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As long as the data fits in your recordable optical media of choice, you’re not just limited to backing up audio

by Craig Anderton


You know you should back up your data. Saving it to a hard drive is a good idea, but hard drives can fail; it’s better to save to a couple different media, and optical media remains inexpensive and robust. While WaveLab 7 can burn conventional audio CDs, it can also burn data CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-Ray recordable media—in just six simple steps.



1  From the main four-button toolbar, open any Podcast workspace. No matter which Podcast workspace you choose, you can access the burning function.




2   From the Podcast workspace Utilities menu, choose “Data CD/DVD."



3   In the Data CD/DVD window, select the type of media you want to use; you can also name the volume here.




4   Drag files from WaveLab 7’s file browser, the desktop, or wherever into the Data CD/DVD window. The vertical bar graph toward the window’s left shows how much space has been used on the media.




5   Click on the Burn button. A “Write Data CD/DVD” window appears; choose the desired Device and write Speed from their respective drop-down menus, then click on “OK.” If you want to test whether your system can burn at the desired speed without actually burning the media, click on “Test only, do not burn.”




6   A window appears that shows the burning progress. When the job is done, “Operation was successful” flashes in the window. Click on “OK” to dismiss the window, then click on the Data CD/DVD “Close” button to finish the process (or don’t close, and create another backup).

And that's all there is to it!



CraigGuitarVertical.jpgCraig Anderton is Editor in Chief of Harmony Central and Executive Editor of Electronic Musician magazine. He has played on, mixed, or produced over 20 major label releases (as well as mastered over a hundred tracks for various musicians), and written over a thousand articles for magazines like Guitar Player, Keyboard, Sound on Sound (UK), and Sound + Recording (Germany). He has also lectured on technology and the arts in 38 states, 10 countries, and three languages.

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