiding Update Perils
Guitar Zero. Ukulele Hero
Do It Yourself: Mandolin and Ukulele Tone Frame
OWC Debuts ThunderBay IV Storage Solution for Thunderbolt Technology
Tech 21 Introduces the Hot-Rod Plexi
Dean Markley USA Debuts Pure Nickel Guitar Strings
Soundsdevine Announces MM+
Waves Announces Waves Abbey Road ReelADT
Eastwood Guitars introduces the new California Rebel
Bose Ships Dante Cards for ControlSpace Processors and PowerMatch Power Amplifiers
Ueberschall Announce Vocal House
Pete Seeger American Masters documentary on pbs.org & PBS beginning tomorrow
Toontrack releases Ambient EZmix Pack for EZmix 2
Tech 21 Celebrates 25 Years
The World’s First Optical Analogue Guitar Cable Technology Launched
Audio-Technica Offers Free “Installed Sound Support” App for iOS Devices
Killer Guitar Components Introduces Unique New Killer Trem Bridge for S-Type Guitars
Line 6 to be Acquired by Yamaha Corporation
Alta Moda Audio releases the AM-30
KORG Shows Powerful, Affordable Kross Keyboard
Kong Audio announces Chinee Orchestra Standard Edition
The making of EASTWEST Steven Wilson's Ghostwriter
Tech 21 Introduces the Fly Rig 5
Fractal Audio Systems Announces the Axe-Fx II XL Amp Modeling Preamp/Effects Processor
Orange Amplification Announce Latest OPC Line Up With Launch Of Three New Models
Sound Magic Releases Neo DynaMaster Version 1.1, Stereo Dual Dynamics Processor
Radial's StageBug SB-7 EarMuff Headphone Mute Now Shipping
ASCAP Celebrates 100th Birthday with Top Songs Lists
UVI announces Vector Pro
Ueberschall Announce Chart Hits 2
BandMix Helps Musicians, Launches New Experience
Siegmund Guitars releases Micro Tube Spring Reverb
Producerloops releases "Trap Essentials Vol 3"
Fishman Releases TriplePlay® Software 1.2 Update
Joey Sturgis Releases Groundbreaking "Gain Reduction" Vocal Compressor
Zynaptiq Acquires The DSP Dimension and Surround SFX
VintageSynthPads.com has released, "The Ambient Zebra."
Peavey Electronics® Releases New Products at the 2014 NAMM Show
M-Audio Releases New 3-Way Studio Reference Monitor
Arturia initiates iOS 7 support with iMini V1.2 iPad app update
Sound Magic Releases Neo DynaMaster Version 1.1, Stereo Dual Dynamics Processor.
‘A Thousand Years’ Tops List of Most Popular Love Songs Musicians Want to Play
Epiphone Announces February Giveaway and New Self-Tuning Models
Korg and VOX Team up for "Gear Up For Your Gig" Contest
AxeTrak Introduces New Generation “PRO” Isolation Cabinet for Electric Guitar
Salad Bar Version 9 has been released
Korg Shows Pandora Stomp Multi-Effect/Tuner Pedal
Radial is pleased to announce the StageBug SB-48 Power Bar is now shipping
HARMAN’s Studer Unveils New Infinity Series Processing Engine and Vista X Console Featuring Groundbreaking DSP Technology
Mackie’s Updated Master Fader™ 2.1 Now Available
HARMAN’s DigiTech Is Now Shipping Its DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 and Phasor 201 Re-Issues
Traynor Introduces Two New Small Block Bass Heads for 2014
Sonoma Wire Works Unveils DrumCore 4 AAX/VST3/AU Plug-in for Mac and PC
Future Loops Releases 'Industria Epica - Dark Cinematic Drums'
Korg Reimagines Their RK-100S Synth/Controller
Sound Magic Announces Imperial Grand 3, Hybrid Modeled Bosendorfer
G-Sonique releases DUBXHOX H8 – Special Multi-Band Distortion / Waveshaping unit 3D dimension expander + Effector for bass synths
Mod-Tone Effects launches Bohemian Overdrive
KORG Debuts Limited Edition MS-20 Kit
Future Loops Releases Deep In Garage - Classic Sessions
The Recording Academy P&E Wing's Star-Studded GRAMMY Week Event Honors Music Legend Neil Young
It’s a stick bag; It’s a stick holder – No, it’s the SABIAN Stick Flip!
Fishman Fluence Reimagines the Electric Guitar Pickup
Hal Leonard Announces Michael Bloomfield – Legendary Licks
Korg Announces New ARP Odyssey Development
Sound Magic Releases Laurel Pipa Version 2.3, 24Bit/96Khz Pipa Sample Library
Yorkville Sound Adds New Powered Subwoofers to the ParaSource Series Active loudspeaker Line
Ultrasound Amplifiers Redesigns Best Selling AG30
Railhammer Launches Tel 90 Pickup
Tech 21 Adds Sparkle and Pizzazz to their Boost Series Pedals
The Bob Moog Foundation Announces Significant Archive Additions
Ueberschall Announce Ambient Noises
Diginoiz releases ‘EDM Drums 2'
Dangerous Music Releases New 'Dangerous Compressor' for Tracking, Mixing & Mastering
Orange Amplification New Bass Amplifier - The OB1-K
Hal Leonard Acquires Noteflight
CAD Audio Expands Acousti-Shield Line With AS22 & AS16
IK Multimedia releases GrooveMaker 2 for iPad
Voxengo Elephant 4.0 mastering limiter plugin released
Reverend Adds Silver Flake Pete Anderson Signature Guitars
Paul Reed Smith Guitars Announces New SE Zach Myers Signature Model
Elephant sways songwriters with Temptress dream production plug-in
Orange Amplification Launch New Dual Dark Amplifier Series
Rockn Stompn Releases Stompin Power Strip
DRUMATOM V1 - officially released today
Sound Magic Releases Piano One Version 1.5, Free Hybrid Modeled Yamaha C7.
Backbeat Books Publishes Tony Bacon's Sunburst
34: Newly Released AweSome S3 Guitar Has 35 Pickup Tones Out Of The Box
Vienna Symphonic Library releases new Single Instrument
Hi Hats, Shakers and Top Loops pack release
V-Picks Releases The New Infinity
Native Instruments Introduces SUPERCHARGER GT
Blackstar Amplification Expands ID:Series with New ID:Core Models
Future Loops Releases Funk Soul Sessions
Grover Pro® Introduces ChromaToneTM Timpani Mallets
Precisionsound releases Analog Performer SFX: analog synth sound effects library
Rotosound Proudly Introduces Six New Effects Pedals
Primestream Unveils Xchange Suite v3.0
Elektron announces Octa Pak 6 - Indie Dance Sound Pack for the Octatrack
Korg Gadget for iPad Remix Contest
Harry Belafonte to Receive Honorary Doctorate at Berklee March 6
Future Loops Releases Hip Hop Generation
TASCAM Announces Mail-In Rebate Promotion
Future Progressive Basslines Vol 3
Native Instruments Introduces MARBLE RIMS Expansion for MASCHINE
Sound Magic Releases Hybrid Harpsichord Version 1.3. Hybrid Modeled Harpsichord
Cakewalk® Z3TA+ iOS Music Synthesizer for iPad® now available
Korg Offers New Rosewood Finish and Color Option for LP-380 Digital Piano
Harrison Introduces 950SC Sidecar and 950RR Roller Rack - Now Shipping!
Twisted Tools updates ULTRALOOP to Version 1.1
Ableton releases Dark Synth by Amazing Noises
Elixir® Strings Introduces New HD Light Set Co-Designed With Taylor Guitars
10 Soundware Releases Mixer Feedback model M K Kontakt Instruments
Hogjim Releases New Guitar Accessory
DigiTech® Introduces the New RP360 and RP360XP!
Sound Magic Announces Supreme Piano 3
OWC Debuts Helios 2 Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis at CES 2014
Voxengo SPAN Plus 1.1 spectrum analyzer plugin released
Tronical’s Robotuner TronicalTune Shines Bright This Awards Season
Zenhiser Presents Classic Goa Trance Hooks
3 New Music Docs on Smithsonian Channel in March-Blondie, Amy Winehouse, Dr. John
IK announces new T-RackS Custom Shop with the Holy Grail of mastering EQs
Harrison Consoles Unveils 950mx Analog Console
Lâg Announces T80 Series Acoustic Guitars
Akai Professional MPC Software V1.6 is here
On-Stage Stands Ships New Classical Capo this March
Best Service announces Poetic Guitar II
Jazz Classics Harmonica Play-Along Coming Soon from Hal Leonard
Abbey Road Studios Brilliance Pack relaunched
Positive Grid Brings BIAS Amplifier Modeler and Designer App to the iPhone
SnowFill - a free Reason ReFill!
Arturia ups ultimate sound collection ante with Analog Lab 1.1
IK Multimedia releases UltraTuner, the most precise digital tuner for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Waves Audio Will Accept Bitcoin as an Optional Payment
Franke Music proudly presents Stroke Machine professional drum and groove synth for iPad
Orange Amplification Redesign Website
GuitarStorage.com Unveils Special Edition Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Storage Rack
Future Loops Releases Ultimate DJ Tools Bundle 2
Metal Amps EZmix Pack for Toontrack's EZmix 2 out today!
Guitar Center Opens New Store And Lessons Studio In Lafayette, Louisiana
ASCAP Film Why We Create Music Celebrates Songwriters and Composers, Captures Collaborative Score for 100th Birthday
Genelec Announces 8010 Active Monitor: the Smallest Member of the 8000 Series
New producer presets for The Metal Foundry out now!
Ballads EZkeys MIDI Released
Grover Pro® Introduces Tambourine Mounting Clamp
Toontrack releases more ballad MIDI for EZkeys
Hal Leonard releases two new books on Ableton Live 9
Yamaha HS Series Studio Monitors Now in White
Unit Audio’s New 16 Channel Analog Summing Mixer With Panning
Sound Magic Announces BlueStone Piano Version 3
Electro-Harmonix announces Nano Big Muff Pi
Black Cat Pedals introduces the Mona Wah
AAX 64 Support for UAD and Apollo for Mac users is here!
The World‘s First USB 3.0 Audio Interface is shipping RME MADIface XT
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Drum Set Gets a Makeover
MusicDevelopments releases RapidComposer v2.5 (for Mac OS X and Windows)
Denon Professional Now Shipping DN-700R Network SD/USB Audio Recorder
PRS Guitars Shows S2 Series at NAMM
Ueberschall Announce New Sample Library - Dubtechno
UNIVERSAL AUDIO: Apollo Twin Desktop Audio Interface Unveiled
DrummerTracks Drum Legends Vol 1 and 16 new titles by Sonic Reality Released on iTunes® and Amazon®
Griffin Introduces StudioConnect HD, an All-in-One Multi-Track Recording Interface for iOS and Mac OS X
Lâg Debuts T77PE Acoustic Guitar
Calrec Announces Major Software Upgrade With New Suite of Features
Soundtrack Loops Releases Hard Funk Live Racks and Multi-Format Loops
Korg Announces Tiny Piano
DigiTech Now Shipping Its Element XP and Element Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals
Apogee Announces New JAM 96k - Professional Guitar Interface for iPad, iPhone and Mac
Apogee Announces New MiC 96k - Professional Microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac
Nucleus SoundLab releases Hyperdrive ReFill for Propellerhead Parsec
V-Picks Releases the New Brad Whitford Signature Model
Library of Congress Launches “Songs of America” Presentation
Impact Soundworks Releases Archtop: Hollowbody Electric Guitar for Kontakt
VUE Introduces h-8 High Definition Compact System
Guitar Center Opens New Store And Lessons Studio In Cheektowaga, NY
ADJ To Showcase Three New Products At NAMM 2014 With Focus On Value And Versatility
Acon Digital DeVerberate Released – New Plug-in for Reverb Reduction
Future Loops Releases Tech Funk 01
Future Loops Releases Dusty Breaks And Vintage Drums 2
Yamaha PSR-E443 Portable Keyboard Offers Seriously Fun Education and Performance Tools for the Home and the Stage
Bass expansion for Sylenth1 - 128 new presets from Plughugger
Sound Magic Releases EZ Mastering Extension Pack for Neo MasterTool
The CP4 Stage: Simply the Best Stage Piano Yamaha Has Ever Created
CHAUVET DJ Has a Blast With the New Geyser RGB, Jr.
Lâg Offers Limited Edition Dark Series of Acoustic Guitars in the U.S.
Detunized releases Cobweb Library (Live Pack & Universal WAV)
Arturia announces availability of cutting-edge KeyLab keyboard controllers
Dean Markley Releses New Signature Series Strings for Bass Guitar
TWA Announce Fly Boy line of Pedals
Franke Music proudly presents Stroke Machine professional drum and groove synth for iPad
Brand-new UR44 interface announced by Steinberg
Cr2 Records launches new sample pack company - Sample Tools by Cr2
Jam With Steely Dan From LickLibrary
Sound Magic Announces Piano Thor Version 3
NOMAD Stands
Congratulations to the 29th Annual NAMM TEC Awards Nominees!
Patchbanks New Release - Beat Masters South vol.1
Gibson® USA Goes with Cleartone® Strings
Waves Audio Scheps 73 Plugin Now Shipping
Brand-new Cubase 7.5 
and Cubase Artist 7.5 updates
EASTWEST Releases Steven Wilson Ghostwriter
IsoAcoustics Introduces Custom Configurable Modular Acoustic Isolation Stands
MuLab & MUX Vst 5.3 Released
Rob Papen provides perfect kicks for Reason with PunchBD-RE
Reunion Blues Reinvents The Gig Bag With New RBX Series
PRS Guitars Announces Two Additions to US-Made “S2” Series: S2 Singlecut and S2 Custom 22
NEW FOR NAMM 2014 - Recording King Starlight Series Banjos
Positive Grid Launches BT-2/BT-4 Bluetooth MIDI Foot Controllers
Electronisounds Releases Hybrid ElectriX
PRS Guitars Adds P24 Trem Model for 2014
Yamaha MOXF Series of Synthesizers Offers MO’ Power, MO’ Expandability
Shure Unveils $49 Addition to Popular SE Line, the SE112 Sound Isolating Earphones
Wave Alchemy Release Modern Guitar Tools
Yamaha P-255 Portable Digital Piano Takes Piano Tone and Touch to Another Level with New Controller App for iOS Devices
GrooveBits Released Deep Tech Producer
Yamaha Rolls Out New Absolute Hybrid Maple Drum Sets With Unique Design Features and Expressive Sound
New DTX Electronic Drum Accessories Program Features Color-Coded Boxes With Easy-to-Understand Graphics
Antares® Audio Technologies Introduces Auto-Tune® for Guitar Custom Luthier Installation Kits
PreSonus Temblor T10 Subwoofer- Offers More User Control
Lightning Strikes! Blue Microphones Now Shipping Spark Digital with Lightning Cable for iPad, iPhone
Sound Magic Announces Ruby Piano Version 3
64-bit SFX Machine Pro for Mac OS X
Lâg Debuts 500 Series Acoustic Guitars
MGP-1A All-Tube Modeling Preamplifier To Debut At NAMM 2014
Mockingbird Plus FR From B.C. Rich Takes Flight
Voxengo TransGainer 1.5 Transient Adjustment Plugin Released
Eventide Announces H9 Core
VOX Displays Night Train G2 Amplifiers
Future Loops Releases Dubstep Psychosis - Massive Soundset
Sound Magic Releases Neo MasterTool, a multi-bands, multi process mastering system
Yamaha MG Series Small-Format Mixing Consoles Offer Studio-Quality D-PRE Preamps, DSP and Solid Construction
HARMAN Wins 2014 Technical GRAMMY® Award for Lexicon Audio Brand
Manley Debuts the Core Reference Channel Strip
Fuchs Audio Technology's Plush FX pedals division is introducing 3 new pedals at NAMM 2014
Sound Magic releases Producer Bundle
Hal Leonard publishes Musical iPad®
Sakae Drums Displays Celestial Series Drum Kit
Epiphone Spotlights Classic Archtops
Bugera Announces G5 Infinium Tube Amp and 112TS Cabinet with Turbosound Speaker
KORG Releases Gadget for iPad
IK Multimedia releases GrooveMaker 2 for iPhone and iPod touch
Three MIDI drum groove titles now available from Toontrack
Zero-G release Critical Mass with free title intro offer
Line 6 Reinvents the Guitar Amplifier‹Again‹with AMPLIFi
Looping Is Now More Affordable Than Ever with HARMAN’s DigiTech JamMan Solo XT Pedal
Toontrack releases new metal drum grooves
Rob Papen provides perfect kicks for Reason with PunchBD-RE
Prime Loops Release 'DubTech' and "EDM Synth" Sample Pack
MIDAS Unveils Groundbreaking M32 Digital Mixing Console
Patchbanks New Product Release
WaveDNA and Livid Instruments announce a new bundle for beat production
Lâg Guitars Debuts Occitania Classical Nylon String Guitars
Nord Lead 4 OS and Sound Manager Updates
UVI announces UltraMini 1.5
HK Audio Expands Elements Line Array Series with E110 Sub AS Powered Sub
Death By Audio Announces Triple Delay Pedal Ghost Delay
Abeem Live Technologies releases Rack Performer 1.0
Amadeus Releases ML 28 Subwoofer
ASUS and Waves Audio Announce Strategic Relationship to Provide a Premium Sound Experience to Users Worldwide
HARMAN Professional Releases Updated HiQnet Audio Architect™ Version 1.2 Audio System Control Software With Third-Party Controller Support
Nektar are shipping Impact LX 49 Controller Keyboard
PRS Guitars Introduces New Floyd Rose-Equipped Custom 24 Guitars in Core and SE Product Lines
Waves Audio Now Shipping Waves Loudness Meter Plus (WLM Plus)
The Recording Academy P&E Wing Announces Sponsors for Its Seventh Annual GRAMMY Week Celebration Honoring Neil Young
Tech 21 Introduces Hot-Rod Plexi
EHX Releases Slammi Pedal
Artist Performances Announced for 2014 She Rocks Awards
Waves Audio Introduces Afro Latin Percussion
Lessonator Announces Version 1.0 And FREE "Year Of Lessonator" Weekly Music Lesson Subscription
Introducing the 828x with Thunderbolt Technology
Native Instruments Introduces HALCYON SKY Expansion for MASCHINE 2.0
Taylor Guitars Honored with the Award for Corporate Excellence from U.S. State Department
Diginoiz Release 'Beauty Strings 2'
Orange Amplification Free Micro Crush with Tiny Terror
Native Instruments celebrates TRAKTOR DJ's "App of the Year" status as part of the App Store's Best of 2013 with a limited time price drop
EPIX Bundle 10
DPA Microphones Debuts Shiny Facelift for d:facto™ Vocal Mic at the 2014 NAMM Show
Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the VOG Plate Reverb
Radial Engineering Announces Bassbone OD, Headload , Space Heater, Twinline, and SB5W
SoundSoap 3 - Now Available on the Mac App Store
Dave Smith Instruments ships Prophet 12 module based on flagship polysynth
HK Audio Presents Pulsar Powered Speakers
Godlyke Releases Maxon AD10 Delay and ASC10 Chorus
Future Loops Releases The Loops Of Fury - Tension Builders & FX Edition
Yamaha DTX502 Series Electronic Drum Sets Sound and Play Better Thanks to Laser Technology
Spector announces Helium
Sound Magic Announces Rose Whisper Piano Version 3
Starr Labs Presents The new Clipper MIDI/DJ Controller with LED Lightboard and Wireless Performance
Free SFX Machine RT
The Real Jazz Solos Book, The Real Latin Book, The Trane Book and The Real Vocal Book, Vol. 3 All New for NAMM
Furman Debuts M-8S Power Conditioner, PS-8R E III Power Conditioner, and P-8 Pro C Power Conditioner
Musician's Friend Awarded CAD Audio Dealer of the Year
IK Multimedia announces iRing - the first motion controller for iOS music apps and more
Key Media Industry Organizations Launch Joint Task Force on File Formats and Media Interoperability
AXL Guitars Introduces the USA Bel Air With Power'Tron & B5 Bigsby at NAMM
New Instructional Titles from Hal Leonard
UVI Urban Suite Is Now Out
Zoom iQ5 Stereo Microphone, Zoom Q4 Handy Recorder and Zoom TAC-2 Thunderbolt Interface take Audio to the Next Level
Pentode audio releases VTC-1 vacuum tube compressor
Commercial Dance Elements Vol 5
Feature Fest for Kemper Profiler Players Software Version 2.3 showcased
Precisionsound releases Naeshult Table Piano for Kontakt & EXS24
Primacoustic's products now warehoused in Belgium for the EU market
Future Loops Releases Ultimate Dubstep Bundle
Taylor Guitars Celebrates 40th Anniversary Year with New 800 Series Rollout
Free Altiverb 7.1 update adds support for AAX, retina and DP 8
XILS-lab releases radical R.A.M.S.E.S. rhythm and motion multi-effect plug-in
Singular Sound Launches BeatBuddy™, World’s First Guitar Pedal Drum Machine
HARMAN Professional President, Blake Augsburger Named To NAMM Board Of Directors
Focusrite Dream Recording Competition and Documentary
Behringer Takes 3 Top Awards at Winter NAMM 2014
NewerTech Debuts NuGuard KXs Screen Armor for iDevices
LunaKraft Announce The Black Fuzz Box
Announcing the VOX SoundBox Mini
Yorkville Sound Moves Production of YX Series Loudspeakers back to Canada
AweSome Musical Instruments Releases Les Paul Upgrade That Gives You 68 Pickup Tones
HARMAN’s JBL Professional Adds to Legendary PD Series Loudspeakers with PD6000 Series
Diginoiz Releases ‘Master&Mind'
Elektron releases major Analog Four OS update
Mooer Audio Micro Pedal – Noise Killer
Introducing Focusrite RedNet D16 AES
Tracktion 5 Enhances Creativity Optimizes Performance
J.C. Harper Luthier Introduces 40th Anniversary Buck Dharma Signature Guitar
VSP Releases: The Modern Unlimited Subscription for Korg M1
Sensaphonics introduces 3D AARO in-ear system at NAMM
Mixvibes introduces the 1st pro DJ app on Android
American Audio To Showcase New Rugged CPX Active Speaker Series At NAMM 2014
Tone2 Audiosoftware release Classic FM soundset for Nemesis
CHAUVET DJ Debuts Fresh New Gear at LDI 2013
UVI announces support for computer-based authorization across entire product line
Prime Loops Release 'Summer House Jams' and 'Trap City' Sample Packs
Source Audio Soundblox® 2 OFD Micromodelers For Bass & Guitar
K-Sounds Releases Epic Grand for Korg Kronos and Kronos X
Fargen Amplification Announces Relaunch of Custom Shop with Accessories and Hot Mods
Ampeg Reissues Legendary V-4B 100W All-Tube Bass Head
Harrison Consoles Announces New XT-Series Plug-in, Releases Free v2.4 Update for Mixbus
LOOPBOUTIQUE releases 'Trap X' sample pack
112dB updates 64-bit plugins - new skin for Big Blue Compressor
Future Loops Releases Hip Hop Millennium
Budda Amplification’s New Boutique Guitar Effects Pedals Now Shipping
Disaster Area Designs Introduces the DMC-6D MIDI Foot Controller
Fuchs Audio Technology introduces Casino Series Bass Amp the Bruiser Jr.
Plugin Alliance Announces Free Updates & New Bundles
Introducing the new M5 ‘pencil’ condenser from RODE
PreSonus Introduces AudioBox Stereo Recording Kit
Music Books Plus announces - A Career in Music - The Other 12 Step Program by Bob D'Eith
Propellerhead Release New Synthesizer for Reason
A Beginner's Guide to Guitar Effects First on iTunes
123creative.com Releases Age of Transitions NI Massive Soundset 1
MIDAS Unveils New Mixtender 2 App for iPad
HARMAN’s AKG K812 Reference Headphones – Perfect Sound Five Years In The Making
New v1.2 Software Brings New Fader View and Artist Presets to the Award-Winning StageScape M20d
IK Multimedia announces iRig KEYS PRO, mobile MIDI keyboard with full-size keys, plus iRig KEYS with Lightning connector
Pentode audio and 123creative.com releases Vacuum tube triode warmer TRW-1
Blue Cat Audio Releases Blue Cat's PatchWork 1.1
Ear Trumpet Labs Debuts the Myrtle Microphone
Paul White’s Producer’s Manual - iPad Edition
Sound Magic Releases Supreme Drums Version 1.2
Ueberschall presents Neurofunk
Zynaptiq Releases UNVEIL Version 1.7 and UNFILTER Version 1.1, Adding AAX Native 64 Support
CEntrance 'HiFi-M8' Refines the Portable DAC
Hal Leonard publishes Ableton Grooves
HARMAN’s Soundcraft Announces Availability of Vi Version 4.8 Software for Vi2, Vi4 and Vi6 Consoles
Vans and Berklee Partner for Full Scholarship
Positive Grid Launches BIAS Amplifier Modeler and Designer App for iPad
Lack Of Afro pres. Analogue Soul / Quantum Theory - Entrapment / Deep House Grooves
Toontrack announce a new Superior Drummer expansion
RME ‚TotalMix FX for iPad®‘ App now available on the App Store
MOTU announce MachFive 3.2 is now shipping
ADJ Sweeper Beam & Sweeper Beam Quad LED
Taylor Guitars Introduces the Compact T5z to its Award-Winning T5 Series
ADJ Reveals Next Wave Of Professional Grade Moving Heads
Godlyke announces release of TWA FLY BOYS™ mini pedals
Native Instruments releases updated TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 and S2 DJ systems
Audiam Confirms Deal With Canada's SOCAN To Get Members Paid More Via YouTube
Amadeus Launches New UDX Series Speakers
IObit Released Smart Defrag 3, the First Free Disk Defragmenter for Windows 8 Metro App
Diginoiz releases 'Piano Resource 2'
Introducing the Nord Lead A1 analog modeling synthesizer
Softube announces AAX 64 bit support, improved CPU performance
Yamaha Introduces TRBX Series Basses
Blue Cat Audio Unleashes Blue Cat's PatchWork
Schertler’s MAGNETICO AG6 pickup hits the stores
NuForce Redefines Portable Headphone Amplifiers with its New Mobile Music Pump
Loopmasters Psychedelic Dub Chamber & Freaky Loops Presents Progressive Electro
TuneCore and INDMUSIC Team to Provide YouTube Monetization Support & Toolset for Artists
Prime Loops Release 'Calvertron's Bass Asylum' Sample Pack
ADJ Introduces Cordless Pars
Yamaha APXT2 Adapts Best-Selling Features Into a Small Body Guitar
PreSonus Ships Innovative StudioLive AI-series Active Integration PA Loudspeakers
Trem King® Vibrato Introduces New TKS Models
Introducing MeeBlip anode: A compact bass synth with analog filter
Prime Loops Release 'Holy Trap' & 'EDM Essentials: Minimal'
IK Multimedia Announces iLoud, the First Portable Speakers Designed for Musicians
Bobby Owsinski Solves Musicians And Engineers #1 Complaint
V-Picks Releases the new Derek St. Holmes Signature Model
Blackbird Launches Clara, the World's First Concert-Level, Plant-Fiber Composite Instrument
DSI develops powerful Prophet 12 module from flagship Prophet 12 keyboard
Eurocard-based KM6 subrack systems Released August 27, 2013
Blue Cat Audio Releases Blue Cat's Liny EQ 5.0
New Vibramate Dual Access Bridge Saddles for Telecaster guitars
IK Multimedia ships iRig HD - rock out anywhere with studio quality sound
New Release From Kid Nepro For Kronos - "EXi Super Synths"
PreSonus Ships Compact Eris E4.5 Studio Monitors
Sample Logic announces WATERHARP 2
Mackie Updates Master Fader Control App for DL Series Live Mixers
LA Pop Sessions Vol 2" + 56 New Sample Packs This Week @ ProducerLoops.com
Allen & Heath Launches GLD Editor Control Software
Vibesware GR-Junior II Released
Waves Audio Announces the Waves Dugan Automixer
VOX Offers from Us to You Contest
Tone2 Audiosoftware release ChartBreaker for Nemesis
Mastering Engineer Mike Wells Gets Dangerous on 'Emily's Army' Release
Scott Walker Unveils New Hollow Body Guitar The Chimera
Digital - Free Sample Pack
Spectrasonics AAX Support for Pro Tools 11
Hal Leonard Publishes The Martin Ukulele
VSP releases, "Ovation" 150 New Presets for Omnisphere
Twisted Tools release ULTRALOOP - The Ultimate Loop Remixing Tool
JoeCo releases new BlackBox software update
MakeMusic Announces Release of SmartMusic for iPad
Producerloops.com Releases Future Pop 5
'Jazzify' App Helps Spotify Users Explore Jazz
Sound Magic releases Neo DynaMaster - Stereo Dual Dynamics Processor
New Resonatory Algorithm for H9 Now Available
Jeff Berlin Teams With Cort for Signature Bass
Fargen Amps Launches new 2014 Product Line at NAMM
No Dough Samples Launch Deep Percussion
Korg announces New Kronos OS, Enhanced X-3 Engine, Artist Sounds
DigiTech Now Offering Free E-Pedals for the iStomp™
Sound Magic Releases Vocalist Version 1.2
ThaLoops Releases Steinway Grand Piano B211 Virtual Instrument
Catalinbread Effects Goes Limited Edition Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
Peavey Announces Free Vypyr® Edit Software For Vypyr® VIP Amplifiers
Nucleus SoundLab releases Antimatter ReFill for Synapse Antidote
Symetrix Speeds DSP Specification and Design with New Online Tool: SymQ SymNet Design and Quotation Calculator
Fuchs Audio Technology Introduces the Jazz Classic II
Native Instruments introduces ACTION STRIKES
Rupert Neve Designs Launching 551 Inductor EQ at 2014 NAMM Show
ADJ's WiFLY Wash Bar Creates Color Washes With No Cords
Tone2 Audiosoftware release Nemesis
Quilter Labs launches 4 Pound 200 watt Guitar Head The ToneBlock 200
Bitley presents Omnia
GC Pro Partners with Martin Professional Products
Hal Leonard Presents the Guitarist's Guide to Music Reading
Hal Leonard and Worship Musician! Present The Language of Music
EASTWEST Virtual Instruments, the Perfect Fit for Pro Tools 11
High-Gain: PRS Guitars Introduces the Archon Amplifier
Fargen Amplification Launches Custom Shop Limited Edition Amps
UVI Launches #UVIMELLOSHIMA. 2 Weeks Left
HARMAN’s Soundcraft Introduces ViSi Remote 2.0 for Easy Control of Si and Vi Series Digital Audio Consoles
MusicNomad launches GuitarTracker, a virtual roadie for keeping track and maintaining your gear.
Dave Smith Instruments provides largest analog synth selection
Yamaha Features TRBX Series Basses: Updates of Classic Models Offer New EQ Systems to Sculpt Great Sound
The Persuader Deluxe Pedal Kit Vacuum Tube Overdrive
Epiphone Spotlights New and Improved G-400 PRO Series
Soundtrack Loops Releases Halloween Themed Dj Drops and Sound Effects
ADJ Introduces the DOTZ Matrix
Wave Alchemy Transistor Revolution MKII Released
EHX Releases Crying Bass Wah/Fuzz Effect
Chandler Limited Announces Loudspeaker Cabinets for GAV19T Guitar Amplifier
Allen& Heath Launches OneMix Personal Montiforing iPad App for GLD
Futurelight DMH-32 Released
Native Instruments releases TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 MK2
BEHRINGER X32 CORE Digital Live/Recording Mixer Now Available
Bitley's Way Beyond Fairlight
Michael Tobias Design (MTD) Kingston Rubicon Guitar Released!!
Tone2 Audiosoftware release Epic Pads for Rayblaster
Sound Magic Announces LuckyBean Piano 3, Hybrid Modeled Upright.
New All-Mahogany Taylor Guitars Now Available
Audio Engineering Society Welcomes New President Dr. Sean Olive
GrooveBits Releases Deep Bass House Producer
SPL Introduce Phonitor 2 - New upgraded feature sets, same price as the original!
T-Rex Effects & Guitar Center Enterprise Release New Exclusive Product: Magnus
Future Loops Releases Rennie Pilgrem - Godfather Of Breaks
BEHRINGER Ships FIREPOWER FCA1616 Audio Interface
Electronic Dance Music’s Rising Popularity Fuels Growth in DJ Product Segment at the 2014 NAMM Show
iZotope Releases Audio Repair with RX 3: Tools, Tips and Techniques
Win a Complete Composers Collection 2 from EASTWEST
The (r)evolution is Here with the Introduction of HARMAN’s dbx DriveRack® PA2 Loudspeaker Management System
Return of a Legend: HARMAN’s DigiTech Announces the Rebirth of DOD
Detunized releases Around Bridges Library (Live Pack & Universal WAV)
XILS-lab updates Chor’X Bucket Brigade Delay Chorus plug-in
ALLEN & HEATH launches Xone:23 DJ mixer
NewerTech's lightweight cases for new iPads protect and look great
Future Loops Releases Hot RNB Vocals
Korg Announces the KR mini Rhythm Machine
TASCAM ANNOUNCES UH-7000 Standalone Mic Preamp/USB Audio Interface
Majestic Percussion announce the Prophonic 14x5 snare
MicW launches iGoMic™ at NAMM 2014
Announcing Deep Woods Custom Guitars by Michael Chapman
Prime Loops Release 'Essential Studio Drums' and 'Dubstep Conspiracy' Sample Packs
Ashdown Engineering Announces Rootmaster Range
Raw Cutz Sample Label is Launched - From the Guys Behind Equipped Music and Loopmasters
Bigrock Engineering Introduces STOP-IT!™
Future Loops Releases Chillstep Elements
Bose Now Shipping RoomMatch Utility RMU208 Small-Format Loudspeaker
Music Marketing announce the re-launch of the Farfisa keyboard brand
Shure Opens 3rd Annual "Get the Gig" Internship Competition
API Takes the 500 Series lunchbox® to a New Level
JZ Microphones announces - HH1 dynamic microphone
Multitrack Drums for Reason: Martin Werner Drumsessions Refill
Hal Leonard and Worship Musician Present The Worship Drum Book
Nady Releases BandFuse Video Game
Plugin Alliance Announces Availability of Elysia Museq Plug-in and Four New Bundles
Liquid Drum & Bass: The MIDI Sessions Vol 2
Toontrack announces new metal oriented EZdrummer expansion
Taylor Expands the 500 Series with First Edition All-Mahogany Guitars
SPL Car Vitalizer iPhone App
SampleMoog and Inter-App Audio now in SampleTank for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Producerloops.Com Releases "Future Pop Vol4" Sample Pack
Dean Markley Releases New Guitar Strings
Sound Magic Release Bamboo Dreams Bawu Version 1.1
Electro-Harmonix Introduces the Next Step Pedalboard Cradle for their Next Step Effects Pedal Line
Fishman TriplePlay® Software Update Adds New Features & Enhancements
Switchblade 8F Released
Universal Audio Releases API Vision Channel Strip for UAD Powered Plug-ins Platform
Producerloops.com releases "SUNNY LAX: MODERN TRANCE VOL 2" sample pack
MultitrackStudio for iPad gets Inter-App Audio support
ADJ Announces A New Era In Wash Lighting
Tom Doyle Completes Les Paul's Final Project: TRU-CLONES PAF Humbucker Pickups
Railhammer Launches Gnarly 90 Pickup
Hal Leonard Publishes The History of Marshall - The First Fifty Years
Bootleg Cuts Vol.2
Native Instruments announces MASCHINE STUDIO and MASCHINE 2.0 Software
Popular ADJ Effects Re-Invented With 6-Color LED Technology
Sonor Announces Sunset Beech Kit
Mackie's Master Fader App 2.0 NOW AVAILABLE
V-Picks Releases the New Ed King Model Guitar Pick
iZotope Announces Nectar® 2
Zynaptiq Releases PITCHMAP 1.5.0, Adding Cross-Platform Support & Side-Grade Pricing
Pyle Audio brings High Power Speakers together with flashing Disco Lights
IK Multimedia Announces iRig BlueBoard Wireless MIDI Pedalboard is Now Shipping
FabFilter releases FabFilter Pro-MB multiband dynamics plug-in
Slicksquare, a new Switzerland-based audio plug-ins developer, launches with SVF-42 analog state variable filter emulation.
BEHRINGER ULTRAGAIN ADA8200 ADAT Audio Interface Now in Stores
Detunized releases the 4 Pianos Live Pack Bundle
Epiphone October Giveaway Ltd. Ed. Brendon Small "Thunderhorse" Explorer Outfit
JZ Microphones announces their channel strip JZ Track
OWC Adds USB 3.0 ‘SuperSpeed’ To Its Multi-Interface Mercury Elite Pro Qx2 Hardware RAID Data Storage and Backup Solution
Worship Musician Presents The Worship Guitar Book
EASTWEST Releases Complete Composers Collection 2 Professional
Hal Leonard Publishes The Power in Cakewalk SONAR
Prime Loops Release 'Zombie Trap' Sample Pack
LickLibrary Releases Jam With Stuart Bull
Godlyke releases TWA GD-02 Great Divide Analog Synth Octave pedal
Sound Magic Releases Guitar Pack Volume 2 for Neo EQ, special designed EQ presets for Guitars
Waldorf Announces Availability of Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer
CHAUVET DJ Creates "Horror, Baby" to Showcase Halloween Gear
Mackie Launches New MRmk3 Studio Monitors
Arturia Makes Massive Analogue Splash with Miniature MicroBrute
Lehle Releases the Julian Parametric Booster
Ashdown Engineering USA Announces Free Carry Bag Offer
Aphex Now Shipping the New "Microphone X" USB Microphone with Analog Processing
BackBeat Books Publishes Guitar Effects Pedals, The Practical Handbook
Twisted Tools Releases METAMORPH
Peavey Electronics® Releases PVM™ 44 and PVM™ 50 Microphones
Peavey Electronics Announces Stan Lee Autographed Guitar Giveaway
Spaun Drum Company introduces their new Jazz Series
Seymour Duncan Releases The Dirty Deed Distortion Pedal
Guitar Center and Slate Media Technology Announce the New RAVEN MTi Touchscreen Console
Acymtek Cybals Offers Three New Vented Splashes
Rob Papen provides knock-out virtual instrument update with Punch 1.0.4
Yamaha and Quincy Jones’ Playground Sessions Team Up to Increase Access to Piano Education In the Home
Positive Grid releases ToneCloud
Future Loops Releases Arcadia - 8 Bits Invasion 2
T-Rex Effects & Guitar Center Enterprise Release New Exclusive Pedal: “Fat Shuga”
Eventide Releases PowerFactor 2
Legendary Guitar Maker Dean Zelinsky Debuts New E-Commerce Signature Brand
Native Instruments Launches HIGH-OCTANE HOLIDAYS Giveaway
Precisionsound Releases MBira Bva Zimbabwe for Kontakt & EXS24
Sonuus announce Voluum — an analogue volume effects pedal like no other!
Effects Makers Unite for Pedals With a Cause
Fairfield Circuitry Presents The Accountant
RME starts shipping of new QuadMic II
TEDx Releases Paul Reed Smith’s TEDxMidAtlantic Talk to YouTube
Cort Guitars Unveils 20th Anniversary Artisan Bass Series
ADJ’s Jelly Cosmos Ball Updates Classic Rotating Ball Effect
Aristides Unveils Seven String Guitar Made of Arium
HARMAN’s Crown Now Shipping Its High-Power DriveCore Install Series Amplifiers
Native Instruments Introduces LAZER DICE Expansion for MASCHINE
Introducing Snowchime, a sound app for iPhone and iPad
Sonnox Announces Compatibility With Avid AAX for Pro Tools 11
Rock Licks For Absolute Beginners – New From LickLibrary
Primacoustic Broadway 1" Broadband Acoustic Panels
Worland Guitars Introduces its New Affordable Prairie Model Acoustic Guitar
112dB announces 64-bit version of Redline Equalizer & Preamp and celebrates with 50% off
Majik Box releases the Bipolar Fuzz
Epiphone’s 140th Anniversary a Focal Point at Summer NAMM
Lace® Pickups Releases Dually T Plus™ Humbucker Series
Nate Wood Gets Dangerous on Mixes & Masters
LickLibrary Launch 51 Hybrid Picking Licks You Must Learn
NDS-7 - Marc Poppcke - Melodic, Deep & Tech House Sample Pack Released
Tech 21’s VT Bass DI SansAmp Character Series Now Shipping
DiMarzio Releases Titan™ Pickups for Jake Bowen
IK Multimedia announces iLoud, the first wireless portable speaker designed for musicians, is now available
HARMAN’s DigiTech Introduces Its Element XP and Element Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals
K-Sounds Releases Organimation for Yamaha MOXF and MOX
EHX East River Drive Press Release
ADJ's Tiny Micro Image RGB Astounds The Eye
IK Multimedia releases Dr. Z, Fulltone and Z.Vex boutique gear in AmpliTube Custom Shop
Audio Injection ­ Techno Tools, House Acapellas Vol. 2 and Don Goliath
Native Instruments introduces KINETIC METAL
VOX Unveils Night Train G2 Amplifiers
Waves Audio Releases AAX Native Support
NuForce Introduces the uDAC-3, its 3rd generation High-Resolution USB Digital Audio Converter (DAC)
MusicFirst Announces ComposeFirst Music Competition
New LynTec Control System Simplifies Emergency Lighting Solutions
Mooer Pedal Yellow Comp Optical Compressor
SABIAN Announces Limited Edition Graphic Cymbals
EASTWEST Releases 25th Anniversary Collection
New Mackie VLZ4 Series Mixers Now Include Proven Performance of Onyx™ Preamps
Asterope and Fishman sponsored the 4th annual Nashville Recording Workshop + Expo 2013
MuTools Releases MuLab & MUX Vst 5.2
Waves Audio Introduces MultiRack Version 9.5
Tech 21’s Blonde Deluxe SansAmp Character Series Now Shipping
IK Multimedia Announces iRig PRO, the "All in One" Universal Audio/MIDI Interface
Hal Leonard publishes Power Tools for Ableton Live 9
Native Instruments introduces DRUM LAB
CHAUVET DJ Wedge Tri — A Perfect Fit To Warm Truss Kits
Korg Announces the Pandora Stomp Multi-Effect/Tuner Pedal
Soundtrack Loops Releases Spanish Guitar Royalty Free Loops and Samples
Future Loops Releases Stickybuds - Funk, Breaks & Bass
New Mic Boom Stand From Strukture
KromeCity.com Releases Korg Krome Step by Step Learning Guide
Seymour Duncan Unleashes The Black Winter
Devilcat Amplifiers Introduces “Jean” Series at Summer NAMM
Muse Research Announces RECEPTOR 2 Software Update
Elektron releases Utility Kicks Sound pack for the Octatrack
Radial introduces the USB-Pro high-resolution stereo direct box
V-Picks Releases the New Bullseye
Budda® Amplification AS Preceptor™ Alex Skolnick Signature Amplifier Now Shipping
Native Instruments introduces TRAKTOR DJ CABLE
Budda® Amplification Bully™ Amplifier Head Shipping Now
The Firefly Pick is More Than Halfway to Their Crowdfunding Goal
BASSMAXX Launches New SSP215 Profundo Subwoofer
Shure VP83 & VP83F LensHopper Now Shipping
iZotope Announce RX 3
Korg Announces Pa900 Arranger Keyboard
Line 6 releases Variax HD Upgrade and Workbench HD Software
Ampeg Expands Popular Classic Series with Two New SVT Cabinet Designs
EASTWEST Announces SSL/EW FX Suite for PLAY4
Yamaha CGX102 Nylon String Guitar Offers Playability, Top Build Quality
Sunsine Audio is pleased to announce the release of evanave - 128 new presets for Waldorf Nave
Epiphone Introduces New Summer Contest
Major updates to HALion and HALion Sonic released
Allen & Heath Adds ICE-16D to Range
Marshall Hanwell Limited Heritage Colourways Now Avaialble
LACE® Pickups Introduces Bill Kelliher’s Dissonant Aggressor™ Guitar Pickup Series
PlugInGuru.com Introduces MegaMacho Drums Sample Library For Kontakt 5
Lace® Supplies Gibson® with Bill Kelliher,“Golden Axe” Explorer® pickups
TASCAM ANNOUNCES TH-2000 Professional-Grade Headphones
Future Loops Releases Mainroom Electro House Sessions
Acon Digital Verberate – New Plug-in for Realistic Simulation of Acoustical Spaces
Expanded Yamaha HS Series Studio Monitors Provide Exceptional Accuracy
Karma-Lab releases major updates to Korg-related KARMA Software
JBL Professional PRX700 Series Redefines Premium Performance for Portable PA Loudspeakers
Peavey Announces Walking Dead Themed Guitars and Accessories
Griffin Technology Steps Up Offerings for Mobile Musicians
Sample Logic announces IMPAKT
Kemper Amps Release Major Update for the Acclaimed Profiler
Mackie Extends SRM™ Line with Addition of Pro-Grade, 1600W High-Definition Loudspeakers
Sonor Announces “Martini”
Impact Soundworks Releases Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano
Korg Kronos Volume #7 – Wave Machine - New Sounds For The Kronos HD-1 Sound Engine
PRS Guitars Introduces the P22 Trem
Prime Loops Release '8-Bitstep' and 'Greatest Drum Hits - Hip Hop' Sample Packs
PreSonus Studio One 2.6 Adds Groundbreaking Integration Features
IObit Uninstaller 3 released
Berklee Press Presents The Self-Promoting Musician
Melodyne Integrated Seamlessly into Sonar X3
Cort Guitars Announces Sunset NY
Toontrack releases new bass guitar expansion for EZmix 2
Option Knob Inc. Introduces VKnob
Zero-G release Epica with introductory discount
Phoenix Audio Announces Nicerizer Junior Summing Mixer
Yamaha DGX-650 Portable Digital Grand: Classic, Acoustic Touch and Tone
PRS Signature Artist, Carlos Santana to Receive the Kennedy Center Honors Award
LickLibrary Launch Easy Blues Fusion Guitar Tuition DVD
Voxengo LF Max Punch 1.5 Bass Enhancer Plugin Released
Netherworld II Available for Download
BEHRINGER X32 COMPACT Digital Live/Recording Mixer Now Available
Native Instruments Introduces RESONANT BLAZE Expansion for MASCHINE 2.0
Fender, Gibson, Martin and Guitar Center Introduce the New Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Series
New from Dean: The Dave Mustaine VMNT Double Neck
PreSonus Announces StudioLive AI-Series Digital Mixers with Active Integration
Complete Sonnox Elite AAX Collection Available Immediately
Roland Systems Group Introduces All-In-One VR-3EX AV Mixer
The Recording Academy® Nashville Chapter and Producers & Engineers Wing® Presented "Lost In Transaction," a Compelling Look into the Business and Economics of Record Production
Chauvet DJ SlimPAR HEX 3 IRC Brings 6-IN-1 LED Technology to the SlimPAR Series
Cinesamples is proud to release: CineStrings CORE!
New Limited Edition Instruments Specially Made for Experience PRS 2013 Event
123creative.com Releases New Music Products: BigQ - Envelope Follower and XL Cream Fuzz - Virtual Analog Guitar Pedal
Arturia announces amazing 50% discount offer on V Collection 3.0
Radial Updates SW8 Back Tracking Switcher
Guitar Center To Open New Serato-Branded In-Store Digital Music Experience In Brooklyn, NY
Sound Magic Releases China Story Erhu Version 1.2
Future Loops Releases Dirty South Playaz
MI Audio Limited Edition Cross Over Drive Now Shipping
Sound Magic Releases “Nautilus” All purposed extension pack for Neo DynaMaster
AmpliTube now iOS 7 and Inter-App Audio compatible
IsoAcoustics Now Shipping the New ISO-L8R200SUB Acoustic Isolation Stands for Subwoofers
BEHRINGER Delivers New PMP Powered Mixer Series
MultitrackStudio 7.5 released with iPad remote
Sonic Reality Releases "Nick Mason Drums" Sample Library for BFD
Tek'it Audio releases Syntik-DR drum synthesizer plug-in
RØDE Announces the i16 Surround Sound Microphone for Apple iOS Devices
Sonivox Announces Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0
Denon Professional's Broadcast-Quality DN-501C CD/Media Player Now Available
Melodyne update for Mavericks
Fingerpushers releases "Analog Stabs - Bright & Dirty" sample pack
Indy Custom releases new Lap Steel
ABYSS - Deep Atmosphering Sounds & Soundscapes
Loopmasters announces new releases
Effectrode Launches a New Model 'Blackbird' Tube Preamp Pedal
Hal Leonard Publishes Inventing the American Guitar
Positive Grid Debuts JamUp Plug HD
Hal Leonard Publishes Down the Rhodes: the Fender Rhodes Story
VOX Presents March Madness Giveaway
Soulsby Synthesizers - Atmegatron goes on sale today!
Epiphone Announces March Giveaway
Native Instruments Launches DYNAMIC DUO Sales Special
Three New Pedals from Fredric Effects, UK
Tasmodia releases DIVA ATTRACTOR soundset
Drumfire ships DHB6500 Drum Hardware Bag w/Trolley
Tone2 Audiosoftware release Arpmania expansion for Nemesis
Epiphone Announces Musikmesse 2014 Preview
Native Instruments Launches TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 limited-time 'Spring Breaks' special
UVI offers iLok USB smart key... for free!
NUGEN Audio Launches Stereopack
CEntrance Debuts MixerFace Recording Interface at NAB
Cort Unveils New Earth 300V and 300VF for 2014
Future Loops Releases Total Producer 4
Eurolite with new premium line
Applied Acoustics Systems – AAX Native updates
Tonewood Products Introduces iPhone® Cases Made From Premium Guitar Tonewoods
Record Plant Recording Studios Names Jeff Barnes Studio Manager
New Interactive Jensentone.com Website
Grover Pro® Introduces Bronze Hammered Light Triangles
Prime Loops Release 'Drumstep Revolt' Sample Pack
PRS Guitars Introduces David Grissom Signature Amplifiers and Cabinet
PRS Guitars Introduces the P22 Trem: An Electric and Acoustic Guitar in One Tremolo-Equipped Package
Sonnet's Echo Express Pro Thunderbolt-to-PCIe Expansion Chassis Receives ProSoundNetwork Best of Show Award at 2013 NAMM Show
Mad Professor Announces the New “1” Pedal
iZotope Releases New Nectar Elements
HARMAN’s AKG B48 L Battery Power Supply Offers More Than 20 Hours Of Condenser Mic Performance
Shure Introduces BLX Wireless, GLX-D Wireless Systems for Voice and Guitar
Empress Effects Announces Release of Nebulus and the Heavy Guitar Pedals
Hal Leonard Publishes The Worship Vocal Book
VOX Announces "Try a DelayLab, Get a Pitchclip" Promotion
IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R130 Isolation-Enhancing Stands Now Shipping
Line 6 Announces Relay V75-SC Super-Cardioid Microphone/Transmitter
Eventide Announces the H9 Harmonizer
Garrigus.com Announces SONAR X2 Power! - The Comprehensive Guide
BOSS Introduces RC-505 Loop Station
T-Rex Introduces Fuel Tank Goliath Power Supply & Alberta II Dual Overdrive
LACE Pickups Releases New “Man O’ War” Bass Series
Roland Introduces BK-9 Backing Keyboard
Yamaha DTX502 Series Electronic Drum Sets Sound and Play Better Thanks to Laser Technology
Future Loops Releases South of Trap
Genelec Debuts New M Series Active Monitors for Project Studios at Pro Light + Sound 2013
Yamaha POCKETRAK PR7, Now Shipping, Captures the Moment with High-Quality Recording Capabilities
Hosa Technology Debuts PWL-400 Series Power Extension Cords
On-Stage Stands Debuts its First-Ever Column Keyboard Stand
Fargen Amplification Introduces the Third and Final John Lennon Guitar Amplifier
Roland Introduces FR-8X and FR8XB V-Accordions
Perimeter Sound Releases 'Kunundrum 3'
Introducing the Amptweaker FatRock Distortion and TightMetal Pro Pedals
Future Loops Releases Latin Jazz Guitars
Neyrinck's V-Control Pro 1.7 Includes Major DAW and Video Edit Control Updates
Soundcells announces Analog Signature v4 - five vintage beasts for the Reason Rack!
Amptweaker Introduces BigRock Pro at NAMM
CAD Audio Debuts 1600 Series UHF Wireless System
Gibson Guitar Announces Agreement to Make Strategic Investment in TEAC
Producerloops.com Releases "Ambient Metal Constructions Vol 4" Sample Pack
The Grand Orchestra Debuts in the All-Koa K28e
Source Audio Releases the Boldly Anti-Retro SoundBlox 2 Line of Effects
Korg Announces The PitchHawk Clip-on Tuner
Electronisounds releases GLITCH STEP TEK Sample library
Peavey Electronics® Introduces DW Acoustic Guitar Series
MI AUDIO DIY Dual Drive Kits Now Shipping!
Behringer Introduces the Europort iP40PRO
Line 6 Updates Best-Selling POD HD500 Multi-Effects Processor with New POD HD500X
K-Sounds Releases Organimation for Korg Krome
Radial Engineering Product Announcements for NAMM 2013
Yamaha Monitor Headphones Made for Modern Recording Now Shipping
CAD Expands Popular New Sessions Headphones With Custom Colors
Yamaha Expands the MGP Series Lineup of Premium Analog Mixers
ASG Amps Launches “Hybris” All-Tube Amplifier at Winter NAMM
JamUp Pro XT 2.4 Adds Signature Sounds From Metal Masters
Yamaha Expands the MGP Series Lineup of Premium Analog Mixers
Future Loops Releases Da Fresh - Tech House Drum Hits Edition
New Pultec Passive EQ and Millennia NSEQ-2 Plug-Ins Collection for UAD-2 and Apollo
Pete Moss presents Deep House Roots
Elysia Expands Rack Series with Xfilter True Stereo EQ
Zoom Launches H6 Handy Recorder
Best Service announces Chris Hein - Chromatic Harmonica
ROLI Introduces the Seaboard GRAND, a Groundbreaking New Musical Instrument
HARMAN’s AKG K612PRO And K712PRO Reference Headphones Provide Ultimate Sound And Comfort
Orange Amplification Launches NEW Custom Shop 50
Eventide H9 Stompbox Now Shipping
Basswitch IQ DI embraced by many recording and touring bassists
Korg Unveils the Powerful, Affordable Kross Keyboard
BASSMAXX launches DiaMon DJ112
Propellerhead releases inspiring upgrades to Reason and Reason Essentials
Producerloops.com Releases "SOUNDS+MIDI: HOUSE FOR SYLENTH VOL 2"
Aphex Project Channel Is the Essential Channel Strip for Project Studios
Roland G-5A VG Stratocaster
ADJ Introduces Pixel Pulse Bar
HARMAN’s Soundcraft Offers a New Expression: Pound-for-Pound (And Dollar for Dollar), the World’s Most Advanced Audio Console
Nady Introduces New Portable Sound System
DigiTech Vocalist Live FX Effect Processor
Native Instruments introduces DISCOVERY SERIES – CUBA
BEHRINGER releases new B207MP3 Speaker System
Blue Microphones Now Shipping Nessie, Adaptive USB Microphone for Fearless Recording
Electro-Harmonix Unveils the Epitome Multi-Effect
Roland Introduces FR-8X and FR8XB V-Accordions
Editors Keys launch the Portable Vocal Booth Pro 2 Edition
Audio-Technica Supports Nashville's Pearl-Cohn High School's New Recording Program
Waves Audio Introduces Element Synthesizer
Press Release: Hal Leonard Publishes Digital Performer for Engineers & Producers
Native Instruments Introduces HELIOS RAY
Native Instruments Updates TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 and S2 DJ Systems, Now Also TRAKTOR DJ Compatible
Rock Goddess Orianthi Needs Musicians For Valentine's Day Performance
Railhammer Pickups Offers Hyper Vintage in Chrome
Lace® Releases New “Finger Burner”™ Humbucker pickups
PedalSnake’s New Power Chain Cable for Pedals
Fargen Amplification Releases the Pete Anderson Tumbleweed Guitar Effect Pedal
Fishman Launches Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller at Summer NAMM
Quilter Labs Announces The “On-Time Arrival” of the Aviator Amp Series
Art Vista's GrooveMaster - The Tony Newton Bass Libraries
HARMAN’s AKG PW45 Wireless System Band “M” Opens Frequencies To European Markets With Changes Slated For Mobile Internet Access Regulations
Line 6 Sonic Port Transforms iPod touch, iPhone and iPad into Studio-Quality Guitar System
Electro-Harmonix Reissues Rare Random Tone Generator in Nano Form
Kid Nepro Sounds V8 Analog Sensation - New Sounds For The Kronos AL-1 Sound Engine
15 Million People In The UK Want To Play A Musical Instrument
Ample Sound releases "Ample Guitar L" Classic Guitar Instrument for Win & Mac
DR Strings Presents NEON™ Hi-Def WHITE Luminescent Guitar and Bass Strings
9 Soundware Releases 1.316 Seconds Channel Strip Settings For Sculpture
Soundtrack Loops Releases Funk Guitars Royalty Free Loops and Samples
Native Instruments introduces Abbey Road 50s Drummer
Future Loops Releases Consequence - Experimental Dub
Elation Introduces Cuepix Series
Exotic Ebony and Granadillo Inspire Taylor's Spring Limited Edition Guitars
Platinum Samples: Zildjian Artist Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library
Voxengo SPAN 2.7 FFT spectrum analyzer plugin released
Casio Releases their Latest Synthesizer in Legends Collection
Cort Guitars Unveils 20th Anniversary EARTH Acoustics
Backbeat Books Publishes The Jazz Guitar Handbook
Native Instruments announces TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1
In Memoriam - Robert Zildjian
SwarPlug 3 Released - AAX, 64 Bits and More
A Reverend Six Gun 2.5 for Spring!
On-Stage Stands GS7561 5-space rack stand NOW shipping
Predator 1.6.4 released
Taylor Releases Fresh Inspiration for Fall in Figured Mahogany and Rosewood/Cedar Limited Guitars
Dunlop Manufacturing & Guitar Center Enterprise Release New Exclusive Pedal: Prime Distortion
ADJ Introduces Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R
Big Fish Audio release EPIC Kontakt instrument
GoChords2.Go - Write songs right on your Tablet!
Radial introduces the StageDirect™ muting direct box
Take a sonic trip back to the 90s with new Digital Synsations from UVI
Zvork Introduces Noxious Synthesizer
Sabian Introduces New Xs20 Models
Ty Segall Reverb Pedal
Sound Magic Releases BlueStone Piano for MAC Version 2.6
Tascam Introduces the New DR-60D DSLR Audio Recorder for Film
Native Instruments Introduces PULSWERK Expansion for MASCHINE
Spaun Scymtek Cymbals Introduces Vintage Ride and Hat
Alex Lifeson Introduces His Signature Lerxst Omega Guitar Amplifier
Korg Announces Mono/Poly for Propellerhead’s Rack Extension Plugin Format for Reason
Lâg Solid Body Electric Guitars on Display
QSC Introduces New Models in the AcousticDesign Loudspeaker Series
DPA Microphones Launches The Ultimate In Podium Microphones
Steinberg Announces WaveLab 8
Eventide announces 2016 Stereo Room and Omnipressor for AAX2, Native
Toontrack releases Basic Fills MIDI
Ultrasound Amplifiers Releases CP100 Acoustic Amplifier
Ultrasound Amplifiers Releases AG15M Acoustic Amplifier
Scarlett 18i20 is Available Worldwide
Fuchs Audio Technology Announces New Exclusive Pedal Designed for Guitar Center
European Musical Imports announces The Virtuoso Phase Shifter
Rob Papen promotes 64-bit compatibility with PT11 and Logic Pro X
PSP SpringBox an emulation of a high-end quality studio spring reverberator.
Just Released- Marshall Stanmore
Diginoiz Releases Digi Drums 2
UVI Releases Sparkverb
Native Instruments introduces iMASCHINE Artist Expansions
Stik Launches "Stik N' Pik"
Peavey VYPYR VIP Series Now Available
Blackstar Announces HT Metal Range of Guitar Amplifiers and Cabinets
Brainwavz HM9 Pro Headphones Released
Korg's New Rack-mount Tuner - Pitchblack Pro
Waldorf Advances Wavetable Synthesis to iPad with Nave
Press Release: Elation Sets New Standards with Satura Spot LED Pro
Allen & Heath Launches Qu-16 Compact Digital Mixer
Gibson Brands Debuts at Summer NAMM
Roland Announces BK-3 Backing Keyboard
Panamax®/Furman® Introduces Vertex VT-EXT Eight-Outlet Vertical Power Strip for A/V Racks
New ENGL Amp Plug-Ins for UAD Platform and Apollo, developed by Brainworx
Korg Announces the Beat Boy Drum Machine / Recorder / Tuner
Seymour Duncan Announces The Nazgûl
Future Loops Releases Urban Symphony: Orchestral Hip Hop Kits
DW and SABIAN Team Up for Limited Edition Cymbal Alloy Snare Drum
Korg Announces Volca Series of Analog Synthesizers
Propellerhead Release Thor for iPad
Arturia improves iMini app for iPad with Version 1.1 update
Future Loops Releases Future Bass Chill
VOX Offers New Limited Edition Colors for Popular AC15, AC30 and AC4 Amplifier Models
iZotope Release the Groundbreaking RX 3
Musicrow releases Analogica for NI Reaktor
Roland Announces Handsonic HPD-20 Dynamic Digital Hand Percussion for Stage and Studio
JHS Exclusive European unveiling to a host of new Fret-King Black Label guitars at Musikmesse 2013
GC Pro Announces RAVEN MTX Production Console by Slate Pro Audio Now Shipping
Outline Introduces GTO C-12 Line Source Array
Liquid Metal Guitars Announces The Silver Dollar Paisley Aluminum Guitar
DiMarzio to Release John Petrucci Illuminator™ and Illuminator 7™ Pickups
One DJ All-in-One Modular DJ Software Released
iZotope Releases Iris+7 Bundle Featuring Two New Sound Libraries
Wave Alchemy Releases Synth Drums
POCKETRAK PR7 Captures the Moment with High-Quality Recording Capabilities
Prime Loops Release 'Phantom Trap' Sample Pack
Bose® Introduces New Line of ControlSpace® ESP Engineered Sound Processors
Nord Beat 2 available - MIDI Step Sequencer for iPad
Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Marksman 5
Roland CD-2U SD/CD Recorder
Monomonster Releases True Bypass Relay Module
Soundcells has released Viking Signature (Reason ReFill)
VOX Announces MINI3 G2 Portable Modeling Amplifier
VOX Announces Tone Garage Series of Tube/Analog Pedals
American DJ Introduces New Mega TRI38 System
“Beat the Robot” and Win a Gibson Min-ETune™ Guitar
Native Instruments announces TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 MK2
UVI Brings Back ’60s and ’70s ‘Sampled’ Sound for Free with Mello
Roland Announces FP-80 and FP-50 Digital Pianos
eMedia Music Releases eMedia Singing Method Software
SM Studio: A new label from Sample Magic
Gibson to Provide Educational Workshops at Summer NAMM
Blackstar Announces Compact LT Pedal Range
Cubase Elements 7 Now Available
NuForce Introduces Audiophile-Grade Digital Audio Converter and Headphone Amplifier
Cluster Sound launches Drum Cluster for Maschine
Introducing the 8pre USB 16 x 12 Audio Interface and Optical Expander
Impact Soundworks Releases Free Trial Pack for Kontakt
PRS Guitars Introduces New S2 Series
Impact Soundworks Releases Juggernaut: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools
KOMA Elektronik releases the RH301 – Rhythm Workstation / Utility Tool
Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the Opti-Mu Prime, Tube Compressor
Allen & Heath Launches Updates XB-14 Broadcast Mixer
New Elastik Soundbank
Universal Audio Announces Flagship Apollo 16 High Resolution Audio Interface
Fishman Ships Long-Awaited TriplePlay Wireless Guitar Controller
Mooer Audio Micro DI Direct Input Box Available
"Shuffle City" Drum Loop Library Now Available
XILS-lab launches Oxium 1.5 performance soft synth plug-in update
Dubstep MIDIkit – A new MIDI loop library
Pro Tools 11 Is Here!
BearFoot FX - the Year of the Fuzz
Seymour Duncan Acoustic Woody Now Available in Walnut or Black
Impact Soundworks: Forest Frame Drums Release
EASTWEST Releases Complete Composers Collection 2
Hal Leonard Publishes The Rickenbacker Electric Bass
SFX Machine Pro for Windows (VST), 64-bit version
DR Launches NEW NEON™ Multi Color Strings and Jamstar™ Mobile Technology
Nissan Showcases the Gibson Repair Van at Summer NAMM
Blue & Presonus Tango Together
Elation Introduces Protron LED Strobe
EAW® Releases QX300 Range
AKG Debuts C111LP Earhook Mic, Discussion System CS3, and Revamped DMM6 and DMM12
Revered Guitars to Unveil Latest Updates, Models at SNAMM 2013
Gibson Acoustic- The 1934 Original Jumbo: A Classic Is Reborn
Future Loops Releases Dubstep Roots: Ambient, Dub & Bass
Small And Effective, HARMAN’s AKG C111LP Earhook Mic Improves Stage Performance
Magnetic Effects Introduces the Isotope Guitar Effects Pedal
Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Airline Jupiter PRO
Wampler Pedals Announces the Dual Fusion
Yamaha's New DTX-502 Series Electronic Drum Sets: Advanced Technology Under the Hood
Vibrance® Guitars Debut at Summer NAMM 2013
EASTWEST Announces Quantum Leap Stormdrum 3
V-Picks Unleash the Jalapeno
CEC Amplification Launches "Road Dog" Johnny Hiland Signature Amplifier
XILS-lab Launches Classic Keyboard Vocoder Emulation Plug-in
Cerwin-Vega P-Series Powered PA Speakers Make Their Summer NAMM Debut
Gibson Pure Instrument Cables Connect with Summer NAMM
Behringer Ships EUROCOM CL Loudspeaker Series
Casio Collaborates With Designers Dee & Ricky to Create Limited Edition XW-G1 Synthesizer
Native Instruments launches 'Cloud 9' – a limited time offer on MASCHINE Expansions
JoeCo releases JoeCoRemote
V-Picks Releases the New Mummy
Future Loops Releases MC Darrison - Vocal Sampler
Nady Introduces the Handheld WLPA-35 Portable PA
Epiphone Launches Design YOur Own Coronet Contest
V-Picks Releases the New EXTREME
IK Multimedia Introduces Loop Drummer: A Personal Drummer Inside the AmpliTube App for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
Johnny Dwyer Inspires "Thee Fuzz Warr Overload," Custom Pedal For Death By Audio
Expanded Yamaha HS Series Studio Monitors Provide Exceptional Accuracy
Cort Guitars Issues Limited Editions Featuring Artwork of Stephen Jensen
Sunsine Audio Introduces Snowflake 2
Universal Audio Ships Flagship Apollo 16 Audio Interface & New Apollo Software
Radial introduces the PreMax™ combination preamp and EQ channel strip
Gretsch® Continues 130th Anniversary Celebration with Limited Run Six-Piece Drum Set
Guitar Center Announces the Opening of 250th Store
Roland Introduces F-20 Digital Piano
DigiTech® Introduces the iPB-10 – the World’s First Programmable Pedalboard Using the iPad®
Native Instruments Introduces KAOZ THEORY Expansion for iMASCHINE
Nucleus SoundLab Releases DataBank Three Patchset for NI Massive
Harman Professional Ships HiQnet Audio Architect™ Version 1.0
Hal Leonard Publishes Pitch Correction Software Now!
Prism Sound Launches Two Low Cost Versions of SADiE 6
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Future Dubstep Vol 1" Sample Pack
'Deep House Tools' and 'EDM Essentials: Dubstep' Sample Packs
Behringer U-PHORIA USB Interfaces with MIDAS Preamps
Audio-Technica Introduces ATH-M50RD Limited-Edition Red Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
HARMAN’s Studer Showcases Smaller Vista 1 Console
BEHRINGER Releases Eurolive B207MP3 Monitor
Radial introduces the Tossover™ Variable Frequency Divider
Cort Guitars Releases EVL-X7 Guitar
Arturia Announces Pro Tools 11 Compatibility with AAX Updater
Elation’s Zeus Media Server Provides Smart Video Solution for Live Productions, Concerts, Theaters, TV, Clubs and Churches
BEHRINGER Introduces New ADA8200
Osiamo Releases New Mooer Micro Effect Pedals
IK Multimedia Releases iLectric Piano for iPad
Propellerhead reveals Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2
Native Instruments Releases TRAKTOR DJ App Exclusively for iPad
Blue Cat Audio Updates Blue Cat's DP Meter Pro to v4.01
Futurelight EYE-7
Sound Magic Releases Neo Reverb, Revolutionary Hybrid Algorithm and Convolution Reverb
Introducing Novation Bass Station II
Hal Leonard publishes Studio One for Engineers and Producers
Auralex Now Shipping Next-Generation SubDude-HT Subwoofer Isolator
Auralex Now Shipping Studiofoam T Acoustic Absorption Panels
Voxengo GlissEQ 3.7 dynamic equalizer plugin released
Tech 21’s Private Stock Division Introduces Blonde Deluxe
Universal Audio Announces Softube Amp Room Plug-ins for UAD Platform & Apollo Audio Interface
Vigier 2013 New Products
Roland RD-64 Digital Piano
Roland TD-4KP V-Drums Portable
Fostex New 2-Way Powered Studio Monitors in 3 Color Styles
Brand New Patches for Omnisphere: EDM - Ignition
ADAM Audio Targets Wide User Base With New F Series Monitors
Aguilar Announces "Soapbar"-Shape Bass Pickups
Fret-King® guitars is delighted to announce its newest Black Label artist model, designed in cooperation with UK blues legend John Verity.
Voxengo SPAN 2.5 FFT Spectrum Analyzer Plugin Released
T-Rex Introduces Next Generation of Overdrive and Bass Chorus Pedals
Garritan goes back to its roots with Harps
Korg MicroKorg XL+ Now Available
ASSAULT - Hybrid Transitions & Sound Design
ADAM Ships New F Series Monitors
IK Multimedia Updates SampleTank App for iPhone 5
Tracktion Has a New Home
Auralex Now Shipping ProPAD and ProPAD XL Monitor Isolators
Propellerhead Releases Soul School 2 ReFill Library
Rob Papen RP-Distort RE Reason Rack Extension
Mr. Brightside – Futurelight DMH-150
Novation Launchpad for iPad is Out Now
AER Introduces the 3rd Generation Compact 60 Amp
3RD POWER Announces Two Updated British Voiced Dream Solo Amplifiers
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Liquid Drum & Bass: The MIDI Sessions Vol 1" Sample Pack
Tech 21’s Boost DLA Undergoes Makeover and Several Updates
Tech 21’s Private Stock Division Offers Formula 21 to Select Few
ESI Release MAYA44 USB+ – a Powerful, yet Affordable USB Audio Solution
Tech 21’s SansAmp PSA Rackmount Pre-Amp Turns 20
Port City Amps - Orleans Bass Preamp
RainSong introduces the Parlor Guitar
Premier Piano Course: Technique Book 4 Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Yamaha Expands Arius Line of Digital Pianos
New at Musikmesse 2013: Nektar Makes Impact With a New 49 Note USB Keyboard
Universal Audio Announces Softube Amp Room Plug-Ins for UAD Platform & Apollo Audio Interface
Rode Announces SmartLav Lavalier Microphone for iOS Devices
On-Stage Stands introduces the MS7201QTR Round-Base Quarter Turn
Aphex Introduces HeadPod 4
Peavey Announces Instrument and Accessory Line Featuring DC Comics Super Heroes
Rob Papen Presents Two Limited-edition Soft Synth Bundles
Electro-Harmonix Introduces 8 step Program, Expression/CV Control Sequencer
Universal Audio Announces Softube Amp Room Plug-ins For UAD Platform & Apollo Audio Interface
CHAUVET DJ Introduces BEAMbar and BEAMshot
Precisionsound releases Gospel Drawbars
Roland Unveils Free Jupiter Synth Legends Collection
Propellerhead brings vintage flavor to the Reason rack with Rotor
Introducing COLBY Amps, a New Boutique Guitar Amplifier Line
RME to Deliver Thunderbolt™ I/O Connectivity for Its Pro Audio Solutions Via Sonnet's Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis
Native Instruments Announces KOMPLETE 9 and KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE
New Releases from Mapex
360 MEDIA Expands Horizons with SSL AWS 948 Hybrid Console/Controller
Free Guitar Loops from Pettinhouse.com
Radial Engineering introduces the StageBug SB-5 Sidewinder Laptop Direct Box
Elysia expands 500 Series with xfilter 500 true stereo EQ
American DJ’s NAMM ’13 Offerings Bring More Mobility to Hot Lighting Trends
IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube Orange
Legendary "San Francisco Sound" Artists Convene for AES Convention
Audio-Technica Unveils AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser Microphone
CHAUVET DJ OBEY™ 4 D-FI 2.4 Puts Wireless DMX Control at your Fingertips
Grammy-Winning Engineer F. Reid Shippen Uses Dangerous Music Hardware
Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the Rectified Leveler
IK Multimedia Ships Its First Android App: iRig Recorder Now Available on Google Play
Peavey Escort 3000 Portable Sound Reinforcement Systems Now Shipping
Electro-Harmonix Expands the Next Step Effects Line with the Addition of Volume, Pan and Expression Pedals
Lava Cable, LLC Introduces the Lava 229 Plug
ADJ's Mega Bar RGBA Adds Flexibility to Washing With Amber LEDs
Keeley Electronics Introduces Red Dirt Overdrive
New Breedlove Premier Series Mandolins
Divoom Ships New Bluetune-Solo -- Blutooth Speaker with Daisy Chain Capability for Virtural Surround Sound at a Low Price
Avantone Pro Introduces New “Hybrid” BV12 Tube Mic
Drums Toolbox EZmix Pack from Toontrack Music
IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix Anniversary Collection
Seymour Duncan Announces Worldwide Launch of Whole Lotta Humbucker
ThaLoops Introduces Ethnic Voices 1 Library
HARMAN’s CrownAudio Introduces USBX at NAMM 2013, Enhancing Control and Monitoring Through Wireless Connectivity of Amplifiers
Rode Announces Rycote Collaboration and Releases All New Videomic
Waldorf Rocket: Pocket sized ultrasonic flight vehicle
Chauvet DJ Flaunts New Products at MBLV17
Breedlove Announces New Passport Series Instruments
Korg USA Sponsors Second Season of Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter
Radial Engineering introduces the StageBug SB-2 Passive for Bass and Keyboards
Audio-Technica Mourns the Loss of Legendary Producer/Engineer/Visionary Phil Ramone
New Version of Powertracks Pro Audio 2013 for Windows
Art Vista releases Art Vista Back Beat Bass
Future Loops Releases Progressive Trance Vocals
Evidence Audio Introduces the SIS (Screw In Solderless) Plug
The Music Sales Group Launches Its New Digital Education Division
American Audio to Unveil New Active Speaker and Amplifier Series at NAMM 2013
Avid Adds Remote I/O Functionality to VENUE Mix Rack
Guitar Center Opens New Store in Chico, CA
ADJ Products releasesPixel Tube 360
Introducing Hybrid Two's Project ALPHA - a powerful new hybrid cinematic sound design library for Kontakt
Railhammer Pickups Launches Anvil Model
Waves Audio Teams with Abbey Road Studios to Offer REDD Console Plugins
Future Loops Releases Boom Bap Dark Kits
HARMAN’s AKG B48 L Battery Power Supply Offers More Than 20 Hours Of Condenser Mic Performance
Electro-Harmonix Introduces the 45000 Multi-Track Looping Recorder
Sonnox Releases AAX Version of Oxford Dynamics Plug-In
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Chillout MIDI Pad Chord Progressions'
Alfred Music Publishing Releases 2nd Editions of the Beginning, Intermediate, and Mastering Rock Guitar Methods
Tech 21 Expands VT Bass Series with 2 New Formats
Arturia ships SPARK EDM and EDM Expansion Pack
VOX Announces MINI5 Rhythm Portable Modeling Amplifier
Music Goes Social with Video Recording Tool from Jammit
Native Instruments releases TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1
Acoustica 6 with Multitrack Editing and new Audio Restoration Tools
K-Sounds Releases Classical Nylon Guitar for Korg Kronos and Kronos X
GC Pro Offers Neve Genesys Console with New EQ Option
IK Multimedia iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit Now Shipping
Pyle’s Latest Turntable Offers Retro Style Combined with Modern Technology
Dangerous Music Returns To The Grammys
Waves Audio IR-Live Now Available
Zero-G release Avanna – the first English female vocalist for the new Vocaloid 3
Nine Volt Audio announces The Ultimate REX & RMX 30,000, a collection of 28 loop libraries covering pop, hard rock, cinematic, electronic, world, heavy metal, funk, soul and blues music.
iZotope Expands Trash 2 Offerings with New Classic Textures Pack
Future Loops is proud to present Headbangers - Metal Guitars, an epic collection of Heavy Metal Guitar loops
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Symphonic Series Vol 5: Epic Action 2" Sample Pack
Sound Magic Releases Neo Multi Dynamic, Multi Bands Dynamic Processing Unit
eMedia Music to Expand the Guitar Lab DVD Series with Three New Titles for June 2013:
Fargen Amplification Introduces Second John Lennon Signature Guitar Amplifier
Steve Stevens and Knaggs Guitars announce Signature Model
Hal Leonard Publishes Power Tools for Pro Tools 10
musicMath Touch for iPhone and iPad updated to 2.0
Triple Play: Three New Models Join Yamaha THR Guitar Amp Family
Haywire Custom Guitars of Myrtle Beach Offers a Guitar with Special Design Modification that Combines Some of the Best Elements of a Stratocaster® and a Telecaster®.
Radial Engineering introduces the StageBug SB-4 Piezo
Two Old Hippies Appoints Rosetti LTD as Exclusive UK Distributor for Breedlove Guitars and Mandolins
Sound Magic Releases The One Version 1.2, Multi Purpose Effects Unit
Auralex Now Shipping HoverMat Isolation Platform
3RD POWER Now Shipping New British Dream Version Featuring, “Orange Glow”
Rotosound Extend Guitar String Range With New 8 String Set
Aviom Introduces the New A360 Personal Mixer at NAMM 2013
Future Loops Releases Hip Hop Guitars
Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the Lightning Boy, Tube Drive Pedal
Effectrode Launches the Blackbird Vacuum Tube Preamp Pedal
KORG and SoundCloud Team Up for Master iPolysix Remix Contest
Catalinbread Pareidolia Harmonic Mesmerizer Released
PreSonus Announces PRM1 Precision Reference Microphone
Grundorf Introduces New ABS Series Amp Racks
Washburn Guitars is Proud to Bring Back the P4
IK Announces AmpliTube® iRig™
Fishman Begins Worldwide Distribution of Asterope Cables
HARMAN’s JBL Introduces Commercial Series Mixers Application-Engineered For Retail, Hospitality, Conferencing Installations
HARMAN’s DigiTech® Introduces GreenEdge™ Energy Efficient Power Supplies for Its Pedals
10 Soundware Releases Mixer Feedback model B K Kontakt Instruments
Kenton adds ‘MIDI USB Host’ to their range of unique studio solutions
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Sounds+MIDI: House for Sylenth"
American Audio Introduces German-engineered SenSeries Speakers
Mdecks Releases Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro for iPad
Four Striking New Bubinga Beauties Join the Vintage Bass Stable
Five New Sound Libraries for the Motif XS & Motif XF From Kid Nepro
Audio-Technica Introduces Es963 Three-Element Multidirectional Boundary Microphone
Producerloops.com Releases "Future Pop Vol 2" Sample Pack
Steve Stevens Roland V-Guitar Experience
EAW Introduces SB2001 Subwoofer
Le Lotus Bleu Releases PandemOxium, a Collection of 270 Presets for Xils-Lab OXIUM Virtual Synthesizer
K-Sounds Releases Signature Piano for Korg Kronos, Kronos X, and OASYS
Orange Amps Launches Tornado Victims Fund-raising ‘Music Aid for Joplin’ Auction
Roland Introduces TD-4KP V-Drums Portable
Elation Unveils Its Smallest, Fastest Moving Head LED Ever - the Rayzor Q7
DigiTech’s Dirty Robot Synth Pedal for the iStomp Offers Sub-Harmonic and Filter Synthesis
Keyboard Magazine Presents Casio's Privia PX-350 with Key Buy Award
Korg USA Charitable Auction of Autographed Korg M50 Keyboards in Limited Edition Colors to Benefit MusiCares and the VH1 Save the Music Foundation
Nektar Panorama P6 – 61-Note USB MIDI Controller for Reason
Universal Audio Announces Windows 7 Support for 64-Bit UAD Plug-Ins, UAD-2 Satellite, and Apollo Audio Interface
Carl Martin "Single-Channel" PlexiTone and AC-Tone Pedals
Kurzweil Launches Free PC3K Sound Download Library
Focusrite iTrack Solo Brings Quality Recording To iPad
TC Electronic & Guitar Center Enterprise Release the Arena Reverb Pedal
Electro-Harmonix Releases the Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi
"Shredding the Blues" Released by Alfred Music Publishing
KORG Delivers MP-10 PRO Professional Media Player at New Low Price
IsoAcoustics Showcases their Patented Acoustic Isolation Stands All Around NAMM 2013
Free SPL Plug-in with Every Hardware Unit Bought in January
Quilter MicroPro 200 Guitar Amplifier Produces Classic Tone in a Small, Lightweight Package
Producerloops.com Releases "Subtractive Drum & Bass Vol. 3" Sample Pack
Future Loops Releases Mosh - Punk Drums
Detunized Releases "Guitar" Live Pack
Dave Smith and Ikutaro Kakehashi Receive 2013 Technical Grammy Award for the Development of MIDI
Sound Magic Releases Orchestral Strings One Enhanced Version for Windows as a Christmas/New Year Gift to All Users
iriver Launches Astell&Kern AK100 MQS High-Definition Portable Audio System
Radial introduces the SixPack 500 Series Power Rack
Apogee Announces MiC/JAM Compatibility with iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad (4th Gen.) and iPod Touch (5th Gen.)
Zynaptiq Releases UNVEIL Version 1.5 With Support for VST, RTAS & AAX Native on MacOS X and Windows
Waves Audio Engine Now Available As In-App Purchase For Musicsoft Arts iPad Apps
Sound Magic Releases Neo Imager, a Hybrid Stereo Enhancer and Imager
HARMAN’s AKG Continues 65-Year Anniversary Celebration with Limited Edition Classic C451 Mics and K702 Headphones
Fuchs Audio Technology Announces Addition of New Amplifier to Mantis Line
American DJ Adds Mega TRI64 Profile To Lineup Of “Sit-Flat” Tri-Color RGB Uplights
Release Your Inner DJ, Learn to Play: The Yamaha PSR-E433 Lets You "Sculpt Your Sound"
Best Service Releases Engine 2.1 with Full 64-bit Cross-Platform Support
Future Loops Dubstep Warriorz
American DJ’s Inno Color Beam LED’s High-Output, Compact Intense Beam Effect Will Take Light Shows to Next Level
Triple-D5 Digital Drum Kit by Acorn Instruments Shipping Now
Empress Effects Announces the Buffer and Buffer+
Lava Cable Introduces Lava Power Tube 6-Channel Pedalboard Snake
The Scuderia Ferrari Collection Adds Noise-Cancelling Headphones to Line Up
I-MEGO Delivers Form-Fitting Comfort with ZTONE In-Ear Monitor Earphones
Future Retro Announces the New db Mastering Processor
WOK Releases UNCLE SAM Extended Analog Synth Module
Lynx Studio Technology Leverages MIDAS AES50 Protocol
Haywire Custom Guitars Offers Original Recessed Hell Crest Option - Free of Charge
Wave Alchemy Releases Transistor Revolution for Kontakt Player – The Authentic Sound of the 808/909
Guitar Center Opens New Store On Boston's Massachusetts Ave.
American DJ Introduces New 2-in-1 Duo Station
Eastwood Guitars Release the Airline Bobkat
Phoenix Audio is Pleased to Announce the DRS-8 Mk2
Ueberschall "Chillout Zone" Sound Library
Get Connected with the Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano
Hal Leonard Ships The Ultimate Live Sound Operator’s Handbook
Portable UR22 audio interface unveiled
Yamaha Releases New Synth Arp & Drum Pad App for iPad and Motif
Korg Unveils the Pa600/Pa600QT Professional Arranger
KOMA Elektronik Releases the SVF-201 Analogue State Variable Filter
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Future of Pop Vol. 3" Sample Pack
iConnectivity Announces iConnectMIDI2+
Spacemen 3 And Darkside Member Rosco Returns... New Album Due Soon, Taster Single Available for Review
PreSonus Updates Studio One Pro to Version 2.5
Future Loops Releases Complextro Evolution
Nord Electro 4 SW73 Keyboard
New Ampeg PF-800 Bass Head Offers High-Power Portaflex Series Solution
Peavey Triple XXX II Amplifier Wins Guitar World Platinum Award
Waves Audio Teams with Abbey Road Studios to Unveil REDD Console Plugins
Tek'it Audio Updates DubSiren Synthesizer Plug-In to v1.5
Blackstar Announces the Gus G. BLACKFIRE 200
Stanton Releases Version 4.0 Firmware Update for the Groundbreaking SCS.4DJ
Mackie Updates Master Fader App for DL1608
SABAM and Google Sign Innovative Digital Licensing Agreement for Music
KVR: Orchestral Strings One by Sound Magic
Kemper Profiling Amplifier Software Version 1.5 Featuring CabDriver
Rob Papen Book + DVD "The Secrets of Subtractive Synthesis"
All Solid Koa Versions of Yamaha’s Award-Winning A-Series Guitars Represent an Incredible Value
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Beginning Method Book Series for Adults
Obedia and Cakewalk Launch Joint Promotion
XILS-lab launches major Le Masque: Delay plug-in update
Kong Audio QIN engine and Chinee Orchestra Update
Twisted Tools Holiday Gift - Sounds of S-Layer
Auralex Now Shipping Carl Tatz Signature Series
Notion Music Releases Notion 4.0 Music Notation Software
FatLoud Releases "Lil' Dope: Organ Vol.1"
Roland Unveils V-Guitar Twin Pedals
Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the “Bolt Bender” Tube EQ
HARMAN’s DigiTech Teams Up With Adrian Belew to Bring You The Impossible Pedal for the iStomp
Tone2 Audiosoftware Release Futuron Expansion for Rayblaster
Sound Devices Unveils New 4:4:4 Feature for PIX 240 and 240i
Yamaha Adds Updates, Expands Song Titles for Innovative Notestar App for iPad
Stylishly Affordable: Yamaha Launches Popular b1 Acoustic Upright Piano
American DJ Combines LED Moonflowers with Galaxian Laser to Create Unique Galaxian Gem LED 2-In-1 Effect
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Future Progressive Hous VOL 2" Sample Pack
Audio-Technica Expands Sponsorship Role for the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus
Sound Magic Releases Orchestral Strings One VST Version for MAC and Concert Strings Preset
American DJ Unveils New High-Output Mega Go Bar50 and Mega Go Par64 With RGB LED Color-Mixing
New MX Music Synthesizers Bridge the Gap Between Hardware and Software
Railhammer Pickups Launches Chisel - Bridge Model
G-Sonique Releases Two New Progressive Guitar Effects
Producerloops.com Releases "Underground Trance Vol 1" Sample Pack
Precisionsound releases Ukrainian Bandura for Kontakt & EXS24
Tanglewood Guitars Company UK to Introduce Several New Products at Winter NAMM 2013
Lowell Introduces UL Listed Sound Masking Speakers
Yamaha Rolls Out New DTX400 Series Electronic Drum Sets
Twisted Tools Updates S-LAYER
Plug & Mix Launches Version 3.0 with 14 New Plug-ins and AAX
Wicked Audio: Solus
Thaloops Releases Piano Shots 1
Mackie Delivers Next Level of PA Innovation and Technology with DL/DLM PA System
Yamaha Kicks Off 125th Year Anniversary With Engaging Sweepstakes
Chauvet DJ Introduces New Freedom Fixtures and Outdoor-Rated Gear at NAMM 2013
Cerwin-Vega!® introduces its new P-Series professional PA system
Yamaha Returns to Its Roots With the New GC Lineup of Nylon String Guitars
Hal Leonard Publishes Less Noise, More Soul
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Future Chill: MIDI'
Radial introduces the StageBug SB-1 active phantom powered DI
Toontrack Metal Month Is Back
Wave Alchemy Announces "Transistor Revolution" Kontakt Player Instrument
Chauvet DJ Delights NAMM Attendees with New Gear
Soundtrack Loops Announces Fresh Mood
Audio-Technica Unveils AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser Microphone
Korg Announces Pitchblack Portable Polyphonic Guitar and Bass Tuner
Daring Audio Debuts the Laser Cannon HD at NAMM 2013
Blackstar HT-5R & HT-1R Amplifiers Available in Limited Edition Arctic White
Producerloops.com Releases "Future Progressive Basslines Vol 1" Sample Pack
Your Guitar Tone On Your iPhone: AmpliTube® for iPhone Now Available
SparkliteLED™ Drape Alights A Star Field Of Dreams
Roland Announces Digital Pianos: RP301, RP301R, F-120 & LX-15
Introducing the Magma Digital DJ Switchbox V2
Allen & Heath Launches OneMix Personal Monitoring iPad App for iLive
Native Instruments Launches Holiday Giveaway
V-Picks Releases the new Storyteller
GrooveMaker® Chris Domingo House App Now Available from the iTunes Store
Genelec Introduces New Smart Active Monitor™ (SAM™) Concept
On-Stage Cases expands its Polyfoam line
Inspiration Comes In A Flash: New Motif Xf Expands The Capabilities Of The Leading Music Workstation
TuneCore Announces Lowest Album Distribution Price Industry Wide
Chauvet to Introduce Nearly 30 New Products at Winter NAMM
Applied Acoustics Systems Releases Lounge Lizard EP-4 for Mac OS X and Windows
Fargen Amplification Announces the John Lennon Signature Line of Guitar Amplifiers and Effect Pedals
NuForce Launches Its Monitor-Class Over-the-Ear Headphones
New Worship Piano Songbooks Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Backbeat Books Publishes "Jimi Hendrix: Musician"
discoDSP Corona R4.7 Is Now Available
Pianoteq Releases Neupert Clavichord Add-On
Sample Magic Announces "Classic Tracks" Book - the Real Stories Behind 68 Seminal Recordings
Radial introduces the ChainDrive 1x4 Distro and Line Driver
Hal Leonard Publishes "Welcome to the Jungle"
GC Pro Keeps Morehouse College at the Cutting Edge of Sound
Soundtrack Loops "Tokyo Downtempo" Collection
Sound Magic Releases Supreme Drums, Hybrid Modeled Drum Kits
Loopport: The Free Musician's Resource for Quality Sounds, Loops, and Samples
Sound Devices Announces Warranty Extension
Elation Event Cylinder Lighting Column for Events, Stage, DJs
Ueberschall "Reggae Fundamentals 2" Sound Library
Sunsine Audio Releases Generation Pack for PPG Wavegenerator
IK Multimedia AmpliTube® iRig™ Now Shipping
PowerFX Release BroStep for Bass/Dubstep Music
Create Music in Minutes With the SessionBand App
Diginoiz "Radio Vocal Kits 1" Sound Library
Sounds And Effects: "The Resonant Drop" for Kontakt
New "Moon" 2-Channel Microphone Preamp Ships at AES 2012
Blue Cat Audio Releases Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi 2.0
Q-Sys Offers Acoustic Echo Cancellation as a Standard Feature
Free v2.1 Firmware Update for POD HD500, POD HD Pro and POD HD Multi-effects Now Available
Community Expands Distributed Design Family with DA6
IK Multimedia Releases “Mixing and Mastering with T-RackS -The Official Guide”
Guitar Center Opens New North Portland, Oregon, Store
Avid Opens up New Workflows for Live Sound with VENUE MADI Option Card
EAW® Introduces New KF and KFNT Series Loudspeakers
Introducing the All-New Fleabass Street Bass
Fender® Introduces Roger Waters Precision Bass® Guitar
Annie Raines Releases Interactive Video Software "Blues Harmonica Blueprint" on TrueFire
ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials Now Shipping PLUS New EXP Downloads
Diginoiz "BigRoom Midi Riffs"
Fortin Amplification Releases the NATAS Tube Guitar Amplifier
Cleartone Strings Introduces Buddy Holly Tribute Set
Arturia Announces ‘Next Generation’ Analog Classic Software
Sound Devices' New 664 Production Mixer Makes Pro Audio Debut at AES 2012
Soundcraft Vi1 – Smaller, Lower Priced, but Still With Vistonicstm, Lexicon FX, BSS EQs, and that Sound Quality
Peavey IPR 1600 DSP & IPR 3000 DSP Power Amplifiers Feature Built-In Waves MAXXBASS Processing & More
Waves Audio WLM Loudness Meter Now Shipping
Waves Audio Teams with Eddie Kramer for New Tape, Tubes & Transistors Bundle
GC Pro Helps the James Burton Foundation Enrich Kids’ Lives with Music
The Recording King RD-10: The Best All-Solid Guitar Value Available!
Band-in-a-Box 2012, RealBand 2012 and 101 New RealTracks for Windows
Musicrow Reveals SuperPan, and Updates Golden Ensembles for Reaktor to v3.09
Berklee Opens Recording/Teaching Studio Complex at New Valencia International Campus
American DJ’s Ultra-Bright 2-Foot (.6 Meter) Mega TRI 60 Linear Fixture
Atlas Stands Unveils Newest Amp Stand
Guitar Center Continues to Expand as It Opens New Store in Salem, Oregon
American DJ Unveils 2 Portable, White LED-Powered Strobes
Award-Winning V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Crowdsourced Headphones Now Shipping
Arturia Releases Wurlitzer EP 200A Electric Piano Software Emulation
Taylor Guitars Seeks Stories from Players and Fans
Future Loops Releases Total Producer 3
JBL Professional Introduces PRX600 Series Portable Powered Loudspeakers
Genelec 8260A Tri-Amplified DSP Active Monitoring System Helps Seattle’s Fullsound Recording Take It Up Another Notch
IK Multimedia T-RackS Announces 3 Classic EQ & Metering Suite Offer
Shure Accepting Entries in 2nd Annual "Get the Gig" Internship Competition
Fender® Releases New Blacktop™ Series Guitars
Warwick Releases RockBass Alien Standard and Deluxe Acoustic Basses
Mapex Drum Company Announces Meridian Black – The Raven Limited Edition
EAW® Exhibits SB2001 Subwoofer
Realsamples Releases German Celesta
Aguilar AG 4P/J-HC Precision®/Jazz® Bass Pickup Set
Loopmasters Releases Atjazz Deep & Analogue
Furman Shipping E SmartSequencer Power Management Solution
Alfred’s Basic Mandolin Method 1 Released by Alfred Music Publishing
MakeMusic Releases New Garritan “Classic Pipe Organs” Sound Library
DoReMIR Launches Major Update for ScoreCleaner Music Notation Software
New APX High Power Amplifiers from Alto Professional Now Shipping
Introducing the VHT Special 12/20RT
Hal Leonard Publishes Modern Guitar Rigs
Eastwood Guitars Release the Airline Espanada
PreSonus Virtual StudioLive™ and FireStudio™ Win 7 and Snow Leopard Drivers Ship!
Guitar Center Opens New Ocala, Florida Store
Eastwood Guitars Introduces the new Warren Ellis Signature Tenor Guitar
Empirical Labs Releases Feature Packed DocDerr module
EdgeSounds Studio Grand Sound Sample Library Released
Keep Your Korg SV-1 Stage Piano Safe and Secure in Gator Case's Ultimate ATA Keyboard Case
New American DJ Products to be Introduced at Summer NAMM 2011
BC Audio To Offer Ammo Can Guitar Amps In Three Styles
Line 6 Ships StageScape M20d, the World’s First Smart Mixing System for Live Sound
Allen & Heath To Exhibit New Recording Mixer and iLive Hardware at PLASA
Create Your Own Mashups with Mixed In Key Mashup 1.5
PRS Guitars’ Coveted 59/09 and 53/10 Pickups Now Available for Sale
Molten MIDI 5, New Whammy 5 Controller by Molten Voltage
Jackson® Introduces new JS Series Models
Denon DJ is Now Shipping the DN-MC6000 Professional Digital Mixer & Controller
MIDAS Announces Competitive Pricing for PRO3, PRO6 and PRO9 Live Audio Systems
Numark Shipping Flagship CDN-88 PRO Dual-CD Player
Van Halen: A Different Kind of Truth Guitar TAB Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
New Bose L1 Model 1S Portable Line Array System and Bose B2 Bass Module Offer a Unique Combination of Portability and Performance
The Free Guitar Pickup Tone Database - Now With Tone Comparison Rankings
Loopmasters Present DubFX, Dirty Dutch House And More
Korg Introduces iPolysix App For iPad
DJ2GO Micro Controller by Numark Now Available for DJs Worldwide
Tone2 Audiosoftware release ElectraX 1.2 update
Samplemodeling Ships "Ms. Sax S.," The Soprano Sax
Mark Needham EZmix Pack
Guitar Tech Picks
UVI Releases Version 1.5 of Electrobeats by David Guetta
Sonoma Wire Works Launches Free Update to the GuitarTone iOS Amp and Effects App
Liine Announces New Features for Lemur on iOS, Including In-App Editor and New Skins
Sound Radix Announces Pi - Phase Interactions Mixer Plug-in for Mac & PC
PreSonus Forms Customer Satisfaction Group
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Its Sacred Performer Series with New Piano Collections
CAD Celebrates 10th Anniversary of GXL Series With New Mics & Studio Packs
Wampler Pedals Releases "Brent Mason Signature Hot Wired V2" Overdrive and Distortion 2-in-1 Pedal
Audix Introduces New Podium Mics: MG Series Goosenecks with RF Immunity
Guitar Center Opens New Danbury, Connecticut Store
Join The Club: Steve Jordan Helps Design New Club Custom Drum Sets
Kinsman Guitar and Bass Amplifiers
A2IM Applauds The MUSIC Act
Signs of Spring: Cocobolo, Koa and Exotic GS Mini Limited Editions Arrive
Alesis Upgrades DM10 Studio Kit with New Rack, Same Price
Jet City Amplification Announces the Jettenuator
HC Confidential: Issue 168
Shure Introduces Special Edition Super 55 Microphone
GC Pro Opens New State-of-the-Art Recording/Listening Space at Hollywood Location
Musician’s Friend Launches Private Reserve Special Issue
"Metal Month" at Toontrack
Antelope Audio Announces World’s First 32 Channel AD/DA Converter and Audio Master Clock in a 1U Rack Box
HARMAN’s DigiTech Redefines Looping Possibilities with Introduction of JamMan Solo XT
Cerwin-Vega! Introduces XD3 Powered Desktop Speakers
SSI Upgrades Audio Monitoring to 7.1 with Genelec 8260A and 8250A Active Monitors and 7271A Sub
Turbosound powers Southard Audio into large venues
Gretsch Renown Expands Purewood Offering with African Wenge
HARMAN’s DigiTech Introduces Its HardWire V-10 Power Block Pedal Power Supply
Alfred’s On the Beaten Path: Beginning Drumset Course, Complete and On the Beaten Path: Jazz Now Available
Guitar Center Opens New College Station, Texas, Store
FabFilter Updates All Plug-Ins with Graphics Acceleration
Mapex Drums Announces Eleven City Drum Clinic Tour with Lamb of God's Chris Adler
Lighter, Stronger Yamaha Hex Rack II
Radial Introduces the PZ-DI Orchestral Acoustic Direct Box
TONE2 Audiosoftware Releases Rayblaster Software Synthesizer
Eastwood Guitars Introduces the New Sidejack VI
Pearl Launches Project 108
IK Multimedia Releases iGrand Piano for iPad
Steinberg Announces Free 5.5 Update for Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5
Propellerhead Releases Ryan Greene Alt Drums ReFills for Reason
MG Mixer Line Steps Up: Yamaha Introduces the MGP16X and MGP12X
American DJ Unveils Compact 3-Lb. Mega QA Par38 Uplighting Fixture with Quad-Color RGBA Mixing, Low-Profile Sit-Flat Design
Lightweight Alto Professional Active Speakers Now Available For Musicians and Live Sound Engineers
Audix Stands the Test of Time: TM1 Designed to Capture Acoustic Measurements
Free Remote App for Vienna Instruments PRO
Roland Introduces Duo-Capture EX
PRS Guitars’ Official Magazine Goes Digital
American DJ Introduces 4 Low-Profile Professional LED Pars
Mastering Engineers Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta Get Dangerous on Foo Fighters Grammy Winning Release
Korg Offers Seven New Sound Libraries for Kronos Music Workstation
Roland Introduces New CUBE-XL Bass Amplifiers
Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Airline Bighorn Guitar
New "Dangerous Source" Monitor Controller Announced at NAMM
Band-in-a-Box 2012 and 101 New RealTracks for Mac
Roland Introduces VT-12 Vocal Trainer
RoGame ScaleMaster 3.0 for Mac OS X Released
XILS-lab Updates its Matrix-Based Modular Synthesizer XILS 3 to Version 1.5.3 (and 1.0.83 for the Limited Edition)
Majik Box Unveils the Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe Custom
Kemper Amps Release New Amp Profiles and FX
Sonnet Announces Echo Express II Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis for PCI Express Cards
Genz Benz Introduces New NX2 Series Bass Cabinets
Now Shipping: VOX AC4C1BL Guitar Amplifier
Peavey Session Guitar Wins Guitar Player Editors' Pick Award
Free Recording Classes Every Saturday at 10am. Every Guitar Center
2013 Tempe Guitar Show
DiMarzio to Release Ionizer 8 Pickups for 8-String Guitars
Line 6 Ships StageSource L3t, the World’s Most Versatile High-powered Loudspeaker for Musicians
Vox Announces Amphones - Headphones with Built-in Amplug Guitar and Bass Amplifiers
Ueberschall Releases Guitar Ballads Library Music – Volume 1
Sound Magic Release Free Piano One for MAC Version 1.2
iZotope Announces Insight: Essential Metering Suite
Guitar Center Opens New Braintree, Massachusetts Store
Fortin Amplification Releases The MEATHEAD 6-channel MIDI Tube Guitar Amp
Namba Gear Announces New Product Catalog
Ableton Announces Live 9 and Push
Aperion Audio Releases the Intimus 4T Summit Wireless Home Theater Speaker System
Automatic Guitar Power Chords for Kontakt from Pettinhouse
Waves Audio V9 (Version 9) Plugins Now Available
TECnology Hall of Fame Honors Over a Century of Historic Achievements
TC Electronic & Guitar Center Enterprise Release the GRAVY Pedal
Genelec Introduces New Smart Active Monitor (SAM) Concept
Advanced Pro Gear Releases the MIDI Bridge 120 "No Jitter" MIDI Recording Interface
Peavey Power Slide Wins Guitar Player Editors' Pick Award
Roland Systems Group Introduces 8-Channel Recorder and Mixer
Authentic Touch, Elegant Form: Yamaha NU1 Hybrid Piano Offers Realistic Upright Action
Cerwin-Vega! Unveils P-Series
Audio-Technica Launches Flagship 50 Series with New AT5040 Cardioid Condenser Vocal Microphone
Electro-Voice Presents the ZX1-Sub
Waves and AudioFanzine Present CLA Song Competition
Zero-G Urban Definition Now Available at SoundsOnline.com
Hohner Announces Shipment of Vamonos
The Verb Deluxe – Reverb Pedal Kit from MOD Kits DIY
Detunized Releases All Digitals Library for Ableton Live
ADAM Audio Targets Wide User Base with New F Series Monitors
Berklee Creates A Comprehensive Resource Detailing Salary Ranges for Careers Across the Music Industry
Wampler Pedals Releases "Tweed '57" Overdrive and Tone-Shaping Pedal
Waves Audio Unveils Live Console Functionality for Version 9 Plugins
DiGiCo Introduces Simple MADI Connectivity with UB MADI
Bourgeois Guitars Announces Aged Tone Series
Milbert Amplifiers Introduces the GAGA D-30 Tube Guitar Amplifier
Millennia’s HV-37, Because Not Everyone Wants a Lunch Box
FatLoud Releases 'Hip Hop King 6' - 5 Modern Hip Hop Construction Kits
CAD MH510 Headphones Offer Studio Performance And Consumer Style
Sound Magic Neo Distortion Plug-In
Impact Soundworks Releases “Shreddage 2: Absolute Electric Guitar” Sample Library
'Dangerous Source' Monitor Controller Released
Millertone Announces SYNDR Synare PS-3 Multi-Sample Library for Ableton Live
Moog Announces Release of "Analog Delay," First Delay Designed Exclusively for the 500 Series Pro Audio Format
PRS Guitars’ Exclusive Collection Series IV Instruments by Private Stock Now Available
Eastwood Guitars Introduces the “Hi-Flyer Phase 4” Series
SuperMegaUltraGroovy and toastycode Announce TapeDeck 1.5
Future Loops Releases Vox Dance 03
American DJ's Next-Generation X-Move LED Plus R Adds 30% More Power Plus Rotating Gobos To Revolutionary LED Moving Head
New DiGiCo SD9 Rack Pack Offers Affordable, High-Performance, Road-Ready System
VOX Announces Apache Series Travel Guitars
Mapex Drum Company Announces 9 City Matt Halpern Clinic Tour
Headstrong Amps Releases 3 Amps as Part of Its Custom Shop Limited Edition Series
FatLoud's Label Dope Loops releases 'Dope 808' Drums Library
Doepfer Announces Dark Energy II Analog Synthesizer
Neyrinck's V-Control Pro iPad App Now Controls Media Composer, Adobe Audition and Digital Performer
Eastwood Guitars Introduces the New Airline ’59 1P
V-Picks Releases the New Sapphire Blue Switchblade
DLS Effects introducing the New TR1 Stereo Tremolo Effect
Rob Papen Blade 1.0.1 Update
Pyle All-in-One Beginner Electric Guitar Package Encourages Everyone to Channel Their Inner Rock Star
Tanglewood Introduces Premier Series All-Mahogany Guitars
The Ultimate Guitar Chord & Scale Bible Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Delora rsTouch: First iPad Controller App Optimized for Reason
American DJ's New Spherion TRI LED is Not Your Mother's Mirrorball!
Yamaha Disklavier RemoteLive Defies Musical Time and Space
Two New Quad-Color LED PARs from Chauvet DJ
Peavey ReValver Amp Modeling Software Now Bundled with Addictive Drums
IK Multimedia Updates VocaLive, the Professional Vocal Processing App for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad
H3000 Factory Ultra-Harmonizer Native Plug-In Ships
Roland Releases Mobile BA Stereo Amplifier
Holophone's Radically Different Line of Vocal and Instrumental Mics
Enter the “Dream Rig for Your Dream Gig” Sweepstakes
PRS Introduces a New Voice for the Electric Guitar: The 408 Maple Top and 408 Standard
New G&L Tribute Series S-500 Delivers Latter-Day-Leo Tone
Fargen Amplification Introduces the Micro Plex Amp
GuitarStorage.com Carousel Deluxe Multi-Guitar Stand
BOSS Announces VE-5 Vocal Performer
Sheet Music Direct for iPad Version 1.1 Loaded with New Features
Agile Partners Launches AmpKit for Mac Users
Mapex Drum Company Announces MPX Hammered Steel Snare Drums
Native Instruments Introduces Action Strings
Hal Leonard Publishes "Behind the Boards"
Native Instruments Releases Improved VINTAGE COMPRESSORS and TRANSIENT MASTER plug-ins
MOTU Now Shipping Digital Performer 8
KORG Exhibits microKEY Family of USB Powered Controllers
Sound Magic Releases China Story Erhu, A Chinese Erhu Sample Library/Virtual Instrument
Aguilar(R) Amplification Announces The Sl 410 Bass Cabinet
Roland Introduces A-88 and A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controllers
Guitar Center Announces New Boston Store Location, Coming Fall 2012
Mackie Unveils the New Shape of Sound
G&L Tribute Series Line Gets New ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow Models
iZotope Announces Trash 2, a Cult Classic Reborn
Waves Audio Releases InPhase Plugin
Sony's New Affordable DWZ Series Takes Digital Wireless Technology to New Levels
Producerloops.com Releases "Future Progressive House Vol. 1" Sample Pack
Hayden Introduces High Five 5W All-Tube Combo
Alcons Audio Introduces the QR24 Line-Source Array Column
"Slap Bass In Six Weeks" from LickLibrary
G&L Introduces the ASAT Classic Alnico
The Propellerhead Holiday Countdown
The New LED509 Clip-On LED Stage/Orchestra Pit Light from On-Stage Gear
Cort Guitars Announces Their New SFX Series Guitars
American DJ's New X-Move LED 25R
Guitar Center Opens New San Mateo, Calif. Store
Takamine Introduces New Hand-Crafted Pro Series 3 Models
Universal Audio Announces Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Plug-In
'Simaudio' Launches Pro Audio "Moon" Branded Hardware Division
Billy Mohler Gets Dangerous with D-Box
Nady Introduces New Portable Line Array P.A.
Armor Gold Cables Release Amp to Cabinet Cables for Guitar and Bass
Audio-Technica Unveils New System 10 Digital Wireless System
Guitar Center Opens New Store in Coconut Creek, Florida
Guitar Center Opens New Store in Midlothian, Virginia
Amptweaker Bass TightFuzz Pedal
Introducing RackMagnet for Ableton Live 9
Waves Audio Unveils Bass Rider
Guitar Center Opens New Store in Pasadena, Texas
The Huge Book of Classical Guitar Solos in TAB Collection Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Waves Audio Introduces H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer
VOX DelayLab Delay Pedal Now Available
BG Pups Pickups Electrifies the Acoustic World with New Mandolin and Acoustic Guitar Pickups
IK Multimedia Announces iRig STOMP: First Stompbox-style Guitar and Bass Interface for iPhone/iPad
IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube 2.5 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Yamaha FGX700SC: Solid Sitka Spruce Top Acoustic-Electric at a Nice Price
Zero-G Releases Maximum Force: Imaging Elements for Film and Games Producers
Guitar Center Opens New Fayetteville, North Carolina, Store
Guitar Center Opens Portsmouth, New Hampshire Store
123creative.com and G-Sonique Release Albino3 Psytrance Preset Bank
Eric Smith, Founder/President of Auralex Acoustics, Shares His Knowledge Through Lectures and Speaking Engagements Nationwide
Platinum Samples Real Latin Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library
Bose Expands RoomMatch Array Module Loudspeakers with Five New Coverage Patterns
Producer Pack "Deep Tech Elements"
Free v2.0 Firmware Update Turns DT25/DT50 into a Boutique Tube Amp Factory
Yamaha Releases MGP Editor iOS APP
NUGEN Audio's ISL True-Peak Limiter Now Available in Avid® AAX Format
Kreative Sound Patches for Reason
Sound Magic Releases Exp Piano Presets for Piano One and Tone Color Presets for Orchestral Strings One, also Updates Orchestral Strings One
Fender Jaguar Guitar Survives & Thrives; Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Radial Introduces the Powerhouse 10 Channel Power Rack
Waves Audio Releases NLS Non-Linear Summing Plugin
Orange Amplification Launch New Website
New Godin Multiac Encore Nylon
JoeCo Ships New BlackBox BBR64-Dante Recorder
Recording King Updates Madison Line with 2 New Banjos
Toca Percussion Introduces Freestyle Colorsound Line of Djembes
Native Instruments Introduces Abbey Road Vintage Drummer
HC Confidential #178: Fender Won't Go Public, M-Audio Goes to inMusic, Welcome 7-Inch Tablets, Summer NAMM 2012 Coverage
Visit the New PreSonus Web Site!
Native Instruments announces a New Generation of Maschine
Propellerhead Expands the Sonic Universe of the Reason Rack with PX7
Blackstar Amplification Expands Revolutionary ID: Series
Cubedge Introduces New White Color Option for Edge.sound
Aphex Expands 500 Series with New Modules
Line 6 Ships StageSource L3m High-performance Digitally Networkable PA System
Softube Saturation Knob - Free to Presonus Studio One 2 Users
Aviom Announces Two New Updates for Pro64 System
AxeTrak Introduces Quick & Easy Way to Test and Sample Guitar Pickups on your Electric Guitar
Mad Professor Effects & Guitar Center Enterprise Release Exclusive Pedal: Golden Cello
Veillette Guitars debuts Flyer Electric-Acoustic Bass
Korg Offers TM50 Combo Tuner Metronome
Eastwood Guitars Teams up with Sailor Jerry on the Airline ’59 Coronado
JamUp Pro XT Raises the Bar for iOS Amp-And-Effects Apps
Grundorf Announces Tour 8 Series Snake Racks
Peavey BTS 2.2 Bluetooth Speaker Now Available
Karma-Lab Releases New Sounds for the Korg Kronos and OASYS
FatLoud's Label Def Space Releases 'Commercial Beats' - 5 House Construction Kits
MPC-Samples.com "Timmy Rickard Presents: Dirty Drum Breaks Vol 1"
Korg Displays Pitchblack Poly Pedal Tuner
Behringer Shipping S16 Digital Snake
Beta Monkey Music Releases "Double Bass Mania VI: Doom Metal Triplets of Doom"
Behringer Releases AX Control Software
Virtuasonic Announces Sinori Studio Sample Library
Soundcells WaveDrummin v2 Electronic Percussion for the Reason Rack
New Active Loudspeakers from Behringer Incorporate Wireless Mic Technology
123creative.com Releases G-Sonique Electric Kingdom
Vox Announces StompLab Multi-Effect Pedal Series
American DJ Battery-Powered Jelly Go Par64 2-in-1 RGB Effect
Platinum Samples Real Reggae Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library
Fohhn Ships New Focus Modular Series Line Array Systems
TC Electronic & Guitar Center Enterprise Release Transition Delay Pedal
Narada Michael Walden: Out of Time, Vol. 1 DVD Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Chaubet DJ Intimidator Beam LED 350
BOSS Announces GT-100 Amp Effects Processor
Make Some Slow Songs with Toontrack's "Ballads MIDI"
Half Guitar, Half Ukulele, All Fun
Roland Announces Mobile AC Acoustic Chorus Amp
Highly Anticipated Led Zeppelin Guitar Method Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Tek'it Audio Updates Genobazz Bass Synthesizer Plug-in to 2.3
Arturia Updates SPARK Creative Drum Machine to v1.5
Acclaimed Yamaha A-Series Will Be Available in Vintage Burst Color
Hal Leonard Publishes "The Ultimate Church Sound Operator's Handbook"
Argosy Console Introduces the AURA Sit-Stand Workstation Line
Delora gbTouch iPad Controller App for Garageband Adds Performance Mode Featire
Peavey AT-200 Guitar Featuring Auto-Tune by Antares Available Now
Universal Audio Announces New UAD-2 Hardware and UAD Powered Plug-In Software Bundles
New T-RackS Custom Shop Available from IK Multimedia
Music Computing Updates World’s Most Powerful Keyboard Production Station
Announcing the PRS SE Clint Lowery Signature Model Electric Guitar
TransAudio Group Introduces Daking Comp 500
Studio Devil releases Virtual Tube Preamp Plug-In for VST, AU, and RTAS
Fender & Focal to Collaborate, Where the Spirit of Rock-and-Roll Meets the Spirit of Sound
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Uplifting Trance MIDI Arpeggios'
Nady Introduces New Portable Line Array PA with Powered Subwoofer
The Century Project: 100 Years of American Music From Behind the Drums (1865-1965)
MK Digital Keys - Retro Keyboard Sampleset Released
Swar Studio v 2.0 Released
MPC-Samples.com Releases “The Dirty Drummer MPC Finger Drumming Kit”
Universal Audio Ships Thunderbolt Option Card for Apollo Audio Interface
A New Video from PRS Guitars
Chauvet DJ Geyser RGB Fog Machine/Wash Light
Lace® Introduces 5.0 Aluma X-Bar™ and Deathbar™ ERG Models
Rico Gives the Gift of Music with the Help of Hundreds of Musicians and a Major Music Retailer
DigiTech Now Shipping iStomp with 10 Downloadable e-pedals and Updated Stomp Shop App
Neil Young’s Memoir "Waging Heavy Peace" Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
GC Pro Unveils Newly Redesigned Website
QSC Introduces the New AcousticPerformance Line of Loudspeakers
More Power To You: Yamaha Introduces DSR Series Active Loudspeakers
Lava Cable, LLC Introduces Fountain Microphone Cable
Gear4music Brings Professional XM Electronic Drums to the UK Market
Shure and Guitar Center Studios Give Musicians Room(s) to Rock
Argosy Console Introduces the New Mirage for NUAGE
Loopmasters Present Lynx, Grid Machine 3, New Label - Noisefactory and More!
HARMAN’s AKG Revamped D12 VR Bass Microphone Encompasses Vintage D12 Performance, Style and Quality with North America Debut
"North by South" Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Ueberschall Announces Drum & Bass Lounge
Plugin Alliance Tops Avid AAX Pack Plug-In Count and Announces Updates
Pyle Audio Drums up Partnership with Award-Winning Publisher to Create First Drums For Dummies Kits
JHS Distributes Iconic Stylophone Pocket Synthesizer Worldwide
Group One & DiGiCo Announce Assistance Program to Help Houses of Worship Affected by Hurricane Sandy
AIW25 In-Wall Loudspeaker, AIC25 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker, And AOW312 On-Wall Loudspeaker Systems
New Version of The Total Shred Guitarist with Instructional DVD Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Arturia announces SPARK DubStep
Marshall Unveils Valvestate 2000 AVT Series Amplifiers
Tone2 Audio Software and DNR Collaborative Announce Wave Designer/RayBlaster/ElectraX Crossgrade
ARTURIA Announces the Release of Analog Experience THE FACTORY
Keyboardist Ed Roth Joins the QSC K for Musicians Family
Sound Magic Releases Orchestral Strings One Version 1.1, Free Hybrid Modeled String Orchestral Instrument!
FabFilter Releases Bug-Fix Update
EAW's JFL210 Compact Constant Curvature Line Array and Compatible JFL118 Subwoofer Now Available
StageLitePro Announces a New Line of Personal Stage Lighting
PRS Guitars Offers New and Limited Edition Maryland-made Instruments at ‘Experience PRS’ 2011 Event
Voxengo AcuDrums Drum Sample Library Update
Future Loops Drumming Bundle 2
Lacuna Acoustic Art Introduces Advanced Solution to Enhance Onstage Performance and the Appearance of Acoustic Guitar Instruments
Apogee Releases Carrying Case for MiC and Accessories
"Belwin Contest Winners Piano Solo Books 1–4" Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Fingerpushers Releases "Butch Techno Percussion" Sounds for FXpansion Geist
Numark iDJ Pro- DJ with AirPlay and iPad
Sound Radix Announces the Release of Auto-Align RTAS and VST for Windows and Mac OS X
Auralex Now Shipping ProPAD Monitor Isolation Pad
T-Rex Introduces New Delay, Reverb, Tremolo, and Distortion Pedals
Hal Leonard Books "The Power in Digital Performer"
No Dough Samples Announces Daniel Solar - House, Disco 'n Deep
Brainworx Announces bx_stereomaker – Wide & Tight!
Allen & Heath Launches New AES Option for iLive Series
Sound Magic Release Imperial Grand Convertible Version 2.7, a modeled Bösendorfer 290SE
Electro-Voice launches the ZX1-Sub
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Modern MIDI Piano Melodies 3' Sample Pack
iZotope Releases Trash 2
Puremagnetik Releases Skatik for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic
K-Sounds Announces Organimation for Kronos, Kronos X, and OASYS
New Kronos Sounds - Dark Energy For MS-20 & Polysix Synth Engines
Ultimate Support Debuts the Apex AX-48 Pro in Silver
Sibelius 7: Music Notation Essentials Instructional Resource Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
The GrooveStore Is Live!
PRS Guitars’ Exclusive Collection Series II Instruments by Private Stock Now Available
Behringer ProZone Tour Launches in North America
SM Pro Audio VU800 Passive Meter Bridge
Propellerhead Reveals New Rack Extension for Reason
Karma-Lab Releases KARMA Motif Software for the Yamaha Motif XS and XF
Positive Grid Releases 3 State-of-the-Art Music Utility Apps
Musicrow Releases Golden Ensembles 3, an Exclusive Collection of 44 Cutting-edge Ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Genelec Offers SpeakerAngle for Android and Update for iOS Devices
iZ Technology Corporation Launches RADAR 6
Universal Audio Announces Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery Plug-In
Group One Ltd Launches SD5 Trade Up Program
iZotope Technology Embedded into Blue Microphones' Tiki
Sony Licenses iZotope Audio Repair Technologies for Inclusion in Sound Forge Pro Mac
iRig KEYS Now Shipping from IK Multimedia
NUGEN Audio Announces Support for Avid AAX Format and Will Demo First AAX Product at AES
Precisionsound Releases Analog Performer 1: Uptempo in ACID Wav, Apple Loops, Stylus RMX, and REX Formats
New Plugin Alliance Partner Pro Audio DSP Releases DSM V2 Alongside Brainworx’s Latest
G&L Unveils Black Ice Collection
HARMAN’s DigiTech Shifts into High Gear with the Debut of Its Swing Shift e-Pedal for the iStomp
Professional Sound Quality for iPhone HD Wideo with Apogee MiC and Zacuto Handgrip Kit - Now Available
Line 6 Releases Relay G55 Digital Wireless Guitar System
Martin Guitar Introduces the CFM IV 1955 D-18
Auralex Displays UtiliTek Sound Absorbent Panels
Alfred Music Publishing Distributes Artists on Recording Techniques
Fairlight Introduces Quantum
iZotope Releases All-New Bundle, Iris+5
IK Multimedia Releases New Officially Certified Orange, and Carvin Models in AmpliTube Custom Shop 3.9
Lava Cable, LLC Introduces the Clear Connect II Guitar Cable
Blue Skies Ahead! American DJ’s Royal Sky Erupts With Galaxy of Blue and Green Laser Effects
Pro Tools 10: Advanced Post Production Techniques Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Apogee Electronics Announces New Symphony I/O Configurations and Pricing
Arturia Augments SPARK Creativity with Hip Hop Essentials
Native Instruments Introduces Drop Squad
Solid State Logic Unveils New Duality Pro-Station With A-FADA Automation
A New Perspective in Digital Delay: HARMAN’s DigiTech Introduces the Vanishing Point Modulated Delay e-pedal for the iStomp Downloadable Pedal
Roland Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp Giveaway
G-Sonique FAT+ - Smart Analog/Vacuum Tube/Tape Effect Simulation
Hal Leonard Publishes the 2nd Edition of Engineering & Producing
PreSonuSphere 2012 Exceeds Expectations
Unit Audio Announces the “New Unit” 16 x 2 Analog Summing Mixer
Blues EZkeys MIDI from Toontrack
iGuitar Workshop Releases Left Handed iGuitar Model Built in USA $2995
A Curated Series of Genre-Redefining Classical Guitar Performances to Be Held at Carnegie Hall
Native Instruments Announces Traktor Kontrol Z2
QSC Audio Launches Player-Inspired K for Musicians Website
New, Limited Edition “Lars Ulrich Scary Guy” Drumsticks from Ahead
Legendary 'Coast Recorders' Studios Reopens in San Francisco
A.I.R. Music Technology Introduces Ignite Software, an Inspired New Approach to Computer-Based Music Ideation and Creation
Low Tuned Strings - Less Tension More Suspense
New Generation of Maschine Now Available in Stores Worldwide
Blue Microphones Announces “Free Fall 2012” Promotion
PRS Guitars' Sixth Annual Experience PRS Event: New Models, A-List Artists, and Sports Cars
MOTU Ships Digital Performer 8
THR Amps from Yamaha: A New Alternative for Guitarists
Taylor Guitars' Fall Limiteds Dazzle in an Array of Quilted Sapele, Blackwood and Macassar Ebony Models
GC Pro Solves Greenhill School’s Gymnasium Sound System Problems in a Single Day
Ueberschall Announces the Availability of Chart Hits
Satechi Swift Bluetooth Speaker Now Available
Auralex Unveils Next-Generation SubDude-HT Subwoofer Isolator
Roland Introduces the Integra-7 Supernatural Sound Module
Sound Magic Releases Dynamic Bundle, Effect Unit Bundle for Dynamic Processing
New From Hal Leonard - <em>Youtube in Music Education</em>
Auralex Expands Its Range of ProPanels
PRS Announces the Experience PRS 2012 Swamp Ash Studio Multi-Foil Limited Run Electric Guitar
Line 6 XD-V Digital Wireless Speeds High Resolution Live Sound Measurement
Royer Labs Announces SF-2 Active Ribbon Microphone
Native Instruments Introduces Premium Tube Series
SKB Launches the Ultimate Guitar Case
Roland Announces TD-15 and TD-11 Drum Sound Modules
Midas launches XL8i aimed at the install market
Avid Unveils New Lineup of Creative Music Tools
Fender® Releases New Mustang™ Series Amplifiers
Dangerous Music Rocks The Grammys
Recording King Introduces the RP-06, 0-Style Body with a Non-Vintage Price Tag
EAW® Exhibits the KF740 3-Way Full Range Line Array Loudspeaker
Steinberg CMC Controllers Get Attractive New Prices
iZotope Releases the Iris Toys Sound Library
The Private Stock Division of Tech 21 Introduces SansAmp Liverpool Deluxe
MOTU Audio Interfaces Gain Wireless iPad Control of CueMix
Musicians Gather for First Annual Women's Music Summit
10 Soundware Releases Mixer Feedback Model Y EM-90A K Kontakt Instruments
Gospel EZkeys MIDI
Aspen Songwriters Festival Announces National Songwriting Competition
DJ & Producer Junior Sanchez Gets Dangerous with EDM
Sound Magic Updates Pianist to Version 1.1
ProducerLoops.com Releases Commercial Drum & Bass Vol 1
HARMAN’s DigiTech “Stomp-tember 2012” Continues with the Introduction of Its Snake Charmer Tremolo for the iStomp Downloadable Pedal
DigiTech Harman's Introduces Its Unplugged Acoustic Simulator for the iStomp Downloadable Pedal
Ueberschall Releases Dubstep Destruction
Sabian “Cymbal Vote” Back for 2013!
133rd AES Convention Workshops: Raising the Bar for Attendee Edification
Studer Adds Automatic Microphone Mixing to the Vista Series of Digital Audio Consoles
Free Studio One Upgrades for PreSonus StudioLive Mixer Customers
Shipping Now: EastWest Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Gold Edition
Hal Leonard Publishes Mixing & Mastering with Cubase
New Sounds from Kid Nepro for Korg Kronos - V4 Sonix Bliss
AudioWarrior's Kreator Plug-In Sample Workstation (MSRP $379) Will Be Available for Download for $49!
Allen & Heath Launches Mini Broadcast Mixer
Padshop Pro and Retrologue Trials Out Now
CAD Audio Debuts StagePass Wireless System
Carl Martin Releases the Bass Drive
Tek'it Audio Releases DubSiren Plug-in
Patchman Music Releases Wind Controller Soundbank for the Apple ES2 Soft Synth
Lava Cable, LLC, Introduces Grab N' Go Pedal Boards
Peavey Hollywood to Open With Comics Legend Stan Lee, Guitar Virtuoso Alex Skolnick, Founder Hartley Peavey & More
HARMAN’s Soundcraft Launches Si Performer Digital Console Range, the Only Audio Console with Integrated DMX
Propellerhead Radical Piano Rack Extension Brings Authentic, Flexible, Bendable Piano Sounds to Reason
iZotope Releases Iris
Rush: Clockwork Angels Bass and Guitar TAB Songbooks Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Native Instruments Introduces Conant Gardens
Hosa Technology and Goby Labs Stands and Accessories Now Shipping
Last Chance to Enter the AmpKit "Setup Smackdown" Contest
Hello Music Launches Dollar String Club for Guitarists
AES Educational Foundation Announces 2012 Awards
Stanton Expands Capability of SC System 3 Controller With New Updates
Catalinbread Presents the Newly Redesigned Semaphore Tremolo
Veillette Guitars presents the Flyer Acoustic Guitar
Godlyke Announces Release of Maxon DB10 Dual Booster
John Toomey’s Footwork Drumset Instruction DVD Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Digital Redux Release – Planet Rex Volumes 1 - 3
Voxengo GlissEQ 3.6 Dynamic Equalizer Plugin Released
Auralex Now Shipping UtiliTek Sound Absorbent Panels
DJ Expo 2012 News: Stanton DJ, KRK and Cerwin Vega! Host Live Performances, DJ Clinics, Gear & Giveaway!
M3Styles Releases Acoustic Inspiration for Korg M3
D.A.D. and Spaun Drum Company Unveil the New D.A.D. Drumset
Ableton Bundles Two Puremagnetik Sound Libraries
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Future Progressive Trance Vol 1" Sample Pack
Auralex Now Shipping HoverMat Isolation Platform
Richie Sambora Joins Blackstar Family of Artists
New Conductor Stand from On-Stage Stands Handles Oversized Sheet Music with Style
Scott Frankfurt Studio Now Open to Public in Woodland Hills, CA
Prime Loops Website Re-launch
Behringer Launches Free iPad App for X32
Audio Spectrum Enhances Lineup with New Gooseneck Microphone
Hal Leonard Publishes Zen and the Art of Producing
Kid Nepro Releases Korg Kronos Sound Set V3 Hit Factory
Genelec Unveils SpeakerAngle App for iOS Devices
New American Audio Products at Winter NAMM 2012
AES Educational Foundation Announces 2012 Awards
Stanton Expands Capability of SC System 3 Controller With New Updates
Catalinbread Presents the Newly Redesigned Semaphore Tremolo
Veillette Guitars presents the Flyer Acoustic Guitar
Godlyke Announces Release of Maxon DB10 Dual Booster
John Toomey’s Footwork Drumset Instruction DVD Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Digital Redux Release – Planet Rex Volumes 1 - 3
Voxengo GlissEQ 3.6 Dynamic Equalizer Plugin Released
Auralex Now Shipping UtiliTek Sound Absorbent Panels
DJ Expo 2012 News: Stanton DJ, KRK and Cerwin Vega! Host Live Performances, DJ Clinics, Gear & Giveaway!
M3Styles Releases Acoustic Inspiration for Korg M3
D.A.D. and Spaun Drum Company Unveil the New D.A.D. Drumset
Ableton Bundles Two Puremagnetik Sound Libraries
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Future Progressive Trance Vol 1" Sample Pack
Auralex Now Shipping HoverMat Isolation Platform
Richie Sambora Joins Blackstar Family of Artists
New Conductor Stand from On-Stage Stands Handles Oversized Sheet Music with Style
Scott Frankfurt Studio Now Open to Public in Woodland Hills, CA
Prime Loops Website Re-launch
Behringer Launches Free iPad App for X32
Audio Spectrum Enhances Lineup with New Gooseneck Microphone
Hal Leonard Publishes Zen and the Art of Producing
Kid Nepro Releases Korg Kronos Sound Set V3 Hit Factory
Genelec Unveils SpeakerAngle App for iOS Devices
New American Audio Products at Winter NAMM 2012
Voodoo Lab Now Shipping Giggity Guitar Mastering Pedal
American DJ Introduces Event Bar DMX All-In-One 4-Head LED Scanning Light System
Roland Releases First Backing Keyboard
8 Bit Stylez - Low Tech Sounds for High-Level Music
Guitar Center Opens New GC Studios Facilities in Q1 2012
Mega Trix - New Effect Light from Chauvet DJ
kiloHearts Announces the Release of Faturator
Peavey Nano Vypyr Grab & Go Modeling Guitar Amplifier Now Available
Universal Audio Releases Sonnox Oxford EQ Plug-in for UAD-2 Powered Plug-ins Platform
All Vienna Symphonic Library Products for Download
Peavey to Open West Coast Showroom & Multimedia Dealer Education Center on Sunset Boulevard
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Its Award-Winning Essentials of Music Theory Software with Web Version
XILS-lab Releases New Performance Soft Synth Plug-in: Oxium
Native Instruments Launches '3 More Reasons to go Komplete' Special
Martin Guitar Travels Back in Time with Forward-Thinking New Retro Series
Two New Studio One 2 Books Released
Safari and Bop Kits Now Available in Red Galaxy Sparkle
Limited Edition Harman DigiTech iStomp Available Only at Vans Warped Tour 2012
Gemini Ships Hot New CDJ-650
The Audix f50 Gets Wired – for Sound
Roland Introduces DT-1 V-Drums Tutor
Roland V-800HD Multi-Format Video Switcher Now Shipping
Sonic Reality Releases Neil Peart Drums Vol. 2: The Grooves
Audio-Technica Offers AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone
Announcing the Ray LaMontagne Signature Series Bourgeois Guitar
Drums On Demand Introduces Line of Drum Sample Instruments
Producerloops.com Releases "Liquid Dubstep Vol. 2" Sample Pack
Precisionsound Releases (Roland) EP-30 for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Rigorously Dubstep' Sample Pack
Aphex Introduces HeadPod 4
Allen & Heath Releases New ZED Mixer
GC Pro Appointed Panasonic Professional Products Dealer
New Guitar World In Deep Series Instructional DVDs Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Peavey® Kicks Off 'Rehearsal Room Makeover' Sound System Giveaway Promotion
Reunion Blues Introduces Aero Series Guitar and Bass Cases
Open-String Fingerstyle Method for Guitar by Grammy-Winning Artist Daniel Ho Distributed by Alfred
Introducing VHT Private Reserve '50s Pickups
Ableton Releases New Partner Instrument: Electrix by Sample Logic
Television/Movie Composer Mark Isham Turns to GC Pro to Outfit His Home Studio
Lâg Guitars Announces Solid Body Electric Guitar Line
M-Audio Announces New Line of Advanced MIDI Keyboard Controllers: Axiom A.I.R.
New Hal Leonard Book/CD Packs Are Must-Haves for Serious Guitarists
IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube Fender 1.2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
2nd Annual BOSS Loop Station National Finals at Musicians Institute
Hal Leonard Publishes Tracking Instruments & Vocals with Pro Tools
Propellerhead Updates Figure to Add Saving, Browsing and Exporting
PreSonus Announces the ADL 700 Channel Strip
HC Notes: Evolving Recording Technology, Focusrite ISA Two, ORTF Mic Technique & More!
Earthworks Upgrades Measurement Microphones
Lowell Introduces Rackmount Fan Panels with Built-in Thermostat
Hal Leonard Ships Power Tools for Reason 6
Softube Launches Summit Audio Grand Channel and EQF-100 Equalizer
Ableton Live 8.4 Now in Beta, Introduces 64-bit Support
GC Pro Again Helps Outfit the “Hay Bale Studio” at Bonnaroo 2012
Ueberschall Releases "Rock Ballads"
EastWest Announces Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds
Pianoteq 4 Released
Peavey® Architectural Acoustics® Impulse® 261 Installation Loudspeaker Now Available
Beta Monkey Releases New Reggae Drum Loops
TC Electronic Announces That Nathan East Picks Blacksmith to Carry On His Legendary Bass Sound
Audio-Technica Expands Spectrapulse® Offerings with rcu104
Knaggs Guitars on E-Street
Blue Microphones Announces the “Fab Five Gear Up Giveaway” Facebook Sweepstakes
Producerloops.com Releases "Supalife Dynamite: Dirty South Vol. 2" Sample Pack
PSP BussPressor - a New Compressor Plug-in Optimized for Group and Master Buss Processing
Korg USA Announces Polysix for Propellerhead's Rack Extension Plugin Format
Backbeat Books Publishes The Recording Secrets Behind 50 Great Albums
AES Announces Student Design Competition
Manta Ray 290 Now in Flame Top
Agile Partners Announces Grand Opening of the TabToolkit Tab Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
New RPO100™ Guitar Amplifier Helps Aggressive Players Cut Through the Mix
Line 6 and Jammit Partner to Deliver the Ultimate Guitar Jam-along Experience for iPhone and iPad
Carl Tatz Design Chooses ARGOSY Dual 15 for Nashville’s New Village East Studio
Propellerhead Upgrades Reason, Reason Essentials and Opens Rack Extension Store
Propellerhead Unveils Rack Extension Technology for Reason
Voxengo CurveEQ 3.0 Spline Equalizer Plugin Released
V-MODA Unveils Faders VIP by Ear Armor - World’s Finest Tuned Earplugs to Combat Hearing Loss Epidemic
Universal Audio Releases 1176 Classic Limiter Collection for UAD-2 Platform
KMI Introduces Next-Generation "3D Multi-Touch" Portable iPad-Sized Music Controller
Mixer/Producer John O’Mahony Looks to Guitar Center Professional for Neve Genesys Mixing Console
Native Instruments Introduces New Price for Komplete Audio 6
Cakewalk® Announces SONAR X1 Production Suite™
Beta Monkey Releases New Blues Drum Loops
Electro-Harmonix Introduces the New Talking Pedal, the Latest Addition to Its Next Step Effects
Auralex Introduces SonoLite Bass Trap to European Market at Musikmesse 2012
Tech 21’s Boost RVB Undergoes Update and Makeover
EAW Launches Powercube Power and Processing Modules
Future Loops Releases Phatty Moog Loops
National Guitar Workshop Announces NGW Online
Arturia Announces the Release of Oberheim SEM V 1.1
QSC Audio Products Launches New QSCtraining.com Website
Eurocom Products Unveiled at Infocomm 2012
Harman’s dbx Debuts Its TR1616 BLU Link I/O at InfoComm 2012
Harman's AKG DMS70 Digital Wireless Microphone System Reinforces Quality and Reliable Transmission
PlayJazzNow.com Releases JazzPlayer, an Innovative Backing Track App
American DJ Releases Double-Barrel Blast
Latest iGuitar Magazine: Eddie Van Halen Special! +Mark Tremonti, Randy Rhoads & Opeth!
Ueberschall Releases Twang Sound Library
Boucher Introduces New 000 12 Fret-To-Body
Railhammer Pickups Launches Hyper Vintage Model
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Deep House Progressions Bundle (Vols 4-6)" Sample Pack
Sound Magic Releases Liang's Pipa, A Pipa Lute Virtual Instrument
Future Loops Releases Glitch Micro House 01
HC Confidential: Issue 172
SoundsOnline.com Ships Zero G “Modular Beats”
Liine and Livid Announce Hybrid Control
Celemony Releases Melodyne Editor 2.1
Roland Systems Group Announces iPad Control for M-480 Digital Console
IK Multimedia iRig MIC Cast Now Shipping
Reverend Launches Reeves Gabrels II Signature Guitar
SoundsOnline.com Ships Best Service “Peking Opera Percussion”
Reunion Blues and Fender Introduce the New Fender Custom Shop RB Continental Guitar Case
FatLoud Releases Lil' Dope: EP Vol.1 - Urban E-Piano Loops, MIDI and OneShots Collection
Teddy Riley Gets Dangerous: Seminal Producer and Songwriter Sets Up Dangerous Music Rigs for Worldwide Use
Pop! EZX - The Songwriters Drum Palette
DYNACORD Introduces Five New Products
Lag Unveils Ukuleles Just in Time for Summertime Fun
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Cinematic Guitars FX' Sample Pack
Dubstep Skillz Go Beyond the Bass!
IK Multimedia iRig MIX Now Shipping
Recording King Updates Slope Shoulder Guitars with Tons of New Features!
Palo Alto Audio: Cubik Speakers
Learn Pro DJ Techniques with "Beyond Beatmatching"
analogfactory releases "Dubstep Terror" for Native Instuments Massive
Shure Announces New Products at Winter NAMM 2012
Rotosphere LED: Redesigned Mirror Ball
Heads Up Strap - For Neck Heavy Guitars & Basses
Sinevibes releases Filther coloring filter AudioUnit plugin
Martin Guitar Announces Trademark of Legendary Headstock
G Sonique Releases Moonitor MSX5 Headphone Monitoring System
Peavey MuseBox Virtual Instrument and Effects Module
Hal Leonard Publishes The Power in Logic Pro
Csound Power! Instructional Resource Book Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
MOTU MicroBook II Now Shipping
Arturia Announces Availability of Drum Machine Software
Mandolin Method Complete Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Switchcraft® RMAS1 Series Single Channel Mic Splitters – Available Now
Ueberschall Releases Country Loops
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Jazz Funk Breaks'
Sound Devices' PIX 260 Video Recorder Previewed at NAB 2011
Shure Makes 6 Announcements at NAB 2012
Sound Magic Releases Microphone Transformer Version 1.1, Simulates Acclaimed Microphones Sound
Plug in and Rock out with Four Fab New Electric Ukuleles from Vintage and Laka by Vintage
Intimidator Barrel LED 300 Rolls into the Family
Eastern Acoustic Works Debuts Next-Generation Avalon by EAW® Dance Club Loudspeakers
CAD Audio AS32 Acousti-shield Ensures Creative Control & Dry Recording Environment
Trace Elliot Announces The Immediate Availability of Trace Acoustic TA-300, TA-200 And TA-100 Amplifiers
Propellerhead Figure Puts Great Sound at Anyone’s Fingertips
Hosa Technology Introduces Second Generation Elite Series Guitar Cables
Rock Charts Guitar 2012: Deluxe Annual Edition Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Roland Releases PK-9 Pedal Keyboard
Roland Releases Jupiter-80 Version 2 Synthesizer
RME's Special Babyface Edition, the Ladyface, Starts Shipping
Unit Audio Announces an Affordable Line of Passive Summing Mixers
Line 6 Ships New XD-V Series Digital Wireless Microphone Systems
Native Instruments Releases Transient Master: A Unique Dynamics Effect
Alfred Distributes Accents and Rebounds (Updated Edition) from Stone Percussion Books, LLC
HARMAN’s Soundcraft Announces ViSi iPad Remote Control for Its Digital Console Range
Free Taylor Guitars EQ iOS App Adds a Tuner and GuitarJack Model 2 Controls
VOX Announces JamVOX III Performance Studio For Guitarists
VOX Lil' Looper Offers Affordable Live Performance Features
Blackstar Amplification Debuts HT-5TH Anniversary
Blackstar Amplification Launches Revolutionary ID: Series
KORG Expands microKEY Family of USB Powered Controllers
Clavia DMI AB Introduces the New Nord Electro 4D at Musikmesse
Electro-Voice launches the R300 wireless microphone system
Native Instruments Announces Traktor Kontrol F1 and Traktor Pro 2.5
ILIO Announces EDM Fire, Patch Collection for Spectrasonics Omnisphere
PowerTracks Pro Audio 2012 for Windows Is Here
Berkleemusic.com Debuts New Online Course “Rock History”
IK Multimedia Releases DJ Rig for iOS
Korg Unveils microKEY USB Powered Keyboard/Controller
HC Confidential #150
Soundtrack Loops Announces Bobby Deep Progressive House Producer Loops & Samples
Alfred's Teach Yourself Studio One, Version 2.0 Released by Alfred Music Publishing
SessionLoops Classic Rock Multi-Track Drum Loops featuring Simon Phillips now available for download
SABIAN Introduces Perfect Sets with The MIX
Hal Leonard Publishes Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering with Ableton Live
Recording King Introduces the Greenwich Village
Peavey AmpKit LiNK Wins Best of '11
New Kit from ModTM Kits DIY, the ThunderDrive
Minnetonka Audio Announces Loudness Control for Harmonic
Fender Custom Shop Guitars Commemorate Joshua Tree National Park
Precisionsound Releases Orfeo Accordion for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont
DigiTech® Releases JamMan® Delay Looper, Transforms One-Man Musicians' Capabilities
Producerloops.com Releases "Liquid Dubstep Vol 1" Sample Pack
Korg Debuts Kaossilator 2 Dynamic Effect Processor, Phrase Synthesizer & Monotron Duo and Delay
Hohner Announces the John Lennon "Imagine" Signature Series Harmonica
American DJ’s Fun Factor LED Is 2-FX-In-One - LED Moonflower Plus White LED Strobe
GC Pro Helps Hollywood’s Sonic Fuel Take Their New Facility to the Next Level
Mixed In Key “Mashup” Software Helps You Create Mashups in Minutes
Studio Drummer: The New Drum Royalty
Roland Announces CM-220 & CM-110 Cube Monitors
Green Day: Sheet Music Anthology for Easy Piano Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Compact Roland V-Accordions - New FR-1x
Roland Systems Group Introduces Multi-Viewer/Matrix Switcher
Pickguards from Seymour Duncan
Simfy Music Service and TuneCore Reach Landmark Artist and Songwriter Royalty Agreement
EastWest Releases Quantum Leap Solo Violin
Roland Announces TD-30KV and TD-30K V-Pro Series Drums
American DJ's Gobo Projector LED Casts Powerful Image With Bright White 10W LED
iZotope Introduces Mastering Essentials
2012 PRS Custom 24 Refined with Addition of New, Contoured Pickup Bobbins
MOTU Debuts Its First Product with Thunderbolt Technology
Audio-Technica Reintroduces Its Classic ATM25 Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone with Limited Edition A-T 50th Anniversary Model
New! The Producer from 65amps Delivers Reliable, Classic Tone with Modern Tubes
Fuchs Audio Technology Introduces Two New Guitar Amplifers in the "Casino" Line
Yamaha DCFX Disklavier Mark Iv Pro Concert Grand Piano Combines Superlative Technology And Craftsmanship
MusicDevelopments Releases RapidComposer VST and a Major Update to RapidComposer
iZotope Launches Suite of iOS SDKs for Audio Effects
Now Shipping: 4pre Audio Interface with 4 Mic Preamps and Mixing
Producerloops.com Releases "Supalife Drum & Bass: High Energy Edition" Sample Pack
Wire Rope Adds a Unique Twist to New Shure KSM353 Shock Mount
Tascam Announces DR-100mkII 24-bit/96kHz Linear PCM Recorder
IK Multimedia Launches StealthPedal CS and StealthPlug CS Packages
Slang Musicgroup Looks to Guitar Center Professional for Products and Support as They Upgrade Their Production Studio
Korg Releases Kronos System Version 1.5
Hercules New DJ AIR Controller & DJ Headphones
EAW® Unveils SBK Series Subwoofers
TC Electronic Announces LM6 Radar Loudness Meter Support for the New AAX Plug-in Format
The next BIG Hughes & Kettner
Alesis Announces Three New Products: SamplePad, DM10 X Kit, DM6 Session Kit
Radial Announces the MC3 Studio Monitor Controller
Nickelback: Here and Now Authentic Guitar TAB Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
American DJ’s Flat Par CWWW9 & CWWW18 LED Par Cans Offer Variable White Color Temperature and Innovative “Sit-Flat” Design
Alesis Ships the i04 Four-Channel, 24-Bit USB Audio Interface for Mac, Windows, and iOS
Empire Series Live Sound Mixers from Alto Professional Now Shipping
Roland Ships SPD-SX Sampling Pad
NetworkSound Releases 16 Point Reversible XLR Combo to XLR Patch Bay
Yamaha Tyros4 Arranger Workstation Offers Exceptionally Expressive, Realistic Sounds
Audio-Technica Enhances BP892 Microset® Headworn Mic with Dual Ear Mount
Yamaha and Traveling Guitar Foundation Partner to Help Build School Music Programs
Denon® Professional Debuts Its New Line Of Solid-State Audio Recorders
Ampeg SVT-7PRO and SVT-8PRO offer power and portability
Denon® Professional’s New DN-F400 Solid State Professional Audio System Allows School Sports, Theater Groups, and Administrators to Hit the Right Button Every Time
Roland Unveils Gaia SH-01 Synthesizer
Behringer X32 Digital Console Available July 27th!
SSL Announces New Developments for Nucleus at Musikmesse 2012
FatLoud Released Urban Dance a Urban & Dance Construction Kits Library
Mackie Introduces New Onyx™ Blackjack and Blackbird Premium Recording Interfaces
Ampeg’s All-New GVT™ Guitar Amps Go Live at Guitar Superstar 2011
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Drum DVD of Acclaimed Live and Session Drummer Omar Hakim
Waves Audio Introduces MPX Master Tape Plugin
KORG Debuts Limited Edition Pa800 Elite Interactive Workstation
Prime Loops Release Urban Dance Freakz
Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec Version 2 Ships
Loopmasters Present Utku S and Swedish House mixtools
Flynn Amps Releases Classic OC44 Booster
"Top 50 Movie & TV Classics Easy Piano Songbook" Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Korg Announces Krome Music Workstation
Roland Debuts FR-3X V-Accordion
Mixware Now Shipping: Magma Digital DJ Switchbox .V2
Catalinbread Revamps Drive Line and the addition of 2 new pedals
Voxengo Beeper, Latency Delay, MSED, Sound Delay Free Audio Plugins Update
Prime Loops Release Phatmospheres
T4 KIT Gives You 22X MORE Pickup Tones on ALL 4-pickup coil Instruments
FEA Labs Presents: The Opti-FET Compressor
Electro-Voice launches Dx46 FIR-Drive Sound System Processor
Guardian Introduces All New Vintage Hardshell Cases For Electric Guitar and Bass
Avid Unveils Next Generation M-Audio Axiom Keyboard Controller Series
James Hetfield Unleashes New EMG Signature Set at The Big 4
Line 6 Announces New Dt50 Family Of Guitar Amplifiers
Loopmasters Presents House Builds And Breakdowns [by Push Bang Button]
Industrial Radio Standard Midi Bass 4 Available Now
Roland Unveils RH-A7 Headphones
Alexander Publishing Releases Writing For Strings: Expanded Downloadable Course Now with Video Instruction
T-Rex NEW Tonebug Pedals (Phaser & Chorus/Flanger)
Moog Introduces the MF-108M Cluster Flux
Eastwood introduces the AiRline Folkstar Resonator Electric Guitar
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Funky String MIDI Arrangements'
Peavey Debuts Transtube Special 212 Guitar Amplifier
50 Rockabilly Licks, 50 Blues Rock Licks & Stu Hamm U: Bass Basics Coming Soon
Grover Pro Introduces “Open-Tone” Temple Blocks
Universal Audio Webzine: Phil Tan, Ampex & Pro Tools Tips, BX and SPL Plug-ins
SABIAN Announces 2011 SABIAN/PASIC Scholarship Winner
Jeff Beck Finds His New Drummer on YouTube, Soultone Cymbals Artist Veronica Bellino
Corus Evolution series from DYNACORD Compact loudspeaker family
Ampeg's Portaflex® Series Offers Heavyweight History in a Lightweight Design
Overloud Releases TH2 2.2
Yamaha Rolls Out Gigmaker Drum Kits
Nashville Guitar Greats Create Inspirational Toneprint Bundle for TC Electronic Guitar Pedals
Line 6 Announces New James Tyler Variax Guitars
Allen & Heath Launches GS-R24 Studio Recording Mixer
Alesis Expands Multi-Drum Pads With Performancepad Pro
New From Pearl: Maple Concert And Symphonic Series Snare Drums In Limited Edition Artisan II Finishes
Benelux Dealers Visit HK Audio Factory For A 2-Day Elements Training
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Trap Life Vocal Hooks'
PRS Adds Pickup Option to SE Angelus Acoustic Models
Denon® Professional Offers DN-V500BD Blu-Ray Player for the Sound Contractor and Systems Integrator Market
Korg Debuts Kaossilator 2 Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer
Korg Offers Free MicroSAMPLER Bonus Sample Pack
Aguilar Amplification Announces The Ag 5J-60 Pickups
Aphex Launches EX·BB 500 Module
Tama Starclassic Bubinga Reserve Debuts at Namm
K-Sounds Releases Signature Piano for Motif ES and Motif XS
Alfred Music Publishing Distributes Book on the History of the Marshall Bluesbreaker Amp
Ueberschall Press Announcement - New Sample Library
New SE Acoustic Line Expands PRS Guitars’ Acoustic Offerings
Roland Unveils Lucina AX-09 Shoulder Synthesizer
Rob Papen Releases RP-Delay - download it Now from Time+Space!
Latest Hartke HyDrive 112 Cabinet Lightens the Load for Bassists
D.A.S. Audio Helps Convey the Message at Abhanganaad
VOX Expands AC Custom Series with AC15C2 “Twin”
Pink Floyd: Piano Sheet Music Anthology Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Yamaha Presents the Piaggero Piano Series
Powerful Q-Spot 160-Led Now Shipping
PRS's New 2-Channel 50-Watt Amps: 2-Channel “C” and 2-Channel “H”
Longcat Releases AAX-Native Version of H3D Binaural
TASCAM Introduces DR-40 4-Track Portable Recorder
Sheptone Precisely Produces P-Bass Pickups
SKB’s New Watertight Injection Molded Acoustic/Classical Guitar Cases
BC Audio to Introduce New Guitar Amps
Sandberg Bass Brings High Quality Instruments To US Market
DR Strings Presents NEON™ Acoustic Guitar Strings
Bell Custom Guitars Introduces the "JazzBlaster Special"
The All-New Recording King RD-316: All-Solid, Adirondack Top With Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
Steinberg Releases New VST Sound Loop Sets
Introducing the Amptweaker TightRock Distortion Pedal
VICOUSTIC Releases the Wave Wood Panel Absorption and Reflection Control System
Roland JM5 Now Available
Swar Systems Releases SwarGroove, Indian Drums Ensemble Plugin
American DJ’s Portable Matrix Beam LED Brings Blinder and Chase Effects to Mobile Productions
Reverend 's New Rick Vito Signature Electric Guitar
Korg Introduces EC-120 Concert Piano
Fender Acoustic-Electric Models Use Fishman Preamps
Pearl Presents Concert Series 4.3 Octave Padouk Marimba From Adams Musical Instruments
Nomad Factory Releases MAGNETIC II - Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape Warmer Plug-In
Blackstar Unleashes HT Metal Pedal
PRS Guitars’ Comprehensive Amplifier Line Provides a Tool for Every Musician and Musical Avenue
Wampler Pedals releases “Black ‘65” Overdrive pedal
Martin Guitar to Host Wood Summit in Nazareth on May 12
Cusack Effects Announces the Pedal Board Tamer
ARTURIA Announces Origin Keyboard Shipping
Propellerhead Announces Polar Rack Extension
DBZ Guitars Unleashes Bird Of Prey Electric Guitar
AmpliTube® 2 for iPhone Now Available from IK Multimedia
Mixware Named U.S. Distributor for DJ Tech
PreSonus Announces Monitor Mix Control via iPhone/iPod touch
PreSonus Unveils Revolutionary New AudioBox™ VSL-series Interfaces
Korg Unveils Next-Generation nanoSERIES2 USB-MIDI Controllers
DPA Launches d:facto Vocal Mic at the 2012 NAB Show
PRS Guitars Announces “Lefty” Custom 24 Limited Edition
New Kaces Razor Series Pedal Board Bag
Duncan Sheik Gets Dangerous at His Upstate NY Studio
Aguilar Amplification Announces the AG 4J-HC and AG 5J-HC Pickups
Radiohead: The King of Limbs Piano/Vocal Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Kustom® KG Series Guitar Amps Introduced And Now Shipping
Primacoustic Launches TelePad-4 iPhone Mic Stand Adaptor
Washburn Unveils New Resonator Series
Korg Ships New Wavedrum Mini
Zoom Releases Their Smallest, Most Affordable Recorder Ever: the H1 Handy Recorder
Radial announces the Reamp JCR™; a tradition has been updated!
Accessories Case and Trap Table in One: Pearl Toy Box
Electro-Voice adds RE320 dynamic Variable-D wired microphone to their RE Performance Group
Renoise 2.7 Final - Back To Beats
L.A. Sound Design Debuts The Pi-01 Pedal Board Interface
Patchman Releases Wind Controller Library for the Yamaha Motif XS Series
Xpansion Tank 2, New Sounds for SampleTank
Recording King Presents New Lap Steel at Summer NAMM 2010
AES Educational Events: Programmed to Elucidate
Taylor Guitars Introduces the GS Mini™ Acoustic-Electric Guitar at Summer NAMM 2010
Canvas Guitars Debut New CS Series Semi-Hollowbody Archtops
Arturia Announces V Collection 3.0
Fishman Ships Loudbox Artist Acoustic Amplifier
Radial Engineering releases the Workhorse WR8 500 series rack
Wave Alchemy Releases Pro II Synthesizer
Denon DJ Displays the DN-X1600 Digital Mixer
El Chicano is Back and in Studio with GRAMMY® Winning Team
Slipknot's Joey Jordison Joins Pro-Mark
Tannoy Reveal Near Field Monitors Set The Standard at Chicago Recording Company
Peavey PVX Series Portable Loudspeakers Now Available
Shure Lends a Helping Hand to The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Artists
New G&L Tribute Series Ascari GTS and Fiorano GTS Set-neck Guitars
Electrosonic Amplifiers Introduces Parallax Mini Tube Guitar Amplifier
Shadow Electronics Presents the SH 1000 — Reinaldo Rivero Virtuoso Finger Trainer for Guitarists
BandStorage.com Unveils Band Room™ Cello Rack
Tanglewood Launches Roadster Travel Guitars
Ebony Finish Lends New Look To Pearl’s Primero Series
Line 6 Announces New Mobile IN Digital Input Adaptor and Mobile POD App
Eastwood Guitars Introduces the New Airline® ’59 Coronado
New DirectGuitar 3.0. Stratocaster Guitar for Kontakt from Pettinhouse
Heil Sound Introduces USBQ Mic Preamp
Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Light Crust Doughboys Instruments
3rd Power Launches Dream Solo Amplifiers with Flex Cab Technology at NAMM 2012
Hal Leonard Publishes Logic Pro for Recording Engineers & Producers
"Count" Gets Dangerous on DJ Shadow Release
IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube 3.7: New Jet City Amplification and Other Models in the Custom Shop
Protection Racket makes unique Dark Side of the Moon & Ferrari cases for Pink Floyd's Nick Mason
VOX Exhibits Enhanced Valvetronix VT+ Amp Series At The 2011 Winter NAMM Show
DC Voltage Announces Joel Weaver + P3 Distortion Pedal
VHT Unveils the Lead 20 Tube Amplifier
Eastwood Releases Left-Handed Airline Map Guitar and Bass
PDP Offers a New Line of Affordable All-Maple Snare Drums
Boss Unveils BR-800 Digital Recorder
The Black Crowes' Chris and Rich Robinson Rely on VOX Heritage Collection Guitar Amplifiers
Robin Porter, AMS Neve Head of Analog Design, Visits GC Pro
BandStorage.com Unveils Band Room™ Double Bass Rack
DrumFire Introduces New Line of Drums
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Psy Trance Explorations'
Roland Ships BK-7m Backing Module
Rockett Pedals Releases Blue Note and Lemon Aid Pedals
IK Multimedia StompIO Updated to 64-bit Windows Drivers
Steinberg releases Rupert Neve Designs Portico EQ and compressor plug-ins
No-Limit, Non-Stop Music Making with VoiceJam!
SABIAN Presents Gospel, Praise & Worship Cymbal Packs
Shredding Paganini: Heavy Metal Guitar Meets Nine Masterpieces by Niccolò Paganini Released by Alfred
PRS Guitars Offers New “Stripped” 58 Model
Lace® Pickups Signs Mastodon Guitar Players
Logidy Debuts Full Circle – A Standalone Software Looper for the UMI3 Pedal
HardWire® Adds to Lineup with New TR-7 Tremolo/Rotary Extreme Performance Pedal
Portable Audio and Video Mixer with USB Port Ready for Live Streaming
Aguilar Amplification Announces the Tone Hammer® 500 Super Light Amplifier
IK Multimedia Announces ARC 2 – A Major Update of the Software Room Correction System
Brian Moore Guitars Releases Ben Lacy Signature Model
New Guitar Pedals From Akai Professional in Music Stores Now
MOTU Announces Track16 Desktop Studio Interface
BIAS Releases Peak Pro 7.0.3
Lick Library Releases Hank Marvin Guitar Tutorial DVDs
Free Recording Workshops Hosted by Guitar Center
Blue Cat Audio Announces Avid Audio eXtension (AAX) Plug-in Format Support
Blackbird Custom Pedalboards Impress at SEGAS
New Ear Training Games at Theta Music Trainer Make Music Theory Fun!
Toontrack Expands their New York Studio Legacy Series with Third Volume
Equinox Sounds Releases "Ambient Dub"
mimiCopy, A “Copy-By-Ear” App For Musicians, Available Immediately On The iTunes App Store
Martin Guitar to Unveil 15 Exciting and Innovative Instruments at Winter NAMM 2012
Encore: The Recording Custom Heritage Drum Set Reissues The Most Recorded Drums In History
Trend Def Studios Finds the Right Gear with Guitar Center Professional
Empress Effects Announces Release of Multidrive
ESI's Gigaport HD+ Audio Interface Has Arrived!
Spectrasonics Release New Omnisphere 'Bob Moog Birthday' Patches
Prime Loops Release Rasta Vocal Samples 3
Producerloops.com Releases "Supalife Glitch & Breaks" Sample Pack
Roland Announces the AT-900 "Platinum Edition" Organ
Roland Debuts VIMA JM-5
Countryman Associates Introduces H6 Headset Microphone
Delora lpTouch Brings "Touch Friendly," Mobile Control to Logic
HC Confidential: Issue 170
Real Sound Lab Unveils New Suite of CONEQ™ Software Products
Image Line Software announces FL Studio 10 Audio Production Suite
Native Instruments Introduces DISCOVERY SERIES: WEST AFRICA
Epiphone Introduces the Epiphone Jeff Waters "Annihilation-V"
First Tour for Midas ‘digilogue’ VeniceF with Eliza Doolittle
'Bop 'Til You Drop: Yamaha Crafts Stage Custom Birch Bebop Drum Set
Guitar Center Professional Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary
NuForce Introduces DDA-100, a Digital Integrated Amplifier for Computer and Home Audio
Avid Empowers Musicians to Elevate Their Sound with Bold New Live Performance and Recording Solutions
iZotope Alloy 2 Delivers Futuristic Mixing Tools, Fast Results and Fantastic Sound
Korg Introduces Wavedrum Black
TASCAM Reinvents Trainers With GB-10 AND LR-10
Taylor Guitars Unveils Koa And Cocobolo Fall Limited Guitars
VOX Adds Tonelab EX To Valvetronix Pedal Line
Best Service Releases YRS Gu Zheng Virtual Instrument
Tascam Introduces TG-7, TC8 Tuners
The Worship Leader’s Guitar Hymn Book Released by Alfred Music Publishing
New Obsession LED from CHAUVET
Guitar Center, the Nation's Largest Instrument Retailer, Opens Its 224th Store with New Location in New York Metro Area
PRS Guitars Introduces the New PRS Artist Package
Introducing PRS Guitars First Piezo-Equipped Solidbody Instrument – The P22
Korg USA Announces Kronos X Music Workstation
Return of the Black Cat Vibe
Roland V-800HD New Product Press Annoucement
Vicoustic's new bass trap to treat low frequency issues and control corner reflections
Guitarcenter.com Launches Internationally with FiftyOne
Boss Unveils ME-25 Multi-Effects For Guitar
Universal Audio Unveils Apollo High-Resolution Audio Interface with Realtime UAD Processing
Loopmasters News - Alexis Karakis, Adam White, Dark Dub and MIDI Focus - Bass Line
Steinberg announces Rupert Neve Designs Portico EQ and compressor plug-ins
Gear4music Releases Active PA Speakers at Breakthrough Price
VOX Introduces Night Train 50 All-Tube Guitar Amplifier Head And V212NT Speaker Cabinet
JamUp Multi-Effect Guitar App for iPad and iPhone Launched
Music Computing Releases ControlTOUCH Integrated Keyboard Controller
Roland Debuts Rd-700Nx Stage Piano
Budda Announces the Return of a Legend: The Twinmaster Amplifier
Warwick Presents the Robert Trujillo Streamer Signature Bass
Bela D Media Releases Bella D Bass | Power Signature LE
The Kinsman KUPB8 Pedalboard: the Perfect Place for Your Pedals
Cakewalk® Announces New SONAR Session Drummer 3 Kits from Andy Johns and Neil Peart
Sabrina Lentini Joins the Daisy Rock Family
Casio’s CTK-7000 and WK-7500 Named ‘Best In Show’ at Summer NAMM
Ricky’s Audio Corporation Deploys HARMAN JBL VerTec®, VRX and VP Series Systems For Puerto Rico’s Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure
New Loudbox Performer Amp Offers More Power, Features
Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording Releases New Programs
American DJ Unveils LED-Powered Eco UV Bar
Koa, Cocobolo and Inspired Inlay Designs Grace Taylor's Fall Limited Editions
New Elation Design Spot LED Packs "Powerful Punch" While Consuming Less Power
Godin Guitars at Musikmesse 2012
Drum Workshop, Inc. Expands U.S. Manufacturing
Propellerhead Unveils Balance Audio Interface
Samplecraze announce release of Equalisation Primer Video Tutorial
Yamaha Dtx-Pad Electronic Drum Sets Now Available in New Dtx500 and Dtx700 Series Configurations
NOTION Music Releases NOTION Notation Editor App for iPad Featuring Real Samples from the London Symphony Orchestra
Daisy Rock Welcomes Marlana Sheetz of Dawson and Marie to its Artist Roster
Roland Ships New V-Tour Series V-Drums
Loopmasters Present The Moody Boyz, Z3TA+ Presets, Dubstep MIDI and More!
Omnitronic Unveils the IEM-500 In-ear Monitoring System
NetworkSound releases Mamba Digital Snake with Combined Analog and Digital In/Out
Cakewalk® Releases Free Z3TA+ 2.1 Update
Daisy Rock Welcomes Nicole Macias of Stars of Seraphim to its Artist Roster
Antares Audio Technologies Introduces Auto-Tune Live - Real-Time Pitch Correction and Auto-Tune Vocal Effect
New 4-Channel DJ Controller with Mixer, N4, Introduced by Numark
Steve Vai endorses the Radial JD7 Injector
Victor Wooten’s The Music Lesson Now Available as Audio Book, Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
HK Audio Shows Elements Line of Modular Sound Reinforcement
VHT's New V-Drive Pedal Puts Players in the (over)Driver's Seat
Numark Offers Native Instruments Traktor Le Download For Ndx800 Users
Providence® Releases FDR-1 Flame Drive
Waves Audio Introduces Updated SoundGrid for DiGiCo Consoles
Alfred Music Publishing Expands the Just for Fun Series with New, Matching Christmas Songbooks
An All-Koa Ukulele and Guitar Combo Usher in the Return of Taylor's Builder's Reserve Program
Voxengo CurveEQ 3.1 Spline Equalizer Plugin Released
realsamples Releases 18th Century Spinet by Benjamin Slade as part of the <em>Edition Beurmann</em> Collection
The SG Gothic Morte
VOX Offers Limited Edition AC15C1 Guitar Amplifier in Red
Limited Edition Hand-Wired Vox AC30 Announced
Vox Announces Joe Satriani Signature AmPlug
Dwarfcraft Releases SOMMS Pedal
The Original Wild Woman of Rock, Genya Ravan, Joins the Daisy Rock Family!
Fortin Amplification Releases The BONES Tube Amp
E-MU 0204 USB Digital Audio Interface Now Shipping!
Sound Media Moves Up to Powersoft Amplifiers
Nighthawk Custom Reissue
These Drop-In Stratocaster Pickguards Give You 35 Pickup Tones To Find Your Signature Sound
EMG Announces HZ SRO Series Product Line
EVH® Introduces Wolfgang® USA Custom and Stealth Guitars
Auralex Debuts In-Store Room Analysis Kit At Infocomm 2009
Aguilar Amplification Releases the AG 4P-60 P-Bass Pickup
MPC-Samples.com Releases 'Hip Hop Evolution' – Drums Inspired By Pete Rock'
Audio Network and Kodak Co-Host Filmmakers’ Brunch At SXSW
MI Effects Releases the Megalith Delta High Gain Distortion Pedal
Recording King’s RD-310: All-Solid RD-310 with Adirondack Top
Korg Now Shipping the Kronos Flagship Music Workstation
Licklibrary Launches iDrum: A Free Digital Magazine For Drummers Worldwide
Akai Professional Announces Eie I/O
Loopmasters Scott Rockenfield Rock Drums, authentic rock drum sample library
Radiohead Piano Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
RME releases DURec™, the revolutionary Direct USB Recording for the Fireface UFX
First Millennia HV-35 Preamp Owner is All Smiles
TC-Helicon and Beardyman Go Absolutely Loopy
Finally A Nord Stage With Sample Playback Functionality.
Vicoustic aims for the top with Multi Fusor DC2
G&L Unveils New 2012 Special Collection
Guitar Center Opens New Superstore in Stevenson Ranch, California
New Waldorf Lector Vocoder Delivers Way More than Robot Voices
Visual Sound NAMM 2012 New Releases
HK Audio Brings Compact LUCAS Nano System to the USA
Steinberg Unveils UR28M and UR824 Interfaces
Lâg Debuts Tramontane Ukuleles
Anything Goes (2011 Revival Edition) Piano/Vocal Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Cooperstand Pro Guitar Stand Receives a “Best in Show” at 2010 Summer NAMM!
Effectrode Ships Fire Bottle Tube Booster Pedal
Yamaha 01V96i Re-invents the Small Format Digital Studio and Live Mixer
VOX Unveils AC1 RhythmVOX Mini Guitar Amplifier with Rhythm Patterns
Reverend Artist Signature Guitar Demos at Winter NAMM 2011
New Sounds for Korg Kronos from Kid Nepro
Grundorf Announces Cases for PreSonus StudioLive Series Mixer
Loopmasters Present Jack Sparrow, DJ Mixtools, Compact Disco, and Much More!
Epiphone releases 'Inspired By' John Lennon Casinos
Steinberg Releases Alternative Rock and Jazzy Latin Sequel Content Sets
Markbass Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Launches New Products at 2011 NAMM Show
Steinberg Announces WaveLab 7 for Mac OS X and Windows
Audio Impressions Announces Brillanti Philharmonic and Early Brass to be Released May 16, 2011
Hohner Announces Blue Midnight Harmonica
Native Instruments Releases Five New Instruments and Effects
Orange Amps Launches The All-In-One Computer Amplifier Speaker – The OPC
Schecter Guitar Research Announces New Damien Elite 6-, 7- & 8-String Guitars
Line 6 Ships New XD-V55 Digital Wireless Microphone Systems
Guitar Center, the Nation's Largest Instrument Retailer, Opens New Store Location in Emeryville, California
Now Available: Quiztones App for Android
Toontrack Metal Month Continues with Four New Releases
JEM20TH 20th Anniversary Steve Vai Signature Guitar
Roland Introduces GA-212 and GA-112 Combo Guitar Amplifiers
New Micahel Kelly® Archtop Jazz Guitar Offers Look and Feel of a Vintage Heirloom Instrument
Avid Announces Next Generation M-Audio Fast Track C400 and C600 Recording Interfaces; New Designs Deliver Best-in-Class Home Recording
T-Rex Effects & Guitar Center Release Second Exclusive Pedal: Tap Tone
Buck Dharma Endorses Amptweaker TightDrive
FatLoud Released R&B Construction King Construction Kits Collection
MythFX Debuts Triton Modulation Pedal
AHEAD Armor Drum Cases Set A New Standard For Protection
K-Sounds Releases Signature Piano for Korg M3
AER to Introduce Pocket Tools
HK Audio Debuts Elements Line of Modular Sound Reinforcment in the U.S.
MOTU Announces 896MK3 Hybrid Firewire/USB2 Audio Interface Is Now Shipping
Cerwin-Vega! Debuts CVi Passive Portable PA Speakers
Loopmasters Presents K.V. Bala Indian Sessions Vol. 2 and Audio Injection Vol. 2
VOX Amplification Teams Up With Boutique Amp Designe Tony Bruno To Present New All-Tube Guitar Amps
Swar Systems releases Indian voices for Tyros keyboard
Boucher Guitars Partners with Musiquip to Enter U.S. Market
Roland Corporation U.S. Opens New Artist Relations Office at Scla-Centerstaging, Burbank, Ca
T-Rex Effects & Guitar Center Release Third & Fourth Exclusive Pedals: WhirlyVerb and Crunchy Frog
VOX Adds Series 22 Solid Body Electric Guitars
E-MU Announces the Release of Beta Drivers for USB and PCI/PCIe Audio Interface Products
Bootsy Collins Hooks Up with Fission Bass Powerchord FX Pedal
Ampeg Brings All-Tube Tone to Guitarists With New GVT Series Amps GVT debuts at Summer NAMM 2011
AweSome Releases Telecaster Hyper-Mod
ARTURIA and the BOB MOOG FOUNDATION Announce the Release of Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack
PRS Guitars Announces Limited Edition Singlecut Semi-Hollow
Kurzweil Releases OS v2.01, Full V.A.S.T. Programming to PC3LE
Audix Chosen for Yamaha Marimba Miking System
Soundcraft Stagebox for Vi and Si Series Launches at PLASA
HARMAN’s AKG Debuts Perception 170 Stereo Set At ProLight & Sound 2012
Military Cadence Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library
Taylor Guitars Celebrate Spring's Arrival With Limited Edition Models
129th AES Convention Platinum Panels Gleam
IK Multimedia Updates AmpliTube for iPhone and iPad with Vocal Effects
SWA Complete Melodyne Editor Video Tutorial Now Available
Alfred Music Publishing Expands the Dan Coates Popular Piano Library with Medleys from Broadway
PRS Guitars Introduces P24 Limited Edition
Korg MR2 Portable Recorder Giveaway
Kaossilator 2 and Mini Kaoss Pad 2 Now Available
Mamba MIX32, 32 Channel 8 Stereo In-Ear-Monitor Mix System with iPad Mixer Control Surface
AXL Introduces the All-New MJZ: Retro Guitars Packed with Value
New ADAM A77X Monitor Makes U.S. Debut at AES
HK Audio Introduces the SoundCaddy One System
American DJ Introduces Micro Wash RGBW
Beatserv Introduces Bombs and Bits 2, Baby Breakz
Fission Bass Powerchord FX Pedal Now Shipping
Nady Introduces New Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System
The Loar Introduces Two New Archtop Guitars
Majik Box Begins Shipping the James “Munky” Shaffer Krush Distortion Signature Pedal
Guitar Center Launches New Podcast with "America's Arbiter of Cool Music" Nic Harcourt
iZotope Releases Ozone Maximizer for Reason
NetworkSound Releases Custom Metric Halo ULN-8 XLR/AES DB25 Patch Bay
Hohner expands Essential Series Acoustic Guitars
VOX Amplification’s New AC15C2 “Twin” from AC Custom Series Now Shipping
Guinness Record for Longest Guitar Playing Broke with Cleartone Strings
Peavey's AmpKit Apps Now Available in iTunes
American Audio Introduces VMS4.1 Digital Work Station Next-Generation Of Ultimate DJ Performance Tool!
Cerwin-Vega Introduces iNTENSE! V2 Passive Portable PA Speaker System Designed For Live Sound, DJ & Playback Applications
Ultimate Music Studio for iPad and iPad2 Now Available with Alesis IO Dock
AweSome Releases Jazz Bass Hyper-Mod
Blackstar Amplification Now Shipping HT Club 50H Head and Matching Cabinet from HT Venue Series
Vater Welcomes New Artists
Raising the Bar: Introducing Fret-King Black Label
New TwoTrack Audio Recording Equipment to be Showcased at Summer NAMM 2011
Steinberg Releases CMC Series of Cubase Controllers
Vox Announces The All-Tube Nt2 Lil Night Train
Daisy Rock Welcomes Actress Allie DiMeco to the Family
Future Loops Releases Live DNB Drums
iPad Control Leads PreSonus AudioBox Interface Update
Fishman Debuts Presys+ Onboard Preamp System For Consumers
A&H to Unveil New GLD Live Digital Mixing System at NAMM
Korg Releases Pandora Mini
Eastwood Introduces the Doral Electric Jazz Guitar
VOX Amplification Announces New Hand-Wired Series
Drum Werks Releases New Kick Drum Samples Library
Mapex Drums Releases Saturn Series Limited Edition Drum Set
Eastwood Guitars Introduces the Airline Electric Mandola
Royer Labs Debuts Sling-Shot Microphone Mount
Ableton Releases New Partner Instrument: Electric Pianos by Soniccouture
Slam Tracks Releases Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1
Steinberg UR28M and UR824 Interfaces Unveiled
INTRODUCING AXL USA: Hand-Assembled in Hayward, CA, With Pro Components and Gig-Ready Right Out of the Box!
Roland Unveils V-Piano Grand
Kicktronic allows you to perform solo with the sound and feel of a full band
Owl Citys Adam Young Looks to Korg Synths for Inspiration and New Sounds
ESI uniK Series - New Professional Studio Reference Monitors
Godin Shifter Bass Receives “Best Bass Guitar” Nomination!
EastWest to Kick Off 25th Anniversary with New Masters Series of Virtual Instruments
Numark Announces Red Wave DJ Headphones
Free iLok with Synthogy Ivory II Pianos
65amps introduces its Red Line of guitar amps with the new London Pro
Martin Guitar Introduces The 00-15 M
New SSL ‘Nucleus’ Offers Elegant Controller/Audio Hub for Pro Project Studios at Winter NAMM 2011
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Psy Trance MIDI Loops'
Masterkey 61 Keyboard Controller Expands Acorn Instruments USB Controller Line
Pearl PL900C and PK900C Percussion Education Kits
Reverend Guitars Sponsors Gil Parris Guitar Clinic at Rudy's Amp Room
AKG WMS 40 MINI Wireless Microphone System Simplifies Smart Transmission, Debuts at Pro Light and Sound
Berkleemusic.com Debuts New Online Course "Composing and Producing Electronic Music"
Sound Magic Releases Add-on Sound Bank for BlueStone Piano Convertible Version
Minster Digital Grand Piano Launched
Get Maximum Tone out of Your Guitar Amp with an Atlas Handcrafted Hardwood Amp Stand
PreSonus Adds Powerful New Free Features to StudioLive Mixers
Vestax Typhoon Now Features Virtual DJ Software with Custom Graphics
Toontrack EZkeys - Revolutionary Songwriting Tool and Virtual Piano Is Here!
Alesis Now Shipping MicTube Solo and MicTube Duo, Single and Dual-Channel Tube Preamps
Source Audio Marks Release Of Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope With Hourly Pedal Giveaway At Summer NAMM
Orange Amps Launch TH100 Head
foxL Portable HiFi Speaker Used by Pro Musicians as Personal Practice Amp
Guitar Center, Inc. Announces Executive Succession Plan
Korg Now Shipping Easy-to-Read MA-1 Solo Metronome
Hello Music Launches New Android App, Celebrates One-Year Anniversary
Roland Hpi-7F And Hpi-6F Digital Interactive Pianos
Daisy Rock Donates Guitar to MusiCares MAP Fund
New KickPort Accessories Include Bass Drum Reinforcement Rings And Impact Pads
Korg USA Presents Jordan Rudess at Guitar Center Workshop Events
Simply Put: Yamaha EX-220 Keyboard Makes Learning, Playing and iPad Connectivity 'EZ'
FEA Labs Presents: The Photon Fuzz
Fostex Announces Upgraded PM0.5n Near-field Studio Monitors
Antares Introduces Mic Mod EFX Plugin
Ampeg's GVT Series Guitar Amps Launch Strong Demand at Musikmesse
Small Size, Big Sound: The Avantgrand N1 from Yamaha
Green Day: Awesome as F**k Guitar TAB Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Gon Bops Announces Additions to Cajon Line
Daisy Rock Releases Stardust Elite Classic Electric Guitar in Jett Black
Line 6 Debuts POD HD Pro Rack Multi-Effect Processor
Pearl Percussion's 2Face Cajon Released
Lick Library Launch Jam With Tom Pettey Guitar Tuition DVD
Daisy Rock Proudly Releases New Stardust Elite Rebel Standard Guitar
BEHRINGER NOX Series DJ Mixers Now Shipping
Universal Audio Releases Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder Plug-In for UAD-2 Platform
Announcing the PRS SE Custom 24 7-String Electric Guitar
Korg Announces Kaoss Pad Quad Dynamic Effects Processor
Kurzweil Ships PC3K8 Flagship Keyboard
Fender® Releases Hot Rod III Series Amplifiers
Recording King Introduces the 327: An Adirondack Top, Nitrocellulose Finished Guitar, Priced Under $1000
Waves Audio Unveils OneKnob Plugins
Korg Holds Kronos All-Access Parties at Dealers Throughout The U.S.
Legendary Guitar Systems Designer, Bob Bradshaw Endorses Mogami® Cable
TC-Helicon VoiceLive H1, E1 and X1 Vocal Pedals Are Now Shipping
Rylee Announces Bass Fretboard Addict v1.0 For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Devices
Rylee Announces The Super Guitar Fretboard Addict Bundle For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Devices
TC-Helicon's Revolutionary MP-75 Microphone - Now Shipping
Focal Twin6 Be Monitors Installed in DTS Demo Room
It’s Two Boosts In One! HARMAN’s DigiTech Introduces the Tone Boost Dual-Boost Pedal for the iStomp
Avid Releases Latest Version of Sibelius First; The Fastest, Easiest Way to Write and Share Music
30 Jazz Piano Classics Sheet Music Collection Released by Alfred Music Publishing
HARMAN Introduces New Low Cost JBL ScreenArray® 3730 3-Way Loudspeaker At CinemaCon 2011
American Audio Introduces Encore 1000 & Encore 2000
Spaun Drum Company introduces an LED Lighted Acrylic Drum Kit
Gator Releases the ultimate ATA keyboard case for Yamaha's new Motif XF series
PRS Guitars' New McCarty 58
New Kemper Profiling Amplifier Video available
Cort Unveils New Gene Simmons Punisher-2 Bass
Mark O'connor to Premiere New String Symphony "Elevations" in San Francisco May 19-22, Commissioned by New Century Chamber Orchestra
Texas Recoiler Joins Rocktron Stompbox Lineup
CRS 2011 Research Study Finds State of Country Music Healthy, New Media Engagement Growing
Dave Smith Releases Mopho Keyboard
Vox Amps Presents Tony Bruno Amp Models TB35C1 and TB35C2
Korg Earns MIPA Award at Musikmesse 2011
TC-Helicon now shipping VoiceTone Correct XT
Genelec Offers its New Broadcastpak, Featuring Five 8030a Active Monitors and 7050b Active Subwoofer
Blackbird Pedalboards Introduces Custom Pedalboards at Affordable Prices
The Liquid Metal Guitar Co. Starts Shipping a Left-Handed LMG T – Bigsby model.
Recordare Releases MusicXML 3.0 Format with Dolet Plug-in Support
Elation's Introduces a MIDI Panel Designed for Lighting Control!
XILS-Lab Releases a Lite Version of the Acclaimed Virtual Synthesizer PolyKB II
Strymon Ola dBucket Chorus & Vibrato Effect Pedal Now Available
Veillette Terz: 6-String and Cutaway
Alexa San Roman of Love, Robot Joins the Daisy Rock Family!
Hammond Announces a New 15 Pound Organ-The SK1
StepPolyArp for iPad Updated to 1.3
Line 6 Ships DT25 Guitar Amplifiers
American Audio’s VMS4 Digital Work Station Goes on Tour with DMC World Champion DJ Etronik in Miami
Guitar Center Professional Helps Outfit Emile Haynie's New Production Facility In New York City
Alesis to Showcase New Digital Piano Keyboard with 88-key Hammer-Action at Summer NAMM
Future Loops Releases Reggae Drums
Peavey Unveils Composite Acoustics Guitar Line
SampleTank for iPad Now Available from IK Multimedia
American DJ Puts New Hue On Popular Laser Line With Stunning Purple And Green Galaxian Royale
Vox Valvetronix Line goes Pro with VTX150 Neodymium
PreSonus Ships BlueTube DP V2 and TubePre V2 Tube Preamps
Kel Audio Announces Upgraded HM-7U Mic Body
Protection Racket Presents Triple AAA Drum Cases
"Band On Demand" Song Construction Kit for Songwriters
Orange Launches Dark Terror Amp
Mod Kits DIY Offers Tube Guitar Amp Kit, the MOD102
Ampeg Introduces Highly Anticipated Heritage B-15
Fishman Debuts Loudbox Artist Acoustic Instrument Amplifier
A Reflection on the Life and Legacy of Tsutomu Katoh, Founder of Korg Inc.
SoloEtte Introduces the Little Thumper Nylon Travel Bass
New Kurzweil SP4-8 Delivers Flagship Sounds in an Affordable, Customizable Stage Piano
Mapex Horizon Adds To Its Limited Edition Line with the HXB Series Drums
Genelec Offers 6010A Bi-Amplified Active Monitor and 5040A Active Subwoofer in Dark "Mystic" Black
New Tribute Series ASAT Deluxe Carved Top Is Ready to Rock
Korg Unviels Pa3X Professional Arranger Workstation
Basswitch IQ DI by Ruppert Musical Instruments SA
International Fall Road Show Dates Announced
HK Audio Now Shipping Elements Line of Modular Sound Reinforcment in the U.S.
Roland Introduces R-26 Portable Field Recorder
Antares Audio Technologies Previews ATG-6: Auto-Tune Technology for Guitar
New USB Audio Interface, EIE Pro from Akai Professional, Showcased at Summer NAMM 2011
A Fine and Rare Italian Bass by Giovanni Paolo Maggini, Brescia, c. 1610 - May 2011 New York
Canford Launch Wireless Comms System at ABTT
The Return of the Vestax Spin DJ Controller: Pre-loaded with algoriddim djay 3.1.1 and Now Shipping Within 24 Hours From the Apple Store
Audio Damage Releases Discord3
Manson's Launch MBK-3 Guitar Pickups
Alcons ACO Colours Speakers, Not Sound
TheArtightGarage Introduces the Artemis Bass and Guitar Amplifier
Electro-Voice Launches Additions To The Award-Winning EV-Innovation Loudspeaker Family
Legacy of Firsts: Denon Celebrates 100 Years of Passion for Audio
Files Multiple Federal Lawsuits Against Behringer
New overdrive and distortion guitar pedals from TC Electronic
Vicoustic Releases ViTUNE Acoustic Measurement Software
NetworkSound Releases Mamba AES-ANALOG – 16-Channel Analog to AES/EBU Converter
Gibson Guitar Announces The Brad Paisley Gibson Acoustic J-45
First Class Electronic Drum Kit, the Alesis DM10 X Kit, to be Showcased at Summer NAMM 2011
Manson's Launch John Paul Jones Signature Bass
DrumFire Releases the DFP7500 Drum Practice Pad
TuneCore and Berkleemusic on Touring, Mastering
Introducing the Don Felder "Hotel California" 1959 Les Paul From Gibson Custom
Girl Scouts Rock! Powered By Roland - Roland and GSUSA Kick Off New Music Initiative for Girls
Detunized releases Oberhain Live Pack and Ober Bundle
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Progressive, Electro & House MIDI Chords'
Leading Piano Manufacturers to Visit Gear4music for Digital Piano Fair
PreSonus Mixers Get Smaart with Leading Sound-System Analysis Tools
Electro-Voice Launches ZXA1 Compact Powered Loudspeaker
Music Industry Taps New Revenue Stream From Re-releases Through Specialized Restoration System Offered by Airshow Mastering & Plangent Processes
Hercules Announces the Immediate Availability of the DJ Console Mk4
Martin Guitar Expands Popular Performing Artist Series of Acoustic/Electrics with New PA4 Gloss-Top Models
GuitarStorage.com Unveils The Double-Stack Band Room™ Guitar Rack
Open Source Arduino Based Hardware Drum Sequencer: Beat707 LE
New Release for 2001 Summer NAMM Jensen® Jet Electric Lightning 10”
Korg Releases Sound Pack 2 For SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano
Fender® Announces Sonic Youth Signature Jazzmaster® Guitars
Hal Leonard Publishes Power Tools for Studio One 2
Switchcraft Releases SC702 Series Stereo A/V Direct Boxes
Elysia Releases Nvelope 500
PreSonus Acquires Nimbit
Recording King Introduces USA Banjo Custom Shop
MIDI utilities specialist Kenton is proud to announce availability of its new SYNC-5 Active DIN Sync Splitter as of November 8...
Ueberschall Announces "Beyond Tech House" Sound Library
Korg Introduces Limited Edition SP-170RD Digital Piano In Vibrant Red
Phoenix Audio Introduces the DRS-EQ/500
SPL MasterBay S - The S-Class Patchbay
PreSonus Adds Important New Features to Studio One 2
zplane Announces: PPMulator V3 with Loudness Metering
Sound Magic Releases Neo EQ Version 1.3
CAD Audio Debuts Updated E300S Condenser Mic
Peavey & Antares Announce the Peavey AT-200TM Guitar Featuring Auto-Tune® for Guitar Technology
Bose Offers New Accessories for ControlSpace and PowerMatch Systems
Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust, Official Memoir of Producer/Engineer Ken Scott, Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Line 6 Announces Variax Guitars Designed By James Tyler
HARMAN Now Offers Public Beta Version of Its JBL HiQnet Performance Manager™ Sound Reinforcement System Design Software
Legacy Exotic Drums Add Rare Hardwood Veneers
Line 6 Debuts Hd Amp Modeling In Three New Pod® Hd Multi-Effect Pedals
DiGiCo Showcases New Digital Broadcast Offerings At NAB 2012
Audio-Technica Introduces New System 8 Wireless
Ueberschall Releases Nouvelle Discotheque
Future Loops Releases Techstep DNB
Chauvet DJ Releases COLORband Pixel-Mapping Series
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Exciting New Drum DVD for Kids
Alesis Releases Three New USB MIDI Keyboard Controllers
Jackson Introduces New JS Series Basses
Grundorf Announces Tour 8 Series Drawmer Case
Jazz Standards for Students, Books 1–3 Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Godlyke Announces Release of HAO Bass Liner Preamp/EQ
Sound Magic Releases Timbre Rider, Frequency Terminator and Frequency Scissor, VST Effects for Windows
Loopmasters Present New Label from High Rankin - Plus French Electro House Vol. 2, Vanguard Presets, Progressive House
Korg Monotribe Now Shipping; Free SyncKontrol App Also Available
Roland Unveils GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer
PRS Guitars Introduces New PRS SE Amplifier Line
Griffin Debuts Eco-Friendly WoodTones Earbuds Made from Reclaimed Wood
Yamaha Introduces The Wes Borland Signature Guitar
Loomer Updates Manifold and Resound to 1.6.0
FabFilter Releases FabFilter Saturn Distortion and Saturation Plug-in
Chick Corea and Keyfax Newmedia Release Chick’s Mark V Sample Library for the Yamaha Motif XF
Wampler Pedals Releases “SLOstortion” Distortion Pedal
Lace® Introduces the “Stonewashed” Alumitone® Humbucker
HARMAN’s Lexicon Studio-Quality Reverb Is Now More Accessible Than Ever with the Introduction of the MPX Native Reverb Plug-In
Pete Evick Gets Dangerous on Bret Michaels' Mixes
Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson Uses Audio-Technica’s AT4080 Ribbon Microphone to Record Music for Upcoming Film "The Double"
Seymour Duncan Announces the Great Tone Treasure Hunt
Aguilar Amplification Announces the Tone Hammer 350 Super Light Amplifier
HC Confidential #148
New All-Inclusive DJ System, MIXDECK EXPRESS, Showcased at Summer NAMM
EAW®’s New JF and JFNT Series Loudspeakers Unveiled at InfoComm 2010
Peavey Offers Free PV 6 Mixer With Impulse 12D Powered Speakers Purchase By Rebate
Solid State Logic Releases New Features for Nucleus
Seymour Duncan Unveils Gus G. FIRE Blackouts System
SONiVOX Releases 250MB General MIDI SoundFont Bank
TransAudio Group Ships New Bock Audio IFET Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic
HARMAN’s JBL Professional Introduces STX800 Series Portable Loudspeakers at Prolight & Sound 2012
Prime Loops Releases "Soundtrack Composer" Sound Library
Richie Biggs and Charlie Peacock Get Dangerous in Nashville
Yamaha Launches New DXR Powered Loudspeaker and DXS Subwoofer Line
Nady Introduces 16-Channel Plug-In Micro Wireless Series
Argosy G22 Workstation Does Double Duty at South Florida Production Studio
TransAudio Group Introduces Bettermaker EQ 232P
MoReVoX – Parallel Drums
Ueberschall Releases Electro House Inferno, the Latest in the Vodovoz Series
AES Launches New Project Studio Expo at 133rd Convention
Hosa Technology Second Generation Elite Series Guitar Cables Now Shipping
Earthworks WL40V Wireless Capsule Now Shipping
The Audix f50 Gets Wired – For Sound
Backbeat Books Publishes How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!
Puremagnetik Releases Zodiak - Amp'd Up Moog Basses for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic
Native Instruments Introduces Raw Voltage
Announces the All-Tube NT2 Lil’ Night Train
iZotope Announces Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced
Avid Releases Pro Tools 10, Pro Tools|HDX
Auralex Unveils New ProMAX Panels at AES 2011
iZ Technology Corporation Launches ADA II
HARMAN’s DigiTech Launches the New Sound-Off Pedal for the iStomp Downloadable Pedal
Hal Leonard Publishes Desktop Mastering
New! 65amps presents high-quality portable amp, The Ventura
Blue Cat Audio Unleashes Blue Cat's Freeware Pack II
American DJ Unveils Eco UV Bar Plus LED-Powered Ultraviolet Light With 30% More Brightness
AmpKit 1.3 Features Trace Elliot, the First Modern Bass Amp Modeled for the iOS Platform
Rob Papen Releases BLADE
Waldorf and Rolf Wöhrmann Design Pioneering New iPad Synthesizer
Vince Gill: Guitar Slinger Authentic Guitar TAB Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Neyrinck's V-Control iPad App Now Includes Control Skins for Top Audio and Video Apps on Mac and PC
NUGEN Audio Demonstrates Prototype of New ISOSTEM® Surround Upmixer/Downmixer Plug-In at AES SF 2012
Radial introduces the Submix 500™ 4X1 mixer module
Blue Cat Audio Licenses Audio Plug-in Technology to Zynaptiq
V-Picks Releases the New Venom Guitar Pick
New Generation of Analog I/O Cards Now Available
All in One: Vienna Software Package
QSC Audio Products Named One of the Top Ten Orange County Workplaces
J. Naylor LLC Releases Axe Balancer for Neck Heavy Guitars & Basses
CHAUVET® DJ Announces the Release of PiXPar 24 and PiXPar 12
Radial Introduces the Q4 Class-A Parametric Equalizer
MUSIC Group Releases BEHRINGER C50A and C5A Reference Monitors
Stanton Builds upon the Ground-Breaking SCS.4DJ with Version 3.0 of the SC-IX OS
Richie Kotzen Autographed Lâg T400DCE Guitar Giveaway
Bose Launches New FreeSpace Amplifiers for Single-Zone and Expandable Applications
Mass Appeal Guitars: Guitarists Unite and Perform in Union Square NYC on June 21st
Sound Magic releases Orchestral Strings One V1.05 - free hybrid modeled string orchestral instrument
Equinox Sounds Releases Smash Up The Studio 'MIDI Lab: Jazzy Soul' Sample Pack
Camel Audio Announces Availability of Alchemy v1.5
New nvelope Rack Now Shipping
Nektar Ships Panorama P4, the First Dedicated Controller for Propellerhead Reason
Fishman Unveils Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller at Winter NAMM
PRS Guitars Announces the Special Edition DGT Standard
PreSonus Streams NAMM Show to the World
HC Confidential #152
Lauten Audio Announces New "Atlantis" Microphone
MOTU Introduces MicroBook II Audio Interface
New! Daring Audio Introduces Bass and Guitar Pedal: a Harmonic Exciter and Natural Overdrive, the Edge Activator HD
Lace Music Products Releases S-100 Lace Sensor Single Coils
Allen & Heath Launches Two New ZED Models
UVI Releases Gypsy Jazzy
Sound Radix Announces SurferEQ - A Pitch Tracking EQ Plug-in for Windows and Mac OS
Hal Leonard Unveils World’s First Cloud-Based App for Sheet Music
Equinox Sounds Releases Smash Up The Studio "MIDI Keys: Keyboard Riffs of the '60s & '70s Vol 2"
Brian Moore Custom Shop Releases Marc Cooper Signature Model
Tech 21’s Boost DLA Undergoes Makeover and Several Updates
Free Version of Anvil Studio Now Hosts VST Instruments
NuForce Introduces Its All-In-One Mobile Audio Center
Future Loops Releases Real RNB Percussion
Nine Volt Audio Announces Solo Guitaret – Free Instrument for Kontakt 4/5
Hercules Unveils New Mixing Console Controller for Computers
Toontrack Announces Backbeat MIDI
Sound Devices Showcases Next-Generation Portable Audio/Video Recorders
Overloud Releases Mark Studio 2
Native Instruments Releases Traktor Pro 2.5
Soundtrack Loops Announces Pulsed Records Techno Structures Loops & Samples
Martin Guitar Unveils Four New Guitar Models for Spring Season
Heil Sound Introduces Pro Set 3 Headphones
Ohm Studio: The World’s First Real-Time Collaborative DAW Is Available Now
Ueberschall Releases Blues Colors Sample Library
Source Audio Adds Innovation to Accessories with the Release of Dual Expression Pedal
Chauvet Releases Hypnotic and Rugged COLORbar SMD
Lauten Audio "Atlantis" Microphone Now Shipping
Native Instruments Introduces The Giant
Rotosound Re-invent Legendary Vintage Fuzz Pedal
AlumiSonic Introduces the New 1100-Deluxe Aluminum Guitar
A-Designs Audio Crafts a New Classic, the "Ventura"
Puremagnetik Releases Free Live Pack for Ableton's Analog
HARMAN’s DigiTech Introduces Magic Fingers Vibrato for the iStomp Programmable Pedal
iConnectivity Releases iConnectMIDI: a MIDI Interface for All iOS Devices
Eventide Releases New Software Upgrade for Stompboxes
Native Instruments Releases Evolve
Swar Systems Releases New "Bollywood" Sequencer
Peavey Triple X II Guitar Amplifier Unleashes All-Tube, High-Gain Versatility
Recording School Online Releases "Layering Reverb/Advanced Analog" Instructional Video
Hal Leonard Shipping The Power in Reason
PowerFX Release New Vocaloid Oliver
Puremagnetik Releases Synth700 - A MiniKorg Inspired Instrument
Alfred Expands Its Widely Popular Artist Series with Bryan Beller: Mastering Tone and Versatility Bass Instruction DVD
Allen & Heath to Showcase New Products at Pro Light & Sound
Hosa Technology and Goby Labs Announce New Accessories Group: Stands
MAGMA – The Audio Effects Experience You've Been Waiting For!
Sound Magic Releases Neo Plasma, a Multi Delay Type Effect with Plasma Collision System
Alfred Music Publishing Releases New Shred Guitar Book, Shredding the Composers
Audio-Technica and Celebrated Artists Support Music Education
XTA Electronics' DS8000 Audio Distribution System
MIDAS Launches Mixtender iPad App
HC Confidential 164
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Experimental Dubstep Bundle (Vols 1-3)" Sample Pack
Radial President Peter Janis Creates an Interface with the Middle East
SoundsOnline.com Ships Zero G “Club Classics”
Denon DJ Exhibits DN-HC5000 Serato™ Itch Controller
Ergonomic “DuoStrap” Offers Shoulder Pain Relief for Guitar and Bass Players
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Deviant Dubstep' Sample Pack
Moog Announces Revolution 2 of Its Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer
Blackbird Pedalboards Introduces Custom Pedalboard Skins
HARMAN’s JBL Professional Expands VTX Line Array Series With S28 and G28 Subwoofers at Prolight & Sound 2012
Prime Loops Release “Twisted Dubstep Beats”
The Loop Loft Announces The Hunter/Harland Remix Competition - Over $2K in Prizes
DiMarzio to Release Steve Vai Gravity Storm Pickups
Universal Audio Now Shipping Apollo High-Resolution Audio Interface with Realtime UAD Processing
Hosa Technology Second Generation Elite Series Microphone Cables Now Shipping
Guitar Center Opens New North Charlotte Store
Furman Now Shipping Contractor Series CN-1800S and CN-2400S SmartSequencers
PreSonus Announces iPad Control for AudioBox 1818VSL Computer Interface
Native Instruments Introduces ELECTRIC VICE
Sample Magic Releases The Producer’s Manual by Paul White
Future Loops Releases Pro Dance Kits - Glitch Micro House 01
Behringer’s The Next Level Contest
'Simaudio' Launches Pro Audio "Moon" Branded Hardware Division
IK Multimedia Introduces DJ Rig for iPad - The All-in-One, Fully Featured, Professional DJ App
Introducing the New Nord Electro 4 HP
Sounds Like Heaven: HARMAN’s DigiTech Introduces Its Angelic Choir e-pedal for the iStomp™ Downloadable Pedal
Siegmund Guitars & Amplifiers Introduces the New Doppler Vibe
HC Newsletter #188
Auralex Offers SheetBlok-AF Sound Isolation Barrier Material with New Base-Coat Paint
Neumann KH 120 Studio Monitors Deliver Superior Midrange and Truthful Response for Classical Music Producer Leszek Wojcik
Precisionsound Releases Angelic Vocal Pads 5
Native Instruments Introduces Platinum Bounce
Free Finale NotePad Allows Anyone to Create Music
Grace Digital Audio Adds a Splash of Color to Internet Radios with the New Mondo Wi-Fi Music Player
Guitar Center Professional Helps Outfit the Islamic Center of Hernando County, Florida, with New Sound System and Acoustical Treatment
Future Loops Releases VIP Cruiser - West Coast Kits
Tek'it Audio Updates APC Plug-in to 1.3
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Trance Monster: NI Massive Soundbank'
Detunized Releases Magmavox 3000 Live Pack
Toontrack Releases Session Drums MIDI
Ueberschall Releases 70s Funk Rock
Voxengo VariSaturator 1.10 Saturation Plugin Released
Synthogy Present Their Most Detailed Ivory II Piano to Date
Hal Leonard Publishes Logic Pro for Recording Engineers & Producers
GC Pro Takes Care of AV for Wellsville, Ohio’s Holy Trinity Parish Church
IK Multimedia Announces iRig KEYS: The Universal Portable Keyboard Controller for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC
Producerloops.com Releases "Supalife Electro Trance Vol 1" Sample Pack
Yamaha Touch And Tone To Go: New Piaggero Digital Pianos
Fret-King Black Label Unveiling Helps Make 2012 the Best NAMM Show Yet for JHS
Gemini’s GTX Loudspeakers: Merging Value and Sound Quality
GrooveZoo Announces The GrooveStore
Agile Partners Announces Ashdown Engineering as an AmpKit Official Gear Partner, Launches "Setup Smackdown" Contest
Processing WAVES: June 2010
Korg Debuts Micrometro as Part of Expansive Tuner/Metronome Family
Lisson Grove Makes Debut and Launches R-124 Compressor
GC Pro Again Helps Outfit the Backstage "Hay Bale Studio" at Bonnaroo 2011
ACM@UCO to Host Heartless Bastards, The Black Angels and More at Student-Run Performance Space & Curate SXSW Showcase
Mapex Puts the Pedal to the Metal with New RAPTOR Direct Drive Pedal
Korg USA Announces Winner of “What Would You Do for a Korg Kronos?” Contest
Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin Announce Global Music Competition
IK Multimedia’s ARC System Gets 64-bit Update and Attractive New Pricing
Yamaha Bundles All Disklavier Models with Groundbreaking Zenph Software Products
Kurzweil PC3 OS V2.0: A Whole New Instrument
Brianna de Alba Joins the Daisy Rock Family
React Presents: Grammy-nominated TRENTEMOLLER (LIVE) - 1st Ever Chicago Performance
Master the Drumming Style of John Bonham with Alfred's Ultimate Drum Play-Along: Led Zeppelin Songbooks
Engineer Alek Edmonds Adds KK audio labs DS-8 Monitors
Electro-Voice EVA Arrays put Performance in Reach for Mountaintop Community Church
Godin Guitars @ Winter NAMM 2011
SD8 Named "Best Large Format Console" by Live Sound International Readers
Guitar Center Professionals Latest Sweepstakes Winner is Loving His JBL LSR4328P Speakers
New Spectrasonics' Omnisphere Library and Contest to Win Custom OMG-1 Synth to Raise Funds for the Foundation
Waves and HARMAN Team with Dell to Deliver Studio-Quality Sound to new XPS Laptop
American DJ Unveils Compact, User-Friendly Micro Galaxian Green/Red Laser Effect
Guitar Center Professional and D.A.S. Audio Step Up Their Relationship to Bring Customers an Even Wider Array of Live Sound and Installed Sound Products
Win a $5000 Fender Guitar Package from Reunion Blues
Dimebag Darrell's Riffer Madness DVD Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Stewart Audio Announces New Web Portal and Webinar Series
Waves Announces Modeled Plugin Version Of Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter®
New Maple and Birch Kits in Pearl's Vision Series
BEHRINGER iNUKE Series Power Amps Now Shipping!
YouNow Launches World's First Live-Broadcast Social Game
Jakob Dylan on Guitar Center Sessions
DBZ Guitars by Dean B. Zelinsky to Unveil Z-Glide Neck at NAMM 2011
Blackbird Pedalboards Introduces a Line of Production Boards
T. Rex Tone, from a Legendary Les Paul Reborn
Leading Pianist to Feature Casio Privia During Upcoming Performance
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Uplifting Trance MIDI Chords Bundle'
EAW KF740 Loudspeakers Are the Centerpiece for L.A.s Supperclub
Easy Ukulele Play-Along Series Released by Alfred Music Publishing
The Boys Are Back With DiGiCo – Thin Lizzy Do Anything They Want To With The 500th SD8
analogfactory Releases "Frequency Transformations" for Native Instuments FM8 Synthesizer
Ritter Releases the New Signature Bass "The Bone"
Recording School Online Releases "Advanced Compression Techniques Simplified"
New Ensoniq PARIS Windows Driver Released
Tech 21 Expands Boost Series Line with 4 New Effect Pedals
Hal Leonard Releases First Two Music Apps Based on Best-Selling MusicPro Guides Series
Loopmasters Present Tech House Styles and Meat Katie Tech Funk 2
Wicked Audio Breaks Barriers by Launching the First-Ever Radio Station for Facebook ®
Rock Preset Extravaganza x 2!
Lace Debuts “Ultra Slim Acoustic Bass” Pickup
Going Pro With Cubase 6 Instructional Resource Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec Creates New Revenue Stream for Hollywood’s Universal Mastering
V-MODA Vanquishes “The Great Compression” Via VAMP for iPhone 4/4S – Integrated Headphone Amplifier, Digital-to-Analog Convertor and Battery Pack
Chauvet Dynamic Duo: Sweeper Led and 6Spot
Hammerax Releases Nu Bells
Fits & Starts Productions Heads West with HOW-TO Church Sound Workshop Training Tour
Bullet Cable Releases the Bullet Cable SLUG™ Connector Kit
V-MODA’s Crossfade M-80 Metal On-Ear Headphone Packs Explosive Sound in a Sleek Size
Countryman Type 10 and Type 10S DI’s on Tour with Carrie Underwood and Johnny Hallyday
KSD Basses on Display at Musikmesse 2010
PRS Guitars Releases New SE Santana In Stores October 2010
EnRoute Music Presents the RP PorchBoard Bass
Dunlop Unleashes Black Fang Picks
Protection Racket Nutcases Now Available In Single Cases
Korg Unveils Mp-10 Pro Professional Media Player
Two Notes Audio Engineering Presents the Torpedo VM-202 Dual-Processor Guitar/Bass Cab Simulator
Reußenzehn Tube Power Introduces the Mk3-Version
Akai Pro MPK25 Performance Keyboard Now Shipping
Fender Musical Instruments Corp. Launches the Girl Rock Nation
VHT Breaks the Handwired Price Barrier with the all-new Special 6!
DRUM! Magazine Rhythm Night: A Benefit For Richie Hayward
Elektron Music Machines just uploaded two tutorial videos for the Octatrack
Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra’s Vibe Spread at Ljubljana’s Arena Stozice by Electro-Voice System
Bob Heil Debuts New Show on Leo Laporte’s TWiT
EAW® Adds MicroWedge8 and MicroWedge10 to MicroWedge Series Stage Monitors
TC-Helicon announces VoiceTone Singles range of vocal processing pedals
BOSS Announces TU-10 Clip-On Tuner
Future Loops Releases Headbangers - Metal Drums
CAD Audio Introduces New Line of Headphones
Nady Introduces New Mini Headphone Guitar Amp
HARMAN’s AKG Introduces DMS 70 Digital Wireless Microphone System
Nord Piano Library v5.3 Adds Long Release Support
ALVA Presents the Nanoface, a 12-Channel, Bus-Powered USB Audio and MIDI Interface
131st AES Convention Historical Events: Stokowski to Sear
Yamaha’s Well-Received A-Series Guitars Issued in Bear Claw Spruce Tops
Guitar Center, The Nation’s Largest Instrument Retailer, Opens Its 222nd Store with New Location In the Houston Area
Renkus-Heinz TRX Series Blends in at Church of the Holy Cross
John Mclaughlin Meet & Greet @ Godin Booth During Musikmesse 2011
Loopmasters present Alex Niggemann, Iconical Vocal Acapellas and BHK NI Massive
PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Wins Prestigious MIPA Award
Allen & Heath and Waves Host Online Training Sessions
Splurgo Audio releases Cajon Loops Pack 1 & 2
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Newly Revised Editions of Best-Selling Blues and Blues-Rock Guitar Methods
Alfred Music Publishing Expands the Ultimate Play-Along Series with The Rolling Stones
Soundtrack Loops Announces Remix Contest Sponsored by Acoustica Mixcraft 6
Blackstar Amplification Now Shipping New HT-5 Series Reverb Models
Soundcraft Presents Si Compact Digital Live Sound Mixer
Radial Engineering releases the EXTC 500 for the Workhorse and other 500
Country Music Hall of Fame ® and Museum to Honor ‘Mister Guitar’ Chet Atkins with Biographical Exhibit
Celemony Releases the ARA Development Environment
New Adams Concert Bass Drums
Ludwig Announces New Centennial Series Maple Drums
This Telecaster Hyper-ModTM Gives You 700 Percent More Pure Analog Pickup Tones
Twisted Tools Releases S-Layer
Milab Microphones Appoints Joint Rent as Exclusive Distributor for Italy
Milab Presents the VM‐44 Supercardioid Capsule
Zeehi Declares Independence for Digital Mixing Console Users, Announcing July Fourth as the Go-Live Date of CueCast Console File Conversion Service
Precisionsound Releases Hedberg Travel Organ for NI Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont
Sonnox Releases First AAX Plug-Ins
New Sample Library - Syncussion Drums
Sion Software Has Released QuickScore Elite Level II 2011
Rylee Announces Guitar Fretboard Addict v1.0 For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Devices
Mackie Introduces New Ultra-Compact TH-12A Powered Loudspeaker
Tech 21 Boost RVB Undergoes Update and Makeover
Loopmasters Present Indie Dance & Nu Electro, Reggae Soundclash and DJ Mixtools Mix FX
Yamaha Introduces DGX640 Portable Digital Grand
V-MODA Unveils Limited Edition Crossfade LP2 Matte Black Metal Headphones
Voxengo OldSkoolVerb 2.0 Freeware Reverb Plugin Released
Universal Audio Releases MXR Flanger/Doubler and Little VOG for UAD-2 Platform
Veillette Acoustic Bass “Makes The Cut”
Korg Extends Monomania Sound Contest Through End of 2011
Kid Nepro Releases Vintage Synths Volume 2 For WAV, Reason & Kontakt
Native Instruments Introduces VINTAGE COMPRESSORS
JoeCo previews new Blackbox BBR64-Dante Recorder at Frankfurt
Filter Research 3 ReFill - Complex Effects for Reason 6 Released
Auralex Unveils New ProMax Panels at Winter NAMM 2012
Cakewalk Launches SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop: Next Level with Craig Anderton Video Tutorial
Hal Leonard Publishes Microphones & Mixers
Gretsch Introduces G6120DE Duane Eddy Signature Hollow Body Guitar
Free SONAR X1 Trial Now Available
Arturia Announces the Shipping of the “Oberheim SEM V”
Native Instruments Announces the Next TRAKTOR Generation
iGuitar.USB and iPad!
RØDE Microphones release a complete line of compact wearable microphones
A Perfect Match: Intimidator Spot LED 150 and Intimidator Wash LED 150
District 36 Dance Club Relies on Powersoft to Deliver Sonic Excitement
Precisionsound Releases Tranzitone for NI Kontakt 4 & 5
Xone Mixed In Key v5 launched
Platinum Samples: Andy Johns Kit 1 for Session Drummer 3
Roland Tri-Capture and Duo-Capture USB Audio Interfaces Now Available
GuitarStorage.com Unveils The Studio "Short" Guitar Case Rack
Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett Installs KK Audio Labs DS-8 Monitors
Marshall Unleashes new Valvestate Guitar Combos
Johnson Expands the Solara Special Line With Left-Handed and 3/4-Size Models
Splurgo Audio Presents Darbuka Loops and Computer Sounds
Devon Goocher Joins the Daisy Rock Family!
Sion Software's QuickScore Elite 2012 Introduces Multi-System Panoramic Views
Aperion Audio Introduces Hi-Fi via Wi-Fi for Windows
ILIO Announces the Magnetic Bundle from Nomad Factory
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Its Decade by Decade Series with 100 Years
Overloud Releases BREVERB 2 Mix Pack Free
DC Voltage Announces Power-Chain Pack
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Beethoven’s Wig: Sing Along Symphonies Songbook
The Dethklok "Thunderhorse" Explorer: Metal... Way More Metal
Genelec Exhibits Its 8260A Tri-Amplified DSP Monitoring System with Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC™) Technology
MOTU Demos ThunderBolt Workflows at NAB 2012
Registration Opens for AES Conference on Music-Induced Hearing Disorders
Cerwin-Vega! Announces New Line of Mixers
vescoFx Introduces Cross Delay VST Plugin
Audio-Technica Offers More Reasons to Get Your Own Mic
Portable Remote Control for HARMAN Studer Vista Consoles to Be Unveiled at NAB 2012
Precisionsound Releases Astrosphere: Soundscape Loops Inspired by Science Fiction
World Exclusive: The New Logic Studio Unveiled by macProVideo.com
Puremagnetik Releases B-System XL : A Buchla 200e Library
Voxengo HarmoniEQ 2.2 Harmonically-enhanced Equalizer Plugin Released
Control Final Cut Pro 7 from iPad with Neyrinck's V-Control Pro
The New V-Pick Emerald Green Guitar Picks
This Year's Top Tours Include Pearl’s TruTrac Electronic Drumheads
Stanton’s New DJC.4: A Complete Solution for Today’s Digital DJ
ZMX Music Launches
TASCAM Shrinks Portastudio with Dp-03 Tabletop Multitrack Based on Best-selling DP-02
ILIO Announces Vienna MIR PRO 24
Tone2 Audiosoftware Release Saurus Analog Synthesizer
Vienna MIR PRO 24 Now Available
Celemony Capstan 1.1 – Now for Multiple Tracks and for Rent
The Perfect Semi-Hollow Gets a Brand New Look
Veillette Terz 12 raises the 12-string to new heights
Universal Audio Releases Official Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In for Uad-2 Platform
Introducing ROOTS - The Huge New Expansion Packs from Toontrack
TC Electronic Introduces xApp Technology for Ultimate Transparency and Consistency Across Platforms
Studiomaster Launches New Products at Prolight+Sound
eMedia Music Announces a New iPad Version of Guitar Method
Sample Logic Releases Synergy X!
Hal Leonard Publishes SPIN NOW! DJ Like a Pro on Any Type of Gear
ARTURIA Updates Jupiter-8V to Version 2.5
Reunion Blues Unveils “Midnight Series” Guitar and Bass RB Continental Cases
SKB Expands the Rack/Mixer Case Line
British Brand Sontronics Releases Three Mics Designed Specifically for Drums
Slam Tracks Releases Punk MIDI Drum Loops and Fills Pack 1
New Generative Sample Player/Drum Machine from Sineqube
Signed Items from Dave Matthews, Coldplay and Others to be Auctioned
Korg Releases v2.2.0 of Free AudioGate Conversion Software
Samplerbanks Releases "Logic's ES2: Basic to Intermediate Synthesis" by Sound Guru
SKYLIFE announces SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite
Sample Logic Releases TryPack!
Sample Magic Announce Launch of DemoGod App
Dweezil Zappa Limited Run Private Stock Semi-Hollow Electric
Royer Ribbons Used Extensively on New Jive Aces Album
Renoise 2.7 BETA - Back To Beats
Pay What You Want for Propellerhead Duo Owners to Upgrade to Reason 6
KBS Chooses Midas XL8 For Live TV And Radio
Tectonic - Free Earthquake Sonification Library for Ableton Live 8
Pêle-Mêle Works Launches Music Paper, a Range of Innovative Manuscript Stationery for Musicians
Musicians Get an Instant Drummer with Beats+, Now Available on the App Store
Pioneer Announces TRAKTOR 2 Now Included in its DDJ-T1 Controller
Ohm Force is Giving Away a 250Mb Pack of Multi-Sampled Instruments
Nine Volt Audio releases Duo – Steel Tongue in Kontakt 3/4 Format
Native Instruments Launches "Free Pro Upgrade" Special for TRAKTOR KONTROL X1
Modartt Releases a Tubular Bells Add-On for Pianoteq
HARMAN’s AKG Relaunches Classic Project Studio Line Of Condenser Microphones
Native Instruments Announces Time-Limited Special Upgrade Fffer on Komplete 8
Guitar World Lick of the Day App Introduces Jimi Hendrix Lick Packs
Roland Unveils Jupiter-50 Synthesizer
Roland Introduces New V-Compact Series V-Drums
Roland Announces New V-Tour Series Drums
Ableton Releases New Partner Instrument: Hip Hop Drums by the Loop Loft
T-Rex Announces SpinDoctor2
Auralex Highlights New Studiofoam Wave Panels at Musikmesse 2012
Nord Sample Library Expands with 180+ Vintage Keyboard Sounds
Mako Amplification Releases the Mak4 Rackmount Guitar Preamp
Bosendorfer 290 From Sonart Audio Is Available For Immediate Download
Godlyke releases TWA Triskelion Harmonic Energizer
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Hit the Keys! Funk, Soul, and R&B Piano/Vocal Songbook
TONE2 Announces Upcoming Release of SAURUS Analog Synthesizer
HC Confidential: Issue 160
Martin Guitar to Unveil Three Innovative Instruments at Musikmesse 2012
Plugin Alliance Announces SPL Plug-in Bundle and Noveltech’s First Plug-in
Bolder Sounds Releases Harmoniums of the Opera Sample Library for NI Kontakt
The Resurrection of Johnny Cash New from Jawbone Books
Diginoiz Releases 'Electro Massive Soundset'
Michael Romanowski Masters New "Junior Toots" Album 'A Little Bit of Love'
Native Instruments Launches Time-Limited Special Offer and Releases Update for George Duke Soul Treasures
Hal Leonard Publishes Recording Software & Plug-Ins
T-Rex Effects Launches ToneBug/Creed Contest
Ueberschall Releases Retro Action Score
EAW KF740 Loudspeakers Are the Latest Addition to Eurohire Sound and Light
The Reason Platform Now More Affordable Than Ever
Sound Magic Release BlueTube Compressor Version 1.1.
algoriddim Unveils djay for iPhone & iPod touch; Puts Powerful DJ App in Users’ Pocket
V-MODA Unveils Custom Headphones, Personalized To Match Your Style
Voxengo SPAN 2.3 FFT Spectrum Analyzer Plugin Released
The Recording Academy Pacific Northwest Chapter, in Partnership with The Producers & Engineers Wing, Presented The Pacific Northwest Studio Summit 2011
Theory for Busy Teens Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Tone2 Audiosoftware release BiFilter 2.3 update
SoundHack introduces Pvoc Kit plugins for Mac and Windows
Sweetlife Festival tickets on Sale
Strymon Brigadier dBucket Delay Effect Pedal Now Available
Sweetwater Presents GearFest ‘11
TC Electronic Is Proud to Present Two Shredding and Rocking TonePrints from One of the Best Guitar Players on the Planet – Paul Gilbert!
TC Electronic Presents the Sound of Far Out in the Guise of Three New TonePrints by Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age
Soniccouture Release Ondes for Kontakt Player
Sound Magic Releases Bass Lord, 3 Powerful Bass Enhancers in 1!
Shure Sponsors 12th Annual Latin Alternative Music Conference in NYC
Singer/Songwriter Jem Warren to Release 
New Album “Lifeblood To My Soul”
SWA Complete Reason 5 Video Tutorial Now Available.
Sarah Hockridge of Ophir Drive Joins the Daisy Rock Artist Roster
Sheet Music Publisher A.D.G. Productions introduces new website to download instructional materials
MakeMusic Announces Finale Notation Roadmap
Tek'it Audio Releases Genobazz 2 and Bassdrum Generation Soundset
KROQ Red Bull Sound Space Showcases DiGiCo Alongside Top Bands
DNR Collaborative releases High Voltage Kicks
Catalinbread Octapussy Hits the Streets
Retro Synths for Free from Ableton
RoGame Software Releases Mozart 2.0 for Mac OS
FuzzHugger Effects Releases the Bass Bloom
Peavey Offers Free Protective Loudspeaker Covers with PR Series Rebate
Producerloops.com Releases "Symphonic Series Vol. 2: Arabian Adventures 1" Sample Pack
Propellerhead Announces Reason 6 and Debuts Reason Essentials
Peavey® & Guitar World Announce Devin Townsend Exclusive Online Concert Event
Presenting the V-Hawk Elite
New Roland/BOSS Products for 2011
New Songwriter Tools
Opeth Guitarist Fredrik Åkesson Unveils PRS SE Signature Model at MESSE
Omnitronic DXO-26E – Successful Debut
Numark NS6 Mission:Control Takes Off at Famous NYC Club, Juliet Supperclub
Native Instruments Introduces Dark Pressure Expansion for Maschine
Native Instruments Announces KONTAKT 5
NUGEN Audio updates VisLM Loudness meter, including new stand-alone option
Native Instruments Announces KOMPLETE AUDIO 6
Music Icons GAMBLE & HUFF to be Honored by Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia with Lifetime Achievement Gala
Mod Kits DIY Releases the Trill Tremolo Pedal
MusiCares / VOX Charity Auction Underway
MakeMusic Unveils Finale 2012
Marshall White Headphones Now Available
Los Cabos Drumsticks is Pleased to Welcome Adam Doige to Their Artist Family
Los Cabos Drumsticks Extend Think Pink National Charity Campaign
Lee Ritenour's Second Annual Six String Theory Competition is Underway
Komplete 8 / Komplete 8 Ultimate Now Pre-Installed on Receptor 2
Korg USA Offers Multiple SP-170 Digital Piano Giveaways
Introducing Distortion Free, Pitch and Tempo Change Audio Software to the Broad Based Consumer Market
JBL LSR6300 Series Studio Monitors and VERTEC® Line Arrays Shine at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY® Awards
B.B. King Lucille Limited
Hercules Unveils a New Autumn/Winter 2011 Multimedia Speaker Collection
Hi-Tech Audio Adds A Slew Of DiGiCo Systems To Its Rental Inventory
HHB Streamlines Surround Sound Production at BVE 2011
Hal Leonard Publishes "Producing Music with Ableton Live"
Hal Leonard Releases Five New Real Books for NAMM
Guitar Center, the Nation's Largest Instrument Retailer, Opens Its 223rd Store with New Location in Orange, California
Gemini Introduces FirstMix -- USB DJ Controller for Aspiring DJs
Gretsch Introduces G6120 Eddie Cochran Signature Hollowbody Guitar
Faderpro and Beatport Sounds/To/Sample Announce Groundbreaking Partnership
Endless Analog Names KMR Audio as U.K. Dealer for Clasp (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor)
Daisy Rock Donates Guitar to Sea Now Showcase at SXSW
Daisy Rock Sponsors the Girls Rock Austin Showcase on March 17, 2011 at SXSW
Daisy Rock Welcomes Ann Reed to the Family
Daisy Rock Supports Keep A Breast Foundation at SXSW in Austin, Texas
Daisy Rock Supports Rock to the Future
D.A.S. Shows New Road Monitors
DNR Collaborative Announces Ultimate Sound Library Developer Bundle
DECO Effect Pedals by ToadWorks
DPA to launch groundbreaking d|FINE™ headset mics at IBC 2011
DVK Technologies Aussie Stomp Boxes Invade America!
Conflict Of Interest is Headed to Austin for SXSW on March 15th, RSVP Now
Cakewalk® Announces SONAR™ X1 Production Suite™ Now Shipping!
Blackstar Earns MIPA Award at Musikmesse 2011
Budda Amplification Announces Availability Of The Limited Edition Mark Nason MM-100
Blue Cat Audio Updates 6 Audio Analysis Plug-ins
Avid Unveils Scorch Sheet Music App for iPad
BC Audio Introduces Amplifier No. 9 and Amplifier No. 10
Arcade Fire Engineer Mark Lawson Takes UA Hardware on a Trip to the Suburbs
Alfred Introduces Vocal Complete Series with Jazz Standards for Male and Female Singers
Acoustic Image Introduces Even Higher Fidelity Series 4 Models
Ableton and SAE Expand Partnership
ATK Audiotek Provides Superior Sound For Super Bowl XLV With JBL VERTEC® Line Arrays
ADJ's New Revo Burst Takes Light Shows to new Places
A2IM Adds 15 New Label Members Including Big Machine, Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian, S-Curve & VP Records
2011 Tempe Guitar Show Saturday, March 26, 2011
Alpine Announces MusicSafe Classic™ Multi-frequency Hearing Protection
Glyph Technologies Now Shipping GPT50 Production-Quality Hard Drive
Dwarfcraft New Pedals!
Jamiroquai Tours Planet Earth with Midas XL8
Antares Introduces Auto-Tune EFX 2
Ueberschall Announces Ambient Elastik Inspire Series
G-Sonique Releases Mid-Side Envelope Follower FX Multi-filter+
Bubble-Ease! American DJ Introduces Bubbletron High-Output, Portable, Affordable Bubble Machine
Agile Partners' Guitar Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to be featured at 2011 NAMM Show Media Day
Kid Nepro Releases V2 Soundtrack Mix for Korg Kronos
Premier Guitar Announces Huge “Pro Pedalboard™” Giveaway
GrooveZoo's WTM Contest Enters the Mix Phase
HC Confidential #156
"Mavericks of Sound Design" Panel at Moogfest
Voxengo Soniformer 3.3 Spectral Mastering Processor Plugin Released
Avlex Introduces Four New Earset Microphones
Precisionsound Releases Exosphere in WAV, Kontakt & HALion Rormat
PRS Guitars Makes a Splash at the 50th Anniversary Rolex 24 At Daytona
New Twister 2 from T-Rex
German Radio Group Tune In Sonnox Broadcast Bundles
Shure Is a Perfect Match for Rising Stars The Band Perry
Aviom Pro16 Personal Mixers Are Integral Tool for Grammy-Winning Engineer Dylan Ely
Therapeutic Guitar Method Helps Teachers and Therapists Teach Students with Special Needs
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Electro & Tech Sylenth1 Soundbank'
Revolabs Enhances HD Control Panel to Support Entire HD Line of Wireless Microphone Systems
Roland Introduces HP500 Series Pianos
Roland Announces New HD-3 V-Drums Lite
Harman’s Lexicon Now Offering Individual Plug-Ins from PCM Native Effects and PCM Native Reverb Bundles
Jim Brickman: Romanza Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Chauvet Releases DMF-10 Effect Light
HC Confidential #154: SOPA, PIPA and You
Diginoiz Release "Southern City Sounds" Construction Kit
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Minimal FX Vol 1'
RME Presents the Silver Edition of the Babyface
Lace Music Releases First Signature Series Pickup Set: Matt Pike's "Dirty Heshers"
Aguilar Amplification Welcomes George Porter Jr. to its Artist Roster
SKB Redefines the "Affordable" Pedalboard
Carlos Santana’s Guitar Heaven Authentic Guitar Songbook Now Available from Alfred Music Publishing
Manage, Archive and Share Piano Performances with Yamaha Piano Diary App
Alesis Introduces iO4, 24-Bit USB Audio Interface
Producerloops.com Releases "Deep House Progressions Vol 5" Sample Pack
UVI Is Pleased to Release Emulation II
IK Multimedia Announces DJ Rig for iPhone
IK Multimedia Announces iRig MIX
Platinum Samples: Rock Legends QuickPack for BFD2 and BFD Eco
Joe Naylor Launches Railhammer Pickups
IK Multimedia Presents iRig MIC Cast
INXS Listening Party on AOL Music!
IK Multimedia Presents iRig STOMP
Heil Sound Announces Rock Hall Sweepstakes
Dunlop announces the release of the MXR Analog Chorus
Audix Rings in the New Year with New Band Packs
Jean Larrivee Guitars Announces 40th Anniversary Re-Issue Model
Midas launches new range of digital snakes
Rhyme Genie 4 Enchants Songwriters with Accompanying Software 'TuneSmith'
Eastern Acoustic Works Debuts Next-Generation Avalon by EAW Dance Club Loudspeakers
AKG Relaunches HSC and HSD Headset with Automatic Mute Function
Zero-G releases The Paradise Sessions: Soulful Latin & Lounge House
Veillette Guitars Introduces Custom Strings
Introducing the Phonorama from ESI Audio
Cakewalk® Releases SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop: Next Level with Craig Anderton Video Tutorial
HC Confidential #147
Harman’s Soundcraft Si Series Gains More Inputs and Options
Agile Partners Announces GuitarToolkit 2.0
Introducing a Trio of New Releases from Big Fish Audio
New Native RTAS Versions of SSL Duende Plug-Ins Now Available
HARMAN’s Soundcraft Releases “The Soundcraft Guide to Mixing” App for iPad
PRS Guitars and GRAND-AM Road Racing Add Exciting New Elements for the Partnership’s Third Year
MXL Introduces New Tempo USB Microphone for Mobile Recording
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Psy Trance Explorations 2'
Hal Leonard Publishes Pro Tools: Surround Sound Mixing
HARMAN’s DigiTech® Whammy® DT Pedal with Drop Tuning and True Bypass Is Now Shipping
KickPort Introduces D-Port™ Sound Enhancers For Snare Drums And Tom-Toms.
Peavey Headliner Packs Power & Features in a Lightweight Bass Amp
Softube Announces Mix Bundle Available in Cakewalk SONAR X1 Producer Expanded Module Format
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Progressive & Deep House Melodies'
Michael Romanowski Masters "Laurel Zucker" Project for Producer Leslie Ann Jones
Stanton Launches Innovative SCS.4DJ Fully Integrated DJ Mixstation at Musikmesse 2011
Radial Announces 500 Series Workhorse and Modules selected by James Burton Foundation
Fohhn Releases A-1 Live Audio Interface
Synthogy Release Ivory II Bundle for a Limited Time Only!
The AUDIX TM1 Plus Makes a Measurable Difference
PreSonus Brings Winter NAMM Show to You Via the Web!
Korg Introduces a Variety of Applications, Including Its Newest iKaossilator, Making Music-Making Simple and Enjoyable for Everyone
Ueberschall Releases Funky Tonewheels
Fender® Introduces Pawn Shop Series Guitars
Applied Acoustics Systems Releases Chromaphone
Ueberschall Releases Synth Pop - A New Sample Library
Stanton Announces Updated OS Software and New QuickGrid Software for SCS.4DJ
Prime Loops Announce Hip Hop Militia
Library of the Extreme - Fill Insanity
Detunized Releases Vlamba Live Pack and a Free Download for Ableton
Sample Magic Announces the Release of The Secrets of House Music Production: iPad Edition
KYMA X.82: A Synthesis Engine for Alternative Controllers & Interactive Sound Design
Kenton Electronics Announce Eurorack Modular MIDI-to-CV Convertor
Martin Guitar Opens New Distribution Center
algoriddim Releases New djay 4.0 for Mac, Introducing Harmonic Match for Music Enthusiasts to Create the Perfect Mix
Blue Microphones Announces Yeti Pro - The World's First High-Resolution USB/XLR Microphone
Corsynth Releases C101 OTA Lowpass Filter
Bluezone Corporation Releases "Lightning Blue"
NUGEN Audio Has Announced the Release of LM-Correct Loudness Finalizer for Avid Editors.
VOX Amplification Presents “VOX Tone Test” Events
Bryan Downey Joins Natal Drums
New Laptop Stand for Stage & Studio Now Available from Akai Pro
Switch to PreSonus Studio One Professional 2 —and Save!
Soundtrack Loops Releases Loop Theory: Chillout in Multiple Formats
Drum Channel Announce Luis Conte, Jonathan Moffett and Terry Bozzio Drum Jam
Drum Werks Releases New Downloadable Multi-Velocity Snare Drum Samples Library
Sonoma Wire Works' GuitarJack (Model 2) Digital Audio Interface for iOS Devices
Primacoustic Is Pleased to Announce the Black StratoTile
iZotope Ships Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced
analogfactory releases Black Mamba
Alto Professional Is Now Shipping Two New Passive Loudspeakers and Two Heavy-hitting Subwoofers
JBL Professional Introduces Its Best EON Loudspeaker Ever At NAMM 2011
Metal Essentials EZmix Pack from Toontrack
From Liverpool to Abbey Road Guitar Method Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Zero-G unleashes Electro Glitch Essentials
Minnetonka Audio Unveils Essential New Dolby E Update
Denon DJ Unveils the DN-SC2000 Controller
Native Instruments Launches Special Offer for KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 interface
T-Rex Introduces 3 NEW Pedals at NAMM
Torpedo VM-202, the World's most advanced Speaker Sim, by Two Notes
Buddy Blaze Guitars Launches Indonesian Factory
Outline Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. Line Array Takes Center Stage for Broadway Smash Relatively Speaking
SampleTank from IK Multimedia Now Also Available as Free App for iPhone/iPod Touch
Guitar Center Professional Debuts New Ocean Way HR-3 High Resolution Reference Monitor System at AES
Audio-Technica SpectraPulse Ultra Wideband Wireless Microphone System Chosen for Boardroom at Minneapolis Headquarters of Fairview Health Services
Lenny Kravitz Goes 3rd Power's Way
PreSonus Announces Studio One 2—a Stunning Upgrade!
Soundtrack Loops Releases Two Royalty-free Sample Packs, Latin Percussion and Latin Instruments
Korg Unveils Its MMA130 Mobile Monitor Amplifier
Martin Introduces The HD-35 Nancy Wilson "Heart" Signature Edition Guitar
Future Loops Releases Monster Risers
SampleTank for iPhone/iPod Touch Now Available from IK Multimedia
Guitar Center, the Nation’s Largest Instrument Retailer, Opens Its 221st Store with New Location in Round Rock, Texas
Backbeat Books Publishes The Blues Guitar Handbook - by Adam St. James
Blue Cat Audio Releases Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix Plug-in and a New Bundle
Introducing Reason 6
Denon DJ Displays the DN-X600 2-Channel Digital Mixer
Native Instruments Introduces iMaschine
EpiK DrumS EDU Interactive Mixing DVD by Legendary Producer Ken Scott Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Cakewalk® Makes Sharing Your Music Fast and Easy With New SoundCloud Integration
American Audio Introduces VMS2 2-Channel MIDI Work Station
Announcing V-Control Ipad Controllers for Pro Tools
ProducerLoops.com Announces Distribution Deal with MVP Loops
Sample Magic Release Nu Disco & Dubstep
Systems, Book 1: Drumming Technique and Melodic Jazz Independence Distributed by Alfred
Waves Now Shipping Modeled Plugin Version of Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter
You Will Like Mike, Apogee’s Studio Quality Microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac
Producerloops.com Releases "Dark Tech Progressions Bundle (Volumes 1-3)"
Lamb of God's Chris Adler and Mapex Drums Draw an Impressive 730 Fans to Tour Kickoff in Salt Lake City, Utah
Mark Farina, Audio Soul Project, Justin Long to Headline “Mayhem at The Mid” Friday, March 25th
ROLAND Ships New SuperNATURAL Pianos
Loopmasters New Product - Pete Lockett World Percussion & DJ Mixtools Deep & Soulful House
V-MODA Debuts True Blood® REVAMP Metal High-Fidelity In-Ear Headphones
Gibson Guitar Hosts Innovation at Musikmesse 2010
Vibesware GR-Junior: A New Guitar Resonator Model Makes Home Recording Easier
Lick Library New Release: Steve Trovato's American Blues in 6 Weeks
Korg Adds Midi Control to Top-Selling iMS-20 App for Ipad®
Genelec Monitors Chosen for Sound System at New York’s Pony Bar
Guitar Center Professional Helps Outfit Converse’s New Rubber Tracks Recording Studio Facility
Gemini Sound Expands Arsenal of EAW KF740 Loudspeakers
French Double-Manual Harpsichord by Nicolas Pigalle from 1771 Now Available From realsamples
IK Multimedia announces iRig Mic: the first handheld microphone for iPhone.
Squier® Introduces Matt Freeman Signature Precision® Bass
Korg USA Holds What Would You do for a Kronos? Product Giveaway Video Contest
Los Cabos Drumsticks New Product Announcement
HARMAN’s Crown Audio and JBL Professional Power Expansion At Indiana Convention Center
Lava Cable Introduces Lava Para-Strap Guitar Straps
Hottie Inc. Announces 5th Anniversary Hottie Custom Amp
Pmc Unveils Exciting New AML2 Active Reference Monitor For Music Recording And Post Applications
The Tony Maserati Artist Signature Collection from Waves Expands with new Plug-in and Features
Kreativ Sounds updates ABYSS Pro-53 Sounds to Version 3
Cake: Guitar TAB Anthology Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Platinum Samples: Steve Ferrone Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library
Alesis Announces Q25 USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller
Audio Impressions, Inc. Releases 70 DVZ Strings
Roland Ships New Cube-XL Bass Amplifiers
Boss Introduces St-2 Power Stack Compact Pedal
New Vater Products for NAMM/2011 part 2
Roland Introduces TRI-CAPTURE and DUO-CAPTURE USB Audio Interfaces
Reeves Gabrels to Demo Reverend Signature Guitar at NAMM
Denon DJ Enhances DN-S3700 Digital Media Turntable with New Midi Hybrid Mode
XONE Ships XD-40 DJ Headphones
Blue Microphones Announces Availability of Reactor, Multi-Pattern Recording Microphone
Korg Addresses The Needs of the Performing Keyboardist With the PS60
Chauvet DJ to Show New LED Fixtures at LDI 2011
Brunetti and Overloud Join Their Forces on Guitar Amp Simulation Software
Ableton introduces Amp
Blue Microphones Announces Reactor, Multi-Pattern Recording Microphone
Big Bang Releases AHEAD Metronome Practice Pad
Revolutionary OGIO Hardware Sled From AHEAD Armor Cases
Berkleemusic.com Debuts New Online Drum Curriculum
BBE Sound Releases 'Stomp Ware'
JoeCo Ships BlackBox BBR64-MADI Recorder
Korg Now Shipping Pandora Mini
Future Loops Releases Live Dubstep Drums
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Tech-House Kits Vol 1'
A Music Website that Creates a Unique Link Between Musicians and the Music Industry Lets You Try for Free
New Avid VENUE IO16 Option Card Enhances Live Sound Mixing and Routing Flexibility
Alfred Expands its Pro Audio Series with The Studio Builder’s Handbook
Alfred Distributes Danny Seraphine: The Art of Jazz Rock Drumming by Drum Channel
Alfred Co-Sponsors Sweepstakes for Gordon Goodwin to Customize Jazz Band Arrangement for Winning School
Yamaha Offers DSR Speaker September Promotion and Enhanced Warranty Policy
Modern Superstar Ready New Single 'Devil's Playground'
Pearl Sensitone Snare Drums in Limited Edition Black Nickel Hairline Finish
Orange Amps Unveil Revolutionary OPC Musician’s Personal Computer
New Orleans-based Liveset to Release its First Full Concert for Purchase
Lectrosonics Announces HH Handheld Transmitter
Softube Launches Tonelux Tilt for Native and TDM Formats
Audio-Technica Introduces AT2021 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
Pearl CX Airframe Carrier Stands Up to DCI 2010
Percussive Arts Society Announces PASIC 2010 Lineup
Boss Announces Ps-6 Harmonist Compact Pedal
Daniel Stawczyk's "MOON" Sound Bank for VA-1 Ultra Analog Synthesizer
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017 Mobile DI/Preamp/Compressor Now Shipping
Córdoba Releases New 1/4- and 1/8-Size Guitars to the Iberia Series
Roland Announces C-380 Organ
Producer Sterling Winfield Gets All He Needs For Vocals With CAD M9
TC Electronic Adds New Amp and Cabinets to the Bass Amp 2.0 Range
Midas PRO6 Rules the Derulo Roost
Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Minimoog with the Minimoog Voyager XL
Diginoiz Release "R&B Motion Pads" (Audio+Midi) Loops Line Series
Schecter Drops New Raiden Special & Raiden Elite Basses
Fork’s Drum Closet Launches New Ludwig Keystone Series
Tascam Dr-05 Brings New Generation Of Handheld Recorder
Karma-Lab Releases KARMA Software for the Korg Kronos
analogfactory Releases Rotten Ghetto Attack & Announces Spring Sale
Equinox Sounds Releases Smash Up The Studio 'MIDI Keys: Funky Horns'
Guitar Center, The Nation's Largest Instrument Retailer, Opens New Superstore In Wilmington, DE
Shure Debuts Se215 Sound Isolating™ Earphone At Namm 2011
Tanglewood Brings Guitar Packs to North America
Aguilar Amplification Announces The Ag-4J Single-Coil Bass Pickups
EAW Launches New QX Series Loudspeakers
High Rankin Dubstep Tearout & Prince Fatty Crucial Dub
DNR Collaborative Releases Ace Motion
Producer Bill Denison Installs New Solid State Logic Aws 948 in Private Studio
HARMAN’s Soundcraft Announces Availability of Soundcraft ViSi Remote iPad Control for Its Si Compact Digital Consoles
Producerloops.com Releases "Commercial R’n’b: Trance & Dance Vol 2" Sample Pack
PreSonus Presents Jonathan Moffett on Tuning Drums
Mapex Drums Names Jason Kennedy Marketing Communications Manager
Cobra Starship Crafts their Danceable Sound with Korg Synthesizers
Hammerax Ultraviolet Cymbals Sing with Rich Highs
Grover Pro Introduces Padauk Log Drums
Future Loops Releases NYC Nightz - Hip Hop Construction Kits
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Urban MIDI Piano Melodies'
Drum Channel ‘Secrets From the Pros’ Drum Lessons
Godin Guitars & John McLaughlin @ Musikmesse 2010
Spirit - 64 presets for the Arturia Prophet V
Uke ’An Play Radiohead Released as Ukulele Songbook by Alfred Music Publishing
Muse: Black Holes and Revelations Released as Piano/Vocal Songbook by Alfred Music Publishing
Guitar Virtuoso Adrian Belew on “Going Ambient” with Sensaphonics 3D
Native Instruments Announces Maschine Mikro
XTA Expands Successful 4 Series With Addition Of DP426 Audio Management Tool
Back by Popular Demand - Ampeg Continues Heritage Series Build Plan into 2011
Mod Kits DIY Presents The Enticer - A Limited Edition Mod Kit
Allen & Heath Announces Module For Audinate's Dante Networking
Custom Audio Electronics Continues To Build Intricate Pedal Boards For Leading Musicians, Always Starting With The DigiTech Whammy™ Pedal
Conn-Selmer introduces the SD20 for alto and tenor saxophones
Magnetic Bunny Arts Calls For Youngwave Musicians to “Rock The Tradition” for Akron, Ohio’s All American Soap Box Derby
Korg monotron - Palm-Sized Analog Power
Lava Cable Introduces Para-Strap VII
Roland Ships New V-Compact Series V-Drums
Premium and Eco Friendly Guitar, Drum and Amp Cleaners, Polishes and Waxes Launched from MusicNomad Equipment Care
Gibraltar Introduces iPod/MP3 Stand Mount
Trio of HARMAN’s Soundcraft Vi6™ Consoles Greet Script’s Aviva Homecoming
Daisy Rock Presents the Rebel Rockit Bass
Vestax Ships the new PDX-3000MkII Pro DJ Turntable
DiMarzio releases Paul Gilbert's new signature pickups
Ueberschall "Elastik Inspire Series"
Shadow Releases an Active Pickup System for Mandolins
IK Multimedia and Notion Music, Inc. Release NOTION SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik
2CAudio Releases Aether 1.5.1 with Full Pro Tools RTAS Support, 150 new Free Presets & More
Godlyke Announces Release of Maxon Real Tube II Series Analog Tube Effect Pedals
DYNACORD and Electro-Voice Win Friends at 7th Kenya Music Week
New H.R. Giger Signature Series Electric Guitar
Nicko Mc Brain of Iron Maiden faces the final Frontier with HK AUDIO ConTour Series
V-MODA Premieres True Blood® V-80 On-Ear Headphones
Prince.. Review Copies Available on Request
Genelec Exhibits New 9000A Stereo Volume Control
Fretrest Stands Behind Eric Clapton Guitar Collection at Crossroads Charity Auction
MXL® Microphones to Bundle Mixcraft™ 4 LE Recording Software with Select USB Microphones
Avon Voices Releases First Official Song, “Until You Love You” Penned by Award-Winning Songwriter Diane Warren
Elation's Gone Platinum - and CMY - with the Upgraded Platinum Spot 5R Pro
CHAUVET Cubix is two effect lights in one fixture
Chauvet Debuts Over 30 New Products AT NAMM 2011
Serious Sound: Electro-Voice Launches Live X Loudspeaker Series
Barenaked Ladies: All in Good Time TAB Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Orange OPC Computer Upgraded
HARMAN’s Soundcraft Vi4™ Consoles Turn Up the Heat at the X Chili Cook-Off 2011 Music Festival
Blackstar Adds Reverb Models to Popular Ht-5 Series
D.A.S. Audio the Driving Force at LA’s El Rodeo Nightclub
Zildjian Gen16 Debuts at NAMM
Alfred Music Publishing Offers Supplemental Materials for Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course Method
Billy Mann, Celebrated Songwriter, Producer, and President of Creative at BMG North America To Be Opening Keynote At NARM Convention
Lanikai Introduces Price Breaking LKP-T Tenor Ukulele Pack
Recording King Collaboration with Eric Schoenberg, 0 and 00 Cutaway Guitars Now Shipping
PRS Guitars Expands Private Stock Acoustic Line
Recording King Introduces The All-New Madison RK-R35 Banjo
Gemini’s RS-415USB: Not Just Another Loudspeaker
Namba Gear Delivering GoBoard Keyboard Gig Bags
Cumbernauld College Installs Two Solid State Logic AWS 900+ SE Consoles
NetworkSound Releases Mamba Digital Audio Snake System with DC 9-36V Input and 32x32 in 1RU
Presenting 'The Beat Aesthetic' from Nine Volt Audio
Watch the Entire Cry Baby Movie Online
6-string 25-fret Bass by Basone Guitars
Pro Power from Carl Martin
Universal Audio Releases 1176 Classic Limiter Collection for UAD-2 Platform
Alfred Offers Pop And Movie Hits, Levels 1A and 1B for Premier Piano Course
Sonor Introduces The Steve Smith Signature Snare Drum
Avid Announces New M-Audio Ultra-Portable Keystation Mini 32 Keyboard Controller and Hot New Look, Sound for BX D2 Studio Monitors
Elysia Announces Xpressor Rack, Now Shipping
Voxengo Voxformer 2.5 Vocal Channel Strip Plugin Released
HARMAN’s Soundcraft Vi1™ Console Wows Mount Baker Theatre
DigiTech® Introduces the Whammy® DT Pedal with Drop Tuning and True Bypass
Prolight & Sound 2011 – K.M.E. Presents Powerful Small Size Loudspeaker System Vl 3 i
Award-Winning Arena With A History – And Systems From Electro-Voice And DYNACORD
The Collectors Choice #1: Introducing the Gary Moore Aged and Melvyn Franks VOS 1959 Les Paul Standard
Yamaha P95 Digital Piano Combines Superior Sound And Portability
Strymon blueSky Reverberator Effect Pedal Now Available
Fuchs Audio Technology Redesigns The Blackjack-21 and Lucky-7 Amps
Tech 21 Announces the SansAmp Classic Is Back
HARMAN Hardwire® HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner is Now Shipping
Avlex Introduces MIPRO 7-Series Wireless Microphone Systems
Mariners Church Adopts Shure Wireless as Standard of Excellence
TASCAM Unveils US-200 & US-600 Audio Interfaces
Lick Library Releases Quick Licks Shred Metal In The Style Of Synyster Gates DVD
Jango Internet Radio Features TuneCore Artist-Only Radio Station
Silicon Beats Releases ‘House Drum Loops V1' Sample Pack
Schecter Helraiser Solo E/A Released For Summer 2011
SM101: A new label from Sample Magic
Tech 21’s Double Drive 3X Undergoes Private Stock MOD
FCN Music Presents the Tombo Premium 21 Harmonica
Now Shipping: New Motif XF Expands The Capabilities Of The Leading Music Workstation
American DJ Cuts the Cable with Wireless Uplighting Made Easy!
DETUNIZED.COM releases “DTS025 – Shak 2” Live Pack
DETUNIZED.COM Releases “DTS024 – Phase Facets” Live Pack
DR Strings Announces DRAGON-SKIN™ Clear Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings
Mack Amps Launches Gem '2G' Guitar Amplifier
Sound Devices Upgrades New USBPre 2 Interface with Addition of Asio Driver
Guitar Center Professional Unveils New High-End Technical Support Group Initiative
GRAMMY® Legacy Gala & Peavey® Awards Honor B.B. King & More
Heil PR 35 Gets Better with Age
Lick Library Releases Learn to Play Fleetwood Mac
Center Stage Invests in HARMAN’s Soundcraft Vi1™ Console
Chordmaps.com Releases Interactive Music Theory Map
SuperMegaUltraGroovy Announces Capo 2.1
ASK Video Releases Reason 6 Tutorial DVD
Victoria Amplifier Co. Releases Ivy League Tweed Amp
New JF-2 EX Rockabilly Guitar from Peavey
Band-in-a-Box 2011 and 101 New RealTracks for Macintosh
RainSong introduces the Studio Series
Platinum Samples: Brooks Wackerman Multi-Format MIDI Groove Libraries
Toontrack Music releases the Music City USA SDX™
On-Stage Gear Shipping New ATA-Style Flight Cases For Rackgear And CDJ Players To Dealers This March!
Stanton Control System®4DJ (SCS.4DJ) Fully Integrated Digital DJ Mixstation Is Now Shipping
Blackstar Amplification Adds New Heads and Cabinets to Series One (S1) Range
New Yamaha Acoustic Conditioning Panels Transform Any Small Space into a Dedicated Music Room
Electro-Voice Presents EVU Ultracompact Installed Sound Loudspeakers
Celtic Woman: The Greatest Journey Songbook for Easy Piano Released by Alfred Music Publishing
DETUNIZED.COM Presents Sax Appeal Sax Live Pack
Sheryl Crow: Sheet Music Anthology Piano/Vocal Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
SX-PR54 Digital Piano from Technics Features USB Port
The LOAR Adds a Natural Nitro Lacquer Finish to the Best-Selling 600/650 Archtop Line
CymPad Offers "Starter Pack" Cymbal Washer Pre-Pack.
LDI Preview for Elation
Mackie Launches the SRM1801 1000 Watt Powered Subwoofer
Ibanez Expands RGA Line of Fire—New Arch-Top Solid Bodies Added Including 7- and 8-String Models
New EC-320 Concert Piano from Korg
Protection Racket Re-Launch Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag
D10 Audio Package Offers Compact Touring Kit For DiGiCo Diehard
D.A.S. Audio Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 release announced at NAMM show
Canford Launch Miniature LCD Monitors, LED Rack Light & DSLR Pro Interfaces at BVE
China Clubs Go Active with D.A.S. Audio
Celebrity Bus Drivers Academy Prepares Drivers for Touring Season
Chauvet Releases Three Palm-Sized Lasers
Ben Folds Up for AES Convention Conversation
Backline Engineering Announces that its RiffBox Looping App Can Now be Controlled using the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer
Alpha Video & Audio, Inc. Develops Interface between CastNET Digital Signage Software and Bosch Praesideo Emergency Sound System
American DJ’s Flat Par TRI7 Color-Mixing LED Par Can Delivers More Brightness In Smaller Mobile-Friendly Size
Alfred Music Publishing Expands its PLAY Series with Rock Guitar Toolbox
DNR Collaborative Announces MixControl Pro
DNR Collaborative Releases Impact Sessions
The Les Paul Studio Gothic Morte
DLN Sound Presents FM Sounds for Kurzweil PC3
Line 6 Introduces PODXT Live Floor Processor
Roland Debuts the BK-7m Backing Module
New Solid State Logic AWS 948 Console Ignites Pre-Release Sales World-Wide
Gemini Unveils the 'Firstmix' DJ Midi Controller
Producer Pack Announces Bhangra Elements Sample Pack Now Available For Download
Arturia Announces "Syndrums Vol. 1," a Free Expansion Pack for SPARK
Electro-Voice Sound Reinforcement Enhances New Stadium of Greek Soccer Champs AEL 1964 F.C.
Intelligible Design Helps Electro-Voice Shine in Salvation Army Churches
Electro-Voice Triumphs at the FIS World Skiing Championships 2011
Intellasound Fuels Growth with Investments in Electro-Voice Equipment
Electro-Voice Introduces the R300 Wireless Microphone System
Pearl Masters MCX in New Artisan II Lacquer Finishes
Garrigus.com Announces SONAR X1 Power! - The Comprehensive Guide
Loudness Sonorizacao Provides Jbl Vertec® Line Arrays for Rush Concert in Brazil
New Artist Announcement
EarthQuaker Devices Release Dream Crusher
Hottie Inc. Announces Introduction of Hottie 429 Electric Guitar
ProducerLoops.com Releases "Trance Elevation Bundle (Vols 1-3)"
Sample Magic Release SM27 Techno
Guitar Center Professional Expands Throughout 2011
Groove Monkee Releases “Metal 2” MIDI Beats
Fishman Launches Singer/Songwriter Competition
Roland RD-300NX Digital Stage Piano Now Shipping
Soundcells has Released "Pads - the BIG box" Version 2
The Strokes, Girl Talk, Lupe Fiasco, and Crystal Castles to Play Sweetgreen's Sweetlife Festival May 1st At Merriweather Post Pavilion
Prime Loops Release ATL Starrz
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Electro House MIDI Chords'
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Ambient & Chillout MIDI Melodies'
New ELED Tri Par 56 LED Par Can Gives You Superior Color Mixing - And A Better Price
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Greatest Rock Charts from the First Decade of the 2000s
Tama Introduces The Stewart Copeland Signature Drum Kit
TC-Helicon announce modern performance vocal microphones
Rock Your iPhone with AmpKit LiNK High Fidelity Electric Guitar Interface
Three Synthesizers Featured in Just Released SynthStation App Update
New Blackstack Soundhole Pickup Offers Powerful, Quiet Performance
Alesis Introduces Two DM8 Drumkits, Available Now
True Touch: Yamaha Arius YDP-C71PE Console Digital Piano
Loopmasters Introduce Glimpse, Twisted Dub, and Syncussion Drums
Impact Soundworks Releases Acoustic Revolutions Volume 1: Adult Contemporary Guitar Loops
Swedish Band Movits! to Release Sophomore Album on April 5th
Yamaha's YD-Series Now Include Cymbals
Mixoff.Org Launches with ‘Launch a Mixoff, Win a Bullet’ Contest
WI Guitar - New Music App for iPhone & iPad by Wallander Instruments - is Now Available
Ueberschall Announces the Availability of C.R.U.N.K., a New Elastik Soundbank
Squier Series 24 is Born
New Rhythm Art Drum Sets Introduced
React Presents: RIVA STARR (Naples) + JACK BEATS (London)
Waves Audio Receives Technical GRAMMY Award
AXL Offers ThinAmp Portable Combo with DSP
Modern Superstar Announces Tour Dates
Frankfurt Musikmesse: RME shows Remote Control for Fireface UFX/ADI-8 QS
Guitar Center Announces Drum-Off '09
Rachel Holder Sends Sugar Rush to Country Radio with Debut Single, Chocolate
Korg Fall 2011 New Products and Rebates Newsletter
Elation Introduces Platinum Wash LED Zoom
Pink Floyd: Guitar Tab Anthology Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Griffin Technology Announces the Availability of StompBox for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
New Empress Effects Pedal: The Compressor
Clapton's Beloved Guitar Blackie Available As Part Of Tribute Series from Fender® Custom Shop
Pattern Control is Key in Electro-Voice PA for Damascus Friends Church
Perimeter Sound releases 'Projektor' for U-he Zebra 2.5
Superstar Hyper-Drive Series Drums
Nord Electro goes Hammer Action
Numark Intros Two New 2-Channel Mixers
Zero-G Releases House Fabrik: Deep Minimal Tech
DPA Launches d:facto™ Vocal Mic at Prolight + Sound 2012
CDSoundMaster Updates The VTM-M2 Vintage Tape Machine Plug-In
The WK-7500 Delivers the Songwriter's Keyboard at a "Wicked Price"
New Limited Edition Guitar Celebrates Washburn's 120th Anniversary
Peavey introduces the Impulse 12D - The Future of Powered Enclosures is Now!
Loopmasters Release Speaker Junk: Bass Heavy House,New DJ Mixtools and Jungle Ammunition
Amit Chatterjee to Host Exclusive ICMP Guitar Masterclass
AES NY Section Hosts The Jimi Hendrix Legacy
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Sheet Music Anthology of Greatest Hits by Carrie Underwood
Producer Pack Introduces Eddie Perez - School of House 1994 (Sample Pack)
Yes Master Rises from the Deep with the Help of Carl Tatz Design
Sample Magic release Toolroom Records Samples 01
Lick Library Release Further Pink Floyd/Dave Gilmour Guitar Tuition DVDs
No Dough Music Release NDS-1 House Music Sample Pack
EAW Offers Contractors and System Integrators KF200NT Loudspeaker Module
Lâg Acoustic Guitars Select Elixir® Strings as Their String of Choice
Ultimate Bass Play-Along: Led Zeppelin Songbooks Now Available from Alfred Music Publishing
Soundcraft Si Compact 24 Digital Console Delivers Powerful Performance for Australia’s GenX Productions
VOX Amplification Teams Up with Boutique Amp Designer Tony Bruno to Present New All-Tube Guitar Amps
Get New Sounds From Your Old Amp With the All-New VHT Special 6 EL84 Adapter!
Elation's Platinum Plus 15R is Brighter, Smaller and More Energy Efficient than Comparable 700W Fixtures
SMF Amps Releases 35 Watt Class A Combo
Blue Microphones Takes Center Stage on American Idol
Roland Unveils New V-Compact Series V-Drums
Karma-Lab releases new sounds for the Korg M3 and M50
Producerloops.com Releases "Dance Glitch Vol 2" Sample Pack
Alfred Distributes Richie Gajate-Garcia: Play the Cajon from Drum Channel
Yamaha Offers DSR Speaker Cash Back Promotion Through November 30
Tascam DR-07mkII Adds New Mics, Great Sound
Schecter Guitars Announces Seether Guitarist Signature Model
Atwood and Freer lead Cloyd Duff Timpani Master Class
Peace Love Productions announces Scratch Boom Bap loops and samples
Powersoft Enhances Armonía with I/O Signal Integrity Monitor Feature
Alta Moda Audio Releases the Hippo Compressor/Limiter
Tosin Abasi Plays New York
Alfred Releases Newly Transcribed Led Zeppelin Guitar TAB Songbooks Containing Unprecedented Accuracy
TRX Cymbal Co. Introduces The “Icon” Series
Fender Chooses Primacoustic Sound Treatment for New L.A. Showroom
Shure Previews Axient Wireless System
HARMAN JBL EON515XT Test Drive Sweepstakes Gives Participants a Chance to Win A Complete Harman Sound System Worth Over $13,000
Alto Professional Expands Truesonic Line of Powered Loudspeakers
Th Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess: Timeless Les Paul Features Plus Unprecedented Contemporary Tone
Worxaudio Technologies to Participate in Ministry of Technology Expo
Aphex Graces the New World Symphony
Alfred Music Publishing Releases American Folk Songs for Solo Singers Songbooks
Alfred Offers Notation-Free Approach to Playing Keyboard with The Key of One
M3 (Music Mix Mobile) Chooses Genelec Dsp Monitors For 2011 Grammy® Awards Show Live Broadcast
Sample Magic Release Deep House
NUGEN Audio Has Updated Their VisLM Loudness Metering Solution to Version 1.02
Palmer, Folds, Kulash, Gaiman Album:5,319 Downloads, $21,403 to Benefit Berklee Program for Underserved Teens
KV331 Audio Announces The Beta Release of Version 2.5 of Their Semi-Modular Synthesizer and Effect Plug-In Synthmaster
Voxengo GlissEQ 3.3 dynamic equalizer Plugin Released
The Official KarenNET SXSW Party List V. 2.5
Pearl Percussion EZ-Tune Djembe
Peavey Designs New Bass Enclosures For Award-Winning VB™ Series
Legendary "Sound Of Philadelphia" Pioneers Gamble & Huff Sign With William Morris for "All Areas" Representation
Piece by Piece: Pieces for Solo Piano Books 1 and 2 Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Sontronics SATURN – Delivering Sound That Is Out of This World!
Stanton Announces Scratch DJ Academy Mix! DJ Software
Longcat Releases H3d Plugin – Binaural Made Simple
Real Gold Inc Introduces A Guitar Industry First With Genuine 22 Karat Gold Sparkle Pickguards
Gibson Presents The Limited Edition Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck Guitar
Tech 21’s Private Stock Division Introduces SansAmp Liverpool Deluxe
Harman’s AKG Introduces DMS 70 Digital Wireless Microphone System
Tech 21's Private Stock Division Introduces the SansAmp Liverpool Deluxe
IK Multimedia Ships iKlip™ MINI
Overflow Hard Dance Drums
Probes Pedals Unveils the Super Looper True Bypass Strip
Guitar World Lick of the Day App Releases v1.1 and Celebrates 500K downloads
Le Lotus Bleu Releases Gloss Spells, a Collection of 260 Presets for Native Instruments FM8 Virtual Synthesizer
Tycoon Releases New Drum Hardware Line
Mad Planet Shows off Their Tour Van
9 Soundware Releases Voice Code EVOC 20 Presets
MOTU Brings Back the MIDI Express XT
New Ibanez MASA Commemorative Acoustic Electrics
SONiVOX Ships VOCALIZER – Vocal Production Synthesizer
TC-Helicon adds new inApp option to its VoiceJam app for iPhone
Loopmasters Introduce New Label - Monster Sounds. Plus Jon Cutler, DJ Mixtools and Much More
California Rockers Release EP With Mike Clink and Single with Slash as Winner of Guitar Center's Groundbreaking Unsigned Artist Competition
Gemini 'CTRL-47' Puts More Control in Digital DJ's Rigs
Riedel Joins AVnu Alliance
iZotope Announces Nectar: Complete Vocal Suite
Nine Volt Audio Releases Pop Rock Guitars DIRECT in REX2, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, ACID Wav & Apple Loop Formats
Alfred Supports Environmental Education with The Green Songbook
AX Series Brings X-ART Technology To Wide Range Of New Users
Beijing Film Academy Sound Recording Department Gets Lectrosonics Wireless
Prime Loops Release Masters of Funky House
These Hyper-ModTM Stratocaster Left Hand Pickguards Give You 35 Pure Virgin Analog Pickup Tones
The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing Celebrated 10th Anniversary With Capacity Crowd at "Shaken Rattled & Rolled" Grammy Week Event Honoring T Bone Burnett
Serious Sound: Electro-Voice Launches Live X Loudspeaker Series at Winter NAMM 2011 (Booth 6569)
Washburn Guitars Introduces a new Vintage Jazz Box
Recording School Online Teleases, "Vocals - The Studio Guide"
Roland Introduces AC-33 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
Soundfield at Abbey Road
PRS Guitars 2011 Electric Line Up New Finish, Pickups, Bridge, Tuners and Neck Shapes
FatLoud Released Dope Loops Monster Music XL a Complete Urban Samples & Loops Production Toolkit
smallsound/bigsound Releases the Updated Team Awesome! Bass Fuzzmachine
Midas VeniceF Mixing Consoles Include Propellerhead Record
Rotosound Increase Range of Classical Guitar Strings
New Groundbreaking Pelonis Monitoring System Now Shipping
4 New Producer Packs at thewebtape
Lava Cable Introduces Improved Lava Solder-Free Plugs
Ibanez Presents Paul Gilbert's New 20Th Anniversary PGM Signature Reissue Electric Guitar
SX-PX664 Digital Piano from Technics
BMX BANDITS 25th Anniversary Releases
Nady Introduces Mini Multi-Channel Wireless Guitar/Instrument System
Emancipator, Eliot Lipp for “Mayhem at The Mid,” Friday, March 4th
Guitar World: Blues Rock Master Class Instructional DVD Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
FabFilter Releases Major Volcano 2.10 Update
DPA to Launch New Groundbreaking Modular Mic Series at Prolight & Sound 2011
Alfred Music Publishing Distributes Colin Bailey: Bass Drum Technique by Drum Channel
Free Music Training Events Launched by the Institute and Sound Connections
The Laptop DJ Handbook Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
New Watertight 3i-4214-PRS Guitar Case From SKB
Korg Announces New Music App: iKaossilator for iPhone
Voxengo SPAN 2.4.1 FFT Spectrum Analyzer Plugin Released
Technics Launches SX-KN2400 and SX-KN2600 Digital Keyboards
Gibson Releases DG-335 Dave Grohl Model Electric Guitar
Powersoft M Series power amplifiers Shipping Five New Models Offer Flexibility for Wide Range of Applications
L-ACOUSTICS Launches Ultra-Compact KIVA Line Array System
Salad Bar Version 4 - As Healthy As Ever!
Alfred Music Publishing Congratulates Winners of the 2011 Grammy® Awards
Radial Engineering Releases Workhorse Open Source Document
Wave Picked to Distribute Pelonis Sound Worldwide
The Mid & React Present Control Saturdays with Laidback Luke + Nathan Scott & Gus Karas
Overloud releases Mark Studio 1
Korg is Now Shipping Kaoss Pad Quad Dynamic Effects Processor
High Contrast, Noah D, & More the Mid on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
Shure Wireless Systems Help High School Students Preserve Stories of Pearl Harbor Survivors
MixMeister Express 7 Enables Anyone To Make Perfect, Seamless Music Mixes
Producerloops.com Releases "Trance Elevation Vol 3" Sample Pack
Producerloops.Com Releases "Gangsta Beats 2" Sample Pack
Blue Announces Availability of enCORE 100i Live Microphone
Enough Is NOT Enough! TC-Helicon Announces VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition
Gear4music.com Launches 24-Hour Express Order Phone Line
Shure Introduces the KSM42 and KSM44A Studio Microphones
Roland Wireless Connect Debuts
American DJ And Sony Team Up On D-Light Sync Sound-Activated Dance Lighting Package
Warwick Introduces the Bootsy Collins Infinity Signature Bass
IK Multimedia Ships iKlip Studio
2010 International DJ Expo will be a Time to Shine for American DJ and American Audio
Eastwood Guitars Introduces the New AIRLINE Tux Deluxe
Peavey Introduces International Series II Drum Kits
Vox Amplification Announces Hand-Wired Series
Simian Mobile Disco Play Live at The Mid on Wednesday, March 16th
Soundcraft Founder Graham Blyth to Perform AES Convention Organ Recital at Lincoln’s Inn Chapel
Thames Audio and Shure Redefine the Possibilities of Live Sound
Alfred Music Publishing Distributes Neil Peart: Fire on Ice DVD by Drum Channel
Prime Loops Announce Dirty Pitch
Beloved L.A. Chapel Gets an Audio Makeover with Iconyx
KHS America Names Michael Robinson Director of Marketing
The Voice Curve™ - New from Acoustic Geometry
VOX Dynamic Looper Offers Serious Live Performance Features
Hohner Announces New Harmonica Cases
Fostex Distinctive PM0.4n Near-field Studio Monitors Now Shipping
Arturia Adds SEM Filter Module and More to Origin V1.4 Firmware
G&L Expands Tribute Series with New M-2000 and M-2500 Basses
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Its Uke ‘An Play Series with Led Zeppelin Ukulele Songbook
Hal Leonard Publishes The Worship Band Book
HC Confidential: Issue 174
HARMAN’s DigiTech Next-Generation Whammy with Chordal Pitch-Shifting Is Now Available in Stores
Producerloops.com Releases "Symphonic Series Bundle (Vols. 1-3)" Sample Pack
Eastern Acoustic Works Debuts Next-Generation SUB.two Subwoofer System
Introducing the Amptweaker TightFuzz Pedal
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Modern MIDI Guitar Melodies' Sample Pack
Akai Pro Releases MPC Renaissance Music Production Center and MAX49 USB/MID/CV Keyboard Controller
iGuitar Workshop / Brian Moore Guitars Debuts the “Adrian Galysh Signature” C-90F Electric Guitar
Griffin Technology Introduces StudioConnect and MIDIConnect for iOS
NUGEN Audio's New ISL True-Peak Limiter Helps Producers Ensure Music Is 'Mastered for iTunes'
IK Multimedia’s iRig PRE Now Shipping – Universal Microphone Interface for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
Loopmasters Present Octapacks, Punx Soundcheck, Undertone Tools and Tons More!
Twisted Tools Release Micro Kits 02 by Glitchmachines
Reggaeton Latino Flavoured from Ueberschall
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Melody Bober Piano Library with Grand One-Hand Solos for Piano Series
Woodwind and Brasswind South Bend Facility to Close Q1 2012
A&H Announces New London Venue Installs iLive
Future Loops Releases Jazzy Drums
Peavey Introduces New Briarwood Guitar Models
Native Instruments Introduces Skanner XT
Korg Releases iKaossilator v2.1
Pearl Partners With FXpansion, Steven Slate Drums, Toontrack, and Virtual Drumline
Numark iDJ3 Software Controller and Audio Interface with Dock for iPod And iPhone Available Now
The Music Producer Guild Announces it Second DIY Event
New From Backbeat Books - Keyboard Presents: Synth Gods
Arturia Releases SPARK Vintage Drum Machines
The Heart Of The Beat: Yamaha Launches Dtx550k Electronic Drum Kit At Musikmesse
Crown Audio ComTech DriveCore™ Series Amplifiers Incorporate Exclusive Harman GreenEdge™ Environmentally-Friendly Technologies
TC-Helicon Introduces VoiceTone Create XT
discoDSP Discovery Pro R5.5 Released
TubeOhm Releases on 10.03.2011 the Vintage V 1.87 Synthesizer for Windows XP, Vista, Win 7
Gretsch Adds Motor City Black to Popular Renown 57
Gadow Guitars Introduces The Durham
Diginoiz Releases R&B Love Songs” construction kits
EAW® Exhibits KF and KFNT Series Loudspeakers
AKG WMS 470 Wireless Microphone System Reinvents Live Sound at Musikmesse
Carvin Announces EM900 In Ear Monitor System
FabFilter releases new sound sets for FabFilter Twin 2
Roland Debuts the FR-18 Diatonic V-Accordion
Sasha to Perform at The Mid Chicago on Saturday, March 12
VHT Introduces the Lead 40 Tube Guitar Amplifier
Steve McKinley Electronics Introduces the Flexi-Quad Wah
Gemini Releases Flagship New Family of Media Players
HARMAN’s Hardwire® SP-7 Stereo Phaser Effects Pedal for Guitarists Now Shipping
Effectrode Ships Photo-optical Tube Compressor Pedal.
Pearl Percussion Triple Shaker: Three Sounds in One
Scrub Supplies ITV Studios First ICON Console
Korg Pa2X/Pa800 Operating System Version 2 Released
Sonor Announces Benny Greb Signature Snare Drum
Full Sail University Graduate Gary A. Rizzo Awarded Oscar
ARACOM Amplifiers announces the release of the PRX150-DAG power attenuator
"Keepin' It Simple" - Ibanez Unveils New Fixed Bridge Prestige Models
27th Annual TEC Awards to Be Held at the 2012 NAMM Show
Yamaha 01V96i Re-invents the Small Format Digital Studio and Live Mixer
Prime Loops Release Southside Kings
Taylor Guitars 2006 Fall Limteds Feature Tonewood Upgrades And Maple Detailing
Peace Love Productions Announces Real Techno Loops & Samples
Denon Pro Introduces DN-V500BD Blu-Ray Player for the Sound Contractor and Systems Integrator Market
A Guitar for the Big Boys
Studiologic Ships the Numa Organ Joey DeFrancesco Model
Groove3.com Announces Complete Video Library Support for Apple iPad
Shure Introduces PGX Digital Wireless System
Allen & Heath Launches Innovative Low Cost Studio Recording Mixer
Elevate Church Picks K.M.E PANO System for Heavenly Sound
PreSonus Adds New Control Options to StudioLive Mixers
Rocktron Offers Reaction Digital Delay Pedal
Fender® Bass Amplification Introduces All-New Rumble™ Series Combo Amps
Profile Ships New Super-Bright PT-2800 Digital Tuner
Gibson Announces Tak Matsumoto DC Standard Goldtop
000-40S Mark Knopfler "Ragpicker's Dream" Signature Edition Guitar
B-Band Introduces New Model T35 And A2 Guitar Preamps For 2009.
New TV100 Traveler Portable PA from Crate Audio
Aviom Announces Pro64 Network Manager Update
Andy Timmons Signature Guitar
E.K. Blessing Announces the Only "Made in USA" Saxophone
Superlux Introduces The E523/D X/Y Stereo Field Recording Microphone
Sound Skulptor Ships the MP573, Classic Mic Preamplifier Ported to the Lunchbox Format
Splurgo Audio Releases Rock Drumloops and “Lullaby”
Voxengo Crunchessor 2.8 Track Compressor Plugin Released
Institute Announces Partnership With BMI
Carvin Introduces The AC120S Power Conditioner/Switcher
Yamaha Offers App-solute Keyboard Control
Audio Ease Releases Altiverb 7 for MAC
Supercharg3r - 64 Electro Presets for the Arturia Prophet V
Denon Professional Now Shipping The Dn-F650R from Its New Line Of Solid-State Audio Recorders
Bad Company: Guitar TAB Anthology Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Sound Magic Releases Meter Man, A Comprehensive and Powerful Metering System
Reason 5 Ignite!: The Visual Guide for New Users Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Millennia HV-3 Preamps Bring Oscars’ 96 Channels Live to 33 million
Random Wave Music - New Site, New Home for Sound Banks!
Audiovapor MIDI sequence loop pack TWO
Prime Loops Release Urban Hype
iKlip for iPad 2 now shipping from IK Multimedia
Sample Logic announces RUMBLE and FANFARE!
Minnetonka Audio Advances Automation with File-Based Loudness Control
Prime Loops Release Electro House Shoxx 2
Soundprovocation Releases Vocalotheque
KRK Introduces Full Line of Accessories for KNS Headphone Series
KRK Debuts Rokit RP10-3 Full Range Studio Monitor
TC-Helicon News at Musikmesse 2011
Leisuresonic Releases SynthTronica, an Innovative Synthesizer for the iPad
React Presents: RUSKO on Fire Tour at The Congress Theater
BTX Breakthrough Changes Control Systems Landscape
Armor Gold is Donating and You Can Help for Free
JAYS Rocks Out with Sam Ash in the U.S.
Wave Arts Releases Dialog Plug-In
Alfred Distributes Pro Audio Book: Mixing, Recording, and Producing Techniques of the Pros (2nd Edition)
Renegade Labs Now Shipping Innovative M16 Digital Edit Suite Audio Mixer
KK audio labs Appoints New Middle Atlantic and Metro New York Representative
Precisionsound Releases Knutby Church Organ
The Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase 2011
Digital Rodeo Closes Out CRS 2011 with British Invasion Show
Cinematique Instrument Release - Gecko - Odd Mallets
SWA Complete Cubase 6 Now Available for Purchase and Download!
Dunlop is Now Shipping the Newly Designed Tortex TIII Picks
Avon Voices Announces First Round of Contenders in Global Singing Talent Search and Release of Exclusive New Song by Natasha Bedingfield on The Centennial International Women’s Day
ISC Announces Finalists and Semi-Finalists
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Strings for All: Pops Series for Fun and Easy String Performanc
The MTV Garage will be in Austin on March 17th
ASK Video Offers Downloadable Video Tutorials
Aguilar Amplification Announces Master Class With Adam Nitti And Super Lightweight Amp And Cabinets Preview
John Digweed to Perform at The Mid on Wednesday, March 23rd
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Teach Yourself to Play Ukulele
APB Hires Oppenheimer
Groove Detective MIDI Released
David Guetta to Headline Congress Theater Friday, April 1st
Jazz at Lincoln Center, U.S. Department of State Announce 2011 Tour of “The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad”
Steve Aoki and The Glitch Mob to Play Congress Theater Saturday, March 19th
Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award: Roy Haynes
New Realms of Sound!3D Interactive Music Brings Revolution to Digital Audio
TC-Helicon Shows Some Love with Video Competition
Los Cabos Drumsticks - New Artist Announcement
Over 500 Indie Acts Enter to Play the Taylor Guitars and Hello Music "Artist to Watch" Showcase in Austin, Texas
Audio-Technica Unveils the U851RO Omnidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone
Institute Vocal Student Raphaella Impresses at the Roundhouse
Daisy Rock Music School Offers Online Video Instruction for Guitar and Bass
Spectrasonics Releases Eagerly Awaited Omnisphere V1.5
HHB Introduces New Innovations in Audio Acquisition at BVE 2011
Alfred Music Publishing Distributes Your First Drum Lesson by Drum Channel
ARX MaxiDrive Line Driver/Distribution Amplifier
Great River Electronics Harrison EQ 500 Series Module
World Music Workshop at Esalen 3/18/2011
Hosa Technology Introduces Goby Labs Microfiber Polish Cloth
Grammy Awards Show Relies on Audio-Technica Microphones for 14th Straight Year
CEC Amplification Announces Opportunity for Guitarists to Become Part of the Development of a Brand New Handbuilt Amplifier
B-Band™ EXPANDS T- SERIES with Guitar Preamps for 2010.
New Vater Products for NAMM/2011 part 1
U.S. Masters Guitar Works Releases Master Design LG507 Electric Guitar
Koussevitzky Foundation Announces Eight New Commission Winners
Martin Guitar Announces Expansion Of "Performing Artist Series" With Five Acoustic/Electric Guitars
VOX Amplification Fall 2011 New Products Newsletter
K-Sounds Releases Organimation for the Korg M50
Starclassic Bubinga Cordia Series Drum Sets
Lace Introduces Alumitone Aluma V90™
Fender Launches the Joe Strummer Telecaster Based on Punk Icon's Original Instrument
Michael Kelly® Unveils Patriot™ Limited Active Electric Guitar Line
Schecter Guitars Announces New Avenged Sevenfold Models
Starclassic Bubinga Elite
Veillette Guitars Introduces the Concorde Semi-Hollow Bass
SBG2000 and SBG1000 Guitar Reissues
Steinberg Releases CMC Series of Cubase controllers
Tone2 Audiosoftware Release Gladiator 2.3 Update
New Ibanez SRT Neck-Thru Basses. More Sustain. More High-End.
Big Fish Audio Releases RiG: Urban Workstation
SWA Complete Cubase 6 Now Ready for Pre-Order! The First In-Depth Video Tutorial on Cubase 6
VHT’s Special 6 Amp Awarded Best-In-Show At Summer NAMM 2010
Tech 21’s Private Stock Division Introduces SansAmp Liverpool Deluxe
Vocalist® by DigiTech Introduces Live 5 Vocal Harmony and Effects Processor
New OS Released for Korg's Pa1X, Pa1X Pro
CMX42P Powered Mixer from Crate Audio
Paisley Telecaster and Blue Flower Telecaster
Ear Machine Launches myMicSound
Ibanez Promethean Pro Bass Amplification
Tommy Igoe Offers A Foundation For Developing Technique With "Great Hands For A Lifetime, featuring the Lifetime Warmup™" DVD.
Disturbed: Asylum Released as an Authentic Guitar Songbook by Alfred Music Publishing
Nord Ships the new Nord Piano 88
FEEL Your Drums - The Pearl Throne Thumper
Platinumloops Releases ‘Explicit Rapper - Vocal Samples'
TC Electronic introduces new crown jewel of the bass amp 2.0 concept – Blacksmith!
FEA Labs Presents: The Growler Pedal
Vater Welcomes Metal Icon Scott Travis to the Artist Family
Prime Loops Releases "Acid Breakbeat Grooves"
JA-15 - Paul Jackson Jr.'s First Signature Model PRS
MAPEX Introduces the Horizon Fastpack
American Audio Introduces New VLP-2500 Power Amp
Yamaha Introduces Hex Drum Rack System
Korg Updates ELECTRIBE Series with EMX-1 SD and ESX-1 SD
Pickup Tone MultiplierTM S2-Board KIT Doubles The Pickup Tones on All 2-pickup Instruments
Shure Commended For Innovation With PSM 900
Upscale Dog Tags For Drummers; DrumTags Are “Off-The-Chain”
Ultimate Support Continues The Legacy With Its New Keyboard Stands: "Apex — Next Generation"
Midas XL8 brings opera to Mount Masada
Tycoon Drumset Percussion Offers Professional Sound and Performance Plus Selection, Innovation, and Value
Hercules Unveils DJ Control Steel Dual Mixing Deck
Veillette Doubleneck: two for the weight of one!
Splurgo Audio Releases Hard Rock Guitar Loops
Precisionsound Releases Indian Harmonium For HALion, Kontakt, And SoundFont
Prime Loops Releases R&B Dance Anthems 2
Waves Audio Introduces W43 Noise Reduction Plugin
PHX Phoenix Kit Unleashes A New Era For Yamaha Drums
Sonic Ultramizer SU9920 and Sonic Exciter SX3040 Processors
PRS Guitars' New Vintage Inspired Singlecut - The SC 58
Rocco Prestia and TC Electronic design Staccato'51 — the Ultimate Finger-funkin' Bass Head…
GAMA and Fender Make a Clutch Save for Guitars in the Classroom
Ampeg Brings it Home with New Heritage Series
Dean Introduces Aphex-Enhanced John Entwistle Bass at NAMM
Recording King Presents the RR-60-VS Professional Resonator Guitar
FEA Labs Presents: The Dual Band Distortion
New "Manic Metal" Delivers Double-Kick Heaven
Sensaphonics Announces “3D/3Free” Demo Promotion
Kreativ Sounds Released SYN Minimoog V Sounds
HJ-38 Stefan Grossman Custom Edition Acoustic Guitar
Warwick Release Just-A-Nut III Brass for Warwick Basses
IK Multimedia Releases Xpansion Tank 2, New Sounds for SampleTank
Warwick Introduces Corvette $$ Special Edition Macassar
VOX DelayLab Delay Pedal Now Available
The SonicSpecialists Announce "Urban Anthology" Premium Drum Kits.
Justin Martin & Alexander Robotnick, Derrick May Keep Techno Alive this Week at The Mi
"Entity", a new semi-modular soft synth, is the latest release by NUSofting
Jam At The Grove Music Festival is Back: August 12-14 2011
Brace Audio DWG-1000x Digital Wireless Bundle at Summer NAMM 2010
Nord Pedal Keys 27 Now Shipping
Roland V-Combo VR-700 Stage Keyboard Now Available
n-Track Software Releases n-Track for Mac (beta)
Belcat Guitar Equipment Now Available in the UK
Eddie Van Halen Launches the All-New EVH® Wolfgang® Guitar
Kreativ Sounds Released ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds Version 2
Gibson Guitar's Limited Edition Slash Signature Series Guitars in Stores Tuesday, April 1st
American Audio Announces CDS-1 CD Player for Entry-Level DJs
SoundsDivine.com Releases 3 new Soundbanks for Omnisphere, Minimonsta and Vanguard and a bank for PSP84
Orange Amps launch new tube bias technology DIVO (Digital Intelligent Valve Optimisation) featuring TubeSync®
AXL Introduces The Badwater 1216 Electric Guitar
Ampeg Unveils Reissue ADA4 "See-Through" Bass At NAMM
Warwick Unleashes Corvette NT "Neck-Through" Limited Edition 2010 Bass
Alfred Music Publishing Distributes Drumset Duets by Wizdom Media
Waves Introduces The Jack Joseph Puig Collection
Pro-Rec Releases SEVEN New Sound Banks for the Korg M50!
Orange Amps Improves the Crush PiX Amps Range
PSR-E313 and PSR-E213 Portable Keyboards
Daring Audio to Unveil a New Generation of Professional Grade Bass Effect Pedals for Musicians at NAMM 2011.
Soundcraft Unveils Mid-price Si3 Digital Console
American DJ Announces the Hyper Gem LED
Ibanez Debuts Limited Edition Paul Gilbert Signature "Fireman" at NAMM
Institute Alumnus Wins at the International Acoustic Music Awards
Dave Alvin To Perform New Song "Harlan County Line" on FX Television Series Justified Wednesday, February 23
Ueberschall Press Announcment - New Sample Library
Framus Introduces Diablo Models Supreme and Supreme X Electric Guitars
Gear4music.com Debutes Affordable Electro Acoustic Bass Guitar
Neutrikr powerCON TRUE1 Connector Debuts Stateside at Winter Namm 2011
Orange Amps Release OPC Computer Amplifier Speaker Price
Orange Amps Launch Two New Terror Bass Combos
Fender® Introduces New American Special Series Guitars
Universal Audio v6.o Boasts Pro Tools Compatibility that Streamlines UAD-Powered Plugins Operation
Prime Loops Release Epic Build-ups & Breakdowns
Midas PRO9 is Wizard in Oz
Audio-Technica Shows ATH-M10 Professional Monitor Headphones
Mansons Guitar Show 2010 Update: Zon, Manring, Bershadsky, and Avid Competition Confirmed
Applied Acoustics Systems Releases Swatches Sound Bank Series Compilation
Guitar Center and Cleartone Strings Go Green with String Recycle Program
TC-Helicon updates VoiceSupport application with Online Preset Library
BBE Sound Inc Introduces the VG360 Sonic Maximizer
TC-Helicon Proudly Presents VoiceLive Rack – The World’s Most Complete Vocal Effects Package and Mic Channel Is Ready for Touring and Studios
Waves Introduces Sound Design Suite
Audio-Technica Offers 3000 Series Wireless Holiday Bundles
Bosch launches Vari-directional Array active loudspeaker system
Tone2 Audiosoftware release Workstation soundset
Cluster Sound releases Electro House GBox Electro House GBox
Akai Pro Announces AkaiConnectSDK (Software Development Kit) for SynthStation25
Aguilar Amplification Announces The Sl 112 Bass Cabinet "Super Light, Done Right"
MoReVox Launches Reverb Impulse Response Library
Vienna Symphonic Library Showcases "Cube" Featuring Blue Sky 5.1 Sky System One at 2009 NAMM
Crysonic updates Spectraphy V2HD to V2.3 for Mac OSX and PC
U&I Software Announces ArtMatic 5
Applied Acoustics Systems Updates the Free Swatches Sound Bank Compilation for the AAS Player Plug-In
C.F. Martin & Co. to Unveil Half a Dozen New Ukulele Models at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011
Brady Releases Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Snare Drum
Bell Custom Guitars Introduces the “Frosted ToneBlaster”
New 13th Editions: Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars and Blue Book of Electric Guitars Are Hot Off the Press!
Architecture Waveforms 2010: Galbanum Goes Googol And Releases Over 25,000 New Waveforms!
TC Electronic Introduces a Limited and Highly Exclusive Edition of Its Amazing Nova System
Lick Library Release Learn to Play My Chemical Romance Guitar Tuition DVD
Electro-Voice strengthens presence in Ukraine
300 Years And Still Kicking: Italian Harpsichord From 1690 Digitally Resurrected
WaTunes Phases Out Digital Distribution
Avid Introduces Pro Tools | HD Native
Voxengo Soniformer 3.0 Spectral Mastering Dynamics Processor Released
Roland Ships UM-One USB MIDI Interface
Korg Exhibits Handheld MR-2 DSD Recorder at 129th AES
Never Miss a Beat with Scorecerer 5.6 for iPad: Sheet Music Manager Is Faster and Easier to Use
Soundcraft Extends Digital Console Range with Si Compact 16 at NAMM
Alfred Releases The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook, the Guide to Creating and Recording Great Guitar Sounds
VOX Amplification Now Shipping VTX150 Neodymium from Its Valvetronix Line
Hal Leonard Publishes a Plethora of Jeff Beck
HARMAN’s AKG Perception Headphones Expand on Leading Perception Microphone Series
Fender® Announces Fender by King Baby Premium Jewelry Line
PreSonus Helps Your Budget with Central Station Plus
AraldFX Releases The Grand Electrix VSTi
Aphex’s New Audio Xciter Music App Now Available: Hear Your Music the Way It Was Meant to Sound
Synthogy Unveils Newest Ivory Piano
MPC-Samples.com Releases 'Beat Making on the MPC5000'
Fostex Announces Unique TH Series Headphones
Xantech Introduces Its New Mrkp2 Keypads
AHEAD Offers New Drumsticks For Modern Drummers And Drumming
Heil Sound Helps Sweet Relief
InfoComm 2010 Acoustics Clinic
Two New Small-Body Models From The Loar Offer Classic Blues Box Sound at an Amazing Value
16TH Annual Gathering of the Vibes Festival Announces Initial Lineup
Orange Amps Launch Coffee Table Book
One-Off Jimi Hendrix Mosaic Up for Auction at Charity Event
Magneto Guitars In The USA
New Kaces Microphone Messenger Bag
Hal Leonard Presents The Visual Drumset Method
MOTU Announces Audio Express Personal Studio Interface
TeamDNR Updates Ammunition to v1.1
Tanglewood Introduces Sundance Historic Series
Sheptone Improvises with the Jazzmaster
Mixware Presents Magma Digital DJ Switchbox .V2
Peavey Premieres Triple XXX II Guitar Amplifier
CDSoundMaster Releases N-TEN-AT4 VST Plug-In Suite
Silicon Beats Releases 'Classic Soul Drum Loops V2'
Access Music Releases Sound Sets for the Virus TI
Producerloops.Com Releases "Deep Tech Funk Vol 2" From Artis Audio
Music City Presets - Allen Morgan
Muse Research and Big Fish Audio introduce the Vir2 Instruments RECEPTOR 2 Bundle
DPA Launches New 4099 Clip Mics to Complete Extensive Range
PRS Guitars Launches Cable Line with Van Damme Cabling
The Women’s Music Summit Announced
Korg Announces the KRONOS Flagship Music Workstation
Fender® Introduces Wayne Kramer Stratocaster® Guitar
Blackstar Adds Reverb Models to Popular HT-5 Series of Guitar Amplifiers
TASCAM Introduces DR-03 Portable Recorder
Alesis Now Shipping More-Affordable DM6 Drumset
Vox Now Shipping AGA150, The Latest Addition To Its Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Line
Audio-Technica Enhances 2000 Series Wireless
Pearl Offers A Pro Cajon in Sound and Feel
Native Instruments Introduces ABBEY ROAD 80s DRUMS
AES 129th Preliminary Convention Events Calendar Goes Live
MODARTT expands pianos to 105 keys (8⅔ octaves)
The Wishbone Workshop Releases “The Kickbone”
Choice Woods, Tone-enhancing Designs and New Inlays Inspire Taylor's Fall Limiteds
Kyma Control: the Swiss Army Knife of Controllers
Producerloops.Com Releases "Dark Tech Progressions Volume 1" Sample Pack
Platinum Samples Announces Steve Ferrone Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library
Tycoon Percussion Continues Successful Intern Program and Seeks new Candidates
Keycontrol 25 XT from audio hardware specialists ESI
Music Producers Guild (UK) Announces The Winners Of Its 2011 Awards
Cinematique Instruments Presents Alto Glockenspiel + Giant Tuning Fork
TC Electronic Releases Mac OS X Lion Compatible Software for Its Audio Interfaces
Squier by Fender Widens Selection of Classic Vibe and Affinity Series
Radial Introduces the JDX™ Reactor Speaker Simulator Module
Shure PSM®1000 Personal Monitor System Now Shipping
Puremagnetik Releases SixVoice for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Renoise and Logic
Precisionsound Releases Hybrid Factory for NI Kontakt
PreSonus Ships Limited-Edition FS Mobile Studio Bundle
OWC Introduces First ‘Apple/Mac Friendly’ Firmware Update Solution For SandForce Driven Solid State Drives
In Stores Now: Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate
eMedia Music Announces eMedia Interactive Rock Guitar
V-Plugs Releases Mr. Soundman, a Free Challenging Ear Training Game for Sound Engineers
Yamaha Introduces New iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Device for the Music-Minded
V-MODA Unveils Limited Edition True Blood® MAKER Zinc Metal Headphones
Voxengo Crunchessor 2.7 track compressor released
Hosa Technology Introduces Hosa Pro Speaker Cables
A-Designs Audio Inc. Launches JM-3001 Preamp/EQ at NAMM 2011
Akai Pro Announces New Line of Analog Guitar Pedals
Lâg Guitars Offers Full Complement Of Gig Bags And Hardshell Cases
DigiTech Introduces Limited Edition Eternal Descent Lyra Multi-Effects Pedal
Introducing the D-45 Authentic 1942!
Greatest Rock Guitar Songs of the 2000s Released in New Songbook from Alfred Music Publishing
Vestax Launches the VCI-100MkII 4-Deck DJ Controller with Audio Interface
Acclaimed Producer Luke Smith Installs Matrix in London Studio
New guitar effects pedals from TC Electronic with mind-blowing features
Los Cabos Drumsticks Introduce New Line of Drum Pads
LeCompte Electric Bass Introduces The "Chewy Linton" Signature Model Bass Guitar
Peavey Announces The Immediate Availability Of Revalver MK III.V Amplifier Modeling Software
Avid Rolls Out New M-Audio GSR Portable Live Sound Speakers
Audio-Technica Displays Expanded 40 Series
Roland Debuts ATELIER Combo AT-350C
Plush FX Pedals Division of Fuchs Audio Technology Introduces New Bass EQ Pedal
Roland Debuts UM-ONE USB MIDI Interface
"Safe 'n' Sound" with JoeCo
Learn to Play Blues Keyboard with Alfred's New Method: The Total Blues Keyboardist
Acoustical Solutions, Inc. Announces Extended Line of 'Green' Sound Control Products
PRS's New "Studio" Model Electric
Mapex Gives Drummers the Best Seat In the House with New Back Supported Drum Throne
Kurzweil Now Shipping SP4-7 Stage Piano
Metal Foundry Presets - Andy Sneap
Alfred Music Publishing Distributes Two New DVDs by DW Drums
Elixer Strings Asks Summer NAMM 2010 Attendees to That the Elixer Cable Comparison Challange
Elixir® Strings Pro Pack Provides More Bang For the Buck
Sonoma Wire Works Unveils the GuitarJack with Analog Input Level Control for FourTrack and Compatible iPhone OS Apps
Roland Adds To Fantom-G Workshop Booklet Series
NetworkSound Releases Mamba ANADAT – 16 channel Analog to ADAT converter & vice versa
Pearl Announces VSX Artisan II Special Edition Drumset
Zoom H1 Handy Recorder Ready For Sale
Get Your Tenori-On: Now Shipping, New Tenori-On Orange Offers Instant Musical Inspiration at a Nicer Price
Time+Space Ship Exciting New Range of Affordable Mics!
Blackstar Amplification Now Shipping Heads from Series One (S1) Range
Backbeat Books Publishes The Home Recording Handbook
Slam Tracks Releases Hard Rock Drum Fills MIDI Pack 1
Guitar World: How to Play the Best of Black Sabbath Instructional DVD Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Midas PRO3 Installed in Eiffel Tower
NetworkSound Releases Mamba Fiber Digital Audio Snake System with Integrated SM/ST WDM Fiber
Peavey Orange County Choppers Guitar Now Available
ModernBeats Releases Pop RnB Guitar Loops Volume 1
TuneCore Live Webcast, Thursday, July 21st, 2:00PM ET : The Sky's The Limit? Musicians And The Cloud
LightWing Studios Announces Seven New AxeGlove® Generation II Models At Summer NAMM 2011
Eastwood Guitars Introduces the New Lightweight Joey Leone Superfast
DPA’s New Reference Standard Mic Range Makes Sweet Music in Provence
Auralex Introduces Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series at CEDIA 2011
Auralex Introduces Digital Room Analysis Form
ARTURIA announces summer promotions: Analog Experience
American DJ Introduces The Royal 3D Laser Strobe Effect
Longcat Releases H3D Binaural VST For MAC
Karma-Lab Releases Korg M3 Video Tutorial DVD Set
Native Instruments Announces DAMAGE by Heavyocity
American DJ’s Versatile Mega 24PRO LED Color Wash Bar Is Perfect for Dance Floors, Uplighting, Stage Shows and More!
Puremagnetik Releases B-System: Atmospheres
Arturia Releases Spark Version 1.4
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Soulful Piano Melodies'
Fuchs Audio Technology Introduces Tripledrive 30-Watt
Audiotech Guitar Products Announce Convertible Source Selector 1X6 to 1X4 Option.
Voxengo TransGainer 1.2 Transient Adjustment Plugin Released
Korg Usa to Distribute Elements Line of Innovative Modular Audio Sound Reinforcement Products from HK Audio
Five12 Releases Numerology 3
C. F. Martin & Co. to Use Martin SP Lifespan Acoustic Guitar Strings on Production Guitars
PSP N2O Chemistry of Sound!
Roland's S-MADI Reac Bridge Expands Compatibility With MADI-Capable Digital Consoles Including Digico's D & SD Series Systems
New Hard Case for MixDeck Express Now Available
Behringer Explodes into Consumer Electronics Market with 50 New Products Plus the iNuke Boom
Sinevibes Releases Nylon Guitar Sound Expansion for Roland Fantom-G
Solid Cables Founder Launches a New Line of Rare Vintage Inspired Tube Guitar Amps with Enthusiast Funding
British Amplifiers Present Watkins Dominator Reissue
Electro-Voice Introduces the R300 Wireless Microphone System at NAMM 2011
Korg Newsletter: New Rebates and Product Pricing
Alfred Celebrates the Legacy of Ray Charles with 80th Anniversary Sheet Music Collection
Vigier, Pioneers of Carbon Fibre Technology, Present the Excalibur Special 7
RJM Music Technology Introduces the Mini Effect Gizmo
Shure Previews New PSM1000 Personal Monitor System at 2011 NAMM
New Hal Leonard Guitar Licks DVDs Worth Their Weight in Gold
Reinventing the Cymbal
Laura and Bickford Brannen Offer 2011 Avanti Fund Scholarship Program through Conn-Selmer
A MIDI Step Polyphonic Arpeggiator for iPad
Introducing the CEO-6 CEO's Choice
B.C. Rich Announces Release of Four New Artist Signature Model Guitars
Impact Soundworks Releases Shreddage X: Electric Guitar Samples Reloaded
Songwriters Drumpack 3 Returns
New, Improved, and Limited Edition PRS Artist Model Guitars for 2012
New Limited Edition Kit from MODTM Kits DIY, “The Inducer”– for Beefy Vacuum Tube Distortion
Voxengo AcuDrums Drum Sample Library Launched
GC Pro Announces New Features and Functionality for Neve Genesys Mixing Console
Cakewalk Announces PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor for SONAR X1 Producer Expanded
ModernBeats Releases R&B Drum Loops from Billboard Remixers
Three Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec Plug-ins To Be Won
Hal Leonard and Keyboard Present Steal This Sound
Harman’s AKG IVM 4500 In Ear Monitor Offers Audio Quality Without Compromise
Audiofile Engineering Releases FiRe 2
Zenhiser Releases Deep House Beats 01 & 02 Collectionsa
Genelec Offers 8240A Bi-Amplified DSP Monitoring System
Green Day: Lyric & Chord Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Loopmasters Introduce Dj Krust, Tech Therapy and Kelevra
FL Studio Mobile 1.1 Update
XL's SRO Classic Wins Best in Show at Summer NAMM 2011!
The New V-Slide HUSKY by V-Picks
BOSS BR-800 Digital Recorder Now Available
Native Instruments Announces KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS
Waves Audio Enters into Strategic Partnership with Abbey Road Studios
Guitar Center and T-Rex Effects go together
Acorn Instruments announce Masterkey USB controller keyboards
Alfred Music Publishing Adapts World’s Best-Selling Piano and Guitar Methods as Self-Teaching Course Books
TC Electronic is proud to announce the next leap in TonePrints
SONiVOX Releases TWIST Spectral Morphing Synthesizer
Corona synth is now available for Mac and Windows
Avid Announces Sibelius 7, the Fastest, Smartest, Easiest Way to Write Music
Sarah Anthony of The Letter Black Becomes a Daisy Rock Artist
Fishman Sponsors Popular Woodstock Luthiers Event
Audio Damage Releases Filterstation Plug-in
Moog Music Debuts The Ladder, a Dynamic Transistor Ladder Filter
Universal Audio Releases Flagship New UAD-2 Quad Omni 6 DSP Accelerator Packages
Martin Guitar Introduces D-28M The Mamas and The Papas Custom Artist Edition
DiGiCo Console Range Expands at 2011 AES Show with SD10-24 Featuring Same FPGA-Driven Features and Compact Size as SD10
SSL Announces New Native RTAS Versions of Acclaimed Duende Plug-ins
FabFilter Announces Support for Avid's New AAX Plug-in Format
Cubase 6 Power! Resource Guide Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Alfred Proudly Presents Renowned Drummer Billy Martin's New Film, Life on Drums
Voxengo Deft Compressor 1.2 Compressor Plug-in Released
Cleartone Strings Introduce 80/20 Bronze
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Led Zeppelin: Coda in Platinum Drum Transcriptions
Keith Mcmillen Instruments Releases Softstep
Recording King Now Shipping
Announcing Guitar Nation Live 2010 London Earls Court Olympia November 13th /14th
WorxAudio Technologies Upgrades To Ease Focus V2
Lucida now Shipping new Bajo quintos
Wicked Audio and Peavey Guitars are partnering up, now offering a new personal music technology, Rockmaster!
Alcons Extends Its Carbon Footprint
New Sounds for Xils-Lab's XILS 3 Synthesizer
Wohler Euro Van Takes the Road
Digico Solutions Launches Remote Record Interface at Prolight+Sound 201
Production Team Behind Defamation of Strickland Banks Install X-Desk at Heart of Studio
50 Piano Classics, Volume 1 and Volume 2 Songbooks Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Now Shipping: Daisy Rock’s Stardust Elite Rebel Standard Electric Guitar in Cherry Bomb Burst Finish
New Jackson® Signature Soloist™ Model for Anthrax’s Ian
Planet 9 Track listing & Artwork Revealed
Morris Light and Sound Adopts Midas PRO9 as Tour Standard
SABIAN - Gon Bops Appoints Industry Veteran Rich Mangicaro to West Coast AR Post
Prime Loops Announce Bionic Beatz
Vox Now Shipping Tonelab Ex in its Valvetronix Pedal Line
Native Instruments' 'Mostly Robot' – Creativity and Technology Live on Stage
Berkleemusic.com Debuts New Online Course “Music Licensing”
Unit Audio Announces Their New Flagship, the “Unit” 16 x 2 Passive Summing Mixer
EAW® Unveils Proprietary Resolution® Software for Line Array Systems
PreSonus Enhances StudioLive Mixers and More with Universal Control 1.5.2
Godin Multioud & Fatih Ahiskali @ Musikmesse 2011
Producer Pack introduces Jeremy Sylvester Back to 95 for UK Garage, Future Gararge, Classic House and Deep House Music Producers
TASCAM RC-20 Makes Flashstart Affordable
Beta Monkey Releases Two New Drum Loop Sample Libraries for Rock, Alternative, Indie and Modern Rock
AKG's New Perception Wireless Couples Legendary High-Performance With Advanced Usability
Roland's New V-Piano Grand Onstage at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Ceremony
DCVoltage Introduces Signature David Barber +P3 Overdrive
The Rolling Stones: Lyric & Chord Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Origin Convergence 6 String and 7 String Shred Guitar Models Begin Shipping
Electro House: Made for the Dancefloor
DangerLoops Releases Drake Studio Drum Kit
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Additional Led Zeppelin Platinum Album Editions for Drums
Allen & Heath Launches 64-Channel Waves SoundGrid Interface for iLive
Pearl D3000-TC Timpani Throne
Alfred Music Publishing Releases The Cole Porter Song Collection for Easy Piano
Godlyke Releases Providence® DLY-4 Chrono Delay
Waves Audio and SAE Institute Team Up to Bring Waves Certification Program to All Incoming Audio Technology Students
Available Today, Avid Pro Tools MP9 Delivers Exceptional Value to Home, Project Studio Music Creation
Schecter Guitar Research Releases C-1/C-7 Custom & Standard Guitars
Yamaha Series of Conservatory Grand Pianos Combine Superb Tone, Clarity and Touch
Mackie's New MRmk2 Reference Monitors Offer Powerful Studio Solution
Platinum Samples: Bobby Jarzombek Multi-Format Metal MIDI Groove Library
Source Audio Releases Compact, Feature-Laden Programmable EQ Pedal
Hosa Technology Mogan Elite Omni Elite Earset Microphone Now Shipping
NUGEN Audio Releases Stereopack 2 (Stereoizer, Monofilter, Stereoplacer)
IK Multimedia’s VocaLive App for iPad Now Available on iTunes
Cakewalk(r) Announces FREE SONAR(tm) X1b Update for SONAR X1 Producer, Studio, Essential, V-Studio 700 Customer
Equinox Sounds Releases Smash Up The Studio 'MIDI Keys: Piano Loops For Film & TV'
The Audix CabGrabber BOOMS with Versatility!
PRS SE Custom Gets a New Look and Enhanced Switching for 2012
Camel Audio Releases Major Updates to Sample Manipulation Synths and New ‘Powered By Alchemy’ Sound Library
Camel Audio Updates Alchemy and Alchemy Player and Releases New ‘Powered by Alchemy’ Sound Library
Camel Audio Releases Alchemy Mobile (for iPhone/iPad) & Updates Alchemy/Alchemy Player (1.25)
Camel Audio Updates ‘Phattening’ and Rhythmic Multi-effects Plug-ins
Blackstar Amplification Announces Compact HT-1 All-Tube Amp
Sound Innovations for Guitar, Book 1 Method Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Dunlop Unleashes Black Fang Picks
Alfred Enhances Best-Selling Keyboard DVD by Brian Auger with New Supplemental Materials
HARMAN’s DigiTech Launches New Spring Tank Reverb Pedal
Celemony Introduces Pioneering Extension for Plug-in Interfaces
65amps Introduces the Empire 22-Watt British-inspired Head
Carlos Santana SE One Abraxas Model PRS Guitar
LeCompte Electric Bass Introduces The “Charlie Padilla Maqueo” Signature Model Bass Guitar
Alfred Presents The Big Easy TAB Songbook Series for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, and Ukulele
New Artist, Model and Colors for PRS’s SE Line
Tascam Upgrades Minidisc Combo to MD-CD1MKIII
Mojave Audio Announces New MA-301fet Condenser Microphone
Propellerhead Updates ReCycle to Version 2.2
AudioRaiders Bring the Sounds of Sasha to Your Studio
PreSonus Ships BlueTube DP V2 and TubePre V2 Tube Preamps
DBZ Guitars Take Flight in Grounded Economy
Rasmus Faber - Live House Elements [by Loopmasters]
Diginoiz release "Fat Key Vibez 2" (Audio+Midi) Loops Line series !
Beta Monkey Releases New Rock Drum Loops in REX2 Format.
Wharfedale Pro Release New Portable Range
CDSoundMaster Releases The VTM-M2 Vintage Tape Machine Plug-In
Best Service Releases Ethno World Download Pack
Blue Cat Audio Updates Free Spectrum Analyzer Plug-in
DigiTech Introduces BP355 Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
Bittree Launches 969-A Series Programmable Audio Patchbays
Hosa Technology Announces Mogan Standard Omni Earset Microphone
Pro Academy Series: Event Lighting Instructional DVD Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Vienna Symphonic Library’s Announces Release of Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 and Vienna MIRR PRO
Darc Skreen FX & One Shots Is Released in Acid/Apple/REX2 Format
EastWest Offers Special Savings for the Holidays
Puremagnetik Releases DeeEx for Live, Kontakt, Renoise & Logic
Veillette Guitars Presents the Gryphon 6
Roland FR-18 Diatonic V-Accordion Now Shipping
Carl Martin to Release MKII Octa-Switch
Alfred Releases Sound Innovations, Book 2 Standard Edition Methods for Concert Band and String Orchestra
Loopmasters Present Inland Knights, Organ Donors and new concept Patchworx
Prime Loops' Release Black SFX
Vienna Symphonic Library’s new plug-in for Vienna Suite
Lexicon PCM Native Effects Plug-In Bundle Now Available for Digital Download
JZ Microphones launches Vintage 12
Pearl Reference Pure Snare Drums
New Kit from MODTM Kits DIY, the ThunderDrive Deluxe Overdrive
Subtractive Drum & Bass Vol 1
Mackie Expands Popular ProFX Mixer Series
Rob Papen Releases PUNCH - Powerful Virtual Drum Synth
Reeves Gabrels Model Reverend Guitar Now features Wilkenson Trem
Xils-Lab releases Xilsitics, a collection of 160 presets for the virtual modular synthesizer XILS 3
Propellerhead Software Announces Reason 5 And Record 1.5
Pearl Percussion Unleashes New Brazilian Items
DigiTech’s Limited Edition Eternal Descent Lyra Multi-Effects Pedal Is Now Shipping
Boss Ships RC-30 and RC-3 Loop Station Pedals
Fitness Technologies Introduces World’s Smallest 100% Waterproof MP3 Player at CES
Sound Devices PIX 240 Makes Red Carpet Debut
dbx® Industry Standard Graphic Equalizers, Compressors and Crossovers Get New Look at NAMM 2011
Radial announces the world's first 500 series Reamp™, the X-Amp™ Reamper module
Guitar Center Professional Helps New York’s Outpost Digital Outfit New Post Production Suites
The Jonas Brothers Melody Maker
Russell Gilbrook Joins Natal Drums
American DJ Expands Popular Mini Laser Series
The Next Benchmark: Riedel Artist 1100 Series Intercom Control Panel
A Fine Oddone Violin in the March London Auction
Les Paul Performance with a Modern, No-Frills Attitude
Numark Debuts Ns6 4-Channel DJ Controller With Built-In Mixer For Serato Itch
New Ibanez Universe 7-String Re-Issue Rockets 20 Years Back to The Future
Vir2 Instruments Releases Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar
Cakewalk and OurStage.com Launch Music Competition with Intel - Intel Superstars 2011
Propellerhead's Record 1.5 and Reason 5 Software Available Today
Play the Hits of Steve Winwood, Blind Faith, Spencer David Group, and Traffic with Keyboard Songbook from Alfred
Precisionssound Releases Maestrovox Ps-Mod. for NI Kontakt 4
Musicrow Releases the Ebola Synthesizer for Reaktor
Alfred Releases Popular Strayhorn/Ellington Arrangement of The Nutcracker Suite
Surround SFX Releases Transistor Rhythm, a High-End Drum-Library for Maschine, Battery and EXS-24 & 3 Free Kits
iKlip for iPad 2 Shipping Soon from IK Multimedia
Image Line Software Releases Drumaxx VSTi & AU Percussion Modeling Instrument
DPA Mics Create Soundtrack to 127 Hours
Crown Audio To Host Online Seminar: Installation Applications for the PIP-USP4 Processing Module
Soundcraft® Vi1™ Digital Mixing Console Provides Diverse Sonic Palette for Norway’s Rainbow Events AS
Safe Sound Audio Announces Unique 500 Series Module
Sinori Percussion™ Unveils a New Musical Instrument
Virtuasonic Announces Sinori Percussion Sample Libraries
Proud To Announce Wahnder Lust
SXSW Names the Peavey & Agile Partners AmpKit a Finalist in 2011 Interactive Awards
Scalloped Frets, Snow White Burst, Gold Details: Meet “Eschaton” by Basone Guitars
Solid State Logic Release Duende Native Plug-In Collection
Full Sail University Graduate Gary A. Rizzo Nominated for Oscar for Best Achievement in Sound Mixing
Shure Announces SM58® Give it Voice Tour Winner
Berkleemusic.com Debuts New Online Course “Microphone Techniques”
Unit Audio Announces an Affordable Line of Passive Summing Mixers
Alfred Music Publishing Releases The Rock Guitar Songbook, Volumes 1 and 2
Numark Controller Backpack - Available Now
Numark 4-Channel DJ Controller - Now Shipping
Guitar World Lick of the Day App Introduces The Beatles Licks Packs
b-sharp Records Classic Performances With ADAM Audio
TC Electronic Updates Its Entire Loudness Meter Range to Comply With ITU-R BS.1770-2
SM Pro Audio Delivers Double Value and Performance with Two New Dual-Function EQ/Compressors
iPod DJ Controller from Numark, iDJ Live, Now Available
Electronic Drum Pad Instrument, PercPad, Now Available
Renkus-Heinz Announces AFMG Aubion x.8 A/D-D/A converter
Martin Strings Introduces SP LIFESPAN String Set
Prime Loops Release Dirty South Wars 2
Guitar Center Professional Offers Sennheiser Flagship 3000 And 5000 Series Wireless Systems
9 Soundware Releases Drum Tree Presets for ES2 and EXS24 Instruments
V-Picks Releases the SwitchBlade Guitar V-Picks Releases the SwitchBlade Guitar Pick
Soundtrack to Oscar-Nominated Documentary Was Recorded in Home Studio
Spectrasonics Announce Winners in "OMG-1 Contest"
DYNACORD Presents the New Generation of Compact Mixing Systems (CMS)
Kemper Amps at Summer NAMM
FabFilter Announces Pro-G Gate/Expander Plug-in
NUGEN Audio Releases VisLM Loudness Metering Solution
Play the Greatest Hits of Nickelback with Easy Piano Arrangements from Alfred Music Publishing
Warwick Presents Thumb SC Single Cutaway Bass
Guardian now Shipping the Professional Fiberglass Case for Mandolin
Loopmasters Introduce Fred Everything, Dubtech & DJ Mixtools 18
Loopmasters Introduce Timo Maas, Minimal Tech Vox & DJ Mixtools Dubstep Vol 1
EASTWEST Announces "Evolution Series World Percussion"
V-Picks Releases the new ONYX
Alfred’s Drum Method, Book 1, Celebrates 25 Years of Enduring Success
The Gospel According to iLive
Sonnox Ships Fraunhofer Pro-Codec
QESounds Releases Version 2 of Sample Libraries
Mart6in Guitar Introduces Orchestra Model John Renbourn Custom Artist Edition
Recording King's RD-310: All-Solid with an Adirondack Top and a $499 Street Price
Diginoiz release "DigiDrums" One Shot Series
Diginoiz release "Movie Motion Orchestra" loops line series!
Rylee Announces Electric Guitar Fretboard Addict v1.0 For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Devices
Diginoiz Release "Urban Party Animals" Construction Series
Pro-Sounds Releases Selective Reality for VirusTI
New RME Fireface UFX High-End Audio Interface Starts Shipping
Lick Library Makes The Fretboard Work For You
MOTU Introduces Microbook Audio Interface
Lick Library Releases Jam with Dream Theater Double DVD
KRK12sHO and KRK12S Subwoofers to be Introduced at Musikmesse
VOX Ships Mini3 Portable Modeling Amplifier
Blue Mics Announces iPad Studio Mic @ NAMM
Ludwig Launches Legacy Classic Drums
Apogee Electronics Announces Audio Interface Development Based Upon Intel’s Thunderbolt Technology for Connection to Thunderbolt-Equipped Apple Computers
Turbosound, Allen & Heath Breathe New Life Into First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa
Nady Introduces New Portable Receiver and Plug-In Wireless Converter Link
Backline Engineering Announces Note Synth Pitch to MIDI App for the iPhone, iPod and iPad
Namba Gear Introduces Killer Bee Collection
American DJ's Mini-O-Clam Expands Space
Louisianas Blade Studios Reaches High Sonic Standards with Endless Analogs Clasp
Producerloops.com Releases "Liquid Drum & Bass Bundle (Volumes 1-3)"
Kaltman Creations Announces the New Invisible Waves X RF Command Center for Pro Audio Analyzing
Voxengo GlissEQ 3.4 Dynamic Equalizer Plugin Released
Soundtrack Loops Announces Dubplate Techtonics Drum n Bass Vs Dubstep Loops & Samples
Wave Alchemy News - Free Sample Pack Tape KPR-77
9 Soundware Releases Full Metal Racket R NN-XT Patches
Hammerax Feather - Super Light and Fast Cymbals
Hal Leonard Puts Jazz Bass on Top
Organic Custom Drums Delivers Last Dual Floating Shell Snare Drum; Completes Transition to Modular Floating Shell Design
macProVideo.com Releases MPVHub Expert Guides Series on Apple iBooks
AHEAD Drumsticks Help Drummers To Take Their Drumming To A Higher Level.
WIN THE AXL USA 1216 Artist: Hand-Assembled in Hayward, CA, With Pro Components and Gig-ready Right Out of the Box!
Vestax’s Highly Anticipated PMC-05ProIV DJ Mixer Now Shipping
Win a DVK Technologies THE MRS Compressor/Booster Pedal Signed by Alex Skolnick of Testament
Karma-Lab releases new sounds for the Korg Kronos
Liine announces Kapture Pad for iPhone and iPad
PRS's Recording Amp with Curly Maple Panels
Evanescence: Fallen Easy Piano Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Markbass Introduces Three New Amps and Four New Pedals for 2012 at the NAMM Show
Guitar Center Professional Helps Outfit Geoff Pillar’s New Electric Thunder Facility in Nashville
Drawmer Launches Revised MX Pro Series Processors
New 'Radio Rhythmz' Drum Loops from ModernBeats.com
Lâg Guitars Presents Re-String Event Tour
TC Electronic's Crown Jewel Bass Amp - Blacksmith. Now Shipping
Prime Loops Release Club Bizarre
XILS-lab Announces BBD Chorus Effects Plug-in; Plus x64 Soft Synth Updates
V-Picks Releases Pearly Gates Series Guitar Picks
Prime Loops Release Ultimate Dubstep Drummer
Lick Library Releases Learn To Play Muse DVD
BOSS Announces RC-30 And RC-3 Loop Station Pedals
The MUSIC Group Announces BEHRINGER and BUGERA Musikmesse Press Conference
Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamp at The Amp Show
MusicianLink to Demonstrate the jamLink Live at South by Southwest
Turbosound Launches TCX Compact Install Series
Studiologic Numa Piano Now Shipping
Soundcraft Vi1 – Smaller, Lower Priced, But Still With VistonicsTM, Lexicon FX, BSS EQ's, And That Sound Quality
9 Soundware Releases Orchestral Disorder Presets for Sculpture and ES2
Audio-Technica Exhibits ATCS-60 IR Conference System
Loopmasters drop Tech House & Deep Minimal Vol 2 and The Nu Sound Of Disco
Tycoon Traditional Series African Djembes Prove Popular With Drummers And Dealers.
Fernandes Revolver Classic Series In Stores Now
Schecter Guitars Releases Solid Wood Acoustics
Workshops Define 129Th AES Convention
bx_XL: "The new loud!" - - - - finally... the M/S mastering limiter by Brainworx!
Empress Effects Announces Release of Phaser Pedal
DigiTech® Introduces New BP90 Bass Multi-Effects Processor
Producerloops.Com Releases "Commercial RnB: Trance & Dance Vol 1" Sample Pack
USB/Network Controllable 4-Channel Amplifier Debuts from Turbosound
Korg Shipping EMX1SD and ESX1SD From the Updated Electribe Series
Steinberg Presents HALion Sonic VST3 Production Workstation
Omnitronic Presents Two new MIDI Controllers: TMC-1 and TMC-2 (Both with Virtual DJ)
Roland Unveils Juno-Gi Mobile Synthesizer
Korg Expands Palm-Sized Processor Line with Pandora Mini
Propellerhead Releases Reason 6, Reason Essentials and Balance
Hal Leonard Presents Two New Metheny Releases
Updated DJ|iO DJ Audio Interface Now Shipping from Numark
Maschine Mikro Now Available In Stores Worldwide
PowerFX Release DJ Samplr iPhone App
Introducing PRS Guitars’ Collection Series by Private Stock
Toontrack's 13th EZX Expansion Pack for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0
AES Convention Sets Lunchtime Keynote Events
Mixed In Key 5 Offers Enhanced Features, Power, and Speed
Registration for Shure's Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition Now Open
SSL Duality Accelerates Workflow for Busy Advertising Production Studio BoomBox Sound
Daisy Rock and The GRAMMY Museum® Proudly Present the “Women in Rock” Series, Inspiring the Next Generation of Music Professionals
Zaxcom Highlights at AES 2010
Akai Pro Announces MPK mini, USB Software Controller with Keyboard and Drum Pads
Learn to Play Piano with Jim Brickman: Piano Beginnings, Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
Numark announces Mixtrack Pro, Dj Software Controller and Audio Interface
Ueberschall Press Announcment - New Sample Library
Hercules Launching new DJ Console
Fishman Trial Against Esteban Begins
Guitar Center Professional Outfits Monmouth Worship Centers New Sanctuary
True-Bypass ® Switching Pedals by ToadWorks
Zaolla Silverline Debuts New Microphone Cable
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Complete Edition of Best-Selling Drumset Method
Katy Perry: Teenage Dream Released as Piano/Vocal Songbook by Alfred Music Publishing
Korg Offers Downloadable Versions Of Popular Software Synths
PowerCore 4.0 including Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle is now available for download
Roland Releases New Dynamic MIDI Pedal
Jazz Real Book: Essential Jazz Standards, C Edition Released by Alfred Music Publishing
XTA Announces New DP548 Dynamic Audio Processor: DP448 on Steroids!
Native Instruments Introduces: ABBEY ROAD MODERN DRUMS
Peavey Releases TNT 115 and TKO 115
Los Cabos Drumsticks Is Pleased to Welcome Richard Spaven to Their Artist Family
OWC Announces Lowest Priced 60GB SSD – World Speed Record Mercury Electra 6G - One of Fastest 6G SSDs Available
Audix Introduces the New DP-QUAD Mic Pack
Loopmasters Present Santos, Live Latin and Nu Disco + DJ Mixtools 22
Radial Announces the PhazeQ™ Module, a Phase Adjustment Tool
New Big Fish Releases! Big Bad Horns and Pop Rocks
Adams Artist Series GAT33 Orchestra Bells
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Its Improv Series with Blues, Rock, and Jazz Soloing Strategies for Guitar
Sweat Relief: Sensaphonics Offers Electronic Desiccant System
OWC Announces Upgrade Service For All Mid-2011 Apple iMacs
New Sample Library - Tribak & Tech House
The Lighter Side of Korg Tuners and Metronomes
Lectrosonics Wireless Hangs Ten During the U.S. Open Surf Competition
Music Computing™ Adds Multi-Touch Touchscreens for Mac OS® X to Lineup
Native Instruments Announces Traktor Kontrol S2 DJ System
Motu Ships Masterworks Plug-Ins For Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase And Other Hosts
CultureElectronic Launches Gladiator Dance Sounds Vol 1 & 2 Collections
Tradition Meets Technoloyg with the Release of Epiphone's Les Paul Ultra-III
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Uplifting Trance MIDI Chords 2'
PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Wins Prestigious MIPA Award!
Allen & Heath Launches Ground-Breaking New Digital DJ Mixer
Arturia Announces The Upcoming Release Of Analog Experience The Laboratory
Alfred Expands Award-Winning Series With On The Beaten Path: Beginning Drumset Course, Level 1
DBZ Snake Skin Venom Poised to Strike at Musikmesse
Alfred Publishing To Release Breakthrough Book For Drum Instructors
Sample Magic Release SM21 Tech-House
Roland Debuts Octa-Capture Audio Interface
ATK Audiotek Implements New System Design Strategy
with Powersoft Amplifiers
AES 129th Convention Master Class & Tutorial Programs: Increasingly Timely and Relevant
Korg Now Shipping PC-1 Pitchclip Guitar and Bass Tuner
Gibson Acoustic: 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E in 3 Versions
dbx ® Strengthens its Line Of Digital Processors with Introduction of Four New Members To The ZonePRO™ Series
3rd POWER Announces new “Hybrid master Volume” control technology
New Quick Release Drum Key From Gibraltar
Native Instruments Introduces SESSION STRINGS PRO
Clyde Stubblefield: Up Close & Personal at IMSTA FESTA
Fernandez Guitars Release Revolver Elite JS
Fender Custom Shop Road Show 
North American Summer/Fall 2010 Dates And Dealers
Dingwall Custom I Guitar
DBZ Guitars Release the Cavallo Peacemaker – The Art In Guitar Making
New Armor Gold Instrument Cables
American DJ's Fusion Tri FX Bar Combines Color Pinspot with Strobing Wash for a Unique 2-in-1 LED Effect
Pearl Ez-Tune Djembe: Modern Meets Traditional
BassLab Presents new Tops to Theta and Soul-models
Audiofile Engineering Posts Backline Calc 2.0 for iPhone OS
Final Lineup, Sponsors, and Exclusive "Extracurricular" Activities Announced for Modern Drummer Festival™
MODARTT releases Xylo add-on for Pianoteq
Mansons Guitar Show Confirms John Paul Jones and Incredible Charity Raffle Prizes
Lâg Guitars Celebrate Coming to the U.S.
Korg USA Unveils Limited Edition Retro T-Shirt Collection
Puremagnetik Releases Artifact Minipak
PRS Guitars' Updated Modern Eagle - The ME Quatro
Córdoba Releases New All-Solid Nylon-Steel Hybrid Guitar
iPad DJ Controller from Numark, iDJ Live, Now Shipping With Support for algoriddim’s djay app
Metal has never worked like the Taye MetalWorks
Strymon Orbit dBucket Flanger Effect Pedal Now Available
Akai Pro MPK61 Keyboard Controller Now Shipping
A New York Sound: The New Yorker Cowbells with Marc Quinones Signature Timbal Bell
Source Audio To Unveil New Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter at Bass Player Live
Shure Unveils Beta 27 Side-Address Condenser Microphone
Roland Unveils Fp-7F Digital Piano Supernatural Piano Sound Engine Added To Popular FP Series Piano
Roland Unveils the CD-2i SD/CD Recorder at Musikmesse 2010
Roland Announces R-05 WAVE/MP3 Recorder
Sound Guy presents Spectral Machine frequency-domain audio effects
PreSonus Ships StudioLive 24.4.2 Digital Mixer
Phonic Corporation Introduces the Summit Digital Mixer and Software Upgrades
IMSTA Launches Song Competition in Association with AKON's HITLAB
Gadotti Guitars Opens New Facility In Brazil.
Brazilian Stompboxes Gain a Foothold in the US
Alesis Announces Q49 USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller
PreSonus Studio One and FireWire Interfaces Add Lion Compatibility
New Mackie VLZ3 4-Bus Mixers Offer Proven VLZ Technology with Higher Channel Count
dbx® Introduces Media Engine for SC Digital Matrix Processors For Stored Media Playback
MoogFest 2010 Announces Devo As Recipient Of Moog Innovation Award
Hed Kandi and iZotope collaborate to create music App for iPhone and iPod touch
Last KikBriks Now Available
Yamaha Four- and Five-String Studio Acoustic Body Silent Violins Now Shipping
Steinberg launches Nuendo 5
The Loar Introduces the New Hand-Carved A-Model LM-300 Mandolin
Nik Huber Guitars Releases Twangmeister
Fohhn Ships Electronically Steerable Line Array Systems
macProVideo.com Releases Apple MainStage 2 Core Training Videos
Impact Soundworks Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds
Grace Digital Audio Roughs Up Your Tunes with the Eco Extreme All-Terrain MP3 Speaker
Austin's AU796 Session Master Guitar Series
Zoom Revamps Their Most Popular Effects Pedal
EAW Now Shipping JFL210 Compact Constant Curvature Line Array
Ampeg Releases The SVT Micro Head And SVT-210AV Enclosure
Now on the App Store: PreSonus SL Remote for iPad
AER Introduces Alpha Plus 50W acoustic guitar amp to North America
PRS’s Recording Amp with Curly Maple Panels
Behringer ULTRALINK UL2000M Wireless Mic System Released
Tama Introduces Limited Edition Snare Drums
Taylor Guitars Announces 35th Anniversary Armrest Guitars
Beyerdynamic Introduces Opus 600 series Wireless Systems at NAMM 2010
New From Canford at PLASA 2011
Power and Clarity from Samson's New Auro Active PA Speakers
Spaun Drum Company Releases Complete Edgevent Kits
IK Multimedia’s VocaLive App for iPhone Now Available on iTunes
Audio-Technica Enhances BP892 MicroSet® Headworn Mic With Dual Ear Mount
Summit Audio Joins the Family of Softube Development Partners
Producerloops.Com Launches Music Production Video Tutorials From Sonic Academy
EDL Convert 4.0 Supports Pro Tools Sessions
Alfred Releases New Trans-Siberian Orchestra Songbook: Beethoven's Last Night
Rayzoon Releases Jamstix 3 -Intelligent Virtual Drummer
TheAirtightGarage Introduces the Artemis Bass and Guitar Amplifier
BSS Audio BLU-100 Provides Upgraded Signal Processing to Soundweb London Series
Marshall Exhibits MA Series Guitar Amplifiers
Marantz® Professional Exhibits the PMD661 Compact Digital Recorder
LDI Show Preview - American Audio's Extremely Versatile 4-Channel VMS4 Controller
Lava Cable introduces the Lava Silver Wire™ plug.
Un-Wired! American DJ Introduces WiTech 8 Wireless Controller For Easy Wireless Control Of Up To 8 Lighting Fixtures
Berkleemusic.Com Debuts Online Music Supervision Course
Gypsy Pistoleros Confirmed For Rocklahoma
New Custom Amp Designs from PRS Guitars and Doug Sewell
IK Multimedia Announces Universal Update For Miroslav Philharmonik
Berkleemusic Debuts New Online Course "R&B Bass"
Allen & Heath Announces xDR-16 Audio Expander for iLive Systems
Kreativ Sounds Releases SYN Bass Sounds V1
Nord Releases the Chamberlin sounds in the Nord Sample Library
Music Computing Announces Next Generation Music Keyboard Workstations for Studio and Live Performance: StudioBLADE and iKeyDOCK
Laguna Guitars Introduces Range of Acoustic And Electric Guitars
Marshall Features MB Series of Bass Amplifiers with Five Hybrid Models and Three Cabinets
Alfred Releases Choosing the Right DAW for YOU, a New Beginner's Digital Audio Workstation Guide
Sonoma Wire Works Releases HigginsPack, a New DrummerPack for DrumCore
BSM Releases The Rory Gallagher Treble Booster
Alesis Announces Guitarlink Plus
Streamworks Audio Releases SWA Complete Cubase 5.5 Video Tutorial.
ProjectSAM Release Major New Free Update for Symphobia 2
Artist Signings Kick Off Seymour Duncan 35th Anniversary
Martin Guitar Introduces the OMC-LJ Pro Custom Artist Edition
Wave Alchemy Releases Electro Collection
Allen & Heath Announce Version 3.0 Of Xone Mixed In Key Harmonic Mixing Software
Music Computing Rolls out New Large Format Motion-Controlled Multi-Touchscreens
TC-Helicon Announce VoiceLive Touch – the First Vocal Processor and Looper That’s Right There at Your Fingertips.
HM Ben Harper Special Edition Acoustic Guitar
NUGEN Audio has released updates for all components of their Stereopack stereo enhancement, focussing and restoration plugin suite.
IK Multimedia Ships iKlip, The Microphone Stand Adapter for iPad
Universal Audio Releases Official SSL E Series Channel Strip and G-Series Bus Compressor Plug-Ins for UAD-2 Platform
Wampler Pedals Re-Releases Underdog Overdrive Pedal to Benefit Cancer Victim
Audio-Technica Introduces Es963 Three-Element Multidirectional Boundary Microphone
JLH Products AxeTrak® Isolation Cabinet Allows for Adjustment of Microphone
Effectrode Release Tube Vibra Chorus Pedal
realsamples Presents Rare 18th Century Portable Mini Piano
Franz Keller Designs Mantaray iTAR
Sample Magic Releases Tribal Tech-House
Analogue Classics Added to the Nord Sample Library
Aphex Expands Engineering Team
9 Soundware Releases Operator EFM1 Presets
Kreativ Sounds Updates ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds to Version 2.2
Wicked Audio Now Shipping Trend-Setting Collection of 3D Headphones
Yamaha Launches DG60-112 Digital Amp
Genelec Now Shipping its 8260a Three-Way DSP System with Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC™) Technology
Wicked Audio Releases Much-Anticipated Helix Earphones
Alfred Presents Complete Guitar Method Series to Master Acoustic, Blues, Jazz, and Rock
Video Surgeon Software Program Released for Music Training, Instruction, or Lessons
Zero-G release Nexus – Experimental Drum n Bass
Martin Guitar Announces 2010 Debut of the "Performing Artist Series" Of Acoustic/Electric Guitars
HK AUDIO Premieres Compact sized Sub for PREMIUM PR:O at Musikmesse 2009
Softube Launches Summit Audio TLA-100A “Set-and-Forget” Compressor Plug-in with Special Introductory Price
T-Rex Presents the Gristle King Pedal
VHT Amplification Releases The Sig:X Tube Amplifier
Mackie HD1221 Delivers Superior Performance in an Ultra-Compact Design
Diginoiz Release "Rappin Da Hood 2" Construction Kits Series
Sterling Audio Introduces ST69 Tube Condenser Microphone
OMC-18 Laurence Juber Custom Edition Acoustic Guitar
Peavey Debuts Powerful TriFlex® II Portable 3-way Audio System
XTA Introduces DC1048 Installation Audio Processor at InfoComm 2009
Prime Loops Announce Rasta Vocal 2
VOX Debuts Major Expansion Of Electric Guitar Line
Sonoma Wire Works' RiffWorks Standard and RiffWorks T4 Recording Software Updated to v2.6.4
SM Pro Audio's MC03 MKII Microphone Goes Dual Circuit
IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality ship DrummerTracks for AmpliTube® Say hello to your new drummer.
Quantum Leap Spaces Sets New Standard in Convolution Reverb
Ecoustic 110 EFX and 112 EFX Acoustic Combos from Peavey
Korg Announces Wavedrum Oriental Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer
AKG Reveals New iPhone App
UK Start-Up Company Offers Tools to Manage the Business of Band Life
Neil Peart Drums Vol 1: The Kit Released by Sonic Reality
Music Studio Suite: iPad Virtual Instruments app available now!
Producerloops.Com Releases "Supalife Electro House" Sample Pack
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Sheet Music Playlist Series
Introducing the KORG SP-170 Digital Piano
NUGEN Audio Updates Stereoizer to v3.1
Update for the Nord Stage EX OS and Sound Manager
Lâg Offers Full Complement Of Gig Bags And Hardshell Cases Guitars
Martin Guitar Makes Contributions to the Share Initiative for Wounded Warriors and Jimmy Buffet's Charity "Singing For Change"
Multi-Dimensional Vienna Instruments – Vienna Dimension Brass
Hughes & Kettner Debuts COREBLADE, the Ultimate Metal Head
Asphalt Valentine Announce Dates
Blackstar Amplification Launch HT Venue Series at NAMM 2010
V-Picks Releases the Mandolin Classical Pick
BSM Announces New Booster Pedal, RW-F
Dynacord Presents the CXM 15 Compact High-Performance Monitor
ASK Video Releases Tempo Delay Calculator for iPhone OS
Ibanez Debuts 3rd Handcrafted Reissue: The Artist AR5000RE
Fishman Offers Amp Covers And Carry Bag For Loudbox
Port City Amps Releases the Sahana Boost Pedal
Stanton Announces A Major Update For THE SCS.1 Controller
Goldbaby Productions Presents The FatJuno-6 Sample Library
Axes & Axles: The Art Of Building Cars And Guitars - New Exhibit Opening In September
Producerloops.com Releases Bunker 8 "Symphonic Dub Step" Sample Pack
Floating Point Audio to Manage JZ Microphones Distribution in France
New Digital Mixer from LEM
DBZ Guitars Unleashes the Croc Skin Bolero Guitar
IK Multimedia announces 2 new mixing legends as add-ons to T-RackS: Black 76 and White 2A ~~ M/I
Electro-Harmonix Releases Two Classic Designs From 1969: The Screaming Bird Treble Booster And The Mole Bass Booster
PRS Presents Five Hot Signature Artist SEs at Winter NAMM 2010
Easy Expression Converter Offically Released
KK Audio Labs Introduces DS-6 Reference Monitor at 2011 NAMM Show
Avlex Introduces Superlux PRO238MKII True Condenser Microphone
Master the Techniques of Playing Acoustic Blues Guitar with Instructional Book from Alfred Music Publishing
ModernBeats Releases 'Supreme Snarez' Sample Library
Micahel Kelly® Introduces Vintage-Flavored Patriot™ Standard Electric Guitars
Barge Concepts Releases GLZ-1 and BV-1 Multi-function Unity Gain Signal Buffers
Robbie Robertson Twin Flamed Hawaiian Koa Signature Guitars
Zenhiser Offers Ultra 80's Drum Beats and Funky Tech Samples & Loops
Ampeg's New Heritage Series Classic Ampeg Gear Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A.
Allen & Heath Introduces Expansion Rack To iLive Family
K-Sounds Releases Organimation XS B3 Library
Vox Amplification Unveils NT15H "Night Train" 15-Watt All-Tube Guitar Amplifier Head
Lace Music Products introduces the Blingbucker line of humbucker size pickups.
Crown Introduces VRACK: A Tour Optimized Amplifier and Power Speaker Management Rack for JBL Loudspeakers
Native Instruments Releases KOMPLETE 7 and KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS
TAMA Releases Soul Toul Snare Drum
PSR-E423 Digital Keyboard Takes Interactivity To The Next Level
HK AUDIO Presents CADIS Installation Array
Lexicon® LXP Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle Creates Atmospheric Soundscapes for Film Composer Frederik Wiedmann
Sonart Audio Presents "MELLOTRON" 6GB Instruments Collection
American Audio To Turn Up Performance, Versatility, And Mobility At ProLight + Sound
Sheptone Spanks the Chicken Picker
Serious Sound: Electro-Voice launches Live X loudspeaker series at Winter NAMM 2011
IK Multimedia Presents StealthBoard™ USB/MIDI Pedal Board
Roland Ships KC-110 Stereo Keyboard Amplifier
macProVideo.com Presents Jordan Rudess: Keyboard Wizdom Tutorial video
New Studio & Recording Techniques Tutorials by macProVideo.com
Introducing Gen16 - Intelligent Percussion by Zildjian
Ultimate Deep House Beats Hits The Zenhiser Shelves
Indaba Music, YouNow Present a Songwriting Contest With a Twist
WIVI Band, The VST/AU/RTAS Instrument - Now Available
Vogue Presents the Quattro Standalone Four-Voice Polyphonic PCM Synthesizer
Vicoustic Shipping the Vari Bass
UVI.net Introduces UVI Grand Piano for Mac
TurboDrive™: a video guide
Turbosound Now Shipping Powered Version of Flex Array
Torpedo Technology Now Available for Your DAW !
Torpedo LB-202: A New Milestone in Attenuation
EZplayer Pro From Toontrack Available For Review
TRX Icons Debut At NAMM
TK Audio releases The Strip - A High-End Channelstrip
TC Electronic Announces DB4 MKII And DB8 MKII Cross-Platform Broadcast Processors
TC-Helicon Introduces the Demo. Share. Win. Competition for Singers at 134 Guitar Centers across the US
Capo 2: Reverse Engineering Rock and Roll
Steinberg releases Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 at NAMM show
Lava Cable Introduces The Lava Magma™ Cable
Soundminer HD Released
Soundtrack Loops releases Electric Soul
Soundtrack Loops Announces Scratch BPM DJ Scratch Loops & FX
Soundcell Releases Salad Bar Version 3
Sound Magic Releases Sun's Erhu downloadable KONKAKT library
New Billy Martin: Loops from the Underground - DrummerPack for DrumCore
Ueberschall Announces Availability of the Urbanic Guitars Collection
Sinevibes Releases the Turbo AudioUnit Plug-in
Seymour Duncan Introduces Revolutionary Liberator Solderless Pickup Change System
MPatch 2.1 Passive Volume Controller/Monitor Switcher Reaches North American and European Retailers
Rotosound and Bare Knuckle Pickups Get Together To Bring Guitarists The Best Of British
Rotosound Confirm Duff McKagan, Billy Sheehan and RATT at NAMM 2011
Keeley Overdrive goes on sale
Rhythm Alliance Drumming Experience in Los Angeles on October 9, 2010
Renoise Announces 2.6 - Geek Edition
The Recording Academy® Producers & Engineers Wing® Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Grammy® Week Event Honoring Legendary Producer T Bone Burnett
The Rapcohorizon Company Introduces I-Blox Smart Phone Interface At Winter NAMM
Random Wave Music Releases A V A N T - G A R D E Sound Bank and GUI Set for Cakewalk Z3TA+ 1.5.3
Pro-Sounds Releases Tau Trance Library for Predator
Guitar Notes Master – New Software That Teaches Fretboard Theory to Guitarists
Overloud Announces Springage Spring Reverb
Native Instruments Announces New DJ Audio Interface Line
Native Instruments Introduces THE MOUTH by Tim Exile
Namba Gear Adds New Midnight Blue Color To Studio Backpacks
Music Nomad's Open Studio site quickly connects musicians and rehearsal studios nationwide
Mokafix Audio FX series#1 updated to 1.2
Korg Announces the Kronos Flagship Music Workstation
The Bitley™ Big Pack Refill Collection
Ueberschall Presents New Sample Library - Nightshift
RME's Babyface starts shipping
SADiE 6 Official Release to include iZotope Plug-ins
Natural Groove Releases the Berkeley Sessions: Drum Loops and Samples for Alt-Rock, Pop-Rock and Beyond
Diamond Amps Deploys Special Ops for Troops
Cinematique Instruments Presents Sägezahn Collection
IK Multimedia Introduces the Authorization Manager for its Line of Software and Plug-ins
Allen & Heath Embarks On A Roadshow In India
V-Picks Releases The V-Pick™ Acoustic Guitar Pick
SR5000EOL 4-string, SR5005EOL 5-string, SR5006EOL 6-string
Alfred Expands Easy Guitar Play-Along Series with Acoustic Rock Classics and Rock Guitar Classics
9 Soundware Releases String Sculpture Presets
Alfred Music Publishing Introduces The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bluegrass Mandolin Favorites
Aphex Sponsors H.E.A.R. Charity Auction
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Uplifting Trance MIDI Chords'.
Moog Music Announces Filtatron App Now Available For iPhone And iPod Touch
Waves Audio Introduces HLS Channel and PIE Compressor
VidaBox Now Shipping iPCX Charger Extender Kit for On-Wall iPad Mounts
Dangerous Music Unveils 'DAC-SR' Surround Converter and Announces Ship Date of 'Uniswitch' Module
macProVideo.com Releases 2 new training programs for Ableton Live 8 and Cubase 5
eMedia Music Corp. Releases New Instrument Packs
vescoFx releases Free Queue update with OSX compatibility
Wicked Audio Makes Guinness Book of World Records With its Record-Setting Ice Luge and Ice Bar in Alaska
Xylote.com releases "Spoken Words 2" for Music, Web, Games and Film
Zildjian Gen16 Now Shipping
algoriddim Updates djay for iPhone & iPod Touch
University of Ableton: Buy Ableton Live 8, Suite 8, Live Intro, or Any Upgrade and Get Free Online Training
Vienna Symphonic Library Introduces Vienna Instruments PRO Sample Player
Ultrasone Releases Standard & Balanced Version of Its Latest Headphone Innovation - Pro 2900
Universal Audio Releases Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder Plug-In for UAD-2 Platform
The Moog Heard 'Round the World
TC-Helicon launches VoiceJam 1.2 Update
Tha Loops Releases ‘Ethnik Stringz 1’ Loop Collection
The Fender® Center Inaugural Annual Blues Camp For Kids
The Collective School Of Music Is Now Offering Online Live Lessons And Online Live Course Work.
The Recording Guitarist: A Guide to Studio Gear, Techniques, and Tone {revised and updated}
Soundcells Presents "Digital Genome" ReFill
Stadium Red’s Music Creation and Lifestyle Company Spans all Genres with AKG Microphones
Sound Magic Release Supreme Piano 2, a new Hybrid Modeling Piano System
Sonoris Releases Mastering Equalizer and Parallel Equalizer
Slimpar™ 38 And Slimpar™ 64 Released
Samplecraze Announce Release of Kritikal Drums - Killer Dance Drums
Royer Ribbons on Tour with Muse
Synthogy's IVORY II Pianos
Rocktron Introduces the Black Rose Octaver Stomp Box
RØDE TV Goes on Air
Renkus-Heinz Introduces CTS® Accredited RU Audio Training
Propellerhead Software Announces Reason Record Education
Propellerhead Adds AudioCopy Support to ReBirth for iPad
PreSonus special clinics in L.A. in July
Precisionsound releases Biosphere and Mechosphere
Pettinhouse.com Announces UkuleleGuitar for Kontakt
No Dough Music Release Deconstructed Deluxe 2.0 - Samplebank
Nucleus SoundLab releases Pantheon III ReFills for Reason 5
Online Music Mixing Service Launched
Native Instruments Introduces SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST
Native Instruments Launches "Free Scratch Upgrade" Special for TRAKTOR KONTROL S4
New Atlantis Audio Releases Project Echo: Snapshots from Space
New AMX Control Module Available for L-ACOUSTICS Amplified Controllers
New Cherry Lane Book/CD Helps Guitarists Get Beyond the Box
ModernBeats Releases Ethnic Sample Library (3 Volumes)
MoReVoX – Drivedrums V2
MOTU Ships Major Upgrade of MachFive Universal Sampler
Teer Engineering and HARMAN’s JBL CBT Series Loudspeakers Provide Unobtrusive Yet Expansive Sound at St. James Cathedral
Linear Acoustic(R) to Provide Audio Support for 'Dancing With The Stars'
Kreativ Sounds Released 2 New Sounds Sets and 2 New Loops Packs
Kreativ Sounds Released 4 New Sound-Sets
Kush Audio Gain Train Monitoring System Ships Worldwide
Library of Congress Launches Music Consortium Website
JoeCo Ships BlackBox BBR-Dante Recorder
Korg Unveils microKEY USB Powered Keyboard/Controller
Jimi Hendrix Legacy: AES NY Section Hosts Electric Lady Studios 40th Anniversary Salute
IntelliScore Ensemble Adds Drum to MIDI Capability to Multiple-Instrument/MP3 to MIDI/WAV to MIDI Converter
Impact Soundworks Releases Koto Nation: Classical Instruments of Japan
Improve Your Drumming Vocabulary and Improvisational Skills with Elements
Introducing Guitar Interactive, The Free New Digital Magazine From Licklibrary
IK Multimedia introduces iKlip™ MINI
JZ Microphones Launches Revolutionary Pop Filter JZ|PF
JZ Microphones Introduces the Michael Wagener Kit
JZ Microphones Ships The Michael Wagener Kit
Homegrown Sounds Releases Ammonite VSTi the Latest in the Astralis Series.
ICONYX Systems Now Crestron Compatible
HARMAN’s Soundcraft Si2 Digital Console Brings an Expanded Sonic Palette to Cruise Ship Paul Gauguin
HARMAN’s Lexicon Components and Plug-ins Are Integral Sonic Tools at New York’s Jungle City Studios
Hal Leonard Launches LyricStore.com
HK Audio Earns MIPA Award at Musikmesse 2011
Hal Leonard Releases the King of Blues Play-Alongs
Framus Release Graphtech Black TUSQ Nuts Standard on All Framus Electric Guitars from June 2010
Groovepacks Releases third lie pack in FreeStyle Series
Epiphone Introduces the Limited Edition 1970s Inspired Les Paul Custom Blackback Outfit
Extreme Music Guru to Teach at Burbank Music Academy
Eurolite Present the TMH-10 with 60-watt LED
Evolution Series Creates Next Generation World Percussion Virtual Instrument
FXpansion Introduces BFD Eco, an Easy but Powerful Software Instrument for Acoustic Drums
FabFilter announces Pro-L limiter plug-in
Cerwin-Vega Announces C-Series Folded Horn Subwoofers
Diginoiz Released "High Heel Vocals Vol. 1" Vocal Construction Kits
Drum Channel Release Drumming DVDs Featuring Mike Portnoy, Terry Bozzio and Stephen Perkins
Diplo to Headline “Mayhem at The Mid” Friday, March 11th
Drexel University’s Bantic Media Announces the Signing of Philadelphia’s “Slutever” and “When I Was 12”
Daisy Rock Proudly Welcomes Nicole Atkins to the Growing Daisy Rock Family
Daisy Rock Proudly Welcomes Kristy and Lindsey Landers of Official Hot Mess
Daisy Rock Artists to Play at SXSW 2011
DJ Mixtools From Loopmasters Vols 1-3 Now in Press Area for Coverage And Testing
Christ Covenant Church Offers Praise for New SD8 System
Cherry Lane Serves Up String Cheese and Monte Montgomery in New NAMM Tab Books
Audio-Technica Sponsors The Art And Science Of Sound Recording DVD By Alan Parsons
Bad Boy Bill Hooked Up with Zaolla Silverline
Amptweaker Introduces TightDrive Bass Overdrive Pedal
Analog Signature Version 3 - A New Member Is Added To The Family
All Brainworx Plug-ins Can Now be Tested Without the ILOK dongle!
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Sue Foley: Guitar Woman DVD
Alfred Music Publishing Expands the Alfred's Basic Guitar Series with a New Music Writing Book
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Songbook of Favorites for Holidays and Special Events
Acoustic Geometry Introduces the Curve System
Aalto Softsynth from Madrona Labs
2 New Ableton Live Tutorials by macProVideo.com
Sample Logic's Acoustix Now Available to Download
NOTION Music Announces Release of NOTION3
Perfectone Ear Trainer Now Available in Black
Equator Q15 Audio Monitor To Include Automated Software
UPDATED: Anything Goes (2011 Revival Edition) Piano/Vocal Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Hi, Bluezone Corporation releases "Hard Techno Loops & Schranz Samples"
vPedal Introduces QWO / vP-4 ~ The World’s First “Wireless Mag-Switch” Transcription Foot Pedal
Producer Pack Announces Release Of Ray Diaz Latin House Style Sample Pack
Diginoiz release "R&B Radio Guitars" Loops Line series
Groove3.com Releases “From Drop To Top – Producing Hip Hop” Video Tutorial Collection
SonicProjects releases OP-X PRO-II software synth
New Ampeg Cabs Offer Modern Look, Monster Tone and Massive Power Handling
Lectrosonics Wireless Technology Behind 2011 NFL Pro Bowl Referee Calls
CF Martin Licenses Cleartone Strings
Korg Announces nanoKONTROL GarageBand® Compatibility
Marshall Turns Technical Corner with JMD:1 Series
Loopmasters Presents Dom Kane Tech House Producer Vol. 2
PRS Quest for Tone Demos Planned for Dallas Vintage Guitar Show
Framus Releases New Panthera Supreme Model
Bluezone Corporation announces a new sound bank geared to Tech-House
Catalinbread WIIO Released
The New Soundcraft Si Compact Digital Live Sound Mixer
Stewart Audio Introduces the Intrasound Audio System
Ultimate Ears Creates First-Ever In-ear Reference Monitors, in Collaboration with Capitol Studios
NewerTech Introduces NuPower Replacement Batteries For Apple MacBook 13.3" and MacBook Pro 15", 17" Computers
Electrolyzium - a Progressive Electro, Tech sample pack by Samplerbanks
Korg Introduces IMS-20 App for iPad
Clavia Expands the Nord Sample Library with More Analog Classics
Gibson Announces the Revolutionary Firebird X
ToadWorks Fat City Dual Overdrive Pedal
Hercules Sponsorship Package For DJs
Digital Sound Factory Re-Masters ENSONIQ ZR and ENSONIQ MR Sound Libraries
Elation Presents Compact, Feature-Packed E Spot LED
Rupert Neve Designs Introduces 543 Mono Compressor
MusicianLink Launches the jamLink Internet Audio Interface
Gadotti Guitars Unveils the Buster B. Jones Legacy Model
Loopmasters Releases Drumdrops In Dub Vol. 3
Sound Devices Offers Customers an Inside Look Into New Pix Line
Numark Introduces Self-Powered NPM5 Speakers
Numark Bundles NS7 & NSFX in NS7FX Complete System
QESounds Announces the Release of QES Altered Reality 3 Fx
FXpansion Introduce BFD Sleishman Expansion Packs
Ueberschall Releases Its Newest Sample Library "Late Night Session"
Soundcraft Introduces FX 16ii And MFX Series Consoles At InfoComm
PRS's New 2-Channel 50-Watt Amps 2 Channel "C" and 2 Channel "H"
Jump Audio Introduces The RXM In-Ear Monitor System
Chordmaps.com Releases Music Theory For Songwriters Software
FLAXWOOD to Introduce their new HYBRID Bolt-On Neck guitars at Winter NAMM '11
BIAS Launches Holiday Promo
Gibson Announces Eric Clapton 1960 Les Paul
FunkyGuitar New Kontakt sample library from Pettinhouse.com Product description:
Sonnox Announces 64-Bit Support For Oxford Plug-Ins
VRSonic releases VibeStudio LE
PreSonus Voodoo vs. World Cup Vuvuzelas
Beta Monkey Releases <em>Odd Time Meltdown II</em in REX2 Format
9 Soundware Releases Chimera R Redrum Patches
Beta Monkey Releases ODD TIME MELTDOWN II – Prog-Rock and Fusion Drum Grooves Collection
Fishman Ships New Loudbox Mini Amp
iRig Mic from IK Multimedia Now Shipping
Walden Madera FSC-Pure Guitar Range
G LAB's True Bypass Wah-Pad comes to America!
IK Multimedia Introduces New Gear in the AmpliTube Custom Shop
CASTING CALL: AQUA+ and SOUND vs SOUND Announce International Digital Casting Call for Music Reality TV Series that Focuses on Up-and-Coming Musicians/Producers
Wohler Announces New Software Interface for MADI-8 Audio Monitor
VRSonic Releases the VibeStudio Designer 2.8 3D Audio Design Suite for Mac OS X and Windows
HARMAN’s DigiTech Now Shipping Guitar and Bass Combo Amplifiers
VOX Introduces VR Series Guitar Amplifiers with Valve Reactor Technology
Godin Guitars at Winter NAMM 2010
Harmony Central Confidential 142
Get CD Baby’s Complete Guide to Selling More Music with Facebook– FREE!
Tek'it Audio Releases Anniversary Bundle
Peace Love Productions Presents Dubstep Vol 1 Dj Tools Exclusively Available on Beatport.com
OWC Offers Solutions to Growing Hard Drive Shortage
Genelec Displays 6010A Bi-Amplified Active Monitor And 5040A Active Subwoofer
Soundtrack Loops Releases Rap Traxx in Multiple Formats
Larry Alan Guitars Introduces the New Infinity Driver Pedal
Streamworks Audio announces in depth video tutorial on HALion 4
Sound Magic Releases Rose Whisper Piano Convertible Version, Add Windows 64Bit and AudioUnit Support
Beatserv Introduces Detroit Sound Pack
Gibson Announces Rare "Special Orders: From an Era of Innovation
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Trance & Progressive MIDI's & One-Shots'
JoeCo Announces Latest Blackbox Recorder Software Update
Genelec Offers its 1238CF Tri-Amplified DSP Monitoring System
Studio Essentials - Deep House Out Today
Blackstar Amplification Presents Encore “Blackstar Blitz” Events at Premier Dealers Throughout U.S.
Blackstar Announces Saturday Shred-Fest Dates for October
EMG Presents the X-pansion Pickup Series
Waves Audio Introduces Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection
Gemini Enters the Portable PA Market with MS-USB
Harness the Power to Record Your Own Music with Alfred's Teach Yourself Cubase
Etek Audio Introduces MA-400 Notemix Laptop Powered Mixer
TASCAM Accesorizes Portable Recorders
Nine Volt Audio Releases Stickbreakers Vol 1 � Tom Edition in Kontakt 3/4 format
Waves’ Virtual Stock Software Distribution System Enhances Availability Of Studio Devil Virtual Tube Amplification Plug-ins
Pickup Tone MultiplierTM T3-Board KIT Gives 35 Pickup Tones on ALL 3-pickup Instruments
The Funky Underground & Moog Taurus MK-1 - Bass Xpander by Loopmasters
New Version Of Powertracks Pro Audio 2011 For Windows®
Test Melodyne for 30 Days and Master it the Easy Way
ToadWorks PipeLine Harmonic Vibrato/Tremolo Pedal
Harman Professional Press Conference
Zenhiser Releases 3 New Titles
Realsamples Debuts New Sample Library Of A Lute-Harpsichord
"FRETLIGHTZ" Guitar & Bass L.E.D. Fret Board Illuminator
OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 Puts 8TB of Redundant, High-Performance Data Storage/Backup on the Desktop for Under $1,000
Diginoiz Releases "Ethnic Haze" Construction Kits
Berkleemusic.com Debuts New Online Course Acoustic Guitar Techniques
Devin Townsend Signing & Mackie Giveaway at MusikMesse
Schecter Guitar Research Debuts Solo Vintage, Solo Special
Numark Now Shipping X5 Mixer, The Perfect Fit For V7
Korg Now Shipping MP-10 Pro Professional Media Player
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Donates Instruments to Support Local "Running Wild in the Night" Music Program
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Sheet Music Collection to Rock Superstars OK Go
Marshall Amplification Introduces Limited Edition Dave Mustaine Megastack
Roland Introduces Gaia Synthesizer Sound Designer
'Lick Me' Sample Pack Out This Week From Loopmasters
Sound Skulptor Announces the Stereo Tape Simulator
A2IM Statement On Anti-Counterfeiting (ATCA) Agreement
Sinevibes introduces new Sample Expansions series
Bitley's Fairlight CMI Legacy ReFill for Reason has been Updated
FatLoud Releases Flow 2 Hip Hop & Urban Construction Kits
26th Annual TEC Awards Announces Nominees for Outstanding Technical Achievement
Wampler Pedals Releases Pinnacle 2 Reissue (Limited Version) Distortion Pedal
Voodoo Lab Expands Pedal Power Line with ISO-5
TubeOhm Releases BRUNO-205/BRUNO-205Rack Virtual Synths
algoriddim Debuts djay for iPad App on the App Store
VOX Launches Free Interactive iPhone®/iPad®/iPod touch® App
XILS Lab Releases PolyKB II - Vintage Polyphonic Virtual Synthesizer
V-Picks releases the new Elite Guitar Pick
ThinkGeek Completes the Band with Old School Synth Style
TeamDNR Releases Sonic Physiology : Anatomy01 - Fractal+Sine Hybrids (kontakt+wav cycles)
TECnology Hall Of Fame To Honor 80 Years Of Historic Achievements
Traktor Kontrol S2 Now Available in Stores Worldwide
TASCAM Brings Portastudio To Apple's IPAD
T-Rex Engineering Introduces Mudhoney II and Octavius Pedals
New Technology, New Face – Futurelight's PHS 210 Follows PHS-200
Sound Magic Releases Cocoa Piano: a Fast Hybrid Modeling Piano
Pro-Sounds Releases Tau Tech & Prog for Sylenth 1
Samplecraze Announce Release of True Essence - Drums Inspired by DJ Premier
Samplecraze Announces the Release of Hip Hop Evolution
New System Software Updates Now Availble For Roland V-Studio Products
Rock Lock Offers Unprecedented Guitar Protection
Producerloops.Com Releases "Liquid Drum & Bass Vol 3" Sample Pack
Peace Love Productions Releases Synths n MIDI Loops
Gadotti Guitars Electroking Solidbody Electric Takes The Stage.
New 2010 models Part 5 Revolver Elite JS
DNR Collaborative Releases Kore Version of Alchemy: Illuminous
Waves Audio Mourns the Loss of Tal Herzberg
Studer Vista 5 Digital Console Gains New TFT Metering and Upgrades
MusicDevelopments announces RapidComposer LE together with a major update of RapidComposer
HARMAN’S Soundcraft and AKG Combine to Make Wireless Mic Monitoring in the Mixer a First
SSL Announce Release of New ‘X-Panda’ 24 Channel Superanalogue™ Mixer at Messe 2011
Longcat Audio Technologies Releases Audiostage 1.1
Korg USA Lowers Pricing on Both the Hand-Held SOS Recorder and Microsampler Keyboard
Fabfilter Releases Updates for all Plug-Ins, New Pro-Q Features
BSS Audio® Releases HiQnet London Architect™ Version 3.06
Livid Instruments Releases Ohm64 Class-Compliant MIDI Controller
Auralex Introduces First Entry-Level Fabric Wrapped Studiofoam Panels
Lexicon® Expands Software Suite with Introduction of PCM Native Effects Plug-In Bundle
Library brings you Learn 50 Killer Metal Guitar Licks Vol. 2
Guitar World & Agile Partners Announce Guitar World Lick of the Day App on the App Store
Kaces Universal Banjo & Mando Bags Now Shipping
Fuchs Audio Technology Announces Introduction of the “Bruiser ©” Line of Bass Amplifiers
Digitalmusician.net Launches the Digitalmusician Plug-In
Diginoiz release „$ynth $tyle $ounds" Loops Line Series
YJR, the Yellow Jackets® Rectifier Converter
Crown Audio Introduces ComTech DriveCore™ Series Amplifiers
Crown Introduces VRACK
Beyerdynamic Introduces MC 900 Series Microphones
Cakewalk Announces SONAR X1 Now Shipping
Bob Moog Foundation Needs Worldwide Votes to Win a $250,000 Grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project for MoogLab
Audio Engineering Society Announces Nashville Recording Workshop + Expo 2010
Avid's M-Audio Axiom Pro 25 and Axiom Pro 61 Keyboards Now Shipping
Digico launches Sd Rack at PLASA 2010
Vir2 Instruments Releases the Electri6ity Virtual Electric Guitar
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Second Set of Marian McPartland Portraits for Piano
Play the Year’s Hottest Songs with Alfred’s Budget-Friendly Pop Megahits! Songbook
Best Service Has Just Released Ethno
Alfred Music Publishing Presents The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bluegrass Banjo Favorites
The Loar Reintroduces The Small Body LH-200 Acoustic
Alfred Music Publishing Releases New Beginner's Guide to GarageBand
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Keyboard Picture Chord Encyclopedia
Sample Logic Announces Cinematic Guitars
ADAM S3X-H Monitor System Nominated for TEC Award
Soundcraft Si Series Gets New Feature Set, Showing at PLASA For First Time
Native Instruments Announces TRAKTOR KONTROL S4
GITC, CAC, DOJ, and AMIGO Team Up to Promote Literacy, Culture and Art Through Education, Achievement, and Awareness.
Elation Unveils ELED Par RGB Zoom
Gear4music Launches Two White Horse Guitar Amp Models
Gear4music.com Unveils AK Keyboard Range
Primacoustic KickStand™ Bass Drum Microphone Stand
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Now Available in Japan
Dwarfcraft Devices Announces Arrival of New Pedal: The Loop Mangler
SONiVOX Announces Reggaeton Instrumento Virtual Instrument
CYMPAD Upgrades Hi-Hat Performance With New Foam Washer Set
CAD and Astatic Re-brand as CAD Audio
Amptweaker TightBoost Pedal introduced at Nashville Amp Expo
CAD Creates Timeless American Classic With E100S Condenser Microphone
Avid Introduces Pro Tools HD Series Interfaces, HEAT Software Option
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Complete Piano Works of Scott Joplin
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Songbook of John Denver Greatest Hits
New Vater Products for NAMM/2011 part 3
KRK Announces New Firmware and Software Updates For Ergo Room Correction/Audio Recording Interface
Eurolite's ML-56 with Amber LEDs Introduced at Plasa London
Dave Smith and Roger Linn Create a Tempest
Led Zeppelin: Complete Lyric & Chord Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Simple idea, amazing result: the "APC 80" Controller
New Band & Orchestral Courses Launch on SABIAN U
DETUNIZED.COM Releases RODOX 73 for Ableton Live
algoriddim Introduces djay Remote App for iPhone and iPod Touch
Mackie Brings Pro Technology to the Masses with New HDA System
CymPad Introduces Special Ride Cymbal Optimizer.
Mackie Expands HD Loudspeaker Series
Melodyne goes 64-bit
CHAUVET sponsors IDMA and Winter Music Conference
Carver Professional Enjoys A Successful Release At Winter NAMM
Spirit Calls Songbook And Cd Package Set For Release June 17
DETUNIZED.COM Releases DTS019 - Gra.FX Sound Pack for Ableton Live
Sound Magic Releases Blue Grand3D
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Modern Acoustic Guitar'.
Bullet Cable Artist Raphael Saadiq Accompanies Mick Jagger To Perform Live On The Grammys For The 1st Time
Alfred Music Publishing Teaches Guitarists to Play Their Favorite Songs with New, Interactive DVDs
Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Arctic Drum and Bass
Bob Moog Foundation Announces impOSCar2 Controller Raffle
Ueberschall Releases Urban Ballads
Vir2 Instruments announces that Q is now shipping
Cymbag Introduces Drumset Pre-Pack, Announces New U.S. Distribution
Steve Vai & Berklee Online Guitar Lesson Live on Livestream, Thurs. March 3 at 1:30PM EST
The Most Advanced User Interface Just Got Even Better: Studer Releases Vista 9 Digital Console
Bias Ships Soundsaver
Aviom Introduces New PRO16 Digital Snakes At NAMM 2011
Aviom to Feature the Allframe Multi-Modular I/O System at the 2011 NAMM Show
Avid Announces New EUCON Partners
Avid to Showcase VENUE Consoles and Technology Previews at PLASA 2010
ORF Purchases HARMAN’s Soundcraft Vi1™ Consoles For Live Broadcasts
Tama Introduces 100% Birch Superstar Drums
Kustom® Builds On Bass Amp Heritage With Introduction Of KB Series Amplification
Denon DJ DN-X1600 Digital Mixer Gets Traktor Scratch Certification
Guitar Great, Greg Howe Delivers Exclusive Institute Clinic
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Complete Edition of Best-Selling Guitar Method, Pumping Nylon
ARTURIA announces version 1.3 of Origin Now Shipping
Apple Certification Logic Pro 101 Workshop In Dallas, TX
Auralex to Unveil Newest Member of Sound-Boosting ISO Series Family at NAB 2011
American DJ's Xpress LED Moonflower Effect Projects Excitement With 15 Color/Gobo Combinations
Soniccouture Release Tingklik For Kontakt, EXS24, And Ableton Live
American DJ Adds Punchy Revo Rave to Popular Revo Series Of DJ/Club LED Effects
American DJ's New Jellyfish Is Unique 2-in-1 LED Effect In Clear Color-Changing Plastic Case
American DJ Adds Galaxian 3D With Rotating Green Beams
AlpineSoft Releases Version 3 Of VinylStudio Digitizing Software
Roland Unveils RD-300NX Digital Stage Piano
CAD Audio Introduces New 1700VP Variable Pattern Mic Features Remote Polar Pattern Control
Master the Art of Playing Electric Bass with Complete Method from Alfred Music Publishing
Alfred Publishing Releases New Piano Solo/Vocal Songbook: The Howard Shore Collection
Loopmasters releases more installments
AES 131st Convention Master Class Program 'Studies In Excellence'
9 Soundware Releases Ax Subtractor Patches
Yamaha Collaborates With Rodrigo Y Gabriela To Create New NCX And NTX Line Of Guitars
Johnson Guitars Unleases Adrenaline Electric Model
Rycote To Design Custom Shock Mounts For Milab Microphones
Blade Guitars Celebrates 20th Anniversary With The California Classic and California Climax Electric Guitars
Allen & Heath Ships iDR8-ST With Euroblock Connectors
Effectrode Presents the Delta-Trem Stereo Optical Tremolo
Mack Amps Now Selling Factory Direct
Sparrow Launches Von Drat Surf Guitar
Virtual Bouzouki By AKKI Plugs Now Available In The USA
Loopmasters Releases Jamie Ball Banging Techno + BHK Mashup [Industrial Strength] Sample Packs
Lanikai Introduces New Soprano Banjolele
BSM Releases the "71/73" Treblebooster Pedal
Samgo Innovations Inc Announces PerfecTone™ Portable Ear Training Studio
Neumann Debuts New KH 120A Active Studio Monitors at Front End Audio Special Event
Shure Introduces PSM® 900 Personal Monitor System at Winter NAMM 2010
B.C. Rich® Archtop Series Launched with Mockingbird and Eagle Guitars
PowerMate3 – third generation success story
Producerloops.com Releases "Progressive Trance & Electro Bundle (Volumes 1-3)"
Renegade Media Group Announces Josh Harris Dance and Drums Sample Libraries
Allen & Heath To Showcase Latest Products At AES London
A new book for guitar players titled “Monster Chops for Guitar, Volume One" by Chuck Anderson
Producerloops.Com Releases "Deep House Progressions Vol 3" Sample Pack
NOTION SLE and Vienna in Perfect Harmony
Allen & Heath Launches Module For Audinate's Dante™
A-Designs Audio Inc. Introduces EM-EQ2 Stereo Equalizer at NAMM 2011
Godin Shipping Multiac Grand Concert Duet Ambiance Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Puremagnetik Releases Juniper Part One for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Renoise & Logic
Tone2 Audiosoftware has Announced the Release of the Voltage! Soundset For ElectraX
Three New Sample and Loop Titles from Zenhiser!
Liine Announces New Cliip Module For Griid
Hardstyle Pro Samples Nu Style Invasion Vol. 3 Demons Unleashed
Palm-Sized Led Moving Yoke Released
Alfred Combines Classical Music with Heavy Metal Shred Guitar in Shredding Bach by German Schauss
Applied Acoustics Systems Releases the ‘Oh My Funkness!’ Loop Bank for Strum Electric GS-1.
Allen & Heath Ships iDR-64 Large Format iLive Mix Rack
Zero-G Releases DISCO GOLD Sample Collection
Beta Monkey Music Release Retro Rock Grooves: Classic Backbeats II
Roland Announces FR-7x V-Accordion
Universal Audio Announces 4-710D Four-Channel "Twin-Finity" Mic Preamp & DI with Dynamics
Ludwig's Epic Series Drums Offers New Ultra Thin Shell
New Soundcraft Stagebox for Vi and Si Series Launches at PLASA
Apogee Electronics Introduces Symphony I/O
Xone:22 Entry-Priced DJ Mixer from Allen & Heath Now Shipping
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Three New Easy Guitar Play-Along Titles
Sonic Reality Releases “Infinite Workstation Gold” for NI's KONTAKT Player
Blue Mics Announces en·CORE 300 Condenser Microphone Now Available
Ibanez Announces 30W MIMX Amp
Vox Ships JamVOX, Software/Hardware Modeling Interface With GXT Guitar Xtracktion™ Technology
discoDSP Discovery Pro R4.1 (Mac) Released
Nady Introduces The PM-200A Stage Monitor
Sample Magic and Alchemea Announce New Weekend Music Production and Business Courses
K.M.E. Releases The VSS 15 Multi-Functional Subwoofer
Bitley Releases Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII / Supersonic ReFill for Reason
New DiMavery Snares Now Available
Rhyme Genie 2.0's Bottle Gets Rubbed by 600,000 Songs
Alfred’s Led Zeppelin Catalog Wins “Best In Show” Award at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show
TC Electronic Updates TM7 & TM9 Software for Dual Rader Disply
Peavey Premieres 6534™ Plus Guitar Amplifier
Casey Joins Martin Guitar to Urge China to End Unfair Trade Practices
Line 6 Ships the New Mobile IN™ Premium Digital Guitar Interface and Mobile POD® App
KORG is Now Shipping the MicroPiano
AmpliTube Custom Shop Now Shipping from IK Multimedia
Hal Leonard Ships New Music Business Books
Gibson USA Unveils the SG Standard 24
New Version of Tony Campos Signature Tremor 5
Drum Channel Launch $1.99 a Month Subscription
Auralex Introduces First Entry Level Cloth Wrapped Foam Panels to the European Market at Musikmesse 2011
Guitar Player Presents: Guitar Heroes of the 70s
American DJ Unveils Flash Panel 16
Alfred Inspires Drumming Creativity and Independence with The New Frontier for Drumset
PercPad Brings Electronic Drums To Every Drummer's Kit
Showcasing the Max for Live Community and Their Devices
Groove Monkee Releases "Rock Essentials 1" MIDI Beats
Liquid Metal Guitars Shipping LMG -T Paisley Electric Guitar
Tannoy Announce New Range of Reveal Monitors
Toontrack Music Releases EZmix and Beatstation Sounds - Part 2
SONiVOX Previews PULSE – Advanced Production Instrument
Studer OnAir Consoles Gain More Summing Busses, New Metering and VCA Mode
C.F. Martin & Co to Unveil First Series of 'Art Guitars' at Weekend Music & Arts Celebration
Digital Storm Debuts DAVINCI Workstations
Audio-Technica Displays AT2021 Cardioid Condenser Microphone at 129th AES
Jensen releases Jet Falcon 10"
Diginoiz Releases "West Coast Wave 2" Construction Kit
Alfred Music Publishing Releases The Swell Season: Strict Joy Piano/Vocal Songbook
Markbass Releases Powerful Bass Amp Plugin For Mac and PC
Applied Acoustics Systems Releases The Starlight Sound Bank For Ultra Analog VA-1
Ampeg Announces BA300 and BA600 Bass Combo Amps
Diginoiz Releases "Rappin' Da Hood" Construction Kits
Tommy Emmanuel Takes Heil Sound On The Road
New Mackie VLZ3 4-Bus Mixers Offer Proven VLZ Technology with Higher Channel Count
Blue Microphones Announces Spark Recording Microphone
Beatserv Introduces (h)IDM
Midas Launches VeniceF: Analog Favorite Goes Digi-Log with FireWire
EAW® KF740 Nominated for Technical Excellence & Creativity Award
NetworkSound Releases Mamba 16 Point XLR & AES/EBU to DB25 Patch bay in 1 RU
Native Instruments Introduces SCARABEE MM-BASS
MXL Introduces New and Improved GENESIS II
Pearl Introduces E-Pro Live Eelectronic Drumset
Endless Analog Clasp® Nominated For Technical Excellence & Creativity Award
LDI Preview for American DJ
Pro-Sounds Releases Modern Trance for Sylenth 1
Finale 2011 Adapts to the Way Musicians Want to Work
Diginoiz Released "Urban Holiday Wave" Construction Kits
Neutrik® USA Introduces Water-Resistant, Versatile Multimedia Connector Series At Winter NAMM 2011
Airline® Town & Country '59 Custom STD and DLX Guitars Join the Eastwood Line-up
Audio Impressions, Inc. Releases 70 DVZ Strings
JoeCo and Audinate announce Dante hook up for BLACKBOX RECORDER products
SAMPLESTAR.COM Releases Nu-Electrik
Hammerax Indigo Brand Flatrides
DETUNIZED.COM Releases "Oberhof" Library
Diginoiz Release "Old School Rockin' Live Drums" (Midi+Audio Loops and Fills)
Blackstar Amplification Holds “Blackstar Blitz” Events at Premier Dealers Throughout U.S
Daisy Rock Welcomes Pop Starlet Elli Lauren to its Artist Roster
Machinedrum Sound Packs* Elektron Music Machines introduces Machinedrum Sound Packs
Genelec Announces New 9000a Stereo Volume Control
Empire Brands’ Wicked Audio Unleashes Trend-Setting Line of Innovative Headphones at CES 2011
Martin Introduces The HDC-40 Travis Tritt Limited Edition Guitar
Hosa Technology Introduces DA-CAPPO DA15 Cardioid Earset Microphone With Earbud Monitor
ARTURIA announces the availability of SPARK
Dave Smith Instruments Releases Updated Poly Evolver Keyboard
MusicDevelopments Announced a Major Update of RapidComposer and RapidComposer LE
Denon DJ Partners with Native Instruments for DN-HC4500 Software Upgrade
TC Electronic’s Complete Range of Broadcasting Meters and Processors on Display at NAB 2011
TC Electronic Gives Away a Custom Pedal Board Bound for Stardom
Now Available From Recording King: The ROS-06 12 Fret 000-Style Guitar
Universal Audio Releases Official Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb Emulation for Uad-2 Powered Plug-Ins Platform
Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec makes Winter NAMM Debut
Voxengo SPAN 2.1 FFT Spectrum Analyzer Released
Alfred Music Publishing Releases New Drum Method, The Total Funk Drummer Book and CD Set
Gretsch Releases Renown Purewood Rosewood Snare Drums
Karma-Lab Releases KARMA M3 Software (for the Korg M3)
Alfred Music Publishing Provides Kids a Cool and Fun New Way to Learn Piano
Turbosound Establishes Direct Sales Channel in Germany
Godlyke Releases Power-Grip Pedal Mounting Tape
Prime Loops Release Melodic Empire
TASCAM Joins with Antares to Create Ta-1Vp Vocal Processor
Beta Monkey Releases Double Bass Mania IV Groove Metal Drum Loop Collection
Powersoft Amplifiers Drives the Sound at Eisenhower Hall, West Point Military Academy
Classic Vibe Precision Bass '50s
Longcat Audio Technologies Releases Audiostage 1.2
Victoria Introduces the VIC105 .50 Cal Ammo Can Amplifier: Built For Sonic Combat
Presto Multiview Source Selector
American DJ Reaches Settlement With Wal-Mart and DBL In American Audio® Trademark Infringement Lawsuit
Celemony’s Peter Neubaecker reveals: From the sound of a stone to Melodyne
BSS Audio® Introduces Full-Bandwidth Acoustic Echo Cancellation Algorithm for Soundweb London Conferencing Processors
Alfred Introduces the World’s First Enhanced Music E-Books with Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course, Now Available in Apple’s iBookstore
American DJ Debuts High-Output DJ Spot LED
The Arrival of the Octatrack DPS-1
Ivory II Upright Pianos Now Shipping from Time+Space
A&G Soluzioni Digitali Introduces X-spat Player
New JY-84, JY84-C, and JY84-12 Jumbos from Alvarez-Yairi
Stanton amplifies its commitment to music education by supporting UK schools
Rylee Announces Guitar Fretboard Addict v1.5 and Bass Fretboard Addict v1.3
Soundminer Licenses iZotope Sample Rate Conversion Technology
The Recording Academy Memphis Chapter and The Producers & Engineers Wing Present GRAMMY GPS: Exploring the Resurgence of Vinyl
The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing Kicks Off 10Th Anniversary Celebration At 129th AES Convention
Aguilar Amplification Announces The Agro® Bass Overdrive Pedal
ESI Audiotechnik GmbH Now Shipping Dr. DAC Prime Interface
Ultrasone Realeases Edition 8 Limited Headphones
VMB Audio Releases ARKEOPS Version 3: Digital controllers with air absorption compensation
Voxengo Deft Compressor 1.1 Plug-in Released
Soniccouture Release Morpheus for KONTAKT 3 + 4 and Logic EXS24
EAW�'s New JF and JFNT Series Loudspeakers Unveiled
Peavey Headliner™ Bass Amp Gives Players High Power & Essential Tone Controls
DETUNIZED.COM releases DTS018 – Hamm and Eggs Live Pack Hammond B2 Organ, Leslie 251, Trek TP-2B on Eggs
Yamaha Introduces PSR-S910 and PSR-S710 Arranger Workstations at Summer NAMM 2009
Puremagnetik Releases Microtron XL - Mellotron Library for Live, Kontakt & Logic
FXpansion introduce BFD Jazz Maple
Hal Leonard Ships Rockin' Your Stage Sound
Neutrik Makes Live Connections With Midas XL8
Yorkville Introduces NX20 Speaker Cabinet
Elektron releases Octatrack OS 1.0
Gravity Mastering Finds Ultimate Accuracy with Genelec 8250A Bi-Amplified DSP Monitoring System and 7270A Sub
Yamaha Introduces New Hybrid Instrument, the AvantGrand N2 Upright Piano
Prime Loops Announce Midnight R&B Gold Collection
Groveland Software Labs Releases jazzCittern ModeExplorer
Source Audio To Unveil New Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter At Bass Player Live
Mako Amplification Releases the MAK2 Guitar Amp
New Club Reverb Guitar Amp from H&K
Moog Music Inc. Donates Moog Guitar Played and Signed by Lou Reed to Benefit Bob Moog Foundation
Samson Announces Availability of the Expedition 40iw Portable PA System
Audix Lowers the Boom
XLN Audio Releases Ballad Grooves MIDI Pak
Agile Partners & Peavey Electronics Announce AmpKit 1.1 Is Available for Download on iTunes App Store
Numark Debuts DJ2Go Portable Controller For Djs
SSL Showcases 'MADI-X8' Low-Cost Madi Router at AES 2010
Alfred to Distribute Stage Stars Records, Broadway Accompaniment and Karaoke CDs
Carvin Re-Issues The V220 Electric Guitar
Lick Library Announces Free Live Webcast Lesson by Andy James
Lick Library Release Learn to Play Slash Guitar Tuition DVD
Lick Library Release Series of Stevie Ray Vaughan DVD's
ADAM A5 Powered Monitor Now Shipping In U.S.
Lick Library Release Van Halen Guitar Tuition DVDs
Lick Library "Jam with AC DC" and "Angus Young: the Solos: Launched
DNR Collaborative Releases Ace.Animated v1.1
VHT "The Standard" Series 36 Watt Handwired Head Available Now
Ableton Partners Release New Instruments For Live
Producerloops.com Releases "Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Volume 2" Sample Pack
Peace Love Productions announces the release of Miami Dance Loops & Samples
FEA Labs Presents 2-Channel Mixer
Korg Now Shipping Next-Generation nanoSeries S2 USB-MIDI Controllers
Eastwood Introduces the Airline® RS-I & RS-II Hollow-body Guitar
Propellerhead Releases Reason Disco School, a new funk flavored ReFill
Furman Announces New P-1800 PF R: the Musician's Power Conditioner
Eastwood Guitar Introduces Wurlitzer Gemini Tribute Guitar
Kush Audio Unveils Breakthrough Monitor Controller
Pro-Rec Releases Seven New Sound Banks for the Korg M50!
Virtuasonic Releases Version 4.0 of MIJOY PRO VSTi Plug-in for Windows
Squier Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic™ '50s
Collins America Announces BagAmp Portable Amplifier System Now Shipping
K-Sounds Releases Signature Piano Virtual Instrument
Soundcells has Updated "bitBUMPER Deluxe"
Daisy Rock Adds New Sparkle Finishes To Pixie Acoustic Guitar Series
DiGiCo Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise
Korg Adds SD Storage to the PA50 Professional Arranger Keyboard
Option Knob Announces New Model The "Oknob Mini"
Korg Releases Free Audiogate Conversion Software
Korg To Release Free Audiogate Conversion Software, Providing Playback, Conversion And Editing Of High-Resolution Audio
Voxengo Deft Compressor Audio Track and Bus Compressor Plug-in Released
Gator Cases GX-TSA Utility Cases Offer Superior Protection And Ultimate Compatibility!
Following in The Footsteps of Aether, 2Caudio Announces Breeze
Allen & Heath Goes Rocknet
Akai Professional Now Shipping MPK Mini Keyboard Controller
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Ian Whitcomb’s Ukulele Sing-Along
Aguilar Announces Latin Bass Master Class Featuring Oskar Cartaya and Ruben Rodriguez
K.M.E. Preset-Editor & Wizard - Software for creating presets for DA 428 and DA 230
Zennhiser Releases Four New Deep Tech House Grooves & Beats Packs
Auralex’s Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series Makes European Debut at Musikmesse 2011
Sample Magic Releases the Deep Tech-House Collection
Alfred Releases This Year's Greatest Rock Hits in Authentic Guitar TAB Songbook
Antares Audio Technologies Releases Auto-Tune 7 TDM for Mac and PC
iZotope and BT Introduce Stutter Edit
Tone2 Audiosoftware Releases Progression soundset
Hal Leonard Releases Crazy Heart Songbook
Calrec to Unveil Small, High-Powered Audio Console at IBC 2009
Blue Cat Audio Updates All Audio Plug-ins
Blue Cat Audio Updates Audio Analysis Plug-ins
PRS Guitars Presents First Solid Korina SE — The SE Singlecut Korina
Pickup Tone MultiplierTM T2-Board Doubles The PVA Pickup Tones on ALL 2-pickup Instruments
Epiphone Launches E-Series, Some with Built-In FX
VOX Expands Heritage Collection of Handwired Amps to Commemorate Its 50th Anniversary
MOTU Announces Traveler-Mk3 Mobile Firewire Audio Interface
New AG-400 from Garrison Guitars
Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal Church Selects D.A.S. Audio
Lick Library Launches Andy James' Metal Rhythm Guitar in 6 Weeks
Midas PRO Series Brings Clean Sound to “White Noise”
Midas Keeps Beady Eye on the Road
Traben Bass Company Ships Bootzilla - The Bootsy Collins Signature Bass
Blue Cat Audio Updates Audio Analysis Plugins, With RTAS and 64-bit support
PowerFX Announces AudioLocker for Soundation Studio
BIAS Ships Peak Studio
Bluezone Corporation releases "Hardcore Kick Drums"
Beatserv Introduces Dark Downtempo 3
Beachtek Pro-Interface for DSLR Launched by Canford
DigiTech Introduces its First-Ever Guitar and Bass Amplifiers at Musikmesse 2011
Tarisio Auctions Launches New Fretted Strings Department
Zoom Unveils PS-04 Palmtop Recording Studio at NAMM
Beta Monkey Releases Double Bass Mania III Extreme Metal Drum Loop Collection
VOX Introduces New AGA70 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
Danley Sound Labs Unveils SH-96 Loudspeaker at Infocomm 2008
Carl Martin Product Release
Electro-Harmonix Releases Cathedral Stereo Reverb
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Piano/Vocal Songbook: Lady Antebellum, Need You Now
Radial Engineering Releases the Shuttle 500 for the Workhorse and Other 500 Series Racks
Mapex Unleashes the Ferocious Sound of the Black Panther Drum Set Line
Audio Visions Delivers Stunning Outdoor Sound for Jazz Aspen Snowmass Festival With JBL VERTEC® Line Arrays
Announcing the release of the Catalinbread Perseus Sub-Octave Fuzz!
Framus Presents Diablo Models Progressive and Progressive X Electric Guitars
Powerpack 400 & 400DSP USA Series
The Yamaha YDP-V240 Arius Ensemble Includes Great Piano Touch And Tone, Along With Hundreds Of Instrument Voices
Buddy Rich Drum Company Launches New Product Line
Paul Reed Smith 25th Anniversary Dragon Model Limited Run
Peace Drum Debuts Kahuna Series 100% Bubinga Drum Kits
Sensaphonics Launches 3MAX Triple-Driver Earphones
Daisy Rock Introduces the Wildwood Artist Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Royal Blue Burst Finish
Five12 Updates Numerology SE And Numerology Pro To Version 3.0.2
Pearl Offers Limited Edition Redline Reference Kits
Antonio Hermosa Introduces Two New Models
Audio-Technica Is Now Shipping the AT2022 X/Y Stereo Condenser Microphone
D.A.S. Audio and Manowar / Magic Circle Music Enter Joint Promotion Effort
Cakewalk® Announces SONAR X1 Essential Crossgrade
Black Cat Pedals announce new Black Cat Mini Trem
Bluezone Launches Youtube Channel
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Drumset for Beginners Method
Applied Acoustics Systems Releases The 30.8676 Hz Sound Bank For The Ultra Analog VA-1 And AAS Player Plug-Ins.
Audio-Technica Offers The U855ql Cardioid Dynamic Gooseneck Microphone
Auralex Debuts First Entry Level Cloth Wrapped Foam Panels At Winter NAMM 2011
Audio-Technica Introduces the AT2022 X/Y Stereo Condenser Microphone
Alfred Music Publishing Brings Jazz to Life in the Early Childhood Classroom with Jazzy Fairy Tales
analogfactory releases "Urban Drum Assault" a sample pack for urban style music
Aguilar Amplification Welcome Dave Swift To Its Artist Roster
New Lower Prices on all Vienna Special Editions
DK-Technologies Announces Free Upgrade to EBU R128
Alfred Celebrates the Life of Johnny Mercer with Centennial Sheet Music Collection
3RD Power reveals innovative Switchback™ 212 guitar cabinet at Winter NAMM 2010
Fishman Debuts Loudbox Mini Amp
Reeves Gabrels to Demo Reverend Signature Guitar at Dallas Show
Tanglewood Guitar Company Introduces Heritage and Evolution Series
Hughes & Kettner Debuts Switchblade TSC Tube Safety Control
Orange Amplification Launches Tiny Terror Hard Wired Edition
Markbass Launches New Products for 2010
Soundcells Releases "Analog Signature" Version 2
NetworkSound Releases a Single Chip Solution to Support AES/EBU to I2S Converter for OEM Customers
Washburn Debuts The Damen Idol Electric Guitar
Jump Audio Introduces The Revolutionary IXM Instrument And In-Ear Monitor System
Introducing Starla X - New Model from PRS Guitars
New Acoustic Guitars from Dana Bourgeois
Switchcraft® releases 900 Series Direct Boxes with Phantom Lift Technology
Lawo Introduces mc2 56 Production Console
Marshall Introduces Blues-Inspired "Haze" Amplifier Line
AMT Releases The Wi-5 Instrument Wireless System
Vigier Presents Christophe Godin 10th Anniversary Excalibur Guita
Mapex Introduces Zebra Wood PRO M Component Pack
Rayzoon Releases AI-Pak for Jamstix
DYNACORD Road Show Convinces Russian Specialists
American DJ's Dekker LED Energizes The Dance Floor
Tone2 Audiosoftware Release ElectraX
Splurgo Audio Releases Reggae Bass and Glockenspiel Collections
Casio's New Celviano Digital Pianos Offer Traditional Cabinet Design And Advanced Quality Sound
Loopmasters Releases ‘Dark Matter – Experiments In Dubstep’ and ‘Dubwise’
Diginoiz release "Incredible Synth Bass" loops line series
Pro Tone Pedals Announces The Dead Horse Overdrive¿¿¿ Pedal
Aguilar Amplification Announces Artist Series Master Class With Anthony Wellington
Audio-Technica Expands Spectrapulse Offerings With rcu104
Ueberschall releases Looptool
Sheryl Crow: 100 Miles from Memphis Released as Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook from Alfred Music Publishing
Ibanez Introduces 2 New Natural Finish SR Model Basses
Korg Displays SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano
Korg Introduces AW-2 AND AW-2G Clip-On Chromatic Tuners
Harman Professional Puts AVB Front And Center At InfoComm 2010, Hosts A Series Of Seminars And Training Sessions
Lava Cable Introduces The Lava CPS™ Configurable Pedal Board System
Platinumloops Releases Indian Samples 'Indian Licks V1' Sample Pack
JBL VERTEC® Line Arrays and Control® Contractor Loudspeakers Deliver Musical Excitement for American Idol’s 2011 Season
Jarrell Guitars Awarded 2010 “Manufacturer of the Year” at MIAC Show
Martin Guitar Introduces the OOC-MR Steve Miller Custom Artist Edition
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Modern MIDI Piano Melodies 2'
Hal Leonard Proudly Presents the Guitar Tab White Pages Play-Along for Hal Leonard Proudly Presents the Guitar Tab White Pages Play-Along for NAMM
Akai's Hexacomp Offers 6 Compressors in One
Make an Impact With Meteor Mic: In Stores April 15, 2011
Sturdy Smoke
Guitar Center Professional Helps Producer-Artist DV Mccoy To Get His Facility, 21St Century Recording, Ready To Go
Yamaha AEX500NS Nylon String Guitar
Alfred Music Publishing Signs Music Industry Veteran Bobby Owsinski
Korg Debuts Sound On Sound (SOS) Unlimited Track Personal Recorder
PRS Guitars 2011 Electric Line Up New Finish, Pickups, Bridge, Tuners and Neck Shapes
SRX470 4-string, SRX475 5-string, SRX470 4-string
Vicoustic's Vari Panel Lets You Fine Tune Your Room
Korg Teams with Virtual Band Gorillaz to Bring New Sounds to Fans and Musicians in Cutting-Edge Ways
NAMM: Open Platform Synthesizer Unveiled
Royer Labs Debuts R-101 Ribbon Microphone
SurgeX Introduces IP Addressable Power Conditioner At InfoComm 2009
Vox Updates Legendary AC30 And AC15 All-Tube Guitar Amplifiers
MM: T-Rex Debuts BigTone Amp Line
Fostex FR2-LE Field Recorder Selected By NASA To Travel on Space Shuttle
New Dawg Delivers New PUPS
Eiosis Updates ELS Vocoder To Version 1.5
Spaun Drum Company Introduces "Inferno" Signature Snare
ASK Video Releases Musical Terms iPhone App
Yamaha Announces CSF Series Parlor Guitars at Summer NAMM
SKB Introduces the First Amplified Pedalboard
Michael Jackson Instrumental Solo Books Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Songworks Introduces Mahaffay HiLo Watt Plexi Amplifier
Kaces Xpress Series Polyfoam Guitar Cases
www.motionsamples.com Releases 6 New Loop Libraries
New TransTube 100 EFX HD and 110 EFX Amps from Peavey
Power, Tone and Intuitive Control Advance with Zoom's G2Nu and G2.1Nu
New Guitar Cases from On-Stage Stands
Pearl Debuts Jesus Diaz Signature Radial Edge Cajon
Bias Unveils Peak Studio at 129th AES Expo
Harvard's New SoundField Mark V Microphone Broadens Horizons
New Meinl Marathon Cymbal Set
Spectrasonics Launches Special Tribute to Bob Moog
Wusik EVE V3 Released
American Audio Releases XSP Series of Affordable Powered Speakers Offering True Concert Sound
USB JamMate UG-1 Electric Guitar Pack
EAW Introduces the NTS250 Powered Subwoofer
Loopmasters Present Seamus Haji & Complex Indian Rhythms
Alfred Partners with Mag Rack to Provide Video-On-Demand Music Lessons
12-String Briarwood DR-112 Features Built-In Tuner
10 Years In Loops. Free Reason Refill From PLP
Electro-Harmonix Releases ENIGMA: Q-Balls for Bass
Guitar Center Session's Presents Ernie Ball Music Man's 25th Anniversary Tour
Lectrosonics Deployed at New World Center
Ibanez Introduces New Affordable Fixed Bridge, Bolt-On Neck Black Xiphos
Producerloops.Com Releases "Deep House Progressions Vol 1" Sample Pack
On-Stage Stands Introduces New PROFESSIONAL SERIES Microphone Stand line.
New Preset Pack For Superior Drummer® 2.0 Out Now!
Peavey Announces The Xport USB Guitar Interface
Avid Announces Pro Tools MP 9
GrooveMaker® Cool & Dre Apps released from IK Multimedia Create today's hip-hop/club beats with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Archer Introduces Josh Rouse 1972 Signature Guitar
Paul Reed Smith Guitars Announces the “Ultimate Meet and Greet 2011 Sweepstakes”
Cluster Sound Releases Maximal Elements
Pro Tools 101 Official Courseware (Version 9.0) Now Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
QSC Announces More Powerful GX Series Amplifier
Akai Professional Announces Rpm3 Monitors
AKG Introduces MicroMic III Instrument Mics
Riedel Acrobat Enabled Communications at SXSW
Loopmasters Present Total Science - Drum&Bass Vol.5
Nomad Factory Releases ECHOES - The Ultimate Analog Echo Box.
Boss Launches Loop Station World Championship 2
Lectrosonics Celebrates 40th Anniversary
YOUR Chance to Experience Eric Clapton in London!
Kreativ Sounds Updated SYN One Sounds to Version 1.5
ILIO Posts NAMM Video Postcard
New ADAM A77X Monitor Debuts at Prolight + Sound 2011
Producerloops.Com Releases "Progressive Trance & Electro Volume 3" Sample Pack
Dynaudio Acoustics' Upgrades the BM5A MkII Monitor
Bluezone Corporation releases Hardstyle Loops & Hardcore Samples
Korg Reveals PC-1 “Pitch Clip” Guitar and Bass Tuner
Logic Twelve Mixer (LC-12)
ARTURIA announces Spark D.I.Y. Kits
Wohler Unveils Significant New Enhancements to AMP2-E16V Modular Audio/Video Processing Monitor
XILS-lab Announces the Synthix
Schecter Expands Diamond Series Acoustic Line with SW-3500
Sound Magic Releases Imperial Grand3D, First 3D Hybrid Modeling Piano
Shure Helps Brad Paisley Entertain at Daytona 500
Alfred Expands its Popular Instrumental Solo Series with Classic Rock and Pop & Rock Hits Collections
Numark Now Shipping NS6 4-Deck DJ Controller for Serato Itch with Built-In Mixer
Just Another Amp in the Wall - Roger Waters Tours with Ampeg
Toontrack Releases Songwriter's Fillpack
Roland Unveils RD-700GX SuperNATURAL Piano Kit
Aalto 1.2 from Madrona Labs to be Released June 10
Sample Logic releases RUMBLE!
AKG Introduces the Emotion II Line of Microphones
The Most Extreme AXL Guitars Ever! Fireax And Jacknife Now Available In Black Matte Finishes!
Vibramate Introduces the String Spoiler for Bigsby Vibratos
RadiantGrid Technologies Adds SurCode for Dolby Digital and Dolby E
Numark Bundles Omni Control, Stealth Control And Total Control With Native Instruments Traktor Le
Splurgo Audio: Latin Percussion and Synth Collection
Lectrosonics On-Air with the After After Party with Steven Michael Quezeda
Visual Sound Introduces GaragTone line at NAMM 2010
Propellerhead Software Names SF Marketing Its Exclusive Canadian Distributor
Alfred Publishing Releases Guitar TAB Folio: Rock Charts Guitar 2010: Annual Deluxe Edition
6th Cycle Concert of Philharmonic Orchestra Dresden with K.M.E. Systems
EdgeSounds DrumMashines Sound Sample Library Released
Celemony Release the New Entry-Level Melodyne
Mapex Usa Introduces Qr Codes in Marketing Materials
Hardwire® By DigiTech Expands Lineup With HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner
Fable Sounds™ Releases Broadway Lites™ - Contemporary Winds Virtual Instrument
Primacoustic Announces Florida Schedule For Its Free Acoustic Seminars
NUGEN Audio updates Monofilter and Stereoizer
New Technics Digital Ensembles Introduced
New Releases - Loopmasters Present Steve Lawler, Deeper House 2, DJ Mixtools 11, and Tons More
Precisionsound Releases Moldova Concert Cimbalom Sample Library For HALion And Kontakt
Propellerhead Opens Reason Song Archive
New EASE® GLL available for L-ACOUSTICS WST® systems
Jays launches a-JAYS Four for iPhone at Airport Wireless and TechShowcase in the US
VescoFx Introduces Free VST Plugins With Eq, Delay And Phase
Shadow Releases Unique SH NMG LPU 2 Pickup System for Electric Guitar
Mini 4BAR™: LED Wash And Go Anywhere System
VIMA Tunes CD-ROM Library Expanded
Blue Goes Live With enCORE Microphones
UVI.net Introduces UVI Electric Piano for Mac
Access Music unveils Virus TI Polar WhiteOut special edition.
Guard House Pictures is proud to announce the trailer release of Cry Baby:
Loopmasters Launches New Site and Adds Several New Sample Packs to the Mix
Xiphos XPT700XH Electric Guitar
Hughes & Kettner Debut Tube Clock
Stanton Previews CMP.800 Professional Multi-Format Player With MIDI Controller at Musikmesse 2011
J.C. Harper Luthier Introduces BOC Kronos Guitar
The Liquid Metal Guitar Co. and Richard Henry Guitars To Introduce Liquid Metal Guitars to the UK Market
Jay Winkler Koizumi Leaves "GuitarSlinger Products" and Takes Up "Handwired-Effects"
DVK Technologies Offer Sneak Peek At GNR8-130 2 x 12 Stereo Guitar Amp
Splurgo Audio Releases String Arpeggios and Tape Drums
Hughes & Kettner Releases Edition Tube Combo 25th Anniversary
Splurgo Audio Releases Two Percussion Bundle Packs
Audix Introduces the M1280B
MOTU Debuts 828MK3 Hybrid Firewire/Usb2 Audio Interface for NAMM 2011
Ben Folds: Lonely Avenue Released as Piano/Vocal Songbook by Alfred Music Publishing
Playlist: The Very Best of Dixie Chicks Released as Piano/Vocal Songbook by Alfred Music Publishing
Warmoth Guitar Products Launches Online Guitar Body & Neck Builders
Sound Devices Introduces the Cl-Wifi for the 788t Digital Recorder at Nab 2011
Ueberschall presents its latest premium release from the Urbanic series, Club R&B.
Pa1XPro Elite Professional Arranger Keyboard
Korg Exhibits Sound On Sound (SOS) Unlimited Track Personal Recorder
New PRS Mark Tremonti Signature Model for 2007
Kreativ Sounds Presents SYN ImpOSCar Sounds V1 Collection.
Kreativ Sounds Releases SYN Prophet V Sounds Collection
MUSIC Group Wins Major Patent Case against Peavey Electronics
Transaudio Group Launches ATC's Most Cost-Effective Studio Monitors — The SCM11S
AKG Messe Releases
Berkleemusic.com Debuts New Online Course "Pop / Rock Keyboard"
ARTB100 Bass Guitar
Wave Alchemy delivers Wired Electronics (Free Sample Pack)
Precisionsound Releases Indian Surmandal for KONTAKT, HALion & EXS24
Audio Damage updates Axon
Señor Frogs Deploys D.A.S. Audio
Electro-Harmonix Releases The White Finger Optical Compressor In A Small XO Diecast Chassis
Native Instruments Announces KOMPLETE 7
DBZ Guitars Launches ‘The DBZ Experience’
New ADAT/TDIF to AES/EBU Converters from Mutec
Killer BB's: New Yamaha Basses Offer The Ultimate Low End Thump
Alfred Music Publishing Provides Budget-Savvy Guitarists with a New Value Songbook for Acoustic Rock
ModernBeats Releases Pop Rhythmz Drum Loops 1
Hutchins Guitars Releases Brian Jones Signature Series
Fender® Custom Shop Announces David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster® Guitar
Mapex Introduces Stainless Steel Etched Black Panther Snare Drum
Steinberg Releases Nuendo 8 I/O 96k
Legendary Record Producer Stuart Epps Delivers Signature Courses At SAE Online
Drum Channel – New Online DVD Rental Service Featuring Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Mike Portnoy and More
Liquid Metal Guitars Ship 18k Gold & Chrome Guitars to Singapore
Martin Announces Grand Ole Opry Guitar
DigiTech Introduces Its First-Ever Guitar and Bass Amplifiers at 2011 Winter NAMM
Longcat Updates H3D Binaural to 1.1.1
American DJ Presents New Color Burst 8 DMX
New Hal Leonard Guitar Signature Licks Packs Showcase Playing of Duane Allman and Tommy Emmanuel
Yamaha MS400 Powered Loudspeaker System
Korg Adds Handheld MR-2 to DSD Recorder Lineup
Jet King Bass Guitar
Pearl Releases Limited Edition MCX Exotic Finish Drumset
SoundToys' Juice: Input Channel Modeler Update
HARMAN’s AKG Microphones and JBL Studio Monitors Drive The Lonely Island’s Star-Studded Sophomore Album Turtleneck & Chain
Toontrack Presents Library of the Extreme - Death & Thrash
Longcat Releases Audiostage – New Dimensions In 3D Sound Mixing
Ernie Ball Introduces New Inked Series Tattoo-Themed Straps
Numark Debuts CDN77USB Dual-Deck DJ Cd Player With Usb
Kel Audio Announces Song Sparrow Microphone
3 New Releases from Zenhiser
Furman Announces the P-1800 AR Rack-Mount Voltage Regulator for Pro A/V Applications
Swar Systems Releases Multi-Layer Indian Drums Plugin
Midas Launches Offline Editor for PRO6
Electro-Voice Displays PSX Series Mixers at NAMM
Ikon Guitars Introduces First Production Models
B.C. Rich Announces Release of the Double Neck Bich Electric Guitar
GotchaNoddin.com Presents Opera Vocal Samples Vol. 3 For Software And Hardware Samplers
Soundcells Releases Afterglow version 2 - the Ultimate Atmospheric ReFill
Casio's Newest Privia Brings Musical Elegance Home
To be Unveiled at NAMM 2011: The Kemper Profiling Amplifier
Evil Drums Eco Kit 1 Expansion Kit for BFD Eco & BFD 2.1
Bell’s Brewery Distills Live Beer & Live Music Nightly in New Music Venue
Introducing the Amptweaker TightMetal Distortion Pedal
Lectrosonics the Compact Wireless Solution for Hockey Documentary
Loopmasters Presents Essential House Drumworks
Le Lotus Bleu releases Music Box, a new soundbank for LennarDigital Sylenth1 VSTI
Rupert Neve Designs Introduces First 500 Series Module, the 517 Pre/DI/Comp
Loopmasters News - Justin Robertson Artist Series, W
Studer Adds 3Gbit Capability To SDI Interface
Loopmasters Release Lucio Aquilina 'Deep House Sounds'
Loopmasters Releases New Pack From Push Button Bang 'Tropical Tech'
Loopmasters Release S:amplify / Tribal Percussion / Dubstep Grime & Vocals
WaveAngle Shipping Radian™ Wireless Guitar System
Rotosound Endorsees Bruce Foxton, Paul Geary and Martin Turner To Appear At The London Bass Guitar Show 2011
Ultimate Guitar Play-Along: Rock Guitar Classics Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Safety First – DYNACORD Provides for Safety in the New Józef Pilsudski Stadium in Cracow
Loopmasters Releases Samples From Industrial Strength Records' 'Vintage Breakbeats'
Tone2 Audiosoftware Release 'State of Art Expansion'
Pickup Tone MultiplierTM S3-Board Gives you 35 Pure Analog Pickup Tones on all 3-pickup Instruments
No Dough Music Release In House Tools - Samplepack
EW50MPSENT acoustic-electric guitar
Master the Art of Fingerstyle Guitar with Alfred’s Fingerstyle Guitar Method Complete
American Audio Announces July 2010 Launch of VMS4 Velocity MIDI Station
Cakewalk Releases SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop with Craig Anderton
Capo Released for iPhone and iPod touch
Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Now Shipping
Benga and Skream to Headline “Mayhem at The Mid” Friday, March 18th
Crown Audio Enhances Class-Leading Value and Performance, With XTi 2 Series Amplifiers For Portable PA
Backbeat Presents New Titles from George Gruhn
Private Stock “Signature” Limited Run - New Twist on Popular Favorite PRS’s Very First Multi-Endorser Electric
Alesis Announces DMPhones Isolating Headphones
Fidelia Music Player for Mac OS X Offers Premium Listening for All
DNR Releases Signature V2 for Sylenth
New MK-IV Nylon String Baritone Guitar
Platinumloops Releases ‘Hip Hop Producer Pack 8 - R&B'
Poor Quality of Bass Sounds Leads to Invention to be Featured at 2010 L.A. Amp Show
Nucleus SoundLab Releases GuitarScapes - Reason 5 ReFill
Limited Production Hawaiian Koa Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Classic Covers And Acrylic TAMA Sets
Orange Amplification Recreates Its Iconic 60s Logo
Everything Everything to Judge the Institute’s 2011 Shure Songwriting Award
Hosa Pro Guitar Cables Raise the Bar
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Award-Winning Kid’s Method with New Ukulele Course
Electro-Voice N/DYM UHF Wireless Microphone Series Featuring ClearScan
An All-Koa Ukulele and Guitar Combo Usher in the Return of Taylor's Builder's Reserve Program
EAW Exhibits UX8800 Dual-Mode Digital Signal Processor
Electro-Voice Adds RE320 Dynamic Variable-D wired Microphone to Their RE Performance Group
New Firmware Released for Behringer's FCB1010 MIDI Controller
Rethink Music Conference Announces Lyor Cohen, Warner Music’s Vice Chairman
Start Recording Your Music with New Beginner's Guide, Alfred's Teach Yourself Pro Tools LE
Producerloops.com Releases "Dance Glitch Vol 3" Sample Pack
The Loar Introduces Three Archtop Guitar Models
Recording King Introduces New Cowboy Guitar
Soundcraft Debuts 1603 And 1605 Club Music Mixers
Introducing the PRS 30 - Paul Reed Smith Guitars' New 30-Watt Tube Amp
TC-Helicon Release Substantial Firmware Update for VoiceLive 2
Lexicon® PCM96 Studio Standard Reverb/Effects Processor and PCM Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle Win 2011 SOS Awards From Sound On Sound Magazine
Vox Now Shipping Series 22 Solid Body Electric Guitars
Korg M1 Legacy Softsynth Volumes 1 and 2 (For Wind Controller)
Sound Magic Releases Bluestone Piano, Modeled Steinway with Artificial Intelligence Assistant
Renkus-Heinz Array for Landmark Texas Theater
The Ivors Nominees Songbook 2010 - Out Now
Steinberg Announces WaveLab 7 for Mac OS X and Windows
Hal Leonard Presents <em>The Jaco Pastorius Bass Method</em>
The Sound Of Breaks, Progressive House & tech, DJ Mixtool 09 - Groove Tech and World Drum Sessions Vol 2 Balkan Drums
Sound Magic Releases Headphone Mix, a special Effect Unit simulates speaker feeling on your headphone monitor system
Service Update to Version 1.2.1 of Melodyne Editor, Assistant and Essential
Doyle Dykes Anniversary Edition Model from Taylor
Editors Keys Releases Portable Vocal Booth Home Edition
D-41 Porter Wagoner Custom Edition Acoustic Guitar
Takamine Debuts "The Storm" Limited Edition Guitar For 2007
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Workshop Inspires Beginner Guitarists at the Museum of Making Music
NUGEN Audio releases Monofilter 4 Bass Enhancement Plug-In And Announces Monofilter And Stereoizer Bundle
bleep!BOX Now Supports AU Format
Virtuasonic Releases Sinori Live
iPad Controls PreSonus StudioLive Digital Mixers
Journey Play-Along Songbooks Now Available from Alfred Music Publishing
Paul Rodgers & Bad Company Offer Exclusive Experience Benefitting Kids Rock Free Music Education Program
Sonoma Wire Works Announces GuitarJack Audio Device
D.A.S. Audio Deployed at The Stage in Miami
Lacuna Acoustic Art Introduces Advanced Solution to Enhance Onstage Performance and the Appearance of Acoustic Guitar Instruments
Primacoustic Presents Voxguard Ambient Noise Attenuator
5,000 Loop Premium Sound Library Available Directly in Soundation Studio
Native Instruments Introduces SCARBEE VINTAGE KEYS
Galbanum Releases Abstraction 05: Wet & Wild Tribe
New Pro Audio Recording Tutorials at macProVideo.com
Sound Magic Releases Imperial Grand, NEO Hybrid Modeling Piano with Artificial Intelligence Assistant
Best Service Releases: Epic World – Cinematic Landscapes
Alfred Music Publishing Expands its PLAY Series with Interactive Lesson DVDs for Blues, Jazz, and Rock Guitar
Prominy, Inc. Releases SR5Rock Bass Virtual Guitar Instrument
Numark Releases iM9 Mixer With Digital Effects And Dock For Ipod
Toontrack's 11th Expansion Pack Merges the Best of the Past and Present
Alfred Music Publishing Releases R.E.M.: Sheet Music Anthology
Bluezone Corporation Make 50% Discount on all Their Sample Packs on His New Distributor Loopseekers for 2 Weeks Only
Feeltune and Blue Cat Audio team up to include Blue Cat Audio plug-ins in Feeltune's Rhizome
A-Designs Audio PR - MI Hosts Free "Ask The Mixers" Event
Hal Leonard Releases Battlestar Galactica Songbook Cool New Piano Solo Folio Showcases Noted Composer Bear McCreary
Soundcells has released ‘Greenhouse - the Synplant ReFill‘
Sonoma Wire Works Launches the GuitarJack Accessory
Pearl's Eliminator Demon Drive Pedal Wins MIPA Award
FatLoud Releases XL Series: Platinum Box Urban Samples & Loops Library
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Led Zeppelin Ultimate Play-Along Songbooks for Guitar
Four DVD Set: "XSpand Your World" Now Bundled with Yamaha's Motif XS
Alfred Presents New Educational Guides to Pro Tools from the Secrets of the Pros
Best Service releases Production Tools Vol. 4
Soundtrack Loops Releases Iced Chillout Lounge Loops & Samples
GoChords Free iPad App Turns iPad Into Songbook.
Internet or Not!
M-Audio's Maximum Audio Tools Bundle Updated
Roland's VS-890 24-bit Digital Studio
New Bittree Products on Display at ISE 2011:
Gibson USA Announces the Lou
Alfred Music Publishing Salutes Broadway Genius with The Michael John LaChiusa Songbook
Rob Lewis Joins Studer to Lead Expansion of US Sales Operation
Top Drummers Endorse New Armor Drum Bags by AHEAD
Lexicon® Showcases LXP Bundle That Combines Four Legendary Reverbs
Chest Rocks festival and competition to win 2 Free tickets
Houston Northwest Church Makes the Transition From Analog to Digital with Installation of Soundcraft® Si3 Console
Alfred Music Publishing Remembers The Fantasticks with 50th Anniversary Vocal Score
Piling on the Pressure (Wave) in Southwark with DiGiCo’s SD9
Calrec Inaugurates Interactive Website for Sharing Info, Encouraging Community Education
AX Series Brings Acclaimed X-ART Technology To New Users
New SSL ‘Nucleus’ Offers Elegant Controller/Audio Hub For Pro Project Studios At AES 2010
MUTOOLS is happy and proud to release its first VST plug-in based on the MU.LAB technology: The MuVerb VST
Moog Releases Major Firmware Update to Little Phatty and Slim Phatty with OS V3.1
Alfred Music Publishing Signs Ken Scott, Grammy®-Nominated Record Producer
Rob Papen Ships the RP-VERB Plug In
Hercules Debuts XPS 2.0 80 DJ MONITOR: Its First Monitoring Speaker System for DJs
129th AES Convention To Consider Innovations In 21St Century Teaching/Learning Experience
Zildjian Introduces The Tommy Lee Cymbal Bag And "Spiral Trash" FX Series Cymbal
n-Track Software releases n-Track Tuner for the iPhone, iPad & iPod
SLJ Field Soundcraft Vi1™ Digital Console For French President Sarkozy
Live Audio Basics, Pro Audio Course Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
FUCHS AUDIO TECHNOLOGY Announces Across the Board Product Enhancements
Alfred Music Publishing Infuses Modern Drumset Playing with African Roots in Drum Atlas: Africa
Fohhn Previews Latest Linea Focus Systems At Frankfurt Prolight + Sound, Hall 8.0 Stand H63
Sinevibes Updates it's Dynamo and Turbo S AudioUnit Plugins
“Don’t Stop Believin’” with Journey: Easy Guitar Tab Anthology by Alfred Music Publishing
Simon "Shlomo" Khan Wins First Annual Boss Loop Station World Championship
Voxengo is pleased to announce the release of Marvel GEQ
Kingston Trio 50th Anniversary 00-21
Best service Presents StudioBox Mark II Sound Effects Library
On-Stage Stands Presents the BNC5000 Banjo Case
ASK Video Announces Cubase 5 Level 3 Tutorial
Luna Guitars Introduces Paz Lenchantin Signature Bass
New Wave Expansion Boards for Technics' SX-KN6000/6500/7000
The Wishbone Workshop Releases “The Wishbone 45”
Reprotone Inc. Announces "Pickin' N Greenin" Imprints and Guitar Picks Made From 100% Post Industrial "Delrin"
Loopmasters Drops Two Massive Packs
Cinematique Instruments - 2 More Geckos Released
Zebrasonix Preset Collection for U-He Zebra softsynth V 2.5
DiGiCo Introduces Simple MADI Connectivity with UB MADI
Brace Audio Ships DWG-1000-TX Digital Wireless Transmitter for DWG-1000 Digital Wireless System for Guitar
Benrod Electro and... Steve Lukather!
Blue Announces the Blue Pro Drum Kit Kit
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Pro Audio Series with Basic Pro Tools for Guitarists
Toontrack Metal EZmix Pack by Daniel Bergstrand
Nomad Factory Releases MAGNETIC - Real to Real Audio Tape Warmer Plug-In
Hammerax Nice Brand Heavy Cymbals Launched
GrooveZoo Announces Public Beta Launch to Connect Songwriters, Musicians, and Producers
Cinematique Instruments announces the release of Bowed Guitars
VOX V845 Classic Wah Guitar Pedal Offers Vintage Tone
Barge Concepts DB-3 Dual Boost/Buffer Pedal Now Shipping
Slash Hits The Road With SD8 Paving The Audio Way
The New Super 200 Cutaway Custom from Gibson
New version of Numark's music mixing app imports directly from a device's iPod music library
Numark iM1 Mixer With Dock For iPod Available Now
XILS-Lab Releases Analog Bag 1 & 2, Two New Soundbanks for the PolyKB II VSTI
Blade Guitars Introduces Durango Custom DC-2 Electric Guitar And Starfish Inlays
American DJ Introduced Vizi LED Spot and Vizi Wash LED 108
A Do-It-All Les Paul from the Most Versatile Artist in Rock: The Chad Kroeger "Blackwater" Les Paul
Catalinbread Ottava Magus Octave Ring Multiplier Now Released
Ingleside Baptist Expands with dual Midas PRO3 Systems
EAW Loudspeakers Provide Great Sound for Motown Black History Month Celebration at the White House
Alfred Music Publishing and TuneCore Create Fundraising Opportunity for School Music Programs with Alfred Records
Washburn Guitars Announces Addition of Handcrafted Joe Trohman Idol Series
Korg Appoints Joseph Castronovo As New President Of Korg USA
New SoundScape Series Processors from Crate Audio
Audio Plus Now Distributing 'VOVOX' Audio Cables to US & Canada
Sonor's New Force 1001 Drums Debut at Winter NAMM
Metropolitan Drum Company Presents New Cocktail Drum Kits
Hohner Expands HW600 Series Guitars
HHB Supplies Audio Equipment for University of York¹S New Theatre, Film and TV Complex
ZERO-G Presents Dark Skies – Cinematic Ambiences Collection
Renowned DJ and Producer Steve Mac Joins the Prism Sound Orpheus Fan Club
Headstrong Amplifiers Releases The Prima 30 Electric Guitar Amplifier
Maraca meets Cabasa: The Pearl Maracabasa
Digidesign Posts Mbox and ASIO Drivers for XP
Now Shipping: Daisy Rock’s Rebel Rockit Bass in Atomic Pink Finish
Hal Leonard Announces Pro Tools Shortcuts
EASTWEST Announces Best Service "Modern Pop"
RØDE University Lands on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Rhyme Genie 3 Puts A Spell On Synonyms with Unique Thesaurus
Peavey Expands Ecoustic® Series With Rehearsal Models
Genelec Exhibits 8260A Tri-Amplified DSP Monitoring System With Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC) Technology
New at NAMM: Peavey's MP 600 Powered Mixer
Producerloops.com Releases "Dubstep Constructions Vol 3" Sample Pack
Diginoiz Releases "Grymek's Tech Mixing Tools" Construction Kits / DJ Mixing Tools
Learn Drumming Styles from Around the World with Alfred's Drum Atlas, Vol. 1
Alfred Expands Jazz Play-Along Series with Easy Collection and Rhythm Section Books
Electro-Voice and Audinate Announce DM-1 Dante Card for NetMax at InfoComm 2010 (Booth C6302)
EAW® Launches New QX Series Loudspeakers
Producerloops.Com Releases "Deep House Progressions Vol 2" Sample Pack
Sinevibes Introduces New Sample Collections
ESI Audiotechnik Shipping Dr. DAC nano USB DAC and Headphone Amp
Analog Laboratory Now Shipping!
Real Ethernet Backbone Pays Interoperability Dividend As Crown Audio Debuts “Powered By Crown” Apple® iPad Control Application At Winter NAMM 2011
Native Instruments Announces Audio Kontrol 1 USB 2.0 Audio Interface
The Rapcohorizon Company and Taylor Guitars Turn Up the Volume with the Vcable at Winter NAMM 2011
PRS Guitars Mira Maple Top
Recording King Introduces The Señorita Acoustic Guitar
Minnetonka Audio Delivers New Low Cost Dolby E Plug-in
VOX Expands Pathfinder Line with Dedicated 10-Watt Bass Amp: The Pathfinder Bass 10
MXL Introduces World's First USB Ribbon Microphone
Two New Portable PA Systems from SoundTech
V-Moda Teams Up With Guitar Builder James Trussart To Design Guitar Collection
New LQ 15PSW Powered Subwoofer from Crest Performance
Three New Acoustic Guitars from Fender
Producerloops.Com Releases "Supalife Dubstep: Hard Edition" Sample Pack
Kid Nepro Arturia Moog Modular V Collection Now Available
Pearl Releases the Fun Box Cajon for Kids
Dimavery Presents A Row Of Inspiring Instruments In The Well-Known ST Design.
Flynn Amps Release Rory Gallagher Signature Hawk Booster
Warwick Press Release Alien Acoustic Stage 5-string Bass
Producerloops.Com Releases "Chillout Progressions Vol 2"
Sae Online Announces Additional Courses For 2010 – Online Learning Has Never Been So Accessible!
No Dough Music Releases the Next in Their Collection of Sample Packs "Drum: Saturated"
Hit Talk Releases 'Lady GaGa' Hit Reports
Maven Peal Publishes Guitar Amplifier Player's Troubleshooting Guide
Roland Systems Group Expands REAC Compatibility with MADI Bridge
SM Pro Audio Presents the Nano Patch Plus – Passive Volume Controller!
Finally a Nord Stage with Sample Playback Functionality
Fable Sounds™ Ships Broadway Big Band KONTAKT 4 Player Edition
Powersoft U.S. Operations Moves To The Next Level
EXP Model Added to Peavey's Limited Series Guitars
Just Released! Kid Nepro Arturia Prophet V Collection.
Coffin Case Licensed Drumstick Bags
Pickup Tone MultiplierTM T2-Board KIT Doubles The Pickup Tones on ALL 2-pickup Instruments
Seattle's 2JW Design Opens for Business
EAW® DX1208 Joins Crestron Integrated Partner Program (IPP)
Producerloops.com Releases "Supalife Dubstep: Smooth Edition" Sample Pack
Selenium by Harman Debuts at PLASA
Alfred Music Publishing Distributes Drum Channel’s Chad Wackerman Trio: Hits Live DVD
Ibanez Presents Promethean Pro Bass Amplification
Auralex Continues Green Launches New Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series
Alfred Expands its Percussion Catalog with The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes
Muzemazer introduces Chromavoder, the Digitally Modeled Analog Harmonizer
V-MODA Debuts Uniquely Designed Vibrato In-Ear Headphones
Soundcraft's New Si1 Digital Console Expands Si Series Range
NUGEN Audio has announced the forthcoming VisLM Loudness Metering solution
Shure Chooses BC Electronic Sales for Central U.S.
Ueberschall Announces the Availability of Indie Rock
Lick Library Release Learn to Play Kings of Leon Guitar Tuition DVD
Pettinhouse.com Presents AcousticGuitar Steel-string Guitar for Kontakt
Puremagnetik Releases Vintage Organs Volume 2
Producerloops.Com Releases "Kings Of Bhangra Vol 2" Sample Pack
New Azuka "Sombrero" Hi-Hats from Zildjian
Tech 21 Adds 3 Guitar Pedals to SansAmp Character Series
Audio Impressions Releases 70 DVZ Strings String Library
Ibanez Introduces The AEG25E in 3 Color Options, All With Quilted Maple Tops
Nord Piano Library v5 is Released
New Hal Leonard and Backbeat Titles, Including Rock, Pop, MI Trade, Instruments, and More
JCA Circuits Introduces The "Golden Ratio" GR 1.6 Guitar Amplifier
ESP Debuts Ten New LTD Guitar Models
Ibanez Introudces New RGD Series of Down-Tuned Heavy Metal Monster Guitars
Epiphone SJ-18SCE Acoustic Guitar
The Coolest Way to Archive and Manage Your loops!
Turbosound and Lab.gruppen Partner
Marshall Offers Limited Edition 100W MG Half Stack
Seppuku Releases New Digital Pitch Modulator
Hardwire® Introduces the SP-7 Stereo Phaser Effects Pedal for Guitarists
New Fishman Website Goes Live
Zenhiser release 2 New Drum Packs
Mackie Debuts Hotwire VT12 Guitar Amp
Sample Magic Releases: The Secrets of House Music Production Book
Kreativ Sounds released SYN Sylenth1 Sounds
Blue Cat Audio Releases Blue Cat's Remote Control 2.2
Soundcells Has Released Version 2 of Simple Sampling
Neutrik® USA Receives ISO 9001 Certification
New Tuned Reference Monitors from Event
Kong Audio ChineeGuQin: Superior Man's Zither
65amps Introduces The Tupelo 20-Watt 6V6 Guitar Amp
Peavey Unveils the RQ(TM) 2300 Mixer Series
Hohner Debuts Special Edition 150th Anniversary Harmonicas
Schecter Jazz Elite Hollowbody Shipping
Musicdevelopments Releases an Update of Rapidcomposer
NC-500 and NC-300 Join Korg's Digital Piano Line
Phonic releases major firmware update for its digital mixer
Hosa Technology Introduces Hosa Pro Speaker Cables
Equinox Sounds Releases "Big Chill Bundle"
Headliner.fm Partners with SoundCloud, Pioneers New Model for Reaching Facebook Fans
ATC Loudspeaker Technology Presents ATC SIA 2-150 Integrated Amplifier
L-ACOUSTICS Appoints Rental Network Agents for Czech Republic
Limited Edition Models Mark Taylor's 30th Anniversary
The Hold Steady: Guitar TAB Anthology Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Nine Volt Audio Releases Duo - Mbira in KONTAKT 3/4 Format
Hohner Squeezebox App for the Apple iPAD, iPHONE, and iPOD Touch
Fernandes Guitars Introduce Two 2010 Guitar Models
Yamaha DS60-112 Powered Speaker Cabinet
PMC Spotlighting MB2S Medium-Format and IB2S Three-way Midfield Cabinets at AES Convention
Let's go digital – DXO System Controllers "Made in Germany"
Lava Cable Releases Lava ELC Tweed Vintage-Style Cable
ProStax Loudspeakers from Cerwin-Vega
Johnson Announces WaVO Wah/Volume Pedal
Prime Loops Announce Trap Starrz
UVI Soundsource Announces "The Seventh" Electric Piano From The 21st Century
LAG Announces the "Snag a LAG, Get a Tuner" Offer
PSP Presents VintageWarmer2 Version 2.5.0
Soundcells Presents the Salad Bar Refill
Prime Loops Release Aquasonica
Reason 4 refill Contains the Entire Fairlight CMI library.
Peavey Introduces HP™ Single Cut Series Guitars
Carvin Announces The K1015 Keyboard Amplifier
New Metal Guitars
Sample Player SAM-1 for Soundation Studio Released
The Bleep!BOX VST plugin is here. Make music everywhere.
Learning to Play Ukulele Made Fun and Easy with Alfred's Basic Ukulele Method
Keith Prestidge Joins HARMAN’s Studer Team to Head up Sales in Asia Pacific Region
Le Lotus Bleu Releases ACE Steroids Grand Bundle
Kreativ Sounds Releases RAW Bass Sounds Collection.
Antares and Guitar Center Release Auto-Tune EFX Software
Pro-Sounds Release Essential Basses Version 2 for Bass Station
Soniccouture Releases Hang Drum Sample Library For Kontakt
ElectroKraft.com Releases Magnedyne Adjustable Tone Vintage Style Single Coil Pickup
Crest Performance Debuts CPX 2.0 And CPX 3.0 Power Amps
ASK Video Now Shipping Level 2 Cubase 5 Tutorial
PRS Announces Signature Artist SE Models at Winter NAMM 2010
AP7 Phaser guitar pedal
Ueberschall Announces the Availability of House Elastik Inspire Series
Virage DC and Virage SC Semi-Hollow Body Guitars
Spectre 1.5 Takes Audio Analysis to Brilliant New Heights
Masters Announces The TVA30 30-Watt Guitar Amp
New Arturia Jupiter 8V Sounds From Kid Nepro
SST Classic 1.75 and 2.0 Electric-Acoustic Guitars
Soniccouture Release Novachord for Kontakt Player
HK Audio Introduces The Scalable ConTour Array Speaker System
PRS Guitars Debuts Al Di Meola Signature Model — The Prism
131st AES Convention Platinum Mastering Panel Breaks New Ground
Heil Sound Mics to King of the Roots
Guitar World & Agile Partners Announce Guitar World Lick of the Day App on the App Store
Large Ensemble Titles Expand SmartMusic's Breadth and Depth
Korg Releases Sound Pack 2 For SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano
Community Launches New High Performance Distributed Design Series Range of Ceiling Loudspeakers
Alesis Ships Q49 USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller
American DJ Offers More Jelly-Beams
Plughugger Bassphere01 - 130 new sounds for Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Prime Loops Announce Digitalo Disco
Producerloops.Com Releases "Dance Glitch Vol 1" Sample Pack
Octatrack feature unveiling continues
Rupert Neve Designs Launches Portico 5024 Quad Mic Amp
Propellerhead Adds Wireless Sync-Start (WIST) to ReBirth for iPad and iPhone
The Studio Essentials For All Breakbeat Masters
Sound Magic Releases Headphone Mix 2.0, an Effect Unit Simulates Speaker Feeling on Your Headphone!
Time+Space launch Rob Papen and Korg giveaway!
New Jawbone book: THE 10 RULES OF ROCK 'N' ROLL by The Go Betweens' Robert Forster
Voxengo BMS 2.0 bass management system plugin released
Blackheart Engineering Introduces Little Giant Amps
AB Channel Selector Announced by 3rd POWER
Groove Detective v. 1.2 released
Loomer updates Shift to 2.2.0
Seductive Balearic Tech House Grooves Warms Those Summer Nights!
EdgeSounds Electric Piano Sound Sample Library Released
Nine Volt Audio releases The Beat Aesthetic in REX, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, ACID Wav and Apple Loop formats
Sinevibes updates Its Frequency, Filther, Drift and Dynamo plugins
EMG Introduces B30-S 3-Band EQ for Bass Guitar
Audiofile Engineering Releases Quiztones iOS App
n-Track Software Releases n-Track for Mac 1.0
Dunlop Tortex Picks Celebrates it's 30th Anniversary
Voxengo Tube Amp 2.3 tube overdrive plugin released
Sinevibes Updates Dynamo, Turbo, and Turbo S Plugins
Audio-Technica Offers Rebates on Its Popular 20 Series Microphones
Backbeat Books Introduces The Funky Bass Book
Audio-Technica Offers Bp893CW Microearset Headworn Microphone with 2000 and 3000 Series Wireless Systems
KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 Now Available in Stores
Propellerhead Turns May into Music Making Month
Hal Leonard Lets Dealers Reap Harvest - Highly Anticipated Neil Young Guitar Tab Book Is Here!
The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma Confirms 5/10 Master Class with Guitar Legend Robben Ford
Softube Injects Tube-Tech True Tube Tone into Two New Software Releases
Native Instruments Announces MASCHINE Expansions
The Circus(TM) is in Town
Genelec Displays its 1238CF Tri-Amplified DSP Monitoring System
Radial Engineering Releases Updated H-Amp, Speaker to Headphone Converter
Loomer Releases Aspect 1.7.0
Drawmer Expands HQ Family
Sound Devices Introduces the Cl-Wifi for the 788T Digital Recorder
RME Presents Special Babyface Edition, the Ladyface
Los Cabos Drumsticks Release 7A Hickory Nylon Tip Sticks
SONiVOX Releases Big Bang - Cinematic Percussion Virtual Instrument
Native Instruments Introduces RAZOR
DNR Collaborative Releases Alchemy Illuminous for Camel Audio Alchemy
Renegade Labs Introduces New Mx Metering System for 328 Series and M16 Digital Edit Suite Audio Mixers
AES Exhibitor Forms Available On Line
JoeCo appoints BYZ Inc. for Brazil
Audio-Technica U.S. Responds to Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
New AudioTools Server Expands Asset Management Systems
Chris Bell Keeps His Mixes Real With ADAM Audio
Audio-Technica Mics Chosen for the 14th Consecutive Year at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Worxaudio Technologies Selects Dimodica Sales for Representation
Save the Date for TC Electronic's NAB 2011 Press Conference
Please Come to the PreSonus Press Conference at Musikmesse!
Pickup Tone MultiplierTM T3-Board Gives You 35 Pure Analog Pickup Tones on all 3-pickup Instruments
analogfactory Releases Subbooom Kicks
Black Thought of The Roots will Perform in Chicago Friday April 1st 2011 at the Mid
Soundcraft Studer Customer Experience Center Flying High On First Birthday
Hosa Technology Debuts Goby Labs Screen Cleaner
Harman Plays Host To Fifth AVnu Alliance AVB Plugfest For Audio Video Interoperability And Performance
TC Electronic Press Conference Invitation
vescoFx Releases Cross Delay Update With OSX Compatability
Taiwanese Mandopop Group Mayday Installs Solid State Logic Aws 900+ Se Console/Controller iIn Private Studio
Calrec Audio Adds Dual-Fader Capability to Lyon Video's Apollo Console
CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System from Bosch Wins 2010 GOOD DESIGN Award
Puremagnetik Releases Opus - Vintage Strings, Organ and Brass for Ableton Live, Kontakt & Logic
Katy Templeman-Holmes Joins Studer
Midas XL8 Stars at Brit Awards 2011
Genre Bending Duo Mad Planet Break Into 2011 With The Release Of Their New EP Gliese 581g
Dustin Edge's Calm EP Makes A Big Impression at College Radio During its Debut Week at the Format
Danko Jones Announces U.S. Tour Dates in New York, Hartford, and Philadelphia
Midas PRO6 First Choice for Manics Tour
eaReckon Is Proud To Announce The Availability Of EAReverb, A True Stereo 32/64bit VST reverb for Windows And 32bit VST/AU for Mac OSX
Calrec to Make U.S. Debut of H2O at 2011 NAB Show
Linear Acoustic at 2011 NAB Show
Singular Software Hits the Trifecta With Hot Product Line-Up For Nab 2011
DNR Collaborative Releases Transitions 4, 5 and 6
Prime Loops Announce Dubstep Arena
Loomer have updated String or Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux to 1.2.3
Rock Songs MIDI Pack - Out Now!
Charles H. Kaman 1919-2011
Universal Percussion Adds Cymbag Cymbal Protectors
Rate Of Motion for Zebra 2.5 Released
Samplecraze Presents Origin of Species Collection
Analog Factory release The Deepness of Fear
Puremagnetik Releases PM-70 Electric Piano Library
Korg Introduces microPIANO
Korg Offers Free Audiogate Conversion Software, Providing Playback, Conversion and Editing of High-Resolution Audio
Numark Announces Npm100 Portable Active Monitors
Access Music unveils Virus TI OS 4.5 on the NAMM show
Solid State Logic Introduces X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module at WINTER NAMM 2011
Aviom Expands Relationship With Sound Marketing Group
Hercules Announces the DJ 4Set Console for All-Nighters Only!
eMedia Music to Expand the Guitar Lab DVD Series with Three New Titles
Hosa Technology Introduces Hosa Pro Microphone Cables
vescoFx Releases Free Haas Update With OSX Compatability
Platinumloops Releases 'Pop Vox
Peace Love Productions announces Rave Synthsation loops and samples
EASTWEST Updates PLAY Software to 2.1.1
Loomer releases a major update to Shift
Learn to Record, Edit, and Mix Your Own Music with Alfred's Teach Yourself Logic Pro/Express
Guitar Center Professional Launches GC Pro Clearance
Elektron Announces Octatrack: Film, Product Page and Pre-orders
XTA Updates Control Software with iCore2
Elastik 2 - Loop to inspire!
Prime Loops Unleash Dirty South Wars
Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers (4th Edition) Now Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing
TeamDNR Releases Ace
Massive Update! Sidsonic Libraries Presents Four New Sample Libraries
Play the Music to the Blockbuster Hit, Inception, with Piano Solo Arrangements from Alfred
Puremagnetik Releases MachineKits for Ableton Live
Alfred Unlocks the Secrets of Shredding with New Method: The Total Shred Guitarist
elysia Releases Alpha Compressor Plug-in
Puremagnetik Releases LadyVox - A Vocal Collection for Live, KONTAKT, & Logic
Wohler Launches AMP1-E8-MDA-3G 8-Channel, 1RU Audio Monitor
Heil Sound Introduces PR 31BW
Audio-Technica Unveils Spectrapulse Mtu301 Body-Pack Transmitter
Alfred Music Publishing and Guitar World Join Forces to Release Instructional DVDs
SAE Online and Hans-Martin Buff team up to create the ultimate online learning experience – Mixdown Techniques 201
Universal Audio Becomes Rtas Plug-In Developer For Avid Pro Tools
Aviom Adds Floor Pocket and Stage Box to AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System at WFX 2010
KRK Debuts the Highly Anticipated KNS Headphone Series
Vir2 Instruments Announces Q
Grid1 launches the “Pedal Jeanie Jr™.” – Another rechargeable battery-powered pedalboard with a smaller form factor
Taye Drum Company Announces The Graphix Skull Kit
Puremagnetik Releases Toybox 2 for Ableton Live 8, Kontakt 3 and Logic 8
Fernandes Releases New 2010 Models: Revolver Classic Series
Medway Introduces Special Tube Amp With Professional Celestion Speaker
Avid Unveils Sibelius Student
Producerloops.Com Releases "Max Farenthide: Commercial Dance Vol 1" Sample Pack
New Revelation Guitar Models from Hohner
Hart Productions Introduces The Guitar Armoire™
Zeta Announces Educator Crossover Bass
GuitarStorage.com Unveils SlimLine™ Guitar Case Rack
Reverend Offers Limited Edition Daredevil H90 and Volcano H90 Guitars
Primacoustic™ launches 2 New London Kits: The London 8 ™ and London 10™
Lexicon® Showcases PCM Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle
WB Custom Pickups Releases Firewater and Snakebite Signature Series Pickups
Korg Offers microSAMPLER Compact Sampling Keyboard
Can You Learn How to Swing? With A Rhythmic Twist from Hudson Limited, The Answer is Yes!
Sonic Charge releases version 3 of µTonic
Liquid Player 1.1 VST Engine For Liquid Instrument Series
Akai Professional Music Production App Puts Full Studio In The Palm Of Your Hand
Backline Engineering Announces a Free RiffBox-Lite Looping App for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Exhibits Studer Tape Recorder Used On Sgt. Pepper's Album
Soundcraft Debuts The Vi6 Large-Format Digital Live Sound Console
Reverend Unveils Double Agent Guitar
Wohler Enhances AMP2-16V Modular Audio/Video Processing Monitor With Audio Upmixing Technology
Diginoiz Release: "Crazy Arps" Loops Line Series
000-18 Norman Blake Signature Edition
Alexander Publishing Releases The Spectrotone Chart™
"Ethnic Summer" at Soundprovocation
BSS Audio Introduces Cost-Effective Break-In Box to Soundweb London Family
Barge Concepts Releases VB-jr Variable True Bypass Buffered Effects Loop
Loopmasters.com Releases K.V. Bala Indian Sessions Vol. 2 and Audio Injection Vol. 2
Roland's MP-300 Professional Digital Piano
The Marshall Offset JTM45 Halfstack Reissue
Shure Updates DFR11EQ to Version 5
New Typhoon Series Live Consoles from ALTO
Cytomic's New Analog-Modelling Compressor "The Glue" Now Supports RTAS / Protools
Reason Wizardry - Advanced Reason Tutorials Released
Audio-Technica Offers the ATW-CHG2 Two-Bay Recharging Station for Newly Designed 2000 Series Wireless
Puremagnetik Releases Onda - Six Fictitious Instruments Modeled in Kyma
Martin Presents The D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative Guitar
Sennheiser Debuts The MD 5235 Dynamic Microphone Head
Blade Guitars Introduces Texas Custom 20 Electric Guitar
Recording King Introduces The Hawaiian Acoustic Guitar
Three New Alvarez Yairi Guitars Announced at NAMM
Clayton Custom Guitar Picks Adds More Custom Options
Platinumloops Releases New Sample Pack `Metalcore V2 — Death Metal Drum Loops'
Alfred Music Publishing Releases OK Go: Guitar TAB Anthology
GT112SL Extension Cab and AXBX1 AxeBox from Crate
Warlord Exotix Drum Set
Hal Leonard Presents Ukulele for Guitar Players
Peavey Offers New Cirrus™ Series Rudy Sarzo Signature Model
DW Introduces "Spider Pine" Exotic Drum Finishes
The Rhizome: the groove machine with and for VST has just been released
SONiVOX Releases Big Bang – Universal Drums Virtual Instrument
Selmer (Paris) Flamingo Collector Series Saxophones Now Available in the Americas
New DY91C, WY1TS, and GY2E from Alvarez Yairi
Eiosis Releases The E2 Deesser 1.2 Native Version For Windows And OSx
EZ Vinyl Converter 2 Software
Producerloops.Com Releases "Supalife Drum & Bass: Hard Edition" Sample Pack
“SABIAN Experience” Channel To Launch On YouTube, SABIAN.COM
Opus 910 UHF: Flexible, Reliable, and Future-Proof with Superior Audio Quality
Pêle-Mêle Works Releases "Intervallic Fretboard", and Offers Improvising Guitarists a Novel Approach to the Instrument
Crest Introduces CPQ Series Equalizers at NAMM
All-Pentode Guitar Preamp from Metasonix
Roland Introduces RSM-90 Studio Monitor
Sonart Audio Presents TRUMPET Virtual Instruments Collection
Full Sail University Graduate, Kory Kruckenburg, Wins Grammy® Award
D.A.S. Audio Introduces Reference Series Sound Reinforcement Systems
Reverend Introduces The Club King RT Electric Guitar
Catalinbread Ottava Magus II Fuzz Pedal Released
G400JV Jimmie Vaughan Synchromatic Archtop Guitar
Reverend Unknown Hinson Signature Guitar at NAMM
Tama Offers New Starclassic Exotix Set and Snares
American DJ Introduces Dynasty Series 150W Scanner Lighting Effects
Handcrafted Dell'Arte Guitars From The Music Link
Gretsch Introduces G6120DE Duane Eddy Signature Hollow Body Guitar
Carl Martin Product Release
Yamaha Drums Releases Trailblazer And Prospector Drum Sets
Fender® Introduces Super-Sonic Amps and Enclosures
ModernBeats Releases R&B Drum Loops from Billboard Remixers
Sample Logic releases The Vuvuzela
Prime Loops Release R&B Dance Anthems
The Evolution of the SKB Gig Rig continues…
Roland’s Instruments Take Center Stage at this Year’s 53rd Annual Grammy Broadcast
New Tube Preamp Pedal from Glasstone
Kustom Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Introduction Of Limited Edition Amplifiers
The Recording Academy® Producers & Engineers Wing® Announces Sponsors for "Shaken Rattled & Rolled" Grammy® Week Event Honoring Legendary Producer T Bone Burnett
EAW® Offers QX Series Loudspeakers
EAW® Displays JF and JFNT Series Loudspeakers
Denon Ships DBP-2012UDCIP and DBP=1611UDP Universal Audio/Video Blu-Ray Players
i-tab v1.2, the World’s First Portable Guitar Tab Player, Upgraded and In Stock
See What You Hear With DK Technologies Loudness Meters
The Grid1 "Pedal Jeanie" - First Battery-Powered Pedalboard At NAMM 2011
ESOSTAR MP8D 8-Channel Preamp with Digital Out from Alto
Electronics and Agile Partners Announce the Availability of Two AmpKit Apps on the iTunes App Store
Alesis Expands New Multimix FX Line to 16 Channels
Hosa Announces Jamhub® Accessories
vescoFx Introduces Provoker VST Plugin
Women’s Audio Mission Announces Sound Channel
HK Audio Debuts Elements Line of Modular Sound Reinforcment in the U.S.
Guitar Player Presents: Clapton, Beck, Page
Korg Expands Palm-Sized Processor Line With Pandora Mini
Jazz Fusion Master, Laurence Cottle to Host Institute Masterclass
Roland Unveils GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer
Producerloops.Com Releases "Supalife Tech House"
Sample Logic’s Cinematic Guitars Now Shipping!
Lectrosonics Announces Bounded Squelch™ Feature for Digital Hybrid Wireless® Receivers
Longcat Releases Audiostage – New Dimensions In 3D Sound Mixing
Lexicon® Expands Software Suite with PCM Native Total Bundle
Korg Announces Kaoss Pad Quad Dynamic Effects Processor
New frequencies, new microphones – upgrade of Omnitronic's 1000 series
Producerloops.Com Releases "Dark Tech Progressions Vol 2" Sample Pack
Korg Exhibits Its Popular iElectribe App For Ipad®
FatLoud Released R&B Construction King Construction Kits Collection
Equestrian School in Austria Hits Target with BSS® Audio Soundweb™ London Installation
beyerdynamic Presents the World’s First Wireless Ribbon Microphone for Live Vocals
BSS Audio® Introduces Full-Bandwidth Acoustic Echo Cancellation Algorithm for Soundweb London Conferencing Processors
Allen & Heath Launches Ground-Breaking New Digital DJ Mixer
65amps introduces the Empire 22-Watt British-inspired head
Carvin Introduces LS Series Loudspeakers
Linear Acoustic Introduces AERO.calm
VOX Adds Series 22 Solid Body Electric Guitars
The Classic EZX® Out Now
Electronic Trio Fujiya & Miyagi Perform Live at The Mid on March 22nd
Prime Loops Release ATL Starrz
Prime Loops Announce 6 New Sample Packs for 2011
VOX Announces New Enhanced Valvetronix VT+ Amp Series
Squier "OBEY" Instruments With Graphic Designs By Shepard Fairey
CAPS CTA Aiming Software For HK Audio's ConTour Array™ Available
Radial Engineering Releases the Q3 for the Workhorse and Other 500 Series Racks
Three Acoustic Guitars Added to Jack Daniel's Series
Alfred Music Publishing Makes Playing Bass a No-Brainer
Alfred Publishing Releases Piano/Vocal Songbook: Rush, <em>Sheet Music Anthology</em>
Alfred Music Publishing Releases New Songbook by Carrie Underwood: Play On
Networksound To Release Mamba XDB An XLR To DB25 Patch Bay/Break Out Box
Gator's TSA Microphone Cases Provide The Perfect All-In-One Solution For Transporting Multiple Microphones
Buzz Audio Announces Release of Series 20 QSP 4-Channel Mic and Instrument Preamp
TC Electronic Introduces Impact Twin Interface
Peace Drum Debuts "Echoplasma" Seamless Acrylic Drum Kits
Peavey Butcher Delivers 100 Watts of Brutal Guitar Tone
Hughes & Kettner Launch Statesman All-Tube Amp Series
AT4033/SE Special Edition Cardioid Capacitor Mic from Audio-Technica
Tama Unveils Starclassic Exotix "Red Viking" Set
Maingear Debuts Quick Ship Desktops
Vicoustic Appoints RØDE as new Distributor for Australia and the USA
MusicDevelopments Announced a Major Update of RapidComposer and RapidComposer LE
Ibanez Introduces DWB35 Doug Wimbish Signature 5-String
Sinevibes Releases Sound Expansions for Roland Fantom-S, Fantom-X and JUNO-G
Shure Unveils Two New Professional Headphones At Namm
Wave Line Sound Releases Sound Library for Alesis Andromeda A6
Bitley Introduces the Prophet Collection
Randall Amplifiers Announces Kirk Hammett Signature Practice Amplifier
Gibson Introduces CS-356 Semi-Hollow Guitar
PM35 Pat Metheny Signature Model Guitar
SwarPlug VSTi/AU Plug-In Now Available For Intel Macs
Mercury Recording Equipment Unveils "Mercury Custom Shop" at AES
Finalizer 96K Upgrades Now Available
Dolby Labs Announces Dolby Lake Processor DSP Hardware And Software System
MG10KK Kerry King Signature Practice Amp
Schecter Guitars and Robin Finck of Nine Inch Nails Burn Together
60th Anniversary Fender Pro Junior "Woody" Amplifier
Alvarez Releases The Original Bob Weir Yairi Signature Guitar
Korg Adds Portable Wavedrum Mini
Crate Audio Offers PSM-P Series Powered Speakers
Reverend Offers Les Trem Tremolo Option
Dedicated Web Site Created for Yamaha Magicstomp Users
Mackie Unveils Next-Generation Mackie Control Pro Series
Yamaha Introduces The EMX5016CF Powered Mixer
AC30 Heritage Collection Combo, Head & Limited Edition Combo Amps
NAMM: Peavey Introduces Generation EXP Guitar
RG2228GK 8-String Guitar and S7320BK 7-String Guitar
PRS Guitars Introduces New Line Of Satin Finish Singlecut Guitars
Alesis Announces Q25 USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller
Introducing Allen Morgan II S2.0 Producer Presets
AMS Neve Introduces 8801 Channel Strip
Peavey Announces New Japanese Distribution
Lava Cable Adds Gotham GAC-1 Ultra Pro Cable To Product Line
Voxengo PHA-979 Phase Alignment Plugin Version 2.2 Released
Overloud announces VKFX, Vintage Keyboard FX Suite
An updated version 3.7 of Voxengo Elephant is now available for download
Nine Volt Audio releases 'Stickbreakers Vol 2: Ten Man Taiko' in Kontakt 3/4 format
Fairfield Circuitry Releases Four Eyes Crossover Fuzz
Tasmodia Presents Two Soundsets for ACE
PRS’s New “Studio” Model Electric
Coffin Case Releases Black Kross Aluminum Skullplate Cases
Calrec Audio Interfaces Support Streamlined, Flexible, Cost-Effective Production
'Yidaki (Didgeridoo) Grooves' New Sample Pack from Loopmasters
Denon DJ Displays the DN-X600 2-Channel Digital Mixer
Hercules Brings the Sensation of Pro DJing to the New Mixing Generation
HK Audio Releases DSM 2060 Controller Software
Washburn Expands Bass Guitar Line With Bantam Series
Aguilar Amplification Announces Artist Series Master Class With Anthony Wellington
IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube Fender™ for iPhone and iPad Available on iTunes
Cerwin-Vega! CVi Passive Portable PA Speaker Series Makes European Debut at Musikmesse 2011
Soundcraft and AKG Combine to Make Wireless Mic Monitoring in the Mixer a First
SoniqWare updates SG-1 Noise Reduction / Spectral Noise Gate to v1.2
Ibanez Reissues Very Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Musician's Bass Commemorative Model
Crate Audio Unveils CMX42FX at NAMM
Harman’s DigiTech Launches HD Audio Streaming From RP Multi-Effect Pedals to Apple iPad
Institute Presents Sofas & Strings at Hard Rock Caf
VidaBox LiivController with vAutomation 2.0
TC01 & TC02 Tube Mic Preamp/DI And Optical Compressors
Kong Audio Releases ChineePipa Chinese Lute VST Instrument
Lectrosonics Debuts Quadra Digital Wireless Monitor
Daisy Rock Supports the GRAMMY’s MusiCares® Foundation
New Diamond Series C-SH-1 Semi-Hollow Body from Schecter
CP-6210 Program Mixer and CP-6220 Expander from Crest Audio
PreSonus Expands Company Website With User Forum And FAQ
Nucleus SoundLab Releases Quicksilver Patchset for Image-Line's Toxic 3
discoDSP Discovery Pro R5.3 Available for Mac and Windows.
Griid, the Ableton Live Control System for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, is Now on the App Store
Nucleus SoundLab Releases Reason Wizardry Video Tutorials
beyerdynamic Launches DT 1350, First Professional Monitoring Headphones with Tesla Technology
Reverend Guitar Clinic: October 8, 2011, St. Louis, MO
Alfred Presents Celine Dion: "Taking Chances" Songbook
Ampeg's New SVT810 "Fridge" Actually Keep Things Cold
Bob Taylor Redesigns Doyle Dykes Signature Model
Diginoiz Releases "Soulful R&Pop" Construction Kits
Ibanez AX120 Guitars Now Available with Weathered Finish
Sonic Destructor Added to TC Native Bundle
SPL & Brainworx to Produce Plug-Ins for Universal Audio's Uad-2 Powered Plug-Ins Platform
Korg Unveils Next-Generation nanoSERIES2 Usb-Midi Controllers
Vox Introduces Night Train 50 All-Tube Guitar Amplifier Head and V212NT Speaker Cabinet
ICMP and SAE Announce Collaborative Partnership
Denon DJ Is Now Shipping The DN-MC6000 Professional Digital Mixer & Controller
Electro-Voice Adds RE320 Dynamic Variable-D Wired Microphone to Their RE Performance Group
Alfred Music Publishing Releases New Jim Brickman Piano/Vocal Songbook
Producerloops.com Releases "Hubert Tubbs: Soulful Dance Vocals" Sample Pack
HARMAN’s Studer to Introduce Unique On-Air and Production Digital Mixing Console at IBC 2011
Latin World Virtual Instrument from Best Service
Recording School Online Releases Vocal Magic Pro VST Plug-In
Sonic Reality Releases “R.A.W. Hip Hop Diamond” Loop Collection in REX, Apple Loops, and WAV Format.
IK Multimedia Announces iRig Mic: the First Handheld Microphone for iPhone.
DigiTech Introduces Limited Edition Eternal Descent Lyra Multi-Effects Pedal
Korg Addresses the Needs of the Performing Keyboardist with the PS60
Auralex to Unveil New Sound-Boosting Iso Series Product at Musikmesse 2011
Plughugger Nerd Electro - loop and sample library
Audiofile Engineering Releases Quiztones iOS App
Rotosound Launch Multi-Purpose Digital Tuners
DETUNIZED.COM releases "Harmona Forte" Live Pack
Armor Gold Cables is now offering Premium USA Handmade Speaker Cables with Right Angle Ends
Antares Audio Technologies Partners with Tascam To Create the Tascam TA-1VP Vocal Processor
Glyph Production Technologies ("GPT") to begin shipping PortaGig 62 Portable RAID
Diginoiz Releases "Triple Shaker Sensation" Loops Line Series
Electro-Harmonix Releases RIDDLE: Q-Balls for Guitar
The Trump Network® and thee DAD Program Join Forces
Hagstrom Super Swede Tremar Gets The Custom H90 Treatment
Institute Returns to Provide Free Hearing Screenings at AES Convention
DangerLoops Releases the SoundClick Chart Dominator "Dirty South Edition"
Alcons @ ABTT 2010
Lick Library Launches Andy James' Shred Guitar in 6 Weeks
beyerdynamic Presents the World's First Wireless Ribbon Microphone for Live Vocals
XLN Audio Releases Reel Machines ADpak for Addictive Drums
Turbosound Japan Launches at Inter BEE
TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 now Available in Stores Worldwide
Toontrack Releases the Metalheads EZX Collection
DETUNIZED.COM Officially Starts the "Reason and FL Studio Line"
Fohhn Ships Linea LX-600/601 Speakers
Zero-G Releases 'Deep Impact: Cinematic Atmospheres & SFX'
Ivory Ii Italian Grand Now Shipping
Denon DJ Now Shipping The DN-SC2000 Controller
Avid Announces Technology Demonstrations, Customer Presentations at 129th AES Convention
Akai Ships SynthStation25 & SynthStation App
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Series with On the Beaten Path: Beginning Drumset Course, Level 2
Kong Audio Releases ChineeLiuQin VSTi plugin
Waves Virtual Stock Software Distribution (VSSD) System Enhances TC Electronic Product Availability
KRK Presents VXTW Audio Monitors
Gathering of the Vibes Festival Adds 18 New Acts
Bell Custom Guitars Introduces the "JazzBlaster Frosty"
Peavey Unveils Ecoustic® Session® 300, The Ultimate Performance Amp for Acoustic Instruments
Crown Redefines Category Performance and Price With Groundbreaking XLS Series Amplifiers
Dr. DAC nano USB DAC and Headphone Amp
Diginoiz release: Vintage Vinyl Sensation - Loops Line Series
AKG Wireless iPhone App 2.0 Adds Control Functionality, Style To Wireless Capabilities
B.C. Rich® Unveils Extensive New JR. V Guitar Line-Up
PRS Guitars and Motor Racing Network Offer "Move of the Race" Guitar
Ibanez Unleashes New Joe Satriani Signature Acoustic Guitars
Jackson® Introduces New JS Series for 2010
Zero-G Releases SONIKA Vocaloid2
K.M.E. News for Prolight & Sound — Digital-Amplifier DA 230
Orange Amps launch Thunder 30
PowerFX Announces AudioLocker Appplication for Soundation Studio
Schecter Guitars and Multi-Platinum Artist Dan Donegan Join Forces
Cluster Sound Releases Cult Bass Synthesizer Cult Bass Synthesizer
Allen & Heath Launches First iPhone App For iLive
Sample Magic release SM20 Electro
Martin Guitar Introduces the D-18 Del McCoury 50th Anniversary Custom Edition
Softube Launches TSAR-1 Reverb
Antares Introduces Auto-Tune 7
Loopmasters Presents SFX Collection 01, Minimal Underground Techno, and Reel People — Broken Beat, Nu Jazz and Soul Vol 2
Loopmasters Presents Progressive House Producer From Riley and Durant
Allen & Heath Launches the ZED-10 and ZED-10FX Mini Mixers
Radial Presents the PowerPre Mic Preamplifier
Radial Releases the Komit Compressor / Limiter
SPL Introduces the M/S Master
Fresh From the Success of 2010's Most Sought-After Amp, VHT Introduces The SPECIAL 6 ULTRA For 2011
Ibanez Adds New Standard Model to Montage Line of Dual Acoustic-Electrics
Lick Library Release Led Zeppelin & Jimmy Page Guitar Tuition DVDs
B-Band™ Presents Ukulele U Series Pickup Systems
New Behringer VM1 Vintage Time Machine True Analog Delay/Echo/Chorus/Vibrato in a Rugged Floor Pedal
Gaskell Guitars Now Offering a Mahogany Firestarter Electric Guitar.
Ludwig Announces the Snare Drums of a Century Collection
Cooperstand Musical Instrument Stand Delivers Many New Innovative Feature
Korg Introduces D1200 Digital Recording Studio
DBZ Guitars Introduces New Metal-Oriented "The Dark Side of Dean" Guitar Line
Music Rising Announces Pledge to Nashville
Magneto Guitars Releases the T-Wave Sen Electric Guitar
VertexDSP MultiInspector (Mac/Windows) now for Windows x64
AXL Sets a New Standard for Guitar Value With All-New US-Assembled Models!
Vesica Guitars VL Neck™ for Strat® Now Shipping.
ION Announces Drum Rocker Pro Premium Drumset For Rock Band
Innovative New Chord Theory Webinar for Guitar Learners is a Game Changer
Fairlight CMI Legacy / Supremacy Update 1.3
Apogee's Ask the Experts: Pantera’s Producer & Engineer Sterling Winfield Answers Your Questions on Recording
Blue Cat Audio Announces Major Update - RTAS and Full 64-bit Support
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Madonna: Celebration Greatest Hits Folio for Piano and Voice
Crysonic Announces Spectralive V4 HD Next Generation Audio Plug-in for Mac Os & PC to be Released by Mid February 2011
Mapex Releases Limited Edition Orion Mapa Burl Component Pack
Mapex Introduces Voyager Series Drum Sets
Mapex Introduces Redesigned Black Panther Snare Drum Series
Radial Tonebone PZ-DI Piezo-Magnetic Pickup Selector
Lava Cable Introduces Lava Mini Coil Cable
IMSTA FESTA - A Celebration Of Music Technology Comes To New York City September 25, 2010
Gator Cases expands its line of mixer bags
DW Launches Curt Bisquera and Yael "The Love Project-Journey" DVD's
Cirrus: Laser Web And Led Aura Effect In One Laser
DSP Presets For XTi Series Amplifiers
Lick Library Launch Jam with Jimi Hendrix Volume 2
CE Distribution Announces MOD® Oil Capacitors
C. F. Martin & Co Launches Martin Guitar Concert Series Inaugural Concert in "The Martin Guitar Tour"
Bluezone Releases Ambient Breaks Collection
Applied Acoustics Systems Releases the Tassman 4 v4.1.6 Update for Windows
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Series of Books on Guitar Soloing Strategies
Access Music Announces Virus TI WhiteOut Keyboard Limited Edition
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Guitar TAB Edition of Brand-New Jakob Dylan Solo Album
Alfred Music Publishing Releases A Cappella Songbook of Ben Folds Hits
Alfred Music Publishing Introduces The Complete Idiot's Guide® for Guitar and Ukelele
MAINGEAR Debuts Quantum SHIFT Workstation PC for Creative Professionals
bleep!BOX Updated to 1.3.1
Waves’ Virtual Stock Software Distribution System Enhances macProVideo.com Product Availability
Waves Unveils C6 Multiband Compressor
Waves Audio Introduces YourWaves
Toontrack Releases Steven Slate S2.0 Producer Presets
Solid State Logic Expands Xlogic X-Rack With Stereo EQ Module
Sound Radix Announces Auto-Align - An Automatic Time Alignment Plug-in - Available Now!
Song Charting Made Easy Available from Hal Leonard
ReBirth for the iPhone - Old School Hit Machines Meet Modern Mobile Hardware
Rayzoon Announces Jamstix 3
Pushball Electro - New Soundset for DCAM Synth Squad
PreSonus Voodoo vs. World Cup Vuvuzelas
Avid to Support Independent Filmmakers, Musicians and Students at the 2011 SXSW Music and Media Conference
Nucleus SoundLab Releases Filter Research 2 Reason ReFill
Motu Releases Digital Performer 7.2
Native Instruments Introduces DEEP FREQ Effects Processing Suite
New Kaces Razor Series Musician's Messenger Bag
The Gibson Guitar App Has Arrived
AKG Voted Best Microphone and Headphones At SOS Awards During NAMM
9 Soundware Releases Helix ES2 Presets
Sounds/To/Sample Releases Riemann Kollektion 4 – Tech-House Beats
Voxengo Beeper, Overtone GEQ, Sound Delay and Stereo Touch Free Audio Plugins Update
Jimi Hendrix and George Fullerton to be Inducted into 
Fender Hall of Fame
Korg Wavedrum: The Perfect Addition to Any Personal or Commercial Recording Studio
RTW Takes On Loudness Control At Prolight + Sound 2010
Tarisio Auction Features Amati Violin by Nicolò and Owned by Hollywood Music Mogul George E. Stoll
DigiTech® Chooses QNX® for Real Time Operating System Control
Cluster Sound releases Minimalogic Vol. 2
TattooJohnny.com Offers Guitar Tattoos™
Robert Margouleff Keynote Speaker For 129th AES Convention
Elektron Announces Release of Octatrack
Contemporary jazz bass great Mark Egan joins the Markbass family
DNR Collaborative Releases House Kit Pro for Sylenth1
BSS® Audio’s Soundweb™ London Networked Digital Signal Processors Provide the Backbone for Audio at the Computer History Museum
Alfred Releases The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Classical Guitar Favorites
Audio-Technica Unveils ATH-M10 Professional Monitor Headphones
Sonoma Wire Works Launches the GuitarJack
VOX Announces New Enhanced Valvetronix Vt+ Amp Series
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Now Shipping Highly Anticipated New 2010 Serenade Parlor and Butterfly Jumbo Acoustic Guitars
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Complete Method on Blues Drumming
Ministar Guitars Now Offered by American Music & Sound
Korg Monotribe Features Analog Synth & Drums
AKG Brings Digital Automatic Microphone Mixer to the Studio With the DMM 4/2/4 at InfoComm
Gretsch & Stanton Moore Team Up For Clinic Tour
Subcompact System Extends JBL Professional's Industry-Leading VERTEC® Line Array Series
Voxengo Polysquasher 2.3 Mastering Compressor Plugin Released
Vox Ships AC4TVmini Practice Amp
Toontrack Releases Songwriters Drumpack 2
TC-Helicon Introduces VoiceTone Harmony-G XT
ALESIS Six-Piece DM10 Studio Kit Hits Store
T-Rex Effects Releases Tonebug Distortion Pedal
Daisy Rock and The GRAMMY Museum® to Present Second “Women in Rock” Event
Shure Applauds Broad Support For Expanded Wireless Microphone Licensing
BTX Announces Availability of Locking IEC Power Cords for Critical Applications
American DJ's Quad Phase Turns Moonflowers Into Rainbows
Pearl Releases CX AIRFRAME And MX T-FRAME Marching Carriers
Native Instruments Introduces PARANORMAL SPECTRUMS
Native Instruments Releases Battery 3.1 with Vintage Sound Emulation
Waves Audio Announces Strategic Alliance With DiGiCo
Waves Audio Introduces Jack Joseph Puig Artist
Native Instruments Introduces GEORGE DUKE SOUL TREASURES
dbx® Showcases Flagship SC 64 (System Core) and SC 32 Digital Matrix Processors
Hal Leonard Presents Bobby Owsinski's MUSICIAN'S VIDEO HANDBOOK
Moog Music Announces Filtatron App for iPhone and iPod Touch
Rotosound Re-launches Super Bronze Acoustic Strings
SAE Online Announces Two Courses in Live Sound
Pro Tone Pedals Announces the DBH Tremolo
Precisionsound releases Sonic Laboratory sound effects library
Tiki Records Releases "Concert Ukulele" Sample Instrument
Tunecore and Soundcloud Team Up To Enable Seamless Music Distribution
macProVideo.com Cubase, NI Komplete Tips 'N Tricks Tutorials
Music180 Launches Breakthrough Artist Development Platform
Kid Nepro ARP2600 V Sound Collection Now Available
Gotchanoddin.com Releases Crude Kick Drum Samples In High Definition
Backline Engineering Announces RiffBox App for the iPhone, iPod and iPad
Making a Difference with Midas PRO6
American Audio Releases User-Friendly DP2 Media Controller
Ultramizer Pro DSP1424P to Replace Behringer's DSP1400P
Guitar Center Installs Interactive TC-Helicon Displays in 134 Stores Across the US
Nomad Factory Announces New Blue Tubes Bundle
EZdrummer Users! Get Superior Drummer 2.0 for 40% Less!
BC Audio Introduces 1x12 AND 2x12 CABS
Voxengo Drumformer Multiband Drum and Master Track Processing Plugin Released
Los Cabos Drumsticks Launch Red Oak Timbale Sticks
Eastwest And Best Service Present Eight New Sample Collections
Pro Sound Effects Releases The Foundation Sound Effects Library
Gretsch® Custom Shop Introduces G6128T-Gh George Harrison Tribute Duo Jettm Guitar
Earthworks Celebrates 15th Anniversary with 15-Year Warranty
Improve Your Technique While Watching TV with Alfred’s Couch Potato Workout for Guitar and Bass
Organic Custom Drums Announces Limited Edition OverSize Series™ Snare Drums
AAX Omni – A Brand New Cymbal From SABIAN!
Hammerax Nice Brand Heavy Cymbals Launched
KickPort Releases The All-New CajonPort
Yamaha Offers First North American Viewing of Bösendorfer Audi Design Grand Piano at Winter NAMM 2011
Bösendorfer 200De3: First Non-Yamaha Piano To Include Groundbreaking Disklavier Technology
Vestax Introduces the Next Generation VCI-300MkII Serato ITCH Controller
Vater Introduces Pink Stick Bag!
Holy China! A Brand New Chinese Cymbal from SABIAN
NAMM Preview for Dante enabled BLACKBOX RECORDER
DW Expand Snare Line with New Snares and Throw-Off System
Cinematique Instruments - GERMAN MONOCHORD Out Now
Universal Audio Releases EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverb for UAD Powered Plug-ins Platform
CFA Sound Discovery Pro Wave Pack
Budda Budwah Puts the Metal to the Pedal
Blue Sky EXO2 Near-field Monitor Now Shipping
Virtual Instrument produced by Best Service
Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity Now Shipping
Best Service and Yellow Tools Offer a Limited Edition Sampler Package
DYNACORD Presents the D 8A: Active Sister Of The Top Seller
Back In Time Records Releases SOLAR -Sonic Opulence of Life and Reality- Sample Library
Audio-Technica U.S. Offers 5-Year Warranty on Selected Broadcast & Production Products
Audio-Technica Introduces Its BP4001 and BP4002 Interview Microphones
Auto-Tune Responds to Reports of its Death
Antares Audio Technologies Announces "I Am T-Pain" for iPhone
Alfred Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of The Guitar Poster
Roland Systems Group Unveils Compact Digital Mixing Console
Wharfedale Pro Adds New Diva 6 Model
Martin Guitar Introduces 6-String and 12-String Pete Seeger Custom Artist Editions
3RD Power Unleashes SV3015 Rack-mount Tube Amp at NAMM 2010
Midas extends PRO Series with launch of PRO3
Midas extends PRO Series with launch of PRO9
2Caudio Releases Aether 1.5 And Announces the Aether Integrity and Creativity Expansions
Lexicon® Releases New Windows® 7 Drivers for All USB Desktop Recording Interfaces
Lexicon® Begins Shipments of the LXP Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle
JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controller With RMC™ Debuts At AES 2009
JBL Professional Launches Nine AE Series 2-Way, Full-Range Permanent Installation Loudspeaker Models
Sharp Snare Drum Sounds in High Definition Released from Gotchanoddin.Com
Grid 1 Battery Powered Guitar Amp Goes Direct
FabFilter Releases 64-bit Plug-ins for Mac and Windows
Equinox Sounds Releases Smash Up The Studio 'MIDI Keys: Beach Bar House Grooves'
EastWest Announces New Products From Best Service and Zero-G
6 Digital Wireless Systems Are Exempt From The Recent FCC Consumer Alert
Lexicon® PCM92 Software Upgrade Provides Users Greater Ease Of Use With Foot Switch and Foot Controller
Plugger Releases Ultra Bass – Soundset for AAS Ultra Analog VA-1
Sonic Edge Launches its New Website, in Time for Summer NAMM
Sonoma Wire Works Releases the Discrete Drums Kickin' Country Drum Loop Collection
SonicCharge Releases Microtonic Patternarium
Softube Launches Valley People Dyna-mite for Native Formats with Introductory Offer
Samplestar.com Releases Deep Melodic Tech
FG Connects LIVE Update Available for Fantom-G
Pro Sound Effects Distributes BBC Sound Effects Archive
ProducerLoops.Com Releases "Progressive Trance & Electro Volume 1" Sample Pack
Producer Loops Releases Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Volume 1
Diginoiz Release "Progressive Moves" Club Construction Series
Primacoustic Launch IsoTool™ Range of Acoustic Solutions
Precisionsound Presents Russian Balalaika SampleSet
Organic Custom Drums Announces New Snare Drums
Neumann To Introduce 8-Channel DMI-8 Digital Mic Interface at AES 2009
PLP Announces New Tech House Loops & Samples
The Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show Brings Vendors, Musicians and Fans to Raleigh, North Carolina September 25 & 26, 2010
Mokafix Audio Has Updated All FX to 1.3
MusicDevelopments Releases Major Update of RapidComposer
Maxon Reissues 9-Series Super Metal and Super Tube Pedals For 2010
MoReVoX Releases DriveDrums: SPL DrumXchanger Edition Drum Sample Library
Mapex Releases Horizon Lacquer Limited Edition Drum Sets
Take a Stand Inc. Announces a New Line of Custom Handcrafted Wood Guitar Stands
LINE 6 Releases POD Farm™ 2 Plug-In
Loopmasters Releases Untold – Dupstep Producer Collection
Loopsjunkiez Announces Fidget Junkiez, Multiformat Acid Loop Collection
MOTU Ships Bpm 1.5 With Over 19 Gb Of Sound Library Material
Ludwig releases Black Magic Stainless Drums
Audio Research Firm Offers High Quality Audio Signal Processing for Licensing.
Izotope Shows Off Alloy at NAMM 2010
iZotope Partners With Underworld For New iDrum Edition
Zenhiser Presents Ultra Breaks & Grooves Collection
Take it to the Stage: Yamaha’s New CP Series Sets the Standard for Stage Pianos; Now Shipping
Vox Joe Satriani Ice 9 Overdrive Pedal Now Shipping
Universal Audio Releases Manley Massive Passive EQ Plug-In For UAD-2 Platform
Universal Audio Introduces New Uad-2 Dsp Accelerator Lineup Featuring "Analog Classics" Software Bundle
Loopmasters: Sample Packs from Digable Planets, Deekline & Ed Solo
Universal Audio Unveils UAD-2 Satellite Duo And Quad Firewire DSP Accelerators
V-Plugs Releases the Uranium Compressor
Acoustica Releases Pianissimo - Virtual Grand Piano VSTi
macProVideo.com Releases Reason 5 & Record 1.5 Tutorials
Yamaha Now Shipping IM8 Consoles
Corey Smoot of GWAR Devours Schecter Guitars
Riedel Introduces RockNet 100 Audio Interface
V-Picks Releases the New Nexus March 18, 2011
V-Picks Releases the new Euro Series Guitar Picks
Learn to Play Rory Gallagher Guitar Tuition DVD Launched by Lick Library.
discoDSP Discovery Pro R5.4 is now available for Mac and Windows
Gadow Guitars Introduces The American Deluxe With Single Coil Pickups
Learn the Secrets of Guitar Recording Through AmpliTube 3's King of Tone Tour Master Classes
Cherry Lane Unveils Top Tab Books at Summer NAMM
Mapex Introduces Meridian Maple Series Drum Sets
Mapex Introduces Chris Adler Signature Black Panther Snare Drum
Red Panda Releases the Bitcrusher Pedal
Mapex Introduces New Horizon Drum Sets
Soundminer HD Plus now available!!!
Otiumfx Becomes Tone Projects
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Modern MIDI Piano Melodies'.
Korg Adds MIDI Control to Top-Selling iMS-20 App For iPad®
Drums On Demand Introduces DrumsTracks: Song-Length Performances
Jim Brickman: Home Released as Piano Solo and Piano/Vocal Songbook by Alfred Music Publishing
Sinevibes Releases the Turbo S AudioUnit Plug-in
Moog Music Announces Major Update To Filtatron APP
Puremagnetik Releases Vespine - Sounds of the EDP Wasp
Producerloops.Com Releases "Gangsta Beats 3" Sample Pack
AKG's Smart Battery Power Technology Improves Product Life Cycle, Saves Money And Energy For A Greener Experience
Lick Library release Eric Clapton and Cream Tutorial DVDs
TASCAM DP-008 Chosen Best of Show at NAMM
Puremagnetik Releases Phazeform Volume 2
EASTWEST Releases THE DARK SIDE Virtual Instrument
Platinumloops Releases 'Hip Hop Vocals v1 Sample Pack'
Dethklok: Bass Anthology Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Johnson Introduces The Trailblazer Deluxe Travel Guitar
Elation Unveils Breakthrough LED-Powered White Fresnel Stage Light
HHB Releases CDR-882 DualBurn CD Recorder
Sonart Audio Presents "FREE YAMAHA C7" 1.7Gb Instruments Collection
Gator Offers the Perfect Case for your Allen & Heath ZED10 Mixer
FabFilter Releases Micro: a Mini Filter Plug-In for a Mini Price
Ear Machine Launches iQ
Diginoiz Release "Fabolous Bangers" Construction Series
Ueberschall Announces the Availability of Glam Rock Elastik Soundbank
K.M.E. Announces PAT as distributor for Australia and New Zealand
Sound Devices Previews New Software Products at NAB 2010
Berkleemusic.com Devuts New Course "Pop And Rock Vocals"
Framus Release New Framus Panthera and Diablo 7-String Models
Scrub Equips Pure for Move to Soho
Roland Debuts New V-Tour Series V-Drums
discoDSP Presents Discovery Pro Commercial Sound Bank
Martin Guitar Introduces M-30 Jorma Kaukonen Custom Artist Edition
Play This Year's Hottest Hits With Alfred's 2010 Sheet Music Playlist for Country, Pop & Rock
Sounds And Effects Presents Ocarinas and Clay Flutes Collection
Universal Audio Now Shipping Uad-2 Satellite Duo and Quad Firewire Dsp Accelerators
Blackheart Unleashes Handsome Devil Amp
Shadow Releases Revolutionary, Hexaphonic Pickup System For Acoustic And Classic Guitar
Prime Loops Release "Ambient Illusions" Sample Pack
NUGEN Audio Updates Visualizer OSX (VST/AU) to v1.9.5
Neal Moser Offers The "Garage Guitar Building 101" Seminar
Roland Introduces New Cube-Xl Guitar Amplifiers
Michael Wageners New Wireworld Studios Gets Outfitted With The Help Of Guitar Center Professional
Phillip Jarrell Displaying Exclusive New Line at Winter NAMM 2011
Audio-Technica Offers the ATW-CHG2 Two-Bay Recharging Station for Newly Designed 2000 Series Wireless
Mo-Moxie: Going Mobile with the New Yamaha MOX8
Swizz Beatz The Swizzy Kit
Marshall Amplification Announces Ongoing Project With Guitarist Slash To Launch AFD100 Amplifier Later This Year
Recording School Online Releases "Extreme Punch 8"
Audiofile Engineering Launches MIDI Surface for iPhone OS
Hosa Introduces Tracklink Microphone To USB Interface
Aguilar Amplification Announces The Filter Twin® Dual Envelope Filter
TeamDNR Releases The Control Centre XL Drumpacks [Wav Loop Library]
Alfred Music Publishing Expands Value Songbooks Series with ’70s & ’80s, ’90s & ’00s, Show Tunes, and Pop Megahits!
New KARA/SB18 demonstrations available at L-ACOUSTICS
ProducerLoops.Com Releases "House Synth Loops" From Roqstar Entertainment
Córdoba Releases New 1/4 and 1/8 Size Guitars to the Iberia Series
Best Service Releases Epic World
Motion Samples Releases Acoustic Guitar Loops
Puremagnetik Releases Max for Live Add-On: Max Fuel, the First
Alfred Celebrates the Holiday Season with Piano/Vocal Songbook to Jim Brickman’s Album: Joy
Pacific Drums and Percussion Launch Mainstage Complete Kit in a Box
Alfred Music Publishing Releases World’s Greatest Pop and Rock Music Songbooks
Allen & Heath Launches Larger Format Ilive Mix Rack
Sonart Audio Presents "DISCO HOUSE" Loops, Samples & Instruments Collection
All New Guardian Case Models To Debut At Summer NAMM 2010
Free Video Guitar Lessons from vGuitarLessons.com
Equinox Sounds Releases 'West Coast Movements'
Introducing Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII+
MPC-Samples.com Releases 'Deconstructed Rhythm' Sample Collection
Sims Audio Announces The INFRASONIC Quartet PCI Recording Interface
Mel Bay Is Pleased to Announce the Release of Tommy Emmanuel and Frank Vignola's Latest Collaboration, "Just Between Frets"
Nady Introduces 2 New Additions To Headmic™ Series
Groove Monkee Releases “Rock Essentials 2” MIDI Beats
Big Fish Audio New Release...Voxos: Epic Virtual Choir
Bullish On Bass: Moog Taurus 3 Bass Pedals Receive Mix Foundation TEC Award Nomination
MATRIX 2.0 – The Voice Coder Goes Classic
Mel Bay Introduces Advanced Lead Guitar Concepts
iLift iPhone Application Released
C.F. Martin & Co. Expands Acoustic-Electric Offering To Include All X Series Models
Alfred Publishing Releases Guitar Method, <em>Arpeggio Madness</em>
VHT Breaks The Handwired Price Barrier With The All-New Special 6!
Ben Fargen Launches Sonic Edge, with the J&J Guitar Effect Pedal
Modartt Releases 'K1' Grand Piano for Pianoteq
Alfred Publishing Releases Authentic Guitar TAB Songbook: Vampire Weekend, <em>Contra</em>
SKB Corporation Introduces Rack Cases Ideal for Computer Based Audio and DJs
SKB Launches New Mic Case Line
On-Stage Stands Expands Hang-It Series with New GS8200 ProGrip II Guitar Stands (available in March 2011)
Ozark Henry Tours With Two HARMAN Soundcraft Vi Consoles in Bespoke Design
Out Now: Blues MIDI
Groove3.com Releases "Audio for Video with Pro Tools" Video Tutorial Collection
Elation Introduces the Design Wash LED PRO
MoReVoX Releases the iGOG Edition of its Drums Libraries.
Vestax TR-1 Now Shipping - The World's Most Powerful Traktor Controller for DJs
ALVA CableWare Releases AES-id Adaptor
Prime Loops Present The Temple of Breaks & Ambient Funk Collections
Spectrasonics Releases "Trilian" Total Bass Module
Carl Martin Presents Classic Opto-Compressor Pedal
elysia Releases mpressor plugin.
Motion Samples Releases Trance Melody Sessions vol. 2
Roger Nichols Needs Your Help
Rolfing Laid Back Vol. 2 for Ableton Live
MeetYourBand.com Online Band Community Launches
SONiVOX Unveils VOCALIZER – Vocal Production Synthesizer
Wave Alchemy Releases Tech House & Minimal
Drum and Bass DJ and Producer John B talks production and Spectrasonics with Time+Space
Producer Pack Expands Roster of Sample Pack Developers
Jazz At Lincoln Center Now Accepting Band Applications To Tour With The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad
Shure Introduces Several New Additions To Its Beta Microphone Line
U.S. Masters Unveils Magnus Performer 5 Bass Guitar
Overloud releases TH2
Drum Aerobics Helps Players Get Fit on the Kit
Crown Audio Introduces ComTech DriveCore™ Series Amplifiers: New Chip Based Amplifier Technology Redefines Standard for Installation Market Applications
iZotope Releases iDrum Beatboxing Edition for iPhone and iPod touch
Sinevibes Releases New Frequency and Oscillator AudioUnit Plugins
Audix Takes Percussion Market into Its Own Hands with the Micro-HP
ARTURIA Release Analog Experience THE PLAYER
Vox Announces USA Custom Guitars
Prime Loops Release Dubstep Invasion
Lava Cable Introduces Lava Soar Cable
Framus and Warwick Present New Veneers for Mayfield and Star Bass II
Sound Devices CL-9 Controller Earns Nomination for Cinema Audio Society's Technical Achievement Award
Auralex Rehearses With Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band, House Band for the Late-Night Talk Show, Conan
VOX Dynamic Looper Offers Serious Live Performance Features
Marshall Class5 Guitar Combo Satisfies Amplifier Purists
AXL Releases Faultline Bass Amplifier Heads And Cabinets
Equinox Sounds Releases Smash Up The Studio 'MIDI Keys: Funky Synth Bass'
Camel Audio Releases Two New ‘Powered By Alchemy’ Sound Libraries
Camel Audio releases Luftrum: Ambient and Cameleon: Remixed Soundbanks
Ibanez Releases Limited Production RG770DX
Gretsch Introduces Renown Purewood Bubinga 6-piece Shell Pack
The Roland M-48 Mixer Finds It Home In Gator's New Mixer Case Series
Introductory Pricing on Lisson Grove R-124 Compressor Nears End
Mapex Releases Special Edition Black Panther Mayan Snare Drum
AmpliTube for iPad from IK Multimedia Now Available from the iTunes Store
Korg USA Supports Guitars not Guns Charity and Helps Students Stay in Tune
Pre Order Lick Library's New Release Learn to Play Dio Now
Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 Now Available.
Soundcells Has Released "Pads-The Big Box"
PowerFX Debuts Vocaloid "Big Al" Software
Blue Cat Audio Releases Free Plug-ins Update, including RTAS and 64-bit support
Softube Launches Trident A-Range for Native and TDM Formats
Rock House Releases "Creative Fusion, Beyond Pentatonics & Power Chords"
New Ibanez SRA Bass Brings Best of Both Slim & Heavy Worlds
New djay Keyboard Covers from algoriddim and KB Covers Transform MacBooks into Fully-Interactive DJ Controllers
TC Group Announces Creation of New Organization, TC Group International (TCGI)
Prime Loops Announces 'Essential Drum Loops' Combo Sample Pack
GotchaNoddin.com Introduces New $1 HD Drum Sample Series with Crude Claps Drums Samples
SABIAN Announces Acquisition of Gon Bops
Tama Adds Benante and Frasier-Moore Models to Signature Palette Snare Drums
Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank Introduces Acoustic Toy Museum
Equinox Sounds Releases 'Swag Times: Smooth RnB Constructions'
Back to the Roots: 400-Year Old Italian Harpsichord Available In the Italian Harpsichord II Sampler
TC-Helicon Presents VoiceTone Synth Vocal Processing Pedal
Rylee Announces Ukulele Fretboard Addict v1.0 For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Devices
Blue Sky Introduces SUB 212 400W Push-Pull Active Sub & SAT 8 300W Compact Mid-Field Monitor
Alesis Introduces All-New DM6 Electronic Drum Set
Precisionsound releases Indian Santoor for NI Kontakt, EXS24 & HALion
Prime Loops Release Harder Louder Faster
Michael Kelly Introduces the Patriot Supreme Guitar
Soundsdivine Presents Ambient Chill' Soundset for Waldorf's Largo
MOOG EL3CTRO - 64 presets for the Arturia Minimoog V
Prime Loops Release Big Phat Wobble Bass
Pickup Tone MultiplierTM S2-Board Doubles the Pickup Tones on ALL 2-pickup Instruments
Alfred Introduces Modern Live Sound, Instructional DVD for Today's Sound Reinforcement Engineer
Cinematique Instruments Releases Guitar Harmonics
Led Zeppelin: Easy Guitar Anthology Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Xantech Shows An Array Of Solutions For Contractors And System Integrators At ISE 2011
Catalinbread Montavillian Echo Released
Leading Online Guitar Instructor Releases Instructional DVD: 12 Easy 3-Chord Christmas Songs
The Reptile 2 is loose!
Musician's Friend Gives Free Shipping Through Holiday Season
Hollywood Loops Releases Methane Collection
Tango Operating Software 2.5 is released
Producerloops.Com Releases "Supalife Progressive House" Sample Pack
Bitley Releases Wavelight 3 - Brass 1 & 2
Uvi.Net Announces Electrobeats By David Guetta Unique Beat-Making App For iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
Learn to Record, Edit, and Mix Your Own Music with Alfred's Teach Yourself Sonar
New JJ Electronic Tube Types Available!
Alfred and Carpentier Present The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films
JZ Microphones launches the ultimate drum microphone kit - JZ DMK1
Prime Loops release Dirty South Mafia & Cinematic Impacts 2
Bitley Introduces Wavelight 4 - Drums And Percussion From The Fairlight IIx.
Wavefront Volume One, A Massive Hybrid Synthesis Library For Kontakt 3 Or Greater
Catalinbread Teaser Stallion Released
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars: Now Shipping Much-Anticipated New 2010 Rebel Rockit Supernova and Rock Candy Guitars
Audix Introduces New Podium Mics ADX Series Goosenecks with RF Immunity
American DJ's H2O LED Simulated Water Effect Makes Waves With Powerful 10W LED
Best Service Releases Electronic Drums Vol. 1
Fryette Amplification Releases the Memphis 30
Samplecraze Announces Release of Audio Compression Video Tutorials
Buddy Blaze Generates New Guitar Model
Beta Monkey Releases Signature Rock Drum Loop Collection
New Elastik Soundbank: Ueberschall Announces the Availability of Ambient Lines
Mel Bay Introduces Rock Guitar Masterclass, Vol. 2: 60 Sweep Picking Licks for Contemporary Electric Guitar
Nady Introduces New 100-Channel UHF Wireless System
Puremagnetik Releases HackShop
Mel Bay Introduces "Oh What a Beautiful City": A Tribute to Reverend Gary Davis
A Full InfoComm Show for Renkus-Heinz
Mel Bay Publications Releases Steve Trovato's Country Guitar in 6 weeks
Pearl Announces New Championship Tenors In 6/8 Sextet
On-Stage Stands Introduces Sturdy RS7500 Tiltback Amplifier Stand
TASCAM Releases CD-200 CD Player
London Guitar Show 2009 Final Line-up
Akai Professional APC40 Ableton Performance Controller Available Worldwide
Virtuasonic Releases EPIC FX Sample Library
9 Soundware Releases Air EXS24 Instrument
Sabine Ships 915 Mhz Wireless Microphone Systems
Gemini Introduces New PS-626EFX & PS-828x Professional DJ Mixers
Peavey Debuts Predator™ Plus EXP Stoptail Guitar
Soundcraft Vi1 – Smaller, Lower Priced, But Still With Vistonics, Lexicon FX, BSS EQ's, And That Sound Quality
Guitar Greats To Appear At ILIO NAMM Booth
Keith Mcmillen Instruments Releases Stringport MIDI Out
Beta Monkey Releases Double Bass Mania IV: Groove Metal Drum Loops in REX2 Format
Electro-Voice Introduces the R300 Wireless Microphone System at NAMM 2011 (Booth 6569)
AKG's Perception iPad App Opens Product Line To Intricate, Interactive And Informative Demonstrations
Brainworx Releases bx_cleansweep V2 and Beta of bx_digital V2 MONO EQs
Wave Alchemy Releases Machines 02
Wave Alchemy Releases 606 Drums Free Sample Pack
SPL Releases the Vitalizer® Analog Code® Plug-in
Voxengo Voxformer 2.4 Vocal Channel Strip Plugin Released
Steinberg Ships The Grand 3 Virtual Piano Suite
IK Multimedia announces AmpliTube 2 for iPad
Eventful Gives Indie Artists the Opportunity to Get on Stage at the Legendary Roxy Theatre and Win Cash Prizes
PRS Releases First Model Featuring a Floyd Rose Bridge – The SE Torero
Producer Pack Launches the Vocal Booth Sound Library
Reloop Jockey III Master Edition: Full Metal Jockey
The George and Ira Gershwin Song Collection for Easy Piano Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Hal Leonard Releases 'Song Charting Made Easy'
Rees Introduces Rambler Travel Electric Guitar
Joeco Announces Significant Software Update for the BLACKBOX RECORDER
elysia Releases the 500 Series Stereo Compressor
ModernBeats Releases Ethnic Sample Library (3 Volumes)
ModernBeats Releases 'Brass-n-Stringz' Loops Collection
9 Soundware Releases Vortex Malström Patches
Korg Announces Updates for the Pandora PX5D Personal Multi-Effects Processor and USB Recording Interface
eMedia Music Corp. and For Dummies to Release Six Music Instruction CD-ROMs
Lava Cable Introduces the Lava Tote Bag™
Cakewalk announces that SONAR V-Studio 100 is now shipping worldwide.
Studiocanal Provides Big Box Office Movie Posters For Auralex Sonicprint Acoustical Panels
Blade Guitars Releases the Dayton Standard & Dayton Deluxe
Cause & Effect Pedals Debuts the FET Dream Overdrive/Distortion Pedal
Big Fish Audio Releases Bollywood Elements Sample Library
Dixon Drums Expands Intermediate Demon Series With New Urban Camo Finish
I-Tab Portable Guitar Tab Player Now Launched
RJM Builds a Better Switcher - The Y-NOT
DigiTech® Ships the Anticipated JamMan® Solo Looper Pedal
IK Multimedia Now Shipping AmpliTube 3
Sample Logic's The Elements EXP & Synergy Are Direct Installable on Receptor
Spectrasonics Release Omnisphere Version 1.2 with 64-Bit Support
Puremagnetik Releases TrapKit: Ludwig Drums for Live, Kontakt, & Logic
PLP Announces Clubland Build Ups Loops, Samples, and MIDI files
TC Electronic Now Shipping Strum! Tune! Rock! PolyTune™
Propellerhead Presents Tutorial Video
SPL Expands its RackPack series with RackPack 4 and a De-Esser Module
SPL DrumXchanger: Beta Version Makes Debut at Musikmesse
DETUNIZED.COM Releases DTS012 — Forststrasse 8 Ableton Live Pack
Angeltone Unveils '6S9J' Pickup Model
Schecter Guitars Adds Single Cut to ATX Lineup
Audio-Technica Enhances BP892 Microset® Headworn Mic With Dual Ear Mount
Native Instruments Announces ALICIA'S KEYS
Spectrasonics Release Trilian Version 1.2 with 64-Bit Support
AKG DMS 700 Wireless Microphone System Syncs 2011 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards®
T.G. Baker (Sound) Ltd. Installs More than 100 JBL PD Series Loudspeakers in Ireland’s Aviva Stadium
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Place to be Piano Solos by Hiromb
Controlling the Chaos of Rob Zombie with Midas PRO6
Min™ Wash Gets Down in Baltimore
Producerloops.Com Releases "Dark Tech Progressions Vol 3" Sample Pack
Full Sail University Announces 84 Graduates Credited on Oscar-Nominated Projects at The 83rd Annual Academy Awards
HARMAN’s Studer Vista 8 Digital Console is a Winner by a Length with TVG
Renkus-Heinz Expands Iconyx Family With IC Live Models
Experimental Box V2 From Cinematique Instruments is Available Now
Bluezone Releases Ethno and Tribal Ambient Collection
Alfred ReleasesKeyboard Transcriptions for Dream Theater: Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Le Lotus Bleu Releases Fx Ceremony Collection
Yamaha Rolls Out Gigmaker Drum Kits
Musicrow Releases the CS Vibes Soundset for Prophet V.
Fractal Audio Systems Releases Firmware 10.0 Software
Renkus-Heinz Introduces CF/CFX Modular Point Source Line Array
The Recording King Custom Shop Announces the ROS-697 12Th Fret 000-Style Guitar Limited Run
Renkus-Heinz Introduces IC Squared - The World's First Crossover Array
Lava Cable Introduces The Lava Cable Center™
Platinumloops releases Tech House Drum Loops V1
FatLoud Released Hip Hop Construction King 3
Kikbrik Adds The KB20 Kick Drum Damper
BSM Releases the J-Fuzz Guitar Stompbox
Griid, a Modular Touch Control System for Ableton Live and iPad, Announced at Sonar 2010
Warwick Presents Adam Clayton Reverso Signature Bass
Uke ’An Play Jimmy Buffett, Ukulele Songbook Released by Alfred Music Publishing
Waves Offers WavesLive Multirack Native
Barge Concepts Announces MB-1 Envelope Controlled Filter, aka The Grinder
Loopmasters Presents Mad Professor – Reel To Reel Reggae
Sound Devices to Introduce New USBPre 2 Interface at IBC 2010
Behringer Releases iAXE629-BKLS Metalien USB Guitar
Fohhn Announces the PS-9 Subwoofer
Alesis Brings Extreme Software Control With QX49
TC Electronic Announces the new RS410 Bass Cabinet is Now Shipping
Studiologic Numa Nero, The Ultimate Player's Controller, Now Shipping
Nik Huber Guitars Presents the Krautster model
Sennheiser Announces Command Channel Option for RF Gear
Sinevibes Makes Roland Sounds More Affordable
Platinumloops Releases ‘Hip Hop Producer Pack 7 - The Doctor'
Numark Intros Ndx800 Controller
HARMAN's AKG Unveils Endorsements With ‘Godfather of Chinese Pop’ And Top Chinese Jazz Venue
Audio Masterclass Releases 'The Craig Neil Microphone Test at Abbey Road Studio 2' Multimedia Set
Matt & Kim, Foster the People, Tinie Tempah, Friendly Fires, Locksley and More Set to Perform at the MTV Garage in Austin, Texas on March 17
Sound Devices 788t Triumphant in Recording of Metropolitan Opera Brass CD
Best Service Announces Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices
Phonic Joins American Music & Sound's Distribution Network
No Dough Music Releases Deconstructed 2 Sample Archive
No Dough Music Releases Deconstructed Deluxe
Minnetonka Audio Places Productivity First at IBC
9 Soundware Releases Kung Fu EXS24 Instrument Sample Collection
Producer Loops Announces Trance Elevation Volume 1 Sample Collection
PowerFX Releases the Virtual Bouzouki Collection
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Rolling Stone: Selections from the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time
iZotope Releases iDrum Video Game Edition App for iPhone and iPod touch
JBL Fall Training Dates Announced For Worldwide VERTEC® System Owners Group
Producer Pack Releases Soca Xplosion for Music Producers & DJ's
AVANTONE Unveils "ButterCream" Series with BV-1 Tube Bottle Microphone
Konig & Meyer Announce "Memphis Pro" Guitar Stand
Elation To Focus On More Compact, Energy-Efficient Fixtures At ProLight + Sound
Ionised Techno Samples Released
Hottie Inc. Announces Carve Top Version 0f Hottie 327 Electric Guitar
Lick Library Release Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore Guitar tuition DVDs
Waves Audio Ships WSG-Y16 Mini-YGDAI Soundgrid I/O Card for Yamaha Mixing Consoles
macProVideo.com Releases Jordan Rudess: Keyboard Wizdom iPhone App
TransAudio Group Now Shipping The TRUE Systems PT2-500 Mic Pre
New Synth Sample Library from Goldbaby: When Alien Drum Robots Attack!
Best Service releases Cinematique Instruments
Soundfield ST350 Records Life on Earth
Voxengo Elephant 3.6 Mastering Limiter Released
Pro-Rec Releases Seven New Sound Banks for the Korg M50
Alfred Music Publishing Releases New Piano/Vocal Collection: The Woodstock Sheet Music Anthology
Loopsjunkiez Announces Acid303 Junkiez, Multiformat Acid Loop Collection
Alfred Music Publishing Releases Piano/Vocal Songbook: Muse, The Resistance
Altinex Introduces DA103-302 Ditto-Amp™ HDMI 1x2 Distribution Amplifier
Warneck Research Announces New Products for Vintage Wurlitzer Keyboards
Nomad Factory Releases PULSE-TEC EQs — Pultec Program EQ Emulation Plug-in
Softube Releases Tube-Tech CL 1B Native
Native Instruments ABSYNTH 5, GUITAR RIG 4 PRO, KONTAKT 4, and KOMPLETE 6 Now Available in Stores
PPMulator + from Raw Material Software to be Further Developed, Marketed, and Sold by zplane
Evidence Audio™ Introduces The Forte™ Instrument Cable