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I've never understood drummers who like using black or dark brown drumsticks. Boring. I want the audience to be able to appreciate the impressive way my sticks move. (Ha!) But to be able to do that, the sticks have to be seen. If you feel the same way, then chances are you're going to dig Vater's Color Wrap series.


And what colors they are! The high-density wrap material used for this new series looks amazing under lights. We're talking a deep, penetrating finish that is visible for miles. (Okay, I exaggerate a little here.) The Sparkle wraps are tremendous, and the Optics are more dazzling than a Pink Floyd laser show at your local planetarium. (Okay, I exaggerate a little more here.) I wish I had a drumkit wrapped in this stuff.


The wrap material is also surprisingly durable. I've been using the sticks on my gigs for a few weeks, and they aren't very nicked up, even after I've bruised up my kit with 'em. Playing heavy rimshots, riding on the rims, and even smacking the edge of a big ride cymbal didn't tear them up like you might expect.




Okay, so the wrap looks good and is durable. But how does it feel? Well, while I've always been impressed by the quality of Vater sticks, frankly, I've found them to be very smooth and a little slippery for my grip. But with the Color Wraps, there's a good grip surface and an added feeling of security. I could hold the sticks loosely without feeling like I was going to drop them.


So Vater's Color Wrap sticks feel great in my hands, seem very durable, and look amazing. But all is not perfect. My only gripe is, as of now, they're only available in 5A, 5B, and Power 5B models. I'd sure like to try the Color Wraps in some cool Vater sizes, like their Manhattan 7A or Fusion models, or from the other end of the spectrum, their Power House model.






Last but not least, just what colors are available? Color Wraps are offered in blue, gold, and red sparkle versions, as well as black, silver, and purple Optic finishes. (Check out Vater's Web site to give them a closer look.) All models are available with wood tips only and list for $13.95 per pair. Your playing will look mahvelous.


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