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At Harmony Central we strive to give industry players the best forum to spend their advertising dollars. Not only will you have direct access to Musicians, but you have the ability to present to relevant users in real-time.

Advertising Requirements

Harmony Central Hero Slider

Creative size: 1050 x 400 pixels 

Maximum file size: 100KB - No Exceptions

Format: JPG, GIF, SWF*, and HTML

The Home Page Hero Slider Tiles are sold in weekly increments. Those increments are based on the number of tiles in rotation. Most tiles live for a couple of weeks to a month.



Harmony Central Site Banners (ROS=Run Of Site)


Creative size: 728 x 90 pixels 

Maximum file size: 100KB - No Exceptions

Format: JPG, GIF, SWF*, and HTML


Vertical Square

Creative size: 300 x 250 pixels 

Maximum file size: 100KB- No Exceptions

Format: JPG, GIF, SWF*, and HTML


Vertical Rectangle

Creative size: 300 x 600 pixels

Maximum file size: 100KB - No Exceptions

Format: JPG, GIF, SWF*, and HTML

Required Elements:

                SWF* and/or GIF, JPG or HTML file – one of each size

                Clickthru URL


Optional Elements:

                Alt Text


*When submitting a SWF file an additional JPG or GIF will need to be supplied should a user's browser not have flash supported. Reference file for proper ClickTag coding of SWF files is attached below. For assistance troubleshooting ClickTag code, please email FLA file, version 9 or previous, to adsales@harmonycentral.com. Advertising contract must be signed and on file before troubleshooting can commence.



Harmony Central now offers the ability to sponsor or co-sponsor a specific forum. This is a new feature. This allows you to own or co-own the banner at the top of a specific forum. You may own it as an exclusive sponsorship, or share it as a co-sponsorship in rotation with another co-sponsor. Price is based on traffic to a specific forum.


Creative size: 728x90 pixels

Maximum file size: 100KB

Supported file formats: JPG, GIF (animated included), and HTML

Required Elements:

                GIF, JPG or HTML file

                Clickthru URL

                Alt Text


Existing Suppression File from any previous dedicated e-mails. This file will be scrubbed against our database of names to ensure we do not send the e-mail to those who previously opted not to receive e-mails.



This  take over allows you the benefits of Forum Sponsorship and the side banners on a specific forum. You would "own" the advertising in a specific forum. While there may be other ads in rotation on the side verticle, your banners would recieve priority rotation.

General Advertising Guidelines*

  • Prior to submission, creatives and their clickthrus must be tested for stability across all browser platforms.
  • Please adhere to the File Size Specs when submitting creative.
  • All creative is subject to approval by both the website and the Ad Production group.
  • No Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Clickthru URLs must be submitted with all creative
  • Alt text is optional for site banner advertisements, and cannot exceed 30 characters.


*Harmony Central, Inc. complies with IAB Creative Unit Sizes. We reserve the right to reject any advertising materials we deem offensive or inappropriate. Harmony Central will not be held accountable for broken links submitted with an advertiser's creative. Advertisements are setup explicitly with the creative elements provided by the advertiser. If any required elements are omitted from the submission of an advertiser's creative assets, Harmony Central reserves the right to supplement missing assets with appropriate content in order to meet the guidelines agreed upon in the advertising contract.


Ad Sales Contact : Dendy Jarrett

E-mail adsales@harmonycentral.com

Creative Submission Instructions

E-mail required elements to


For inquires regarding required elements please contact:



HarmonyCentral eMedia Kit 2015.pdf

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